Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly
Style   : funk / soul /

LEMALBUM  01    STUDIO 58               EXPO '58                        LP+7"   12.2017

LP      A1.     Live At Expo '58
        A2.     Lalibela
        A3.     Intermezzo I
        B1.     Red Seats Carpet
        B2.     On Air In Five
        B3.     Intermezzo Ii

7"      A1.     Midnight Wires
        B1.     Birds Of Paradise
LEM     02      V / A : Escape To The Red Mountains/Who The Fuck Is     12"     06.2018
                Cup Of Tea? Inc. Lockwood

        A.      Lockwood                Jane's News
        A.      Lockwood                What Time Is It ?
        A.      Lockwood                Escape To The Red Mountain
        B.      Numen Feat Sadu         Chptr 1
        B.      Fungku                  Nospce/Rip
        B.      Yarno & Vicking         Elevator
        B.      Title                   Froove
        B.      Pippin                  Tsu
        B.      Mambelle & Fungku       Calm Before The Storm