KNEKELHUIS                              Amsterdam
**********                              NETHERLANDS


Distr.  : NE - Sonic Rendezvous/Clear Spot/Shiny Beast/
          UK - Bleep/Norman/
Style   : techno / industrial /  dancefloor / tribal / disco / electro / EBM
          / abstract / minimal / synth pop / new wave / leftfield / synthwave

KH      001     PAGAN SECTOR (LEGOWELT & CLIFF LOTHAR) : HERMOPOLIS     12"     09.2014

A.      1       The Corpse Fell Into The Hourglass
        2       Ultra Paganus
B.      3       Druids 2 Frenzy
        4       Midi Cauldron
KH      002     PARRISH SMITH           VIRGIN OF THE WORLD             12"     05.2016
KH      002     PARRISH SMITH           VIRGIN OF THE WORLD             4FLAC   05.2016

        A1      Stillness And Secrecy                           6:29
        A2      Supra                                           5:23
        B1      Savior Of The False                             6:06
        B2      Seven                                           5:04
KH      003     DE AMBASSADE            WAT VOEL JE NOU                 7"      01.2016

        A       Wat Voel Je Nou                                 3:17
        B       Geen Genade                                     3:41
KH      004     V / A                   MURRAY CY EDITS                 LP      06.2016

        A1      Fan Tan                 Dress Up (Murray CY edit)
        A2      Die Form                Presumption (Murray CY edit)
        A3      Nocturnal Emissions : We Are Getting Closer (Murray CY edit)
        A4      Agem            Caustic Cunts (Murray CY edit)
        B1      Die Form                Uns Kill (Murray CY edit)
        B2      Beats Per Minute        Fetish Abuse (Murray CY edit)
        B3      Die Form                Leders Klub (Murray CY edit)
        B4      Parazite                Track 1 (Murray CY edit)
KH      005     EYE                     SABINE                          LP      10.2016

        A1      There Is                                        2:57
        A2      Undress                                         5:15
        A3      You're So Fine                                  4:43
        A4      Nachtwasser                                     4:24
        B1      Sabine                                          4:46
        B2      Harvest Heart                                   3:33
        B3      Pale Eye                                        4:40
        B4      Soft Grey Moon                                  4:44

EYE is a project from Laurene Exposito from Rennes (France), where she runs the
intimate label Waving Hands.
KH      006     MAOUPA MAZZOCCHETTI     GLOW IN THE DARK                12"     11.2016
KH      006     MAOUPA MAZZOCCHETTI     GLOW IN THE DARK                4FLAC   11.2016

        A1      Glow In The Dark                                4:51
        A2      Blood Clot                                      4:41
        B1      You Only Have Records Without Lyrics            4:53
        B2      Who's This Face                                 3:59
KH      007     AS LONGITUDE            BLAUER PART                     12"     04.2017

        A1      Black Rice                                      6:32
        A2      Pink Is Orange                                  5:41
        B1      Kalte Fusse                                     5:09
        B2      Blauer Part                                     6:00
        B3      Sharks Are Coming                               2:13

As As Longitude, the duo of Eva Geist and Laura ODL trace out interesting lines and
entrancing patterns with synth sequences and varied drum machines. The Blauer Part EP
has aspects of techno within it, and some danceable beats, but ultimately this is
electronic head music. 12 release in the Knekelhuis label.
KH      008     SMERSH                  M APPEAL                        12"     06.2017

        1.      M Appeal                                        4:00
        2.      Kiss Me Stupid                                  5:22
        3.      M Appeal (Parrish Smith rmx)                    6:32

Archive tracks from this much revered New Jersey duo. Smersh was the project of Mike
Mangino and Chris Shepard. Together they recorded more than 30 albums throughout the
80s and early 90s.
KH      009     V / A : KALE PLANKIEREN-DUTCH CASSETTE RARITIES         LP      09.2017
                1981-1985 VOL.1

        1.      Meteor Sinkhole
        2.      Dance
        3.      I Don't Want To Be
        4.      Ulloa's Ring
        5.      Quinquerime
        6.      Interference
        7.      The Top
        8.      Het Terrein
        9.      Don't Forget Me

(Note : LP , all tracks on vinyl for 1st time. Includes smart liner notes on
        printed inner)
KH      010     DE AMBASSADE            VERLOREN                        7"      09.2017

        1.      Verloren
        2.      Jerney
KHEP    11      FURTHