MANIA DUB                               BELGIUM

Distr.  : BE -
          UK - Norman/
Style   : reggae / dub /

MD      003 LP  BUSH CHEMISTS           LIGHT UP YOUR SPLIFF            LP      06.2018

Light Up Your Spliff was originally released in 1996, and the LP has cast a long
shadow over British dub reggae ever since. The title track, a heady mix of digital
dub stylings, subbier-than-sub bass and synth trickery, remains one of the scene’s
high-point (pun sort of intended). Indeed, across the record the group show an
adventurous approach to production that distinguishes it from its contemporaries.
Now reissued by Belgian label Mania Dub.
MANIADUB  002   ALPHA & OMEGA           RASTAFARI                       10"     07.2018

        01.     Alpha & Omega           Rastafari
        02.     Alpha & Omega           Rastafari (Version)
        03.     Alpha & Omega           Words Of Thy Mouth
        04.     Alpha & Omega           Words Of Thy Mouth (Version)