THE SIGN                                SWEDEN

Distr.  : SW -
          NE - Shiny Beast/Sonic Rendezvous/
Style   : post rock / garage rock / punk / hardrock / metal /

CRCLP   1       WHEEL IN THE SKY        HEADING FOR THE NIGHT           LP      12.2015

CRCLP   3       SVARTANATT              SVARTANATT                      LP      08.2016
CRCCD   3       SVARTANATT              SVARTANATT                      CD      08.2016

        02.     TIMES ARE CHANGING
        03.     DEMON
        04.     NIGHTMAN
        06.     DREAMS
        07.     ROCKET
        08.     DEAD MANS ALLEY
        09.     SECRETS OF THE EARTH
        10.     DESTINATION NO END

CRCLP   5       MAIDAVALE               TALES OF THE WICKED WEST        LP      08.2016
CRC     5       MAIDAVALE               TALES OF THE WICKED WEST        CD      08.2016

        02.     COLOUR BLIND
        04.     TRUTH/LIES
        05.     DIRTY WAR
        06.     RESTLESS WANDERER
        07.     STANDBY SWING
        08.     WISH I'D BEEN BORN AT SEA
CRCLP   6       DEMON HEAD              THUNDER IN THE FIELDS           LP      04.2017

The Copenhagen-based boogie-doom five-piece delivers its 2017 full-length 'Thunder In
The Fields'.
SQRCLP  8       GRANDE ROYALE           BREAKING NEWS                   LP      08.2017
SQRCCD  8       GRANDE ROYALE           BREAKING NEWS                   CD      08.2017

        01.     KNOW IT ALL
        02.     BRAKE LIGHT
        03.     DEVIL'S PLACE
        04.     BREAKING NEWS
        05.     LIVE WITH YOUR LIE
        06.     DAILY ILLUSTRATION
        07.     GOT TO MOVE
        08.     ONE SECOND
        09.     RNR BUSINESS
        10.     IM ON THE LOOSE

Ten track of High Energy rock that have been recorded and produced by Nicke Andersson
(The Hellacopters, Imperial State Electric) at his studio the Honk Palace. Packed with
powerful riffs that works as gasoline for the songs, the album ignites as screaming
guitar solos takes it all the way to eleven. Each song is hold together by a sing a
long friendly pop hooks and an overload of melodies.
SQRCLP  11      THE GEAR DISCHORD       THE RABBIT HOLE                 LP      09.2017
SQRCCD  11      THE GEAR DISCHORD       THE RABBIT HOLE                 CD      09.2017
        01.     DIMMAN
        02.     NOIRE
        03.     GADGET
        04.     DARKEST DAY
        05.     TELL-TALE HEART
        06.     THE RED RABBIT
        07.     NEON DREAMING
        08.     DOWNFALL
        09.     CADENCE
        10.     OMEN
        11.     PERSONA
SQRLP   9       NIGHT                   RAFT OF THE WORLD               LP      09.2017
SQRCD   9       NIGHT                   RAFT OF THE WORLD               CD      09.2017
        01.     FIRE ACROSS THE SKY
        02.     SURRENDER
        03.     UNDER THE GALLOWS
        04.     OMBERG
        05.     TIME
        06.     STRIKE OF LIGHTNING
        07.     WINDS
        08.     COIN IN A FOUNTAIN
        09.     WHERE SILENCE AWAITS
SQRLP   12      HIGHRIDER               ROLL FOR INITIATIVE             LP      09.2017
SQRCD   12      HIGHRIDER               ROLL FOR INITIATIVE             CD      09.2017

        01.     NIHILIST LAMENT
        02.     A BURIAL SCENE
        03.     BATTERIES
        04.     THE GREATER MONKEY
        05.     VAGINA AL DENTE
        06.     EMOTIONAL WEREWOLF
        07.     ROLL DEE TWENTY
        08.     THE ROPE AND THE BLADE

Debut album from Gothenburgs Highrider. The boiling point of scandinavian thrash,
metal, 70s, doom, punk and hardcore. A metallic and raw debut filled with Scandinavian
high energy heavy metal. Gothenburg have always been a breeding ground for clashes of
the extreme. Highrider is the new generation to develop the extreme Gothenburg sound
into new directions.
SQRLP   13      MARVEL                  WARHAWKS OF WAR                 LP      10.2017

