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          US - Forced Exposure
          NE - Clear Spot
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LBR     004     PSIGLO                  IDEACION                        LP      09.2015

Originally released in Uruguay in 1973 by Clave label and then reissued through the
Sondor label in the '80s, this is the debut album by Psiglo, one of the most important
and influential bands of South-American progressive rock. Ideación, widely considered
a masterpiece of '70s Uruguayan rock, achieved huge sales upon its initial release.
This remastered reissue is pressed on 150-gram vinyl and includes an insert with an
updated biography by historian Fernando Peláez, author of De las Cuevas al Solís, a
history of Uruguayan rock from 1960 to the mid-'70s. Edition of 500.
LBR     005     PSIGLO                  PSIGLO II                       LP      09.2015

Psiglo II is the second and final LP by legendary Uruguayan progressive rock band
Psiglo, recorded in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1974 and originally released in 1982 by
the Clave label. The original release excluded the song "Héroe de Papel," which is
included here. This remastered reissue of this essential record offers a window into
the evolution of '70s Latin American rock. 150-gram LP; edition of 500.
LBR     006     EDUARDO MATEO           CUERPO ALMA                     LP      09.2015

Cuerpo y alma was Eduardo Mateo's second record as a soloist, recorded between 1981 and
1984 and originally released by Sondor in 1984. It finds Mateo experimenting with
percussion and drawing influence from Hindu music. Eduardo Mateo was one of the most
important figures in the history of the Uruguayan music, known for mixing beat, jazz,
bossa nova, and candombe. He created the "candombe beat" and was a member of the
legendary band El Kinto. This first-ever vinyl reissue of Cuerpo y alma is pressed on
150-gram vinyl and limited to 500 copies.

Originally released on CD in 1995 by the Uruguayan Orfeo label, and later reissued on
CD by the Uruguayan Bizarro label, Deliciosas Criaturas Perfumadas is the fourth album
by Buitres Después de la Una. Recognized as one of the most important Uruguayan rock
bands since their formation in 1989, Buitres Después de la Una have released more than
a dozen studio and live albums. Gabriel Peluffo (vocals) and Gustavo Parodi (guitar)
have been active as a duo since 1983, beginning with influential '80s post-punk band
Los Estómagos. This 150-gram LP is the first vinyl edition of the potent mixture of
melody and distortion that is Deliciosas Criaturas Perfumadas. Edition of 500.
LBR     008     HABLAN POR LA ESPALDA : SANGRE                          LP      09.2015

Sangre (Blood) is Hablan por la Espalda's fifth album, recorded between 2014 and 2015
in Montevideo, Uruguay, and produced by Nicolás Demczylo (Santé Les Amis guitarist).
Musically, the album continues the legacy of its predecessors, Macumba (2009) and
Celebración (2012), deepening the psychedelic rock and post-punk connection with local
influences from Afro-Uruguayan candombe. On a philosophical level, the album was
inspired by dramatic circumstances that members of the band experienced between 2012
and 2013. Hablan por la Espalda is one of the most important bands in the Montevideo
rock scene. The band formed in 1996, when its members were merely teenagers, and were
pioneers in the then-burgeoning local DIY hardcore scene. With time, the band's sound
mutated from rudimentary punk toward a form of psychedelia, born from the fusion of
blues and hard rock, along with other visceral expressions such as candombe, the
ritualistic sound of the Afro-Uruguayan drums. HPLE have been known for their wild
stage antics, which earned them a bad reputation in their early years; they were banned
from many venues in the Uruguayan capital. That didn't stop the group, which has since
expanded into a septet including percussion and organ, from touring much of South
America, Europe, and United States. 150-gram LP. Edition of 500.
LBR     9       OPUS ALFA               OPUS ALFA                       LP      03.2017

Opus Alfa was a blues-rock band that was founded in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1970.
The band experimented with electric blues-rock and other genres, either merged with
tango, or "baroque" music incorporated with violins, flutes, acoustic guitars and the
bandurria. This excellent s/t album was originally issued in 1972.
LBR     10      DIAS DE BLUES           DIAS DE BLUES                   LP      03.2017

Dias De Blues (from Montevideo, Uruguay) was formed in 1972 by Jorge Barral (bass),
Daniel Bertolone (guitar) and Jorge Graf (drums). They developed a blues and heavy
rock style that was characterized by the virtuosity of the musicians, a straight
ahead rhythmic base and lots of energy and aggression. With all these elements the
band created mind bending, extensive improvisations. This is a reissue of the band's
1972 album.
LBR     11      JORGE "FLACO" BARRAL    CHAU                            LP      03.2017

Jorge "Flaco" Barral was one of the most charismatic and unique artists in Uruguay's
early '70s rock and blues scene. Before recording this work he had played with highly
rated bands s.a. Opus Alfa and Dias De Blues. This is a relevant title for fans of
Latin American underground rock music.
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