Distr.  : Ne - Shiny Beast
Style   : pop / rock / wave /

VLP     2001    BRINSLEY SCHWARZ        LIVE FAVOURITES                 LP      01.2018

Red vinyl version. Brinsley Schwarz released a string of great pub rock albums in
the early 1970s, which never achieved the success they deserved. Recognition came
after the group's split, when Nick Lowe and Ian Gomm both scored UK and US hits, and
Bob Andrews and name giver Brinsley Schwarz joined Graham Parker & The Rumour.
"Live Favourites" was recorded just after the band recorded its Dave Edmunds produced
swansong 'New Favourites'.
                SAN FRANCISCO 1978

Formed in 1977 to back Ian Dury while promoting his album 'New Boots And Panties',
Chaz Jankel, Norman Watt-Roy, Charlie Charles, John Turnbull and Mick Gallagher
became known as The Blockheads. The live material on this CD was recorded at The
Old Waldorf in San Francisco, on the second night of the band's 1978 US tour.
VCD     2003    ROCKPILE                LIVE AT THE PALLADIUM           LP      08.2017
                [SELECTED RECORDINGS 1976-1996]

        01.     DOWN, DOWN, DOWN
        02.     SO IT GOES
        03.     I KNEW THE BRIDE
        04.     SWITCHBOARD SUSAN
        06.     TROUBLE BOYS
        07.     GIRLS TALK
        08.     CRACKIN UP
        09.     BORN FIGHTER
        10.     LET IT ROCK
        11.     CRUEL TO BE KIND
        12.     I HEAR YOU KNOCKING
        13.     JAILHOUSE ROCK

Rockpile was a British rock and roll group of the late 1970s and early 1980s, noted
for its strong pub rock, rockabilly and power pop influences, and as a foundational
influence on new wave. The band consisted of Dave Edmunds (vocals, guitar), Nick Lowe
(vocals, bass guitar), Billy Bremner (vocals, guitar) and Terry Williams (drums).
This previously unreleased live US radio broadcast includes the hits 'Cruel To Be
Kind', 'I Knew The Bride (When She Used To Rock'n'Roll)', 'Girls Talk' and a prev.
unreleased version of 'Jailhouse Rock'.
VCD     2004    FLAMIN' GROOVIES : SAN FRANCISCO NIGHTS-LIVE 1979080    CD      11.2017

        01.     FEEL A WHOLE LOT BETTER
        02.     BETWEEN THE LINES
        03.     PLEASE PLEASE ME
        04.     FALL ON YOU
        05.     FROM ME TO YOU
        06.     19TH NERVOUS
        07.     BREAKDOWN
        08.     BABY, PLEASE DON'T GO
        09.     TELL ME AGAIN
        10.     PAINT IT BLACK
        11.     FIRST PLANE HOME
        12.     I CAN'T HIDE
        13.     SHAKE SOME ACTION
        14.     AROUND & AROUND
        15.     LET IT ROCK
        16.     I WANT YOU BAD
        17.     DIZZY MISS LIZZY
        18.     BACK IN THE U.S.S.R.
        19.     DO I LOVE YOU
        21.     HARD DAY'S NIGHT
        22.     JU JU MAN
VCD     2005    TRAFFIC                 WHERE THE POPPIES GROW          CD      01.2018

        01.     Paper Sun
        02.     A House For Everyone
        03.     Coloured Rain
        04.     Dear Mr. Fantasy
        05.     Smiling Phases
        06.     Heaven Is In Your Mind
        07.     Dealer
        08.     No Face, No Name, No Number
        09.     Hope They Never Find Me Here
        10.     Giving To You
        11.     Smiling Phases
        12.     Coloured Rain
        13.     Hole In My Shoe
        14.     Feelin' Good
        15.     Paper Sun
        16.     Dear Mr Fantasy

Historic radio sessions from 1967. Tracks 1-9: BBC radio sessions. Tracks 10-16
: live radio broadcast Radiohuset, Stockholm.
VLP     2007    CREAM                   NINETEEN SIXTY-SEVEN            LP      08.2018
VCD     2007    CREAM                   NINETEEN SIXTY-SEVEN            CD      04.2018

        01.     N.S.U.
        02.     Stepping Out
        03.     Traintime
        04.     Toad
        05.     I'm So Glad
        06.     Sleepy Time Time ("Saturday Club", Recorded 8 November 1966
                - Broadcasted 11 November 1966)
        07.     I'm So Glad ("Saturday Club", Recorded 8 November 1966
                - Broadcasted 11 November 1966)
        08.     Traintime ("Saturday Club", Recorded 10 January 1967
                - Broadcasted 14 January 1967)
        09.     Toad ("Saturday Club", Recorded 10 January 1967
                - Broadcasted 14 January 1967)
        10.     Tales of Brave Ulysses ("Joe Loss Show", 14 July 1967)
        11.     Take It Back ("Joe Loss Show", 14 July 1967)
V       2012    TRAFFIC                 FIRST EXIT                      LP      06.2018

        01.     GIVING TO YOU [LIVE]
        02.     SMILING PHASES [LIVE]
        03.     COLOURED RAIN [LIVE]
        04.     HOLE IN MY SHOE [LIVE]
        05.     FEELIN GOOD [LIVE]
        06.     PAPER SUN [LIVE]
        07.     DEAR MR FANTASY [LIVE]

Steve Winwood formed Traffic with Jim Capaldi, Dave Mason, and Chris Wood in 1967.
In the spirit of the times, the group was intended to be a cooperative, with the
members living together in a country cottage in Berkshire and collaborating on their
songs. Signed to Island Records their single "Paper Sun," peaked in the U.K. Top Five
in July 1967 and also spent several weeks in the lower reaches of the charts in
America. Traffic toured Europe in the summer of 67 and the live recording that
comprises this album was made for radio broadcast, this time in Sweden at Radiohuset,
Stockholm on Sept. 12th, 1967. It has been newly mastered for vinyl.

VCD     2021    TROGGS : ON AIR-THE LOST BROADCASTS                     CD      08.2018

        01.     From Home
        02.     Interview With Chris Britton
        03.     Wild Thing
        04.     With A Girl Like You
        05.     Lost Girl
        06.     The Yella In Me
        07.     I Can't Control Myself
        08.     Love Is All Around
        09.     Peggy Sue
        10.     Jaguar And The Thunderbird
        11.     Love Is all Around (Version 2)
        12.     Dimples
        13.     Evil Woman
        14.     Her Emotion
        15.     Kitty Kat Song
        16.     Little Girl
        17.     Little Green Apples
        18.     Little Red Donkey
        19.     Maybe The Madman
        20.     When The Rain Comes
VCD     2025    BEE GEES                MRS GILLESPIES REFRIGERATOR     CD      08.2018

        01.     New York Mining Disaster 1941
        02.     Cucumber Castle
        03.     In My Own Time
        04.     One Minute Woman
        05.     I Can't See Nobody
        06.     To Love Somebody
        07.     Holiday
        08.     Massachussetts
        09.     Interview
        10.     Mrs Gillespies Refrigerator
        11.     I Close My Eyes
        12.     Interview
        13.     World
        14.     In My Own Time
        15.     Band Introduction
        16.     New York Mining Disaster 1941
        17.     Cucumber Castle

Historic radio broadcast recordings of The Bee Gees, dating back to the second half
of the '60s when the brothers were in full psychedelic pop swing. This material is
available on CD for the first time.