SIX TONNES DE CHAIR                     FRANCE

Distr.  : FR -
          US -
          NE - Clear Spot/
Style   : punk / r&r / garage punk / blues / country blues /

STDC    1       MONSTRE!                BURP REYNOLDS                   7"      06.2012

        A       Burp Reynolds                                   3:42
        B       Burp Reynolds (InBedWithBurpReynoldsVenturiEdit)4:00

Monstre! is the musical afterwork of an affable funk oenologist, an ambient new wave
scented shaman, an easy listening engineer and a deserted architect lost in adolescent
paradises. This serving of disco leather punk is limited to 150 copies in hand screen
printed covers.
STDC    002     THOMAS SCHOEFFLER JR.   LAURIE CHEECK                   7"      11.2013

        A       Laurie Cheeck                                   4:51
        B       Some Days, God He Knows My Name                 5:46
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , 90 black/60 clear copies)
STDC    003     LOS DOS HERMANOS : BOURBON, BLOOD AND SEAFOODS          CS      03.2013

        A1      Robespierre
        A2      Don't Talk To Me Everywhere's The Back Of My Door
        A3      Set Up
        A4      Blue Night In Summer
        A5      Loud
        A6      Benoit 16 (Bonus Track)
        B1      N°13
        B2      Louis-XVI
        B3      Faye Dunaway
        B4      The Buster
        B5      Waste Your Time
        B6      Lies
                (Note : blue cassette , 39 numb. copies)

LP      Howlin' Banana          HOLP 001        2013    FR
STDC    004     LOS DOS HERMANOS        ALIENOR                         7"      03.2014

        A       Alienor
        B       Paye Ty Chatte
                (Note : 7"/45 RPM , 75 green/75 red copies)
STDC    005     DRAGSTER                GANJA WAR                       CS        .2014

        A1      Brain
        A2      Ganja War
        A3      I Try
        A4      Dreadlocks Riot
        A5      Twist & Shoot
        A6      Won't Let You Go
        A7      Lou L'Enfer Chasseur De Dragon
        B1      Brain
        B2      Ganja War
        B3      I Try
        B4      Dreadlocks Riot
        B5      Twist & Shoot
        B6      Won't Let You Go
        B7      Lou L'Enfer Chasseur De Dragon
                (Note : cassette , 50 hand-numb. copies)
STDC    6       SICK HYENAS             LIKE A CRAMP                    7"      03.2015

        A       Like A Cramp                                    2:32
        B       Sinner                                          4:32

Educated with The Cramps and relying on a strong punk rock background, Sick Hyenas
grew up six feet deep in the Black Lips generation. The sickness these animals spread
can best be described as a kind of dirty and incurable psychedelia. 130 clear/70 white
copies in hand screen printed covers.
STDC    007     DUCK DUCK GREY DUCK/MAGIC & NAKED : SPLIT               7"      05.2015

        A       Duck Duck Grey Duck     Camel Boots             3:17
        B       Magic & Naked : Pictures Of An Imaginary Desert 4:27
                (Note : 7"/45 RPM , 100 blue/100 green copies)
STDC    8       THE SHERAF              EP                              12"     09.2017

        A1      Real Home
        A2      Zero
        B1      C & Speed
        B2      Death Dealer

Amazing brooding psych out of France. If you dig the dark trance of The Blue Angel
Lounge or anything on Fuzz Club Records, you're going to love Sheraf's sound. Limited
to 200 copies on 180-gram black vinyl, presented in hand screen printed covers.
STDC    009     THE MIGHTY BOYS         DOLE CHEQUE AND KABANA          CS+DLc  06.2015

        A1      Hey Hey
        A2      Deniliquin
        A3      Hippy Shake
        A4      Shity Blowjobs
        B1      Schoolgirls
        B2      Sexpo
        B3      Daddy's Back
        B4      Drinkin (Demo)
        B5      Pickin Em Up (Demo)
                (Note : cassette , 100 copies)
STDC    10      PUSSYWARMERS & REKA     DUE MOVIMENTI                   12"     09.2015

                [On Label] Secondo Movimento
        A1      I Wish They Could See                           2:35
                [On Label] Primo Movimento
        A2      Umbra                                           2:42

A 9-minute 100% Twin Peaks-inspired ethereal dream-pop serenade, issued on a one-sided
12-inch maxi single. Limited to 300 copies on black vinyl, packaged in hand screen
printed covers.
STDC    011     VOODOOLAND              EP                              CS      07.2015

