Distr.  : NE - Shiny Beast
Style   : live recordings /

R2R     1       THE ROLLING STONES      LIVE ON AIR 1963-64 VOL.1       CD      11.2015

        01.     Come On
        02.     Memphis Tennessee
        03.     Roll Over Beethoven
        04.     Don't Lie To Me
        05.     You Better Move On
        06.     I Wanna Be Your Man
        07.     Mona
        08.     Walking The Dog
        09.     Bye Bye Johnny
        10.     Roll Over Beethoven
        11.     Beautiful Delilah
        12.     (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66
        13.     Cops And Robbers
        14.     You Better Move On
        15.     Mona
        16.     Hi-Heel Sneakers
        17.     Little By Little
        18.     I Just Want To Make Love To You
        19.     I'm Moving On

Tracks 1-3 Saturday Club 26th October, 1963 (Rec. 23rd Sept., 1963)
Tracks 4-9 Saturday Club 8th February, 1964) (Rec. 3rd Febr., 1964)
Tracks 10-11 Saturday Club 8th March, 1964
Tracks 12-15 Blues In Rhythm, Camden Theatre, London. 19th March, 1964
Tracks 16-19 The Joe Loss Pop Show 10th April, 1964
R2R     2       THE BEATLES             LIVE ON AIR 1963-VOL.1          CD      11.2015

        01.     Thank You Girl
        02.     I Saw Her Standing There
        03.     Boys
        04.     Long Tall Sally
        05.     Too Much Monkey Business
        06.     Baby It's You
        07.     Love Me Do
        08.     Memphis Tennessee
        09.     Thank You Girl
        10.     From Me To You
        11.     Too Much Monkey Business
        12.     Boys
        13.     I Saw Her Standing There
        14.     Twist And Shout
        15.     I Got To Find My Baby
        16.     Memphis Tennessee
        17.     Money (That's What I Want)
        18.     From Me To You
        19.     Carol
        20.     She Loves You
        21.     You Really Got A Hold On Me
        22.     I'll Get You
        23.     She Loves You
        24.     (There's) A Devil In Her Heart
        25.     Honey Don't
        26.     Misery
        27.     From Me To You
        28.     She Loves You
        29.     Crimble Medley

Track 1 Side By Side May 13th (Recorded April 1st)
Tracks 2-4 Saturday Club May 25th (Recorded May 21st)
Tracks 5-7 Pop Go The Beatles June 11th (Recorded June 1st)
Track 8 Pop Go The Beatles June 18th (Recorded June 1st)
Tracks9-10 Easy Beat June 23rd (Recorded June 19th)
Tracks 11-12 Side By Side June 24th (Recorded April 4th)
Tracks 13-14 Pop Go The Beatles June 25th (Recorded June 17th)
Tracks 15-18 Saturday Club June 29th (Recorded June 24th)
Track 19 Pop Go The Beatles July 16th (Recorded July 2nd)
Tracks 20-22 Pop Go The Beatles August 13th
Tracks 23-24 Pop Go The Beatles August 20th (Recorded July 16th)
Track 25 Pop Go The Beatles September 3rd (Recorded August 1st)
Tracks 26-27 Pop Go The Beatles September 17th (Recorded September 3rd)
Tracks 28-29 September 7th and Saturday Club December 21st
Track 29 Recorded December 17th