Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly/Norman/
Style   : jazz /

LTJC    001     KOSUKE MINE QUINTET     MINE                            LP+DLc  06.2017

        1.      Morningtide                                     13:10
        2.      Isotope                                         12:13
        3.      Dream Eyes                                      13:53
        4.      Work I                                          9:06

Japanese jazz is sadly one of the worlds best-kept secrets. But, it would be a huge
loss to miss “Mine”, the sublime first album of Kosuke Mine Quintet, released in 1970
on the legendary Three blind mice label. Over the course of four extended jams, Kosuke
Mine's sax (alto and soprano) and Hideo Ichikawa's fender Rhodes, sway, shuffle and
dance like a pair of courting grebes. The result is a monument of dense and spiritual
jazz - at once expressive, expansive and totally switched on.
LTJC    002     MASARU IMADA TRIO+2     GREEN CATERPILLAR               LP+DLc  07.2017

        1.      A Green Caterpillar                             11:24
        2.      Straight Flash                                  10:27
        3.      Blue Impulse                                    10:28
        4.      Spanich Flower                                  11:15

Le Tres Jazz Club bring us more Japanese jazz in the shape of “Green Caterpillar” by
Masaru Imada trio + 2. Led by Masaru Imada and his Fender Rhodes, the record opens
with “A Green Caterpillar”, a 11 minutes piece whose groove is somewhat reminiscent
of Marc Moulin and his Placebo band. “A Straight Flash” continues along this line,
while on “Blue Impulse” and “Spanish Flower” Masaru Imada uses the piano in a much
more modal style. A true classic of mid seventies Japanese jazz.


LTJC    005     ELYSIAN SPRING          GLASS FLOWER                    LP      09.2018

French jazz from the late sixties is an underappreciated niche. Mais pas ici at Norman
Records. Imagine the heartfelt joy we felt when our kind amis at Le Tres Jazz Club
announced their repressing of Elysium Spring’s cult classic, Glass Windows. Finally,
these soft and gentle jazz tones will be available to a wider audience.