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*****************                       Euskadi

Distr.  : SP -
          NE - Sonic Rendezvous/Clear Spot/
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   : reissue - indie /alternative pop / punk / oi! /

RRS     004     SAD LOVERS AND GIANTS   EPIC GARDEN MUSIC               LP      04.2011
RRS     005     SAD LOVERS AND GIANTS   FEEDING THE FLAME               LP      04.2011
RRS     21      CHANNEL 3               CH3                             LP      09.2013
                THE LOT OF
RRS     023     NUNS                    RUMANIA                         LP      01.2014
RRS     26      SADO-NATION             WE'RE NOT EQUAL                 LP      03.2014
RRS     028     V / A                   AVON CALLING                    LP      01.2014

A.      1.      Glaxo Babies            It's Irrational
        2.      Europeans               On The Continent
        3.      Private Dicks           Green Is In The Red
        4.      Moskow                  Too Much Commotion
        5.      Essential Bop           Chronicle
        6.      Directors               What You've Got
        7.      Various Artists         Own Up
B.      1.      Sneak Preview           Slugweird
        2.      Stingrays, The          Sound
        3.      X-Certs, The            Anthem
        4.      Apartment               The Alternative
        5.      Numbers, The            Cross-Slide
        6.      Vice Squad              Nothing
        7.      Stereo Models           Move Fast - Stay Ahead
        8.      Double Vision           My Dead Mother
RRS     029     NUNS                    NUNS                            LP      01.2014

A.      1.      Savage
        2.      Media Control
        3.      Wold War III
        4.      You Think You're The Best
        5.      Walkin' The Beat
B.      1.      Wild
        2.      Getting Straight
        3.      Confused
        4.      Child Molester
        5.      Suicide Child
        6.      Lazy
RRS     30      DISORDER                THE SINGLES COLLECTION          LP      02.2014
RRSLP   33      ANTI-PASTI              THE LAST CALL                   LP      11.2014

        01.     NO GOVERNMENT
        02.     BREW YOUR OWN
        03.     ANOTHER DEAD SOLDIER
        04.     CALL THE ARMY
        05.     CITY BELOW
        06.     24 HOURS
        07.     NIGHT OF THE WARCRY
        08.     FREEDOM ROW
        09.     ST. GEORGE (GETS HIS GUN)
        10.     THE LAST CALL
        11.     AINT GOT ME
        12.     TRUTH AND JUSTICE
        13.     HELL
        14.     I WANNA BE YOUR DOG
        15.     1980
        16.     SOMETHING NEW
        17.     TWO YEARS TOO LATE
        18.     LET THEM FREE

Formed in Derbyshire, in early 1978 by vocalist Martin Roper and guitarist Dugi Bell,
Anti-Pasti were one of the big names of the 1980-1982 wave of UK punk, lagging only
slightly behind The Exploited, GBH, and Discharge in terms of sales and leather
-jacketed endorsements. Their debut album, which reached #31 on the UK charts, was
originally released on the Rondelet label in 1981. That classic LP is faithfully
reproduced here on vinyl with the addition of 4 bonus tracks from their first single,
1980s Four Sore Points. A milestone in UK political punk!
RRSLP   43      THE SIMPLETONES         CALIFORNIA                      LP      12.2017
RRSLP   44      BROKEN BONES            DECAPITATED                     LP      07.2015

        01.     DECAPITATED
        02.     I.O.U.
        03.     CRUCIFIX
        04.     PROBLEM
        05.     FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT
        06.     LIQUIDATED BRAINS
        07.     SEEING THROUGH MY EYES
        08.     THE POINT OF AGONY
        09.     NEVER SAY DIE
        10.     DEATH IS IMMINENT
        11.     10
        12.     5 OR A DIME
        13.     DECAPITATED PT. 2
RRSLP   45      BROKEN BONES            BONECRUSHER                     LP      07.2015

        01.     SEEING THRU MY EYES
        02.     THE POINT OF AGONY
        03.     DECAPITATED
        04.     IT'S LIKE
        05.     DEATH IS IMMINENT
        06.     TREADING UNDERFOOT
        07.     BONECRUSHER
        08.     DELUSION & ANGER
        09.     CHOOSE DEATH
        10.     UNTAMED POWER
RRSLP   46      BROKEN BONES            F.O.A.D.                        LP      07.2015

