NOUVERNE                                JAPAN

Distr.  : JA -
          NE - Shiny Beast/
Style   : psychedelic / progressive /

SDAN    3001    MUZUKI DA FANTASIA      GENSO NO ICHIYA                 LP+CD   05.2018

Japanese import. Mizuki da Fantasia is a progressive band who symbolizes the world
view of Japanese animation songs which popularity has penetrated globally now. Their
music is lyrical and dramatic rock that inherited genes of British and Japanese
progressive music of the '70s. Lead vocalist Mizuki has the ability to sing various
genres and styles, also pianist Anna has a rich arranging ability and accurate playing
skills. These are bringing thickness to their progressive songs. Lim. to 300 copies,
so order fast!

Line up:        Mizuki: vocal, Mellotron, bass pedals, percussion
                Anna Hardy: piano, flute, synthesizer, keyboard
                Ichiro Quo: guitar, piano, Mellotron, bass synthesizer
                Takashi Miyazawa: guitar & MIX
                Shun Taguchi: bass, Ikko Tanaka: drums.