        01.     HELLO!
        02.     BANK OF LIGHTS
        03.     T.N.H.
        04.     WHISPERING EYE
        05.     A HOBBY THAT GOT OUT OF HAND
        06.     THE EFFORT
        07.     BEATEN PATH
        08.     BLOOD HARMONY
        09.     KILLER PORN DUNGEON
        10.     GOOD TIMES
        11.     TIGER BY THE TAIL
        12.     PREACHING TO THE CHOIR

Warhawks of War is the third album from the power trio hailing from Sweden, originally
released on cd by Killer Kobra Records. And now finally for the first time on vinyl to
meet the need and hunger from their fans. Special guest appearance by Dregen (Backyard
Babies, Hellacopters) and Robert "Strangen" Dahlqvist (The Hellacopters, Dundertaget).
Marvel signed a deal with The Sign Records in the beginning of 2017 and have since
then started to re-release their earlier albums on new formats.
SQRLP   14      MARVEL                  AT THE SUNSHINE FACTORY         LP      10.2017
SQRCD   14      MARVEL                  AT THE SUNSHINE FACTORY         CD      10.2017

        01.     A KILLING VIEW
        02.     THE SECRET GRAND PRIX
        03.     GOODLUCK SANDY
        04.     HEART & BALLS
        05.     SMILE MR. STEEN
        07.     CHILD
        08.     STEP CLOSER
        09.     ALL OVER THE NEWS
        10.     LIVE & LEARN
        11.     VINEGAR
        12.     ANGELA

Marvel returns with their seventh album "At the Sunshine Factory". The band have worked
hard to create a "larger than life" sound, building a studio of their own to get enough
time to develop their songs to perfection. A cheerful production disguises a darker
lyrical theme affected by today's world situation. Marvel, known for their contagious
hooks, pop melodies and rock 'n' roll soul, have tightened the bow and made braver
decisions to make this the stand out album of their career. The album's spine is still
very much vintage Mrvel, yet each of the twelve songs have got more of a character of
its own.
SQRLP   15      HONEYMOON DISEASE : PART HUMAN, MOSTLY BEAST            LP      10.2017
SQRCD   15      HONEYMOON DISEASE : PART HUMAN, MOSTLY BEAST            CD      10.2017

        01.     DOIN' IT AGAIN
        02.     ONLY THING ALIVE
        03.     TAIL TWISTER
        04.     RYMDVALS
        05.     NEEDLE IN YOUR EYE
        06.     FLY BIRD, FLY HIGH
        07.     CALLING YOU
        08.     FOUR STROKE WOMAN
        09.     NIGHT BY NIGHT
        10.     IT'S ALRIGHT
        11.     COAL BURNIN'
        12.     ELECTRIC EEL

Honeymoon Disease unleashes their new album "Part Human, Mostly Beast" on The Sign
Records. The Swedish rock quartet's second album is filled with high voltage pulse,
colorful sounds and lots of groovy soul. Well acclaimed for their intense and high
energetic stage performances the band have been one of the raising stars on the
European rock stages, something the band have brought into the studio and recording
the album live. Honeymoon Disease have worked with producer Ola Ersfjord (Imperial
State Electric, Primordial, Tribulation, Dead Lord) since the recording of their last
album "The Transcendence" (Napalm Records), something that led up to a recording
session with better crafted songs, a more luxuries production and a lot of focus on
the vocal arrangements.
CRCCLP  8       HALLAS                  EXCERPTS FROM A FUTURE PAST     LP      10.2017
CRCCCD  8       HALLAS                  EXCERPTS FROM A FUTURE PAST     CD      10.2017

        01.     THE ASTRAL SEER
        02.     REPENTANCE
        03.     NEBULON'S TOWER
        05.     STAR RIDER
        06.     SHADOW OF THE TEMPLAR
        07.     ILLUSION SKY

Swedish praised progressive 70s rock-band Hallas releases their debut album, 7 new
tracks of storytelling adventure rock".
TRLLP   7       THRONE OF HERESY        DECAMERON                       LP      11.2017
TRL     7       THRONE OF HERESY        DECAMERON                       CD      11.2017

        01.     THE SHORES OF ISSYK-KUL
        02.     PAX MONGOLICA
        03.     SIEGE OF CAFFA
        04.     THE PLAGUE SHIPS
        05.     DECAMERON
        06.     LIBER SECRETORUM
        07.     JARTECKEN
        08.     A SILENT VIGIL
        09.     ALVASTRA
        10.     THE PALE BURDEN