        01.     F.O.A.D.
        02.     KICK DOWN THE DOORS
        03.     TEENAGE KAMIKAZE
        04.     PROGRAMME CONTROL
        05.     S.O.T.O.
        06.     MISSING LINK
        07.     BEST OF BOTH WORLDS
        08.     NEVER SAY DIE
        09.     DECAPITATED 1+2
        10.     PROBLEM
        11.     SECRET AGENT
        12.     LIQUIDATED BRAINS
        13.     GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE
        14.     I.O.U. NOTHING
        15.     SEEING THROUGH MY EYES
        16.     ANNIHILATION N 3
RRSLP   47      VICIOUS RUMOURS         ANYTIME, DAY OR NIGHT!          LP      07.2015

        01.     ANY TIME DAY OR NIGHT
        02.     LONG TIME NO SEE
        03.     STRIPES ON YOUR ARM
        04.     RUNAWAY
        05.     CHOPPER R.I.P.
        06.     SOUL PATROL
        07.     WHAT'S A NICE GIRL LIKE YOU
        08.     TEALEAF
        09.     WHAT'S THE PAIR ON THAT
        10.     THIS IS YOUR LIFE
RRSLP   48      THE PARTISANS           TIME WAS NOT RIGHT              LP      07.2015

        01.     I NEVER NEEDED YOU
        03.     THE MONEY ROLLS IN
        04.     ONLY 21
        05.     TIME WAS RIGHT
        06.     WHITE FLAG
        07.     17 YEARS
        08.     CHANGE
        09.     ARMS RACE
        10.     COME CLEAN
        11.     OVERDOSE
        12.     PARTISANS
RRSLP   49      THE VIBRATORS           GUILTY                          LP      02.2016

        01.     WOLFMAN HOWL
        02.     ROCKET TO THE MOON
        03.     SLEEPING
        04.     PARTIES
        05.     JUMPING JACK FLASH
        06.     WATCH OUT BABY
        07.     DO A RUNNER
        08.     WE NAME THE GUILTY
        09.     BABY BABY
        10.     FIGHTER PILOT
        12.     KICK IT
        13.     A DOT AINT A LOT
        14.     CLAWS IN MY BRAIN
RRS     51      CRUDE S.S.              WHO'LL SURVIVE                  LP      07.2015

        01.     FORCED VALUES
        02.     SICK PLEASURE
        03.     DESTROY CAPITALISM
        04.     WHO'LL SURVIVE
        05.     YOU CANT DENY IT
        06.     RESPECT THE EARTH
        07.     BULLYING A NATION
        08.     FRIED
        09.     NAZI GO HOME
        10.     WHAT YOU SAY, WHAT YOU DO
        11.     NO SCHOOL
        12.     BLOW ALL TOWN HALLS
        13.     CREATE YOUR OWN LIFE
        14.     SVENSSON, SVENSSON
        15.     LEONID WAS RED
        17.     BLUE EYED DEVILS
        18.     CHAOS
        19.     HUNDRED DEAD COPS
        20.     FORCE VALUES (LIVE)
RRSLP   52      DENNIS BROWN            LIVE AT MONTREUX                LP      10.2015

        01.     SO JAH SAY
        02.     WOLVES & LEOPARDS
        03.     AINT THAT LOVIN YOU
        04.     WORDS OF WISDOM
        05.     THE DRIFTER
        06.     MILK & HONEY
        07.     YABBY YOU
        08.     DONT FEEL NO WAY
        09.     WHIP THEM JAH
        10.     MONEY IN MY POCKET
RRS     53      ATTAK                   ZOMBIES                         LP      03.2016
RRS     54      RED LONDON              THIS IS ENGLAND                 LP      12.2015
RRS     55      MAJOR ACCIDENT          CLOCKWORK DEMOS                 LP      11.2015

