Distr.  : UK -
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   : reissue

RCR     6701    LEAF HOUND              GROWERS OF MUSHROOM             LP      06.2018

When London's roiling late 1960's rock underworld cast forth psilocybin-fueled,
cannabis-enriched quintet Leaf Hound, it laid the foundation for an entire new genre
-- stoner rock. Few bands wore the mantle as naturally as Leaf Hound and Growers Of
Mushroom, their classic 1970 debut, captures an all too brief yet deeply influential
moment in the fast-moving development of heavy gauge UK blues rock.

LP      Decca                   SKL-R 5094      1971    UK      extremly rare!!!
RCR     6702    MAY BLITZ               MAY BLITZ                       LP      06.2018

Short-lived but unforgettable UK psychedelic rockers May Blitz had a sky-scraping,
meteoric sound that still resonates today. The band's extravagant, blues-tinged
ferocity, captured at its formidable peak on their walloping 1970 debut, is a stunning
artifact from the prime of the late 60's British psych insurgence, one that hits all
the right notes with its rich mix of the prog and the primitive.

LP      Vertigo                 6360 007        1970    UK      swirl lab., gatefold