LENSKE                                  GERMANY

Owner   : Amelie Lens
Distr.  : GE -
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   :

LENSKE  001     FARRAGO                 RISIN'                          12"     07.2018

        01.     Farrago                 The Riddler
        02.     Farrago                 Risin' (Kobosil Apathy Remix)
        03.     Farrago & Amelie Lens   Jealousy
        04.     Farrago                 Hidden Power

Belgium's Amelie Lens launches her own label: Lenske. The first release by Farrago,
Risin', comes packing high velocity punches, including a collaboration with Amelie
Lens and a remix from Kobosil. "The Riddler" is the first to puncture. The title
track, "Risin'", will only be released as the Kobosil remix, a titanium tour of
auditory horrors, which also borrows from the EP's other tracks. Lens's signature
sultry vocal samples on "Jealousy" draw the contours of a jaw-grinding banger, while
"Hidden Power" rounds out the release with a blaring dancefloor siren encased in
exquisitely unpredictable arrangement.