SIDE A: 1.      Terrorist Gang
        2.      Standing On The Sidelines
        3.      People Like You
        4.      Suzy Is A Headbanger
        5.      Headline Story
        6.      That's You
        7.      Self Appointed Hero
        8.      Black And White
        9.      Wasted Life
SIDE B: 1.      White Riot
        2.      Alternative Ulster
        3.      Borstal Breakout
        4.      Oxo Song
        5.      In The World Today
        6.      Blitzkrieg Bop
        7.      Garageland
        8.      Crazy
RRS     56      4 SKINS                 LOW LIFE                        LP      11.2015

SIDE A: 1.      Yesterday's Heroes
        2.      Justice
        3.      Get Out Of My Life
        4.      Low Life
        5.      Bread Or Blood
        6.      One Law For Them
SIDE B: 1.      Brave New World
        2.      Plastic Gangsters
        3.      Jealousy
        4.      Jack The Lad
        5.      Remembrance
        6.      Manifesto
                : LIVE A989
        01.     DECEIVED
        02.     FALSE PROFIT
        03.     MURDER
        04.     WE THE HELPLESS
        05.     USE YOUR MIND
        06.     TAKE THE STRAIN
        08.     CONNED THROUGH LIFE
        10.     RAPING THE EARTH
        11.     SHOW US YOU CARE
RRS     58      ASOCIAL                 DET BITTRA                      2LP     03.2016

LP 1    01.     REVOLT
        03.     FRIGE ALLA FANGAR
        04.     JAG HATAR DOM
        05.     BLODET FLODAR
        06.     DET BITTRA SLUTET
        07.     HOW LONG ?
        08.     VART SYSTEM
        09.     FASCIST STATE
        10.     RELIGION SUCKS
        11.     KRIGET
        12.     IN MY EYES
        13.     ASOCIAL ATTACK
        14.     HARDCORE SONG
        15.     KROSSA NAZISMEN
        16.     REVOLUTION
        17.     NAR KRIGET AR HAR
        18.     SAMHALLETS OFFER
        19.     EN DOD SNUT
        20.     BRANN DIN
        21.     ALTERNATIV
        22.     JAG SKA ALDRIG BLI
        23.     LAT DEM INTE LURA DIG
        24.     TOTAL SLAKT
        25.     GLOM ERA PLANER
        26.     JAG HATAR DOM
        27.     DJURENS LAT
        28.     SJUKT SYSTEM
        29.     MILITAR DIKTATUR

LP 2    01.     FORBUD
        02.     ANGEST
        03.     DOM HAR SA FEL
        04.     INGEN FRAMTID
        05.     KAMPA MOT OVERMAKTEN
        06.     MENINGSLOST LIV
        07.     MITT LIV
        08.     LOGNER
        09.     NEDRUSTA
        10.     REGLER
        11.     KAAOS & SLAKT
        12.     SNUTAR
        13.     VI BEHOVER INTE ER
        15.     ATOMKRAFT NEJ TACK
        16.     SJUKT SAMHALLE
        18.     DU KOMMAR ATT SPRANGAS
        19.     KRIG ELLER SKILJEDOM
        20.     MILITAR DIKTATUR
        21.     RELIGIOS MORAL
        22.     TILL SYSTEMET
        23.     SJUKT SAMHALLE
        24.     RELIGIOS MORAL
        25.     SARGADE LIK
        26.     GATANS HAZISTER
RRS     59      THE LAST RESORT : A WAY OF LIFE-SKINHEAD ANTHEMS        LP      07.2016
RRS     60      EXPLOITED               TROOPS OF TOMORROW              LP      07.2016
RRS     61      RIOT SQUAD : FUCK THE TORIES-COMPLETE SINGLES 1982-84   LP      07.2016
RRS     62      VICE SQUAD              THE RIOT CITY YEARS             LP      10.2017

        01.     Nothing
        02.     Last Rockers
        03.     Living On Dreams
        04.     Latex Love
        05.     Resurrection
        06.     Young Blood
        07.     Humane
        08.     Coward
        09.     It's A Sell Out
        10.     Out Of Reach
        11.     Sterile
        12.     (So) What For The '8Os
        13.     Back On The Piss Again
        14.     The Amazing Mr. Michael Hogarth
        l5.     Road Crew
RRS     63      GUANA BATZ              HELD DOWN...AT LAST!            LP      11.2016

