WET BRIDGE                              Utrecht
**********                              NETHERLANDS


Distr.  : NE - Sonic Rendezvous/Elpee/Plato-Utrecht/
Style   : garage rock / 60's punk / stoner / psychedelic /

Wet Bridge Records is a record label based in Houten, The Netherlands.
In 2016, the label shared its first two releases: split 7s from The Blind Shake and
Meatbodies, covering The Kinks; and Ty Segall and Loch Lomond, covering Harry Nilsson.

WBR     001     THE BLINS SHAKE/MEATBODIES : SPLIT                      7"        .2016

        A       The Blind Shake         Such A Shame
        B       Meatbodies              King Kong
WBR     002     TY SEGALL/LOCH LOMOND : SPLIT                           7"      05.2016

        A       Ty Segall               Gotta Get Up (Harry Nilsson cover)
        B       Loch Lomond             Me & My Shadow (Harry Nilsson cover)
                (Note : 7" , 2000 copies)


WBR     5       BLAHA                   THE ART OF NOT                  LP+DLc  03.2016

        A1      Lonely Mistletoe
        A2      Lemonade
        A3      Frog & Toad
        A4      Downer, Loser
        A5      Good Girls
        A6      High Tide, Omaha Beach
        B1      The Art Of Not
        B2      Someday The Rain Will Come
        B3      Loneliness, I Love You
        B4      Gone Again
        B5      Home-A-Less
        B6      Obsidian
        B7      Delicate Foreigner

BLAHA is the solo project of Mike Blaha from intense Minneapolis surf-psych band The
Blind Shake and Shadow in the Cracks.
WBR     6       THE BLIND SHAKE         LIVE IN LUXEMBOURG              LP+dlC  05.2017

9 Intense surf-psych songs recorded live by Sam the Man in Rotondes Artwork by Kevin
and Joris.