ORINDAL RECORDS                         CHICAGO
***************                         USA


Owner   : Owen Ashworth & Gordon Wilson
Distr.  : US - The Business (Anacortes, WA , USA)
          NE - Shiny Beast/Clear Spot/
Style   : electro / lo-fi / folk / world & country / indie /

ORD     01      V / A                   TRADITIONALS                    7".DL     .2011

        A.      ADVANCE BASE            Single Giorl, Merried Girl
        B.      CONCERN                 The Wandering Boy
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , 500 copies)
ORD     02      ADVANCE BASE            OUR CAT                         7".2DL    .2011
                                                                        7"        .2013

        A       Our Cat                                         3:19
        B       WKRP In Cincinnati (Theme Song)                 0:40
2013    +       Christmas In Prison
                (Note : 7" , 80 copies)
ORD     03      ADVANCE BASE            A SHUT-IN'S PRAYER              LP.10DL 05.2012

        A1      Summer Music                                    3:25
        A2      New Gospel                                      3:18
        A3      More Trouble                                    2:36
        A4      David Allen                                     3:23
        A5      Christmas In Oakland                            4:17
        B1      Riot Grrrls                                     3:29
        B2      Goldfish In A Robin's Nest                      2:12
        B3      My Sister's Birthday                            3:58
        B4      The Sister You Never Had                        4:00
        B5      Shut-In River Blues                             3:53
                (Note : LP/150 g, 1000 copies on merbled vinyl)

CD      Caldo Verde     CV 017          2012    US
ORD     04      JULIE BYRNE : FASTER OR GREENER THAN NOW                7"      12.2012

        A       Holiday                                         2:45
        B       Marmalade                                       4:35
                (Note : 7" , 300 copies on green vinyl)
ORD     05      ADVANCE BASE            INSTRUMENTALS #1                CS.DL     .2012

        A1      Arp/A.R.P.
        A2      Flutes/Flutes
        A3      Haha/Ha-Ha
        A4      Anna Curtis/PMDD
        A5      Humming/Kenny Vs. Spring
        B1      Piano#/Cubes
        B2      Restless/The Whip
        B3      Abalone Knife/Dwight
                (Note : cassette , 100 copies)

A1 I Love Creedence
A2 New Year's Kiss
A3 Tom Justice, The Choir Boy Robber, Apprehended At Ace Hardware In Libertyville, IL
A4 Optimist Vs. The Silent Alarm (When The Saints Go Marching In)
A5 Natural Light
A6 Traveling Salesman's Young Wife Home Alone On Christmas In Montpelier, VT
A7 Man O' War
A8 Killers
B1 Harsh The Herald Angels Sing
B2 You Were Alone
B3 Cold White Christmas
B4 Bobby Malone Moves Home
B5 Don't They Have Payphones Wherever You Were Last Night
B6 The Subway Home

(Note : LP/150 g. , 500 coke-bottle green/500 black copies)
ORD     07      GORDON ASHWORTH         S.T.L.A.                        LP      03.2014
ORD     08      ADVANCE BASE : THE WORLD IS IN A BAD FIX EVERYWHERE     7"      06.2013

        A1      Lift Him Up That's All
        A2      Mother's Last Word To Her Son
        B1      Train Your Child
        B2      Paul & Silas In Jail

CDEP    Caldo Verde     CV 028          2013    US
ORD     09      NICHOLAS KRGOVICH                                       LOP       .2014
ORD     10      JULIE BYRNE : ROOMS WITH WALLS AND WINDOWS              LP      12.2013

        A1      Wisdom Teeth Song
        A2      Young Wife
        A3      Attached To Us Like Butcher Wrap
        A4      Holiday
        A5      Butter Lamb
        A6      Piano Music
        B1      Prism Song
        B2      Marmalade
        B3      Vertical Ray
        B4      Emeralds
        B5      Keep On Raging
        B6      Piano Music For Lucy
                (Note : LP/140 g, 400 copies on translucent leal vinyl)
ORD     11      ADVANCE BASE            TOMORROW;S HOMES TODAY          CS      12.2013

        A1      Young and Insane
        A2      Technical (You're So)
        A3      Alien Being
        B1      Love Goes Home to Paris in the Spring
        B2      Either You Don't Love Me or I Don't Love You
ORD     12      CASIOTONE FOR THE PAINFULLY ALOVE : IN SYDNEY           LP      04.2014