Distr.  : UK - Norman
          NE - Clear Spot
Style   : rock / pop / wave / early electronics / soundtracks /

STS     006     THOMAS HAPP             AXIOM VERGE                     LP      02.2016

        1.      The Axiom
        2.      Trace Awakens
        3.      Otherworld
        4.      Rusalka
        5.      Inexorable
        6.      Apocalypse
        7.      Cellular Skies
        8.      Amnesia
        9.      Phosphene
        10.     Occlusion Lens
        11.     Trace Reborn
                (Note : LP , 1000 copies on purple vinyl)

Each album will be housed in a single sleeve with original art from the game. The album
will also include a double sided insert including original rough sketches from the game
and liner notes from developer and composer Thomas Happ.
STS     007     [soundtrack]HIROKAZU TANAKA & KEIICHI SUZUKI : MOTHER 2 2LP     09.2016

LP 1    A1.     Prologue
        A2.     Onett
        A3.     Twoson
        A4.     Saturn Valley
        A5.     Winters
        A6.     Threek
        A7.     Doko Doko Desert
        A8.     Fourside
        A9.     Moonside
        B1.     Ramma
        B2.     Summers
        B3.     Scarabi
        B4.     Dungeon Man
        B5.     Cursed Jungles
        B6.     Gumi Village
        B7.     The Under World
        B8.     Magicant
        B9.     The Great Under World

LP 2    C1.     Final Battle
        C2.     Love & Peace C3. Ending
        D1.     Room Number (PSI Mix)
        D2.     Hula-Hoop (PSI Mix)
        D3.     Another 2 (PSI Mix)
STS     8       TINY TIM                TINY TIM'S AMERICA              LP      06.2016

Limited to 1.000 copies on randomly inserted black or red/white/blue mixed vinyl.
STS     9       [soundtrack] JOE REMZETTI : BASKET CASE 2/FRANKENHOOKER lp      07.2016

Side A          (Basket Case 2)
        1.      In and Out of the Hospital
        2.      Room of Memories/The Nursery
        3.      Granny Visits the Freakshow
        4.      Photographer Killed by the Freaks
        5.      Freaks and Granny at the Barbecue
        6.      Susan to Duane: "I'm Pregnant!"
        7.      Find Duane! Chase Him Down!
Side B          (Frankenhooker)
        1.      The Eyeball/Happy Day and Mom
        2.      Main Titles/Jeffery Redesigns Elizabeth
        3.      Jeffery and Parts/Dinner
        4.      Lookin' for Hookers
        5.      The Creation/"It's Time"
        6.      Elizabeth Kills Her John
        7.      Elizabeth Comes Back to Life/Jeffery Loses His Head
        8.      Zoro Killing/The Pimp Is Dead

Limited to 1.000 copies, of which 500 on 'Frankenhooker' opaque purple and 500 on
'Basket Case 2' bloody red/black vinyl (randomly inserted).
STS     10      THE HOLY MACKEREL       THE HOLY MACKEREL               LP      01.2017

At last, here's a vinyl reissue of the sole LP by The Holy Mackerel, orig. released
by Reprise in 1968. Producer Richard Perry asked frontman Paul Williams to record the
album after featuring Williams' song 'Fill Your Heart' (co-written with Biff Rose) on
the flip-side of Tiny Tim's hit 'Tip-Toe Thru' The Tulips With Me'. The result was
one of the most underrated albums of the era, featuring US west-coast folk-rock,
country and sunshine-pop vibes, and flashes of psychedelia as showcased by the trippy,
killer cut 'Wildflowers'.
STS     011     ZUNTATA                 CLASSICS VOLUME ONE             LP      09.2016

 SIDE 1 1.      Urban Trail (Night Striker)
        2.      System Down (Elevator Action Returns)
        3.      Dual Moon (Metal Black)
        4.      Blow Up (Elevator Action Returns)
        5.      A Mirage of Mine (Metal Black)
        6.      Phantasm (Metal Black)
        7.      Elevator Action '95 (Elevator Action Returns)
SIDE 2  1.      Red & Yellow (Metal Black)
        2.      Ma-gu-ri-vu (Night Striker)
        3.      Born To Be Free (Metal Black)
        4.      Burning Road (Night Striker)
        5.      Colors Of Nights (Elevator Action Returns)
        6.      Si-Mail (Night Striker)
        7.      Commune (Night Striker)
STS     012     KONAMI KUKEIHA CLUB     LAGRANGE POINT                  LP      10.2016

        A1.     Opening Theme
        A2.     Searching for Stolte
        A3.     Wandering Journey
        A4.     Awaken Into Warriors
        A5.     Vesta's Wall
        A6.     Satellite Base
        A7.     Music Box of Sadness
        A8.     City of Birthday
        A9.     Searching for the Promised Land
        A10.    Machine City
        A11.    Warriors of Sorrow
        A12.    Departure and Arrival
        B1.     Aqueduct
        B2.     Physical Energy
        B3.     Fortified Zone
        B4.     Silent Alarm
        B5.     Orange PArty
        B6.     Bio PAradise
        B7.     Last Fortress, Bio Palace
        B8.     Broken Replicaizer
        B9.     Fight to the Death, Bio Caesar
        B10.    The Resurrection of Sabbath

(Note : LP , purple-marble vinyl, Featuring artwork by Drew Wise and liner notes by's Jeremy Parish)
STS     013     MX-80 SOUND             OUT OF THE TUNNEL               LP      09.2016

        A1.     It's Not My Fault
        A2.     Follow That Car
        A3.     Fender Bender
        A4.     I Walk Among Them
        A5.     Someday You'll Be King
        B1.     White Night
        B2.     Frankie I'm Sorry
        B3.     Gary and Priscilla
        B4.     Man in a Box
        B5.     Metro Teens

Remastered from the original analog tapes by Peter Conheim, the album sounds as fresh
(or possibly…fresher?) as it did in 1980. Containing a dizzying mix of free-jazz sax,
thrashing guitars and absurdist lyricism, MX-80 Sound remains one of the great
undiscovered bands of the late 70s/early 80s post-punk scene.
STS     014     MX-80 SOUND             CROWD CONTROL                   LP      09.2016

        A1.     Face of the Earth
        A2.     Crowd Control
        A3.     Why Are We Here
        A4.     Obsessive Devotion
        A5.     More Than Good
        A6.     Theme from Halloween
        B1.     Night Rider
        B2.     City of Fools
        B3.     Theme from Sisters
        B4.     Cover to Cover
        B5.     Pharoah's Sneakers
        B6.     Promise of Love

Remastered from the original analog tapes by Peter Conheim, this album sounds as fresh
(or possibly…fresher?) as it did in 1981. Containing a dizzying mix of free-jazz sax,
thrashing guitars and absurdist lyricism, MX-80 Sound remains one of the great
undiscovered bands of the late 70s/early 80s post-punk scene.
STS     16      ISM                     A DIET FOR THE WORMS            LP+DLc  03.2017

        A1.     Auto Theft In New York City
        A2.     White Castle At 3 AM
        A3.     White, Straight And Male
        A4.     Herpes Simplex II
        A5.     Man/Boy Love Sickie
        A6.     John Hinckley Jr. (What Has Jodie Foster Done To You?)
        A7.     I Think I Love You
        B1.     Dance Club Meat Market
        B2.     Vegetarian At A Barbeque
        B3.     Shitlist
        B4.     Proud To Be Guilty
        B5.     Moon The Moonies
        B6.     Put On Your Warpaint

