Distr.  : UK - Bleep/Piccadilly/
Style   : experimental house and techno /

LF      01
LF      02      DJ SEINFELD             TIME SPENT AWAY FROM U          9DL     11.2017

        1       I Hope I Sleep Tonight (I Hope I Sleep Tonight)         4:06
        2       I Saw Her Kiss Him in Front of Me and I Was Like Wtf?
                (I Saw Her Kiss Him In Front Of Me And I Was Like Wtf?) 5:11
        3       Too Late for U and M1 (Too Late For U And M1)           6:37
        4       Time Spent Away From U (Time Spent Away From U)         5:32
        5       It's Just My Luv (It's Just My Luv)                     5:57
        6       How U Make Me Feel (How U Make Me Feel)                 6:17
        7       U Hold Me Without Touch (U Hold Me Without Touch)       6:27
        8       Come Thru for U (Come Thru For U)                       6:09
        9       U (U)                                                   6:08