PAULS MUSIQUE                           GERMANY

Distr.  : GE -
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   : house / beat / minimal /

PAULS   004     RAPHAEL DANILO          STRANGERS                       12"     03.2017

        01      Strangers (feat. George Pappos) (Nikkname Remix)
        02      Strangers (feat. George Pappos) (Innellea Remix)
        03      Strangers (feat. George Pappos) (Original)

Freeride Millenium link up with Pauls Musique for a perfectly formed new EP from
Raphael Danilo featuring George Pappos.
PAULS   005     OBERST & BUCHNER        EMILE                           12"     07.2017

        01      Greg
        02      Emile
        03      Embrace

Oberst & Buchner, two Bavaria born, Vienna based producers, deliver an EP that offers
their interpretation of what "modern summer togetherness sounds like". "Greg" starts
with a breakbeat bath of summery chords, as playful claves dance on the horizon.