Distr.  : NE - Shiny Beast/Clear Spot/
Style   : punk / HC /

GAG     1       PSYCHOTIC FUNHOUSE      MAD AXE MAN                     7"      08.2017

SIDE 1: 1.      Mad Axe Man
SIDE2:  1.      Why
        2.      Working Class Scum

On 7-inch wax, these three stunning slices of lost British punk from 1982 have remained
completely unreleased until now! These guys, active in the Manchester-area, became
quite popular in the early '80s punk scene due to their many live gigs, including
opening slots for famous bands s.a. G.B.H. and Discharge. This edition is limited to
250 copies in hand-numbered, hand-made DIY sleeves.
GAG     2       THE USERS               NOW THAT IT'S OVER              7"      12.2017
GAG     2       THE USERS               NOW THAT IT'S OVER              7"      02.2018
                (Note : 2018 re-press on pink vinyl)

The "lost" third single from 1979. Comes in original '79 flip back sleeve. Completely
remastered from the original tape and brought back to life like you've never heard it
GAG     3       UNTOUCHABLES            IN THEIR EYES                   7"      03.2018

        A       In Their Eyes
        B       Sorry For Sorrow

For the first time ever on vinyl, two lost tracks from 1982 by this punk/power pop
band from Leigh Park, just outside of Portsmouth, UK. They were active between
1980-1982 and at the time only recorded a 10-track demo tape. Some member went on
to form the renowned band Acid Attack. Limited to 250 copies.
GAG     4       FACE                    100% BEAT                       7"      04.2018

The Face were a four piece mod revival band from Cambridgeshire who played with all
the big names of the time: Purple Hearts, Chords etc. and also at the legendary Bridge
House where 'Mods Mayday 79' was recorded. The four tracks on this E.P. were all
recorded at the same session by Andy Todd in London in 1980. Typical mod revival
sounds - powerchords and a hint of ska.
GAG     5       RADIO BLANK             THE MARY WHITEHOUSE EP          7"      07.2018

One of Merseyside's premier punk bands came together in Nov. 1976 and wisely wound it
up by Oct. 1977! "Punk was all over by then." Short but not at all sweet. Thought lost,
with no music released, UNTIL NOW!!!! 'The Mary Whitehouse E.P.' features 4 original
raw, savage, fast paced R'n'R snarling with attitude tracks.
GAG     6       THE ORDINARYS           I WANNA BE AN ORDINARY          7"      09.2018

        A       I WANNA BE AN ORDINARY
        B       GET ME UP

Previously unreleased mod/new wave gem from 1978.
GAG     7       ACID ATTACK             SUBURBIA'S DREAM                7"      11.2018
GAG     7       ACID ATTACK             SUBURBIA'S DREAM                7"      03.2019
                (Note : 2019 repress on blue vinyl , 250 copies)

        A       Suburbia's Dream
        B       Warsaw
GAG     8       THE MEDIA               JUMP DOWN                       7"      03.2019

        A       Jump Down
        B       How Could You Lie

The Media were a Portsmouth band formed in 1978, influenced by the UK punk explosion
of 1977. The Media played loads of shows, honed their '60s beat meets '70s street
/seminal suburban songs, got a bit good, built a large following, released two singles
and by 1980 were featured in a youth TV series called 'Going Out'. What could possibly
go wrong? Their debut EP 'No Darling I Love The Media' appeared in 1978 on their own
Tearaway Records (Cherry Red Records distributed it). A second single, 'Southcoast
City Rockers' and 'Back On The Beach' came out the following year on the Portsmouth
collective Brain Booster Records. The single showed the band moving on musically,
taking in elements of the UK's emerging ska scene (led by The Specials' Two Tone label)
and the Mod revival inspired by The Jam. On the back of the money they were paid for
the 'Going Out' TV series, the band went in the studio with the aim of recording songs
for an album - 9 songs were completed. But, trouble at one of their support slots led
to the cancellation of a series of gigs, including a prominent London show, and the
band split in 1981. Fast forward 37 years and the master tapes from that album session
were found by a band member in their loft. On the advice of Acid Attack's Dave Clarke
the tape is sent to Paul Orwell at Love Child Records, who in turn played it to Adam
Cooper of parent company Heavy Soul Records, both of these uber music fans gave it
a massive thumbs up. Love Child Records set about restoring the 9 track tapes and
transferring them to files. Talk immediately turned to releasing a single and album...
and then a possible reunion show. The first 7" vinyl single from this session, 'Jump
Down'/'How Could You Lie' comes 40 years after release of first Media EP!