LAST HURRAH                             5500 Prytania St. #216
***********                             New Orleans, LA 70115

                                2017    876 Santa Monica Avenue, #267
                                        San Diego, CA 92107


Found   : Carey Hodges & Chad Hensley
Distr.  : US - Rough Trade
          UK - Rough Trade
          NE - Sonic Rendezvous
Style   : punk / stoner / hard rock / noise / metal  / doom metal / psychedelic

Last Hurrah Records is a vinyl only record label specializing in combining heavy
music with exciting visuals in order to create a single focus of sound and style.
This translates into quality music with fancy packaging, special gimmicks, and
colored vinyl. jan.25, 2017

HUURAHLP 001    VOMIT SPOTS             DUDE, I DIDN'T KNOW             LP        .2010

        A1      Dude, I Didn't Know!
        A2      Booger Snot
        A3      Nina Hagen Dazs
        A4      T Town 2
        A5      Cleavage
        A6      Dames And Food
        A7      Mr. Satan
        B1      Skank Riot
        B2      Choda
        B3      Chop
        B4      Home Wrecker
        B5      My Shitter
        B6      Rock Lobster
        B7      Skate Coitus Interruptus
                (Note : LP , 500 copies on vomit coloured vinyl)
HURRAHEP 002    STAR & DAGGER           IN MY BLOOD                     12"       .2012

        1       In My Blood
        2       Stories
        3       Out Of Focus
                (Note : 12"/45 RPM , 500 coloured copies)
HURRAH   003    16                      LOST TRACTS OF TIME             12"       .2012

        A1      Time
        A2      Twists And Wrong Turns
        A3      Drink Faster

(Note : 12"/45 RPM , 1-sided , 500 copies on blue-purple marbled vinyl)
HURRAHLP 004    THE GUILT OF...         ISOLATION ROOL                  LP        .2013

        A1      Social Recall Rewind
        A2      Isolation Room
        A3      Probation Addiction
        A4      Force Fed Militant
        B1      The Ides Ballot
        B2      Lie Detector
        B3      Shriek Of The Arabic Poems

(Note : LP , 500 copies on Green Translucent With Doublemint and Black Splatter)
EP      5       TRUCKFIGHTERS           THE CHAIRMAN SPECIAL EP         12"     10.2013

        A1      The Chairman
        A2      Monte Gangano
        B1      Desert Cruiser (Live At Ding Dong Lounge Melbourne)
        B2      Traffic
                (Note : 12" , 500 copies , 2 colours)

12"     Fuzzorama       FUZZLP 007      2013    US
LH      006     MOJAVE LORDS            UNFOCKWITHABLE                  LP      10.2014

        A1      Sweet Little Down & Out
        A2      Hot Throwaway
        A3      Anytime Rock
        A4      Dancefloor Slammer
        A5      Second Skin
        B1      Knuckles
        B2      Microwave Me Baby
        B3      A Whole New World
        B4      Sage
        B5      Unfuckwithable 
                (Note : LP , 250 black/250 white copies)

LP.CD   Mojave Lords    ML 001          2014    US
HURRAHLP 007    EARTHLINGS?             MUDDA FUDDA                     LP        .2016

        A1      Intro (There Is Hope)
        A2      Waterhead
        A3      Forgotten Memories
        A4      Individual Sky Cruiser Theory
        A5      Disconnected
        A6      Accordingly
        B1      Punk Ass Fuck
        B2      Standby Exciter
        B3      Mardi Gras
        B4      Stoner Rock Rules
        B5      Zazoom
        B6      Gentle Grace
                (Note : LP , 500 copies total)
HURRAH  8       SINNER SINNERS          OPTIMISM IS DISORDER            LP      01.2017

Sinner Sinners is a Dutch-French ultrasonic fusion formed by married couple Sam and
Steve Thill in 2009. After the release of the band's initial album in 2011, the dark
duo relocated from France to Los Angeles. Optimism Disorder is Sinner Sinners new
limited edition vinyl record. The band's third full-length, Optimism Disorder contains
11 songs plus a bonus twelfth track. The record's all-over red jacket features matte
lamination and UV spot gloss. Special appearance by Jesse Hughes from Eagles of Death
Metal on flute.
HURRAH  9       DAVID J                 VAGABOND SONGS                  2LP     05.2017

David J's (Love and Rockets / Bauhaus / The Jazz Butcher) ninth studio album Vagabond
Songs features a disarmingly charming and heart-felt collection of acoustic songs
written on the road and inspired by people and places encountered by David J as he
ventured on his ramblin' vagabond way around the world. The limited edition gatefold
double vinyl album includes the UK hit single, "The Day That David Bowie Died" as
well as a radical reworking of the Love and Rockets' classic, "The Dog End of a Day
Gone By". The double LP comes in a special casewrapped gatefold jacket with two full
color sleeves filled with lyrics and art. The run is limited to 500 copies.

Nashville's Thelma and the Sleaze blend trashy Southern rock with post riot-girl
grievances. The result is a surprisingly upbeat heaviness laced with dirty jagged
bits of punk and country that cut and sting when least expected. Despite the band's
love of daisy dukes and hot tops, their music is explicitly feminist and often packs
a punch full of queer sensibilities. With more than a nod to their Nashville home
turf, the Sleaze serves up a low-brow, high-octane performance. Front woman and
guitarist Lauren Gilbert's cheeky between-song banter and Southern drawl add both
humor and authentic charm to the group's overall appeal. With a relentless touring
schedule most bands would simply call insanity - such as their recent "Kandyland"
tour, which had the band playing a different Nashville venue every night for a month;
Thelma and the Sleaze are determined to bring their special brand of rock and roll
nationwide. The band's first full-length album, will be a limited edition, candy
colored 12-inch record containing 11 songs. The 12-inch vinyl comes in three different
candies: JOLLY RANCHER, JAW BREAKER, and COTTON CANDY each a mix of opaque and
translucent colors, limited to 500 copies. The record was recorded at Rancho de La
Luna in Joshua Tree, California under the watchful eye of Dave Catching, and includes
several guest appearances. Besides Catching, Britney Howard from Alabama Shakes, Jade
Payne from Aye Nako, and Dale Spalding from Canned Heat are a few of the guests on
the record.