        A1      Welcome
        A2      Our People
        A3      Our Rules
        A4      Enjoy Your Stay
                (Note : cassette , 1-sided , 100 copies)
STDC    12      PLATINUM BOYS           CONFESSIONS                     7"      11.2015

        1.      Confessions                                     03:13
        2.      Born On The Bayou                               03:53

Milwaukee's Platinum Boys aren't here to reinvent any genres. They're here to remind
you why rock and roll keeps on keepin' on. The amps are cranked and the vocals are
cracked. The Boys have even thrown in a coked-up cover of Creedence Clearwater
Revival's 'Born On The Bayou' on the B-side.
Limited to 150 black/100 clear/50 glow-in-the dark copies, packaged in hand screen
printed covers.
STDC    13      THE STACHES             EP                              12"     09.2015

        1.      Total Commitment                                03:28
        2.      Spit The Whines (demo)                          03:01

With the hip-shaking swagger of The Coathangers and the leather-clad cool of Link Wray,
The Staches have effortlessly cooked up a noise both classic and progressive. These
six tracks are the soundtrack to your last surfing days on the coast before the winds
grow cold. Limited to 300 copies in hand screen printed covers.
STDC    14      WAHYAS                  THIRD EYE                       7"      02.2015

        1.      Third Eye                                       02:29
        2.      Polarized Vision                                03:02

North Carolina-based garage-rock duo Wahyas has something fuzzy and swampy for your
ears and loins. Prepare your mind for a beastly hip-shaking double-dose of cool evil
garage gospel a la Johnny & June, but with less church". Limited to 150 copies on
swirl purple vinyl, packaged in hand screen printed covers.
STDC    15      THE BOLOS               SAINT HENRY                     7"      10.2015

        1.      Saint Henry                                     02:20
        2.      Baby Cakes                                      02:59

A 7-inch by San Antonio, Texas' finest garage punk rockers! Fans of Jay Reatard's many
incarnations, Ty Segall's reverb-drenched screams and Ex-Cult's DIY punk attack will
immediately get what The Bolos are serving up here. This run is limited to 200 copies
on black vinyl, packaged in hand screen printed covers.
STDC    16      JEFF THE BROTHERHOOD    RADIATING FIBER PLANE           7"      10.2016

        1.      Radiating Fiber Plane                           04:03
        2.      Yeti                                            03:19

Another great 7-inch single by this Nashville, Tennessee rock duo. The A-side features
the mellower side of the full-length 'Global Chakra Rhythms', and the B-side flies
right into the brothers' wheelhouse with crunchy riffage and southern-fried punk and
roll. This run is limited to 200 copies on black vinyl, coming in hand screen printed
STDC    017     THE STACHES             TOTAL COMMITMENT                7"      09.2016

        A       Total Commitment                                03:28
        B       Spit The Whines (Demo)                          03:02
                (Note : 7"/45 RPM , 200 copies)
STDC    18      OK VANCOUVER OK         ANGEL BURNIN'                   7"      05.2017

        1.      Angel Runnin                            03:13
        2.      Narwhal : Unicorn Of The Polar Sea      02:43

This Canadian indie rock band from Vancouver B.C., active since 2004, has been
compared to, or said to sound similar to, such bands/acts as Talking Heads, The
Velvet Underground, Beat Happening, Joy Division and Daniel Johnston. The A-side
is the opening track of the group's LP 'Black Part Of Light'. The B-side is a 2012
track, long awaited on vinyl by fans of the band. This edition is limited to 200
copies on black vinyl, packaged in hand screen printed covers.
STDC    19      THE MAKE-OVERS          LEARNING CURVE                  7"      12.2017

A cool 7-inch by an already legendary heavy garage-punk duo from South Africa. This
edition is limited to 200 copies on black vinyl, coming in hand screen printed covers.
STDC    20      KAZ MIRBLOUK            SIDESTEP                        7"      06.2017

        1.      Sidestep                                        04:17
        2.      Paint Stains                                    04:29

These two tracks are the laid back cousins of Mirblouk's Reatard-esque garage rock.
'Sidestep' has a late model Dag Nasty ('Field Day') vibe to it. 'Paint Stains' swirls
around in a cloud of psychedelic smoke and could slide right onto side two of
Pavement's 'Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain'. Limited to 200 copies on black vinyl, coming
in hand screen printed covers.
STDC    21      PLATINUM BOYS           WE DON'T DANCE                  7"      01.2018