Ism's 1983 full-length debut 'A Diet For The Worms', originally available in a limited
release by S.I.N. Records, dominated college radio and the CMJ radio charts while the
group, fronted by the enigmatic and classically trained pianist Jism, popularized its
new brand of hc punk at venues like CBGB, City Gardens and A7 alongside the likes of
The Ramones and Black Flag. Remastered from the original master tapes and featuring
a 4-page colour insert with never-before-seen photos and liner notes, this reissue
also includes a download card featuring a high-quality download of the album with the
non-album B-side 'A7' as a bonus track.
STS     17      RICHARD BARONE          SORROWS & PROMISES              LP      05.2017
STS     18      ZUNTATA                 ARCADE CLASSICS, VOL.3          LP      05.2018

        01.     START DEMO - MAIN THEME
        02.     MOBIUS, EXHAUSTED TOWN
        03.     KA-RA-ME-TE
        04.     YUN FAO
        06.     GALE IN THE DESERT
        08.     SKY
        09.     ON CLOUD
        10.     INTO DARKNESS
        11.     PENETRATION
        12.     THE FATES
        13.     ENDING
        14.     GAME OVER
                (Note : LP , green vinyl)
STS     20      [soundtrack] KONAMI KUKEIHA CLUB : SNATCHER             2LP     12.2016

1988 video game Snatcher, a cyberpunk adventure designed by Hideo Kojima no less, has
a wonderful soundtrack that has never previously seen the light of day on any proper
music medium. Attributed to Konami Kukeiha Club, the Snatcher soundscape is full of
dramatic floaty synths and exciting neo-brass: great listening for fans and non-fans
STS     22      [soundtrack] CHRIS DEMARCO : TROMA'S WAR                LP      07.2017
STS     25      CHRISTA LEE : WELCOME TO THE FANTASY ZONE               LP      12.2017

(Note : LP , clear blue-pink splatter vinyl)
STS     26      [soundtrack] KONAMI KUKEIHA CLUB-KID DRACULA            10"     12.2017
                (Note : 10" , black or red vinyl)
STS     27      KURAINE                 SINGULARITY                     10"     05.2018

        01.     INITIATE THOUGHT
        02.     MIND IS AN ISLAND
        03.     DELETE
        04.     POWER CYCLE

Lena Raine's (Celeste) debut solo EP as Kuraine. Experimental, rhythmic, a bit melodic,
very conceptual. 'Singularity' chronicles a moment in her life one year ago and the
changes that have rippled infinitely into the ever-developing present.
STS     28      [soundtrack] LENA RAINE : CELESTE                       2LP     05.2018
                (Note : double LP , clear vinyl)
STS     29      PAUL WILLIAMS & ROGER NICHOLS : SOMEDAY MAN             LP      09.2018

        01.     SOMEDAY MAN
        02.     SO MANY PEOPLE
        03.     SHE'S TOO GOOD TO ME
        04.     MORNIN' I'LL BE MOVIN' ON,TIME
        05.     TRUST
        06.     TO PUT UP WITH YOU
        07.     DO YOU REALLY HAVE A HEART
        08.     I KNOW YOU
        09.     ROAN PONY
        10.     SO MANY PEOPLE (DEMO)
        11.     I KNOW YOU (DEMO)

Reissue of the classic Reprise album from 1970 including 2 bonus tracks.
The songwriting team of Williams and multi-instrumentalist Roger Nichols conceived
some of the most monumental anthems of the 1970s.
STS     35      KONAMI KUKEIHA CLUB : BIO MIRACLE BOKUTTE UPA!          7"      06.2018

        01.     AREA BGM (A RATTLE SAMBA)
        02.     AREA CLEAR
        04.     ICE PLATFORM AREA
        05.     INVINCIBLES
        06.     PLAYER OUT
        07.     UNDERWATER AREA
        08.     TREASURE CHEST
        09.     BOSS
        10.     WORLD CLEAR
        11.     ZAI THE FINAL BOSS
        13.     GAME OVER

(Note : 7'' pink vinyl with artwork designed by Drew Wise * Features a double sided
        poster with newly commissioned artwork by Austin James * Liner notes by
        Retronauts' Jeremy Parish.)