Distr.  : NE - Shiny Beast
Style   : psychedelic / progressive / stoner / space rock /

OIRLP   1       SPACESLUG               LEMANIS                         LP      12.2016
                (Note : LP , 200 copies on blue vinyl)
OIRLP   2       SWAN VALLEY HEIGHTS     SWAN VALLEY HEIGHTS             LP      12.2016

SWAN VALLEY HEIGHTS is a three piece psychedelic stoner rock band hatched in Munich,
Germany. These guys like throwing some seriously hunky riffage into people's faces and
then they drag it through the depths of doom and launch into space. Highly recommended
for fans of Colour Haze, My Sleeping Karma, Monkey3, The Machine and Sungrazer. Lim.
to 300 copies on BLACK VINYL.
OIRLP   3       NIGHTSTALKER            AS ABOVE, SO BELOW              LP      12.2016

(Note : LP , 500 copies on PURPLE vinyl in a gatefold sleeve)