Milwaukee's Platinum Boys deliver a musical punch that's no joke. Their paint-huffing,
sweat-soaked garage matrimony of Thin Lizzy and the Buzzcocks summons the spirit of the
past 50 years of rock'n'roll in a uniquely 21st century American way. 200 copies on
black vinyl. Hand screen printed cover.
STDC    22      KORTO                   KORTO                           LP      11.2017

        1.      Hot Rock
        2.      Track 2
        3.      Denzzzl
        4.      Fresque
        5.      A40
        6.      Dollonde
        7.      Oi

KORTO is :      Clément Baltassat : Bass & Vocals
                Marius Mermet : Guitar & Vocals
                Léo Moriaud : drums

Korto is a diesel motor launched without mercy on the highway of supersonic kraut
rock, married to space punk and drugged by synthetic pop. The band would invite Turing
Machine, The Ex, The Young Gods, Goat or even Fela Kuti for a meal in a road house
and leave without paying for it. Limited to 500 copies pressed on black vinyl.
STDC    23      IGUANA DEATH CULT       FEMME FATALE                    7"      06.2018

If the Grateful Dead were punks in prog band, they might have sounded a bit like
this. 200 copies on black vinyl. Hand screen printed cover.

More than 200 different releases of this album yet but not a single one like this
incredible object like Six Tonnes De Chair knows how to do. Double 12 album cut at
45rpm, personalised mastercut, hand-made jacket with special revisited artwork hand
screen printed on heavy weight pearl paper. Beautiful and unique! 200 copies.
STDC    25      BLEAK ENGINEERS         INTROSPECTO                     7"      05.2018

        1       INTROSPECTO
        2       INDISCRIMINATE

Bleak Engineers is a cold wave project of Svetlana Zombierella and Alexander Moralez.
Zombierella is known as the vocalist and bass player of the surf-rock band Messer Chups
and the rock'n'roll band The Bonecollectors. Moralez (aka Kind Human Being) is an
electronic musician, label owner of Mosaique Records and the regular DJ, resident and
curator of the Mosaique club. The Bleak Engineers make melancholic wave with live
guitars and other instruments such as vintage drum machines and synthesizers of the
'70s and '80s. Limited to 200 copies on black vinyl in hand screen printed cover.
STDC    26      BOTTOMFEEDERS           BLOCADE                         7"      09.2018

Old school, melodic punk without frills, and eighties touch from this Louisiana,
New Orleans band. 200 copies on black vinyl. Hand screen printed cover.
STDC    27      DANDELION               EVERY OTHER DAY                 7"      12.2018

Mystical single from Australian psychedelia project The Dandelion, featuring twisting
farfisa lines, ghostly vocals and a spaced out atmosphere. Limited to 200 black copies
in hand screen printed jacket.
STDC    28      THE STACHES             GREAT DEPRESSION                7"      10.2018

Resembling a hermaphroditic, four-hemisphered brain, The Staches compose together
using their solid punk, post-punk and garage influences; they're not afraid to pour
in some prog rock or psych either. 200 copies on black vinyl in hand screen printed



Sweet one-off release from Zombierella (a.k.a. Svetlana from Messer Chups & The
Bleak Engineers) leads off with a groovy cover of early '80s German no-wave outfit
No More's 'Suicide Commando.' B/w 'Zombi Cadavre'. Limited to 200 black copies in
hand screen printed jacket.

STDC    33      CANNIBALE               ACCELERATION                    7"      03.2019

Picture Nick Cave clad in an opened bermuda shirt with a slather of sunscreen painted
on his snow white nose, twisting and crooning by a beach bonfire with Manzarek on the
organ, Link Wray on lead guitar and Frankie Avalon on the cowbell. 200 copies on black
vinyl. Hand screen printed cover.


STDC    36      HOOVERIII               FATHOM                          7"      04.2019

2019 single by Los Angeles hard working Hooveriii. The ruff riffage of Sabbath, the
ballsy kicks of MC5, the crafty songwriting of Roky and the krauty noodling of NEU!
The A-side keeps kicking out the jams while adding a tad of Lizzy goodness to the mix
to further expand their sound. The B-side is like one of those heartwarming Michael
Rother autobahn instrumentals with an injection of Pink Fairies/Hawkwind/Larry Wallis
guitar nitro, like instrumental Peter Green meets Neu! 200 copies on black vinyl.
Hand screen printed cover.