Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly
Style   : dance music /

LOVECREATION 001 LOVE CREATION          LOVE CREATION 001               12"     01.2017

        A1.     Hypnodance (Love Creation Long Edit)
        B1.     Beached Intro
        B2.     I Wanted To Tell Her (Love Creation Edit)
LOVECREATION 002 LOVE CREATION          LOVE CREATION 002               12"     03.2017

        A1.     Turn My Back On You (Love Creation Conga Edit)
        A2.     Mr Bates (Love Creation Edit)
        B1.     Take Me With You (Love Creation Edit)
LOVECREATION 003 LOVE CREATION          LOVE CREATION 003               12"     06.2017

        A1.     Into The Sun
        A2.     School (Love Creation Dub)
        B1.     Sons & Daughters (Love Creation Long Edit)
        B2.     Kalimba With Alice