        01.     DOWN THE LINE
        02.     GOT NO MONEY
        03.     CAN'T TAKE THE PRESSURE
        04.     NIGHTWATCH
        05.     LADY BACON
        06.     KING RAT
        07.     YOU'RE MY BABY
        08.     NIGHTMARE FANTASY
        10.     BUST OUT
RRS     64      CHRON GEN               CHRONIC GENERATION              LP      10.2016

        01.     LIES
        02.     JET BOY JET GIRL
        03.     HOUNDS OF THE NIGHT
        04.     LSD
        05.     YOU MAKE ME SPEW
        06.     CHRONIC GENERATION
        07.     MINDLESS
        08.     YOU'LL NEVER CHANGE ME
        09.     ROCKA'BILL
        10.     FRIENDS TELL ME LIES
        11.     REALITY
RRSLP   68      LAUREL AITKEN : SCANDAL IN A BRIXTON MARKET             LP      02.2017

        02.     MADAME STRAGGAE
        03.     STUPID MARRIED MAN
        04.     TAMMERING
        05.     HAVE MERCY
        06.     NIGHT CRICKET
        07.     RUN POWELL RUN
        08.     TEDDY BEAR
        09.     MR. SOUL
        10.     WOKE UP THIS MORNING
        11.     BABYLON
        12.     STOP THE WAR IN VIETNAM
RRSLP   70      PETER & THE TEST TUBE BABIES : PISSED & PROUD           LP      01.2017
RRSLP   71      INFA-RIOT : KIDS OF THE 80'S-SINGLES AND MORE           LP      10.2017

SIDE A: 1.      Riot Riot
        2.      We Outnumber You
        3.      Each Dawn I Die
        4.      Kids Of The '80s
        5.      Still Out Of Order
        6.      Winner
        7.      School's Out
SIDE B: 1.      Feel The Rage
        2.      Power
        3.      Emergency
        4.      Boot Boys
        5.      Sound And Fury
        6.      In For A Riot
        7.      Triffic Spiff Ya OK
RRSLP   72      EXPLOITED               PUNK'S NOT DEAD                 LP      06.2017

        01.     PUNKS NOT DEAD
        02.     MUCKY PUP
        03.     COP CARS
        04.     FREE FLIGHT
        05.     ARMY LIFE (PART 2)
        06.     BLOWN TO BITS
        07.     SEX & VIOLENCE
        08.     SPG
        09.     ROYALTY
        10.     DOLE Q
        11.     EXPLOITED BARMY ARMY
        12.     RIPPER
        13.     OUT OF CONTROL
        14.     SON OF A COPPER
        15.     I BELIEVE IN ANARCHY

        02.     LAVORO O RIVOLTA
        03.     LA NOSTRA TERRA
        04.     GOAL!
        05.     COSTRUITO IN ITALIA
        06.     OI! FATTI UNA RISATA
        07.     RAGAZZI COME TU E ME
        08.     IN PIEDI SULLE ROVINE
        09.     IL CONIGLIETTO TIPPY
        10.     NOI NON MORIREMO MAI...
        11.     JAMES BOND GIRLS
RRSLP   78      THE GUN CLUB : LIVE AT MANILA CLUB, FLORENCE,           LP      09.2017
                NOV. 26TH 1983

        1.      Lost Highway
        2.      Moonlight Motel
        3.      Bad Indian
        4.      Bad America
        5.      Brother & Sister
        6.      Walking With The Beast
        7.      Sex Beat
        8.      For The Love Of Ivy
RRSLP   79      V / A                   BEACH BLVD                      LP      09.2017

