Distr.  : UK - Norman/Bleep/Piccadilly/
Style   :

PWORD   1       ROGER ENO               DUST OF STARS                   LP      07.2018
                (Note : LP , clear vinyl)

The press release manages to write several paragraphs about Roger Eno without
mentioning his brother. We will though. It's our Brian's brother. But really he should
be seen in his own right as a composer of note and here collaborates with producer
Youth (Killing Joke, Embrace etc) where Roger's spectral piano combines with Youth's
cinematic soundscapes.
PWORD   2       SUSSO SEKI SINGH        ORANGE SUNSHINE                 LP      08.2018

        1       Afro Cosmic                                     10:49
        2       Edge Of Time                                    9:05
        3       Levitation                                      4:49
        4       Night Drive                                     11:33
        5       Orange Sunshine                                 9:41
                (Note : LP, gold vinyl)

Exuberant trio Susso Seki Singh are here with their debut album, a ravishing, limited
edition gold-coloured vinyl, that sees the gifted musicians weaving together hypnotic
instrumentation and subtle electronica. This record showcases the kora, the Celtic
Harp and santoor to devastating effect.
PWORD   3       NIK TURNER & YOUTH : PHARAOHS FROM OUTER SPACE          LP      08.2018
                (Note : LP , silver vinyl)

From Killing Joke to Embrace, from U2 to Paul McCartney, Youth has pretty much done
everything there is to do within the musical sphere...except perhaps collaborate on
an album with Hawkwind saxophonist Nik Turner. Well now he's ticked that off his bucket
list with this album of enticing sonic soundscapes.