OPPOSITE NUMBER                         London
***************                         UK

Distr.  : UK - Norman/Piccadilly/
Style   : shoegaze /

OPPON   01      LOWTIDE                 LOWTIDE                         LP+DLc  06.2016
                (Note : LP , transparent red vinyl)
OPPON   01 CD   LOWTIDE                 LOWTIDE                         CD      06.2016

        1.      Whale
        2.      Held
        3.      Autumn
        4.      Blue Movie
        5.      Wedding Ring
        6.      Yesterday
        7.      Missing History
        8.      Maxillae Leaving, Seaward
        9.      Still Time
OPPON   02      H. GRIMACE              ROYAL HUSH                      7"      11.2016

        A       Royal Hush
        B       Excavations
OPPON   03      LOWTIDE                 JULIA                           7"      01.2017

        A       Julia
        B       Spring
OPPON   04      H. GRIMACE              SELF ARCHITECT                  LP      04.2017
OPPON   04 CD   H. GRIMACE              SELF ARCHITECT                  CD      04.2017

        1.      Thoroughbred
        2.      Land/Body
        3.      Call It Out
        4.      2.1 Woman
        5.      Lipsyncer
        6.      Self Architect
        7.      Excavations
        8.      Jockey
        9.      The Dial
        10.     Royal Hush

London-based post-punk four-piece, H. Grimace release their debut album ‘Self
Architect’, via Opposite Number.
Their debut album follows on from 2015’s sold out ‘I Am Material’ tape and the
critically acclaimed ‘Royal Hush’ 7”, which came out last year. ‘Self Architect’
reveals a sharper and more empathic feel to the band’s already relentless output.

Made up of Hannah Gledhill (vocals/guitar), Marcus Browne (guitar), Corin Johnson
(bass) and Diago Gomes (drums), H. Grimace masterfully hone in on their part shoegaze,
part post-punk compositons on their upcoming debut. The foundations of which are laid
by the integral guitar pairing of Marcus Brown and Hannah Gledhill, from Yorkshire
and Melbourne respectively.
OPPON   05      THE FIREWORKS           DREAM ABOUT YOU                 7"      06.2017

        A1      Dream About You
        B1      Better Without You
        B2      We've Been Wasting Time
OPPON   06 LPX  LOWTIDE                 SOUTHERN MIND                   LP      02.2018
                (Note : LP , transp.-green vinyl)
OPPON   06 CD   LOWTIDE                 SOUTHERN MIND                   CD      02.2018

Side A. 1.      Southern Mind
        2.      Alibi
        3.      Elizabeth Tower
        4.      A.C
        5.      Olinda
Side B. 6.      On The Fence
        7.      The Fear
        8.      Window
        9.      Fault Lines

Originally known as Three Month Sunset, Lowtide came together in Melbourne in 2009.
Following the release of their debut EP (2010) and the Underneath Tonight 7” (2011),
Lowtide continued to refine their live show playing locally and all around Australia,
as well as travelling to New Zealand. They played some of the biggest festivals in the
region including Boogie! Festival and Applecore Festival in Victoria, before headlining
Fasterlouder’s Melbourne Music Week show in 2014.
OPPON   07 LP   AMAYA LAUCIRICA         RITUALS                         LP      01.2018
OPPON   07 CD   AMAYA LAUCIRICA         RITUALS                         CD      01.2018

        1.      Little Clouds
        2.      Under The Tide
        3.      All Of Our Time
        4.      Broken Glass
        5.      More Than This
        6.      Sometimes
        7.      Endangered Man
        8.      Let It Happen
        9.      Could This Be