        01.     SIMPLETONES             KIRSTY Q
        02.     SIMPLETONES             I HAVE A DATE
        03.     SIMPLETONES             TIGER BEAT TWIST
        04.     RIK L RIK               BLACK AND RED
        05.     RIK L RIK               MEAT HOUSE
        06.     THE CROWD               SUZY IS A SURF ROCKER
        07.     THE CROWD               LIVING IN MADRID
        08.     THE CROWD               TRIX ARE FOR KIDS
        09.     THE CROWD               MODERN MACHINE
        10.     THE CROWD               NEW CREW
        11.     RIK L RIK               I GOT POWER
        12.     RIK L RIK               MERCENARIES
        13.     RIK L RIK               ATOMIC LAWN
        14.     SIMPLETONES             DON'T BOTHER ME
        15.     SIMPLETONES             CALIFORNIA
RADRSD  003     JOY DIVISION : Love Will Tear Us Apart//Leaders Of Men  7"      05.2015
                (Note : 7" , 500 copies on coloured vinyl)
Radiation Deluxe Series

RAD     7001    JOHN'S CHILDREN         ORGASM                          LP      12.2015

180-gram vinyl. The sole album from unhinged UK psychedelic mod rock outfit John's
Children, recorded in 1966, right before Marc Bolan joined the band. Produced by The
Yardbirds' manager Simon Napier-Bell, who referred to them as "positively the worst
group I'd ever seen," John's Children's debut LP was shelved for three years due to its
then-unthinkable title, Orgasm, and released only in 1970, on the US White Whale label.
Acclaimed by many as precursors of glam rock for both their theatrics and music, John's
Children quickly disbanded in 1968, leaving behind a half-dozen singles ranking among
the most collectible British '60s rock artifacts ever.
RAD     7002    OCTOPUS                 RESTLESS NIGHT                  LP      01.2016

A reissue on 180-gram vinyl of the 1970/'71 LP by this band from Hatfield, UK.'Restless
Night' reveals melodic traces of '60s giants s.a. The Beatles, Zombies, Kinks and Bee
Gees, but adds a harder early '70s edge. The album was originally issued by the cult
Penny Farthing label. Edition of 500 copies.
RAD     7003    AGNES STRANGE           STRANGE FLAVOUR                 LP      07.2016

180-gram LP. Limited edition of 500. Originally released in 1975 on the BirdsNest
label, the sole album by boogie stompers Agnes Strange is an obscure hard rock gem
begging to be rediscovered. Formed in Southampton, UK, in the mid-'70s by Alan Green
(bass), Dave Rodwell (drums), and John Westwood (guitar, vocals), Agnes Strange failed
to reach any glory or fame, but their legacy of heavy rock riffs, raw leads, and tough
attitude -- with a spacey Hawkwind-esque touch here and there -- helped them reach
cult status among '70s rock fanatics.
RAD     7005    PICADILLY LINE          THE HUGE WORLD OF               LP      01.2016

Originally released in 1967, this sought after obscurity of British psychedelic pop is
a delightful confection of high harmonies and a Beatles-via-California melodic
sensibility. Twee in the best way possible, The Picadilly Line is essentially the duo
of Rod Edwards and Roger Hand (who would go on to greater notoriety as Edwards Hand,
releasing two albums produced by George Martin), with help from the cream of the UK's
session musician crop and some expert horn and string arrangers. With whimsical slice
of life lyrics and a true ear for melody, 'The Huge World Of Emily Small' is a classic
piece of UK pop-psych available again as a vinyl reissue for the first time in a
RAD     7006    FAT MATTRESS            FAT MATTRESS                    LP      05.2016

        01.     ALL NIGHT DRINKER
        02.     I DON'T MIND
        03.     BRIGHT NEW WAY
        05.     MR. MOONSHINE
        06.     MAGIC FOREST
        07.     SHE CAME IN THE MORNING
        08.     EVERYTHING'S BLUE
        10.     HOW CAN I LIVE

Formed by guitarist/vocalist Noel Redding while he was still playing bass in a little
group called The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Fat Mattress released their debut in late
1969 on Polydor. Though Noel's more famous group was known for its hard edged psych.
rock, Fat Mattress instead opted for the breezier side of things, with a distinct West
Coast folk-rock bent. Drawing comparisons to Love, The Buffalo Springfield, and The
Byrds, Fat Mattress is harmony heavy and tuneful psychedelia. Though it was well
received by critics at the time, sales were slow and Redding soon left the group. In
the intervening years though, Fat Mattress' fantastic debut has come to be known as
a lost classic of psychedelic rock and this high quality gatefold 180 gram LP reissue
is a welcome relief from high priced originals. Essential for both fans of Jimi Hendrix
and psychedelic folk-rock.
RAD     7008    LOL COXHILL             EAR OF BEHOLDER                 2LP     12.2016

