NEPENTHA                                UK

 Vertigo subsidiery label.

Exist   : 1971 -
Owner   : Larry Page
Distr.  : UK - Philips
          GE - Global Records
Style   : rock / prog rock / glam rock / heavy metal /

6129    001     EARTH AND FIRE          INVITATION                      7"        .1971

        A       Invitation
        B       Wild & Exciting
6129    002     ZIOR                    ZA ZA ZA ZILDA                  7"        .1971

        A       Za Za Za Zilda
        B       She's A Bad, Bad Woman
6129    003     ZIOR                    CAT'S EYES                      7"      12.1971

        A       Cat's Eyes
        B       I Really Do
6437    001     PETE DELLO & FRIENDS    INTO YOUR EARS                  LP        .1971

        A1      It's What You've Got
        A2      There Is Nothing I Can Do For You
        A3      I'm A Gambler
        A4      Harry The Earwig
        A5      Do I Still Figure In Your Life
        A6      Uptight Basil
        B1      Taking The Heart Out Of Love
        B2      On A Time Said Sylvie
        B3      A Good Song
        B4      It's The Way
        B5      Go Away
        B6      Arise Sir Henry
6437    002     ROBIN LENT              SCARECROW'S JOURNEY             LP        .1971

        A1      Scarecrow's Journey
        A2      My Father Was A Sailor
        A3      Pushboat
        A4      Leaving Since You Came
        A5      Almitra (The Love That Became Us)
        B1      The Sky Has Called Us Out To Dance
        B2      Waiting For The Morning
        B3      Ocean Liner Woman
        B4      Sea Spray
        B5      Speak Softly Now

CD      Prog Temple     PTCD 8020       2014    UK
6437    003     DULCIMER : AND I TURNED AS I HAD TURNED AS A BOY...     LP        .1971

        A1      Sonnet To The Fall
        A2      Pilgrim From The City
        A3      Morman's Casket
        A4      Ghost Of The Wandering Minstrel Boy
        A5      Gloucester City
        A6      Starlight
        B1      Caravan
        B2      Lisa's Song
        B3      Time In My Life
        B4      Fruit Of The Musical Tree
        B5      While It Lasted
        B6      Suzanne
6437    004     EARTH AND FIRE          EARTH AND FIRE                  LP        .1971

        A1      Wild And Exciting
        A2      Twilight Dreamer
        A3      Ruby Is The One
        A4      You Know The Way
        A5      Vivid Shady Land
        B1      21st Century Show
        B2      Seasons
        B3      Love Quivers
        B4      What’s Your Name

CD      Esoteric        ECLEC 2146      2009    UK
6437    005     ZIOR                    ZIOR                            LP        .1971

        A1      I Really Do                                     2:58
        A2      Za Za Za Za Zilda                               2:40
        A3      Love's Desire                                   4:00
        A4      New Land                                        4:10
        A5      Now I'm Sad                                     4:05
        A6      Give Me Love                                    2:42
        B1      Quabala                                         3:20
        B2      Oh Mariya                                       3:20
        B3      Your LIfe Will Burn                             3:15
        B4      I Was Fooling                                   3:05
        B5      Before My Eyes Go Blind                         3:25
        B6      Rolling Thunder                                 3:05

CD      See For Miles   SEECD 276       1989    UK
CD      Repertoire      REP 5228        2014    GE