Distr.  : UK - Norman
          NE - Clear Spot
Style   : soundtracks /

TVOP    1       MISS PUSSYCAT           ANTROPOMORPHIZER                LP      09.2015

        1.      Magical Nebulon Rainbowland
        2.      Shadow and Eve
        3.      The Jungle
        4.      Cookie Carnival Baking Contest
        5.      Caveman Island

TV      3       [soundtrack] JIM MANZIE : FROM A WHISPER TO A SCREAM    LP      10.2015
TV      3 ?     [soundtrack] PIERO MONTANARI : GHOSTHOUSE               LP      02.2017

* 180 gram Electric shock blue / Candle glow yellow
* First time the score has been available on vinyl
* Audio pulled from original master tapes
* Liner notes by Montanari and Lenzi
* Gatefold packaging by Stoughton
TV      4       [soundtrack] PERRY MONROE : KILLING SPREE               LP      10.2016

The score to the 1987 horror film by Tim Ritter. A man suspects his wife of adultery
and goes on a killing spree, eliminating all he believes are sleeping with her, but
his victims don't stay dead. Pressed on 180-gram transparent army green and transparent
red vinyl (A-side) and opaque gold, opaque brown and transparent brown splatter vinyl
TV      5       [soundtrack] GUS RUSSO : BASKET CASE                    LP      02.2017

        1.      Title Explosion
        2.      Duane and Belial
        3.      Lifflander Hears Something
        4.      Casey's Theme
        5.      Manhattan Skyline
        6.      Needleman's Muzak
        7.      Herrmann Vibes
        8.      Lifflander's Name
        9.      Needleman's Worst Nightmare
        10.     Murder & Madness
        11.     Duane & Sharon's First Date
        12.     O'Donovan Gets It
        13.     Empty Basket
        14.     I Don't Know Why
        15.     Glens Falls Flashback
        16.     Separation Anxiety
        17.     Belial Calling
        18.     Duane Saves Belia
        19.     When Belial Met Casey
        20.     Belial Escapes
        21.     Who's That Naked Runner?
        22.     Disgustus Interruptus
        23.     You Keep Me Hanging on
        24.     End Credits
        25.     Times Square Blues (Bonus Track)

* First time the score has been available on any format!
* Audio pulled from original tapes / remixed / remastered
* Liner notes by Gus Russo
* Stoughton gatefold packaging, full color inner sleeve, DL code, Hotel
  Broslin postcard set (6)
* Randomly inserted colors: 180 Gram "Black As Night," 180 Gram "Sticky Flesh,
  " 180 Gram "Open Wound"

Gus Russo's score to the 1982 horror cult classic 'Basket Case' receives its first-ever
release. The records are pressed on randomly inserted 'black as night', 'sticky flesh'
and 'open wound' coloured 180-gram vinyl. A coloured inner sleeve, liner notes by Gus
Russo, a download code and six postcards are included.

TV      010     [s] GUS RUSSO & CLUTCH RESIER : BRAIN DAMAGE            LP      10.2017

(Note : LP , housed in Stoughton gatefold sleeve with liner notes by Gus Russo.
        Remastered from the original tapes)