Side A: A1      Introduction
        A2      Hungerford
        A3      Deviation Dance
        A4      Two Little Pigeons
        A5      Don Alfonso
        A6      Open Piccadilly
Side B: B1      Feedback
        B2      Vorblifa -Exit
        B3      Insensatez
        B4a     A Conversation With Children
        B4b     Mango Walk
        B5      Jamaican Rumba
        B6      Piccadilly With Goofs

Side C: C1      Rasa - Moods
Side D: D1      A Collective Improvisation
        D2      I Am The Walrus
        D3      The Rhythmic Hooter
        D4      Loverman
        D5      Zoological Fun
        D6      Little Triple One Shot
        D7      That's Why Darkies Were Born
        D8      A Series Of Superbly Played Mellotron Codas

'Ear Of Beholder' is one of the most beguiling and adventurous records of the 1970s,
which says a lot as that musical decade was marked by groundbreaking creativity!
Originally released in 1971 on John Peel's Dandelion label, Lol Coxhill's sprawling
double album debut is an avant-garde jazz masterstroke that features Robert Wyatt and
much of the Whole World group, Kevin Ayers' backing band at the time (of which Lol was
a member). Ranging from straight up feedback to reworkings of standards, outdoor
recordings to spoken word, improvisation to vaudeville, 'Ear Of Beholder' covers more
ground in two platters than most artists do in a lifetime. Difficult, adventurous
listening from one of British jazz's most brilliant innovators!
RAD     7009    MEDICINE HEAD           NEW BOTTLES OLD MEDICINE        LP      08.2016

Side A  A1      When Night Falls
        A2      Ooee Baby
        A3      Next Time The Sun Comes Round
        A4      This Love Of Old
        A5      Home's Odyssey
        A6      Oh My Heart To Peace
        A7      Do It Now A8 Be It As We Are
Side B: B1      Fire Under Mountain
        B2      Two Men Now
        B3      Crazy Bout You Baby
        B4      Goin' Home
        B5      His Guiding Hand
        B6      Walkin' Blues

'New Bottles Old Medicine' is the 1970 debut from British group Medicine Head, a duo
at the time, that had only shortly before been discovered by legendary DJ John Peel,
who immediately signed them to his Dandelion record label. One of the more enigmatic
and inventive groups of the British folk-rock scene, the duo's leader, John Fiddler
would simultaneously sing, play guitar and operate a bass drum and hi-hat cymbal with
his foot, while bandmate Peter Hope-Evans would play harmonica, jew's harp, and
various percussion instruments. Creating a sound that was simultaneously ethereal
and earthy, and with a voice that touched on the heartbroken vibes of Nick Drake and
John Martyn, Medicine Head are truly one of the most brilliant groups of early '70s
UK scene and rarely get the attention they deserve. This deluxe 180 gram vinyl reissue
hopes to help right that wrong.

LP      Dandelion       63757           1969    UK
RAD     7010    BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS : RASTA REVOLUTION             LP      07.2016

RAD     8001    THE 4 SKINS : THE GOOD, THE BAND & THE 4 SKINS          LP      06.2015
RAD     8002    THE KIDS                THE KIDS                        LP      06.2015
RAD     8003    THE KIDS                NAUGHTY KIDS                    LP      06.2015
RAQD    8004    ALTERNATIVE TV          THE IMAGE HAS CRACKED           LP      06.2016

        01.     ALTERNATIVES
        02.     ACTION TIME VISION
        03.     WHY DON'T YOU DO ME RIGHT?
        04.     GOOD TIMES
        05.     STILL LIFE
        06.     VIVA LA ROCK N ROLL
        07.     NASTY LITTLE LONELY
        08.     RED
        09.     SPLITTIN GIN TWO
        10.     LOVE LIES LIMP (BONUS)
        11.     LIFE (BONUS)
RAD     8007    THE CROWD               A WORLD APART                   LP      10.2016

