Distr.  : SP -
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   : reissue /

RAD     001 CD  RIK L RIK               THE LOST ALBUM                  CD      12.2017

        01      The Outback                                     05:01
        02      Teenage Destiny                                 04:11
        03      Look Into September                             05:14
        04      Counting Fireflies                              05:06
        05      Pick Up The Pieces                              02:36
        06      She's Fun                                       02:31
        07      Graveyerd Girls                                 03:22
        08      Can't Seems To Make You Mine                    03:20
        09      Somebody To Love                                02:47
        10      Meathouse (Acoustic Version)                    01:31

Radiation Reissues present a reissue of Rik L Rik's The Lost Album, originally released
in 1991. The late great LA punk scene hero Rik L Rik's (F Word, Negative Trend) only
solo album is a killer collection of singles, compilation tracks -- Beach Blvd (1979)
and Rodney On The Roq (1980) --, live recordings, and unreleased tracks spanning punk,
goth-rock, and new wave. Rik L Rik was a true original, parading around LA barefoot,
living at his parents' house well into his 20s, and generally not giving a fuck in pure
punk fashion. Essential for all fans of the '70s/'80s LA scene! Reissued on CD with
exclusive liner notes from Posh Boy label mastermind Robbie Fields.