MAPLE DEATH RECORDS                     Bolgna
*******************                     ITALY


Distr.  : IT -
          UK - Norman/Bleep/
          NE - Clear Spot
Style   : indie rock / post punk / psychedelic / psych folk / post rock / noise
          / drone / industrial / deathrock / goth rock / ambient / experimental
          / folk rock / hardcore / r&r / krautrock / art rock / lo-fi / art rock

MDR     001     HAVAS/HIS ELECTRO BLUE VOICE : SPLIT                    LP+MP3  03.2015

        A1      Havah                   Organizzare L'Odio      3:16
        A2      Havah                   Volto                   1:12
        A3      Havah                   Meno Di Meta            1:26
        A4      Havah                   Gelo                    1:36
        A5      Havah                   Neve, Ovest             1:46
        B1      His Electro Blue Voice  : Tartlas               19:03
                (Note : LP , 500 copies on dirty green vinyl; gatefold)
MDR     002     STROMBOLI               STROMBOLI                       CS+DLc  03.2015

        1       Waving                                          6:18
        2       Low Radiation                                   3:20
        3       Endless Flow                                    2:44
        4       Canyons                                         5:54
        5       Program 2                                       3:54
        6       No Agitation                                    2:39
                (Note : cassette , 100 copies)
MDR     003     BAD MEDS                BAD MEDS                        CS+MP3  05.2015

        A1      Hoax Apocalypse                                 2:59
        A2      You're Not My Friend, Man (For David Longstreth)1:09
        A3      Release The Bees                                6:23
        B1      The City Against Itself                         2:02
        B2      It's Grim Up North                              4:20
                (Note : cassette , 100 copies)
MDR     004     KRANO                   REQUIESCAT IN PLAVEM            LP+DLc  05.2016
MDR     004     KRANO                   REQUIESCAT IN PLAVEM            CD      05.2016

        A1      Mi E Ti                                         4:19
        A2      Tosca                                           2:57
        A3      Busiero                                         3:48
        A4      Vergine De Luce                                 2:37
        A5      Romit                                           2:20
        B1      Amighi                                          3:18
        B2      Schei                                           3:54
        B3      Va Pian                                         10:56

CD/LP includes liner notes by label and Mike Donovan (Sic Alps, Peacers). LP version
is on 140-gram black vinyl and includes insert and MP3 download. LP 300 copies.
MDR     005     DISAPPEARS              LOW: LIVE IN CHICAGO            C60     11.2015

        A1      Speed Of Life 
        A2      Breaking Glass
        A3      What In The World
        A4      Sound And Vision
        A5      Always Crashing In The Same Car
        A6      Be My Wife
        A7      A New Career In A New Town
        B1      Warszawa
        B2      Art Decade
        B3      Weeping Wall
        B4      Subteranneans

LP      Sinic Cathedral SCR 095 LP      2015    UK
LP      Sinic Cathedral SCR 096         2016    UK
MDR     006     JACK NAME               LUNE SPETTRALI                  C60     11.2015

        A1      Werewolf Factory
        A2      Under The Weird Moon
        A3      Running After Ganymede
        A4      Lowly Ants
        A5      Waiting For Another Moon
        A6      Watcher Talk
        A7      Io
        A8      Something About Glenn Goins
        B1      Sound Was The Catle
        B2      Werewolf Factory
        B3      Running After Ganymede
        B4      Lowly Ants
        B5      Sharing With You
        B6      Theme For A Stupid Guy
MDR     007     WHITNEY K               GOODNIGHT                       CS+DLc  05.2016

        A1      Swans
        A2      Favourite One
        A3      When You're Blue
        A4      Ode To The Old Ways
        B1      Running Up That Hill
        B2      Sympathy
        B3      Goodnight
                (Note : cassette , 100 copies)
MDR     008     HALLELUJAH!/HOLIDAY INN : SPLIT                         7"+DLc  07.2016

        A1      Hallelujah!             Terror At The Post Office
        A2      Hallelujah!             You Are The Champion
        B       Holiday Inn             Mob Mob Mob
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , 300 hand stamped & numb. copies)
MDR     009     HALLELUJAH!             HALLELUJAH!                     CS      07.2016

        A1      Hallelujah!
        A2      Red Mestruo
        A3      The Power Of Cin
        A4      Fugazzin
        B1      Homo
        B2      Space
                (Note : cassette , 100 hand-stamped copies)
MDR     010     HIS CLANCYNESS          PALE FEAR                       7"+DLc  07.2016

        A       Pale Fear
        B       Coming Up Empty
                (Note : 7" , limited to 300 , hand-numbered ed. + lyric sheet)
MDR     011     HIS CLANCYNESS          ISOLATION CULTURE               LP      10.2016
MDR     011     HIS CLANCYNESS          ISOLATION CULTURE               CD      10.2016

        A1      Uranium
        A2      Watch Me Fall
        A3      Pale Fear
        A4      Isolation Culture
        A5      Dreams Building Dreams
        A6      Isolate Me
        B1      Calm Reaction
        B2      Xerox Mode
        B3      Impulse
        B4      Nausea
        B5      Cuuulture
        B6      Only One
                (Note : LP , 300 black/200 swirly red-black copies)

        A1      I Don't Belong Here
        A2      The Train
        A3      Same Mess Again
        A4      Oh Night
        B1      Fully Colored Blanket
        B2      The Golden Woman
        B3      Revelation In A Parking Lot
        B4      The Choice
        B5      13 Last Ride
                (Note : cassette , 100 hand-stamped copies)
MDR     013     STROMBOLI               VOLUME UNO                      LP+DLc  03.2017

        A1      Drag Phase
        A2      Downwards
        A3      Haunted
        A4      Drop
        B1      White Walls
        B2      Arrows
        B3      Glow
        B4      Basedow Graves
                (Note : LP , 300 copies + A4 insert)

Delicate ethereal soundscapes, occasional bursts of harsh noise and ‘industrial
psych’ on this second LP from Stromboli.
MDR     014     DEAD HORSES             BALLAD FOR LOSERS               CS+DLc  03.2017

        A1      Hobo Talks
        A2      Ballad For Losers
        A3      She Wishes
        A4      Walkin’ By The Light
        B1      The Liar
        B2      Morning Hell
        B3      No Wahala
        B4      Long Road Home
                (Note : cassette , 100 copies + insert)
MDR     015     CINDY LEE               MALENKOST                       LP+DLc  04.2017

        A1      No Worth No Cost
        A2      Always Lovers
        A3      Hopeless In A Trance
        A4      Cash Money
        A5      I’ve Seen His Face Before
        A6      Gallows Smile
        B1      A Message From The Aching Sky
        B2      Coroner Of The State
        B3      Claim Of Vanity
        B4      Prayer Of Baphomet
        B5      Death Sentence
        B6      Hash Angel
                (Note : LP , 500 copies + insert)