        01.     SOMETHING SAID
        02.     CAN'T TALK
        03.     RIGHT TIME
        04.     ON MY OWN
        05.     DESMOND AND KATHY
        06.     AS YOU WERE (TOMORROW)
        07.     PLEASURE SEEKER
        08.     HE
        09.     WHAT'S IN A NAME
        10.     MELODY HILL

Reissued on 180-GRAM VINYL in an edition of 500 copies, this is the 1981 album by
California hc-punk legends The Crowd, originally out on Posh Boy.
RAD     8008    EVEN WORSE              LOST ALBUM                      LP      10.2016

        01.     CONTAMINATED WASTE
        02.     LAST NIGHT'S BLIMPIE
        03.     RATS ON FIRE
        05.     SOLITARY CONFINEMENT 06
        06.     OLD NEW ONE
        07.     LIFE SUCKS
        08.     KILLS
        09.     WE SUCK
        10.     ILLUSION WON AGAIN
        11.     INSTRUMENTAL
        12.     MAJOR HEADACHE
        13.     TRENDS
        14.     ILLUSION WON AGAIN
        15.     NERVOUS BREAKDOWN
        17.     I'M A MACHINE
        18.     KILL
        19.     SICK OF BEING SICK
        20.     MAJOR HEADACHE
        21.     WE SUCK
        22.     RATHER SEE YOU DEAD

On 180-GRAM VINYL, this is the (previously unreleased on vinyl) LOST ALBUM by pre-NYHC
outfit Even Worse. The line-up featured Big Takeover magazine editor Jack Rabid (and
previously Beastie Boys' founder John Berry and Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore in a later
incarnation). These very early '80s recordings were co-produced by Bad Brains and there
are additional live tracks from 1981.
RAD     8009    RHINO 39                RHINO 39                        LP      10.2016

        01.     TAKE YOUR MEDICINE
        02.     HURRY UP AND WAIT
        03.     UNTITLED
        04.     SLEEP WALKING
        06.     HEADCHEESE
        07.     NEAR EXTINCT
        08.     REMEMBER TO FORGET
        09.     WHAT IS YOUR NAME?
        10.     UNBLUES
        11.     BARS AND BRICKS
        12.     MINUTE BY MINUTE
        13.     J. ALFRED PRUF ROCK
        14.     USING THE NIGHT

A long forgotten classic LP, finally back in print, in an edition of 500 copies on
180-gram vinyl. Formed in the late '70s at the same high school that spawned L.A.
legends T.S.O.L., Rhino 39 had an unfortunate fate. After releasing a legendary single
on Dangerhouse in 1979, one of the earliest examples of L.A. hc, lead singer Dave
Dacron died in a car accident in 1980. His younger brother took over lead singing
duties and though it took another six years for the self-titled debut-LP to be
released, it still sounds like classic early 80s L.A. punk.
RAD     8011    RIK L RIK               THE LOST ALBUM                  LP      01.2018

The late great LA punk scene hero Rik L Rik's (F Word, Negative Trend) only solo album
is a killer collection of singles, compilation tracks, live recordings and unreleased
tracks spanning punk, goth-rock, and new wave. Reissued on LP with exclusive liner
notes from Posh Boy label mastermind Robbie Fields himself.
REF     014     ACTION PACT!            SINGLES 81/84                   LP      11.2015

        1       London Bouncers
        2       All Purpose Action Footwear
        3       Suicide Bag
        4       Stanwell
        5       Blue Blood
        6       People
        7       Times Must Change
        8       Sixties Flix
        9       London Bouncers (Bully Boy Version)
        10      Gothic Party Time
        11      New King's Girl
        12      The Cruellest Thief
        13      Question Of Choice
        14      Hook Line & Sinker
        15      Suss Of The Swiss
        16      Yet Another Dole Queue Song
        17      Rockaway Beach
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
[All notes taken from : www.forcedexposure.com]