MIRAE ARTS                              El Cerito
**********                              CA

Mirae Arts (founded by Elbert Choi) is a new label based in the suburban bowels of
El Cerrito, California, USA. Elbert Choi, originally from South Korea, is inspired by
the mountainous landscapes of Northern California and is focused primarily on releasing
music with blissful & natural soundscapes.
https://bleep.com/release/103834 june 23, 2018

Found   : Elbert Choi
Distr.  : US -
          UK - Bleep/Norman/
Style   : modern classical / ambient /

MA      001     SERAPHIM RYTM           PRAYERS BY THE LAKE             12"     06.2018

        1       I
        2       II
        3       III
        4       VI
MA      002     MICHIRU AOYAMA          BRILLIANT DAYS                  12"     08.2018

Brilliant Days is the second release on vinyl from Japanese producer Michiru Aoyama.
He lives by the sea in Kamakura, Japan, and this location informs his ambient music.
Brilliant Days consists of two pieces of music made from electric guitar lines treated
with electronics to create a serene soundscape. His work has been much praised by the
legendary Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto. Aoyama has also reinforced his knowledge
of electronic music with a stint in Berlin as well as releasing work on Organic
Industries, Taalem and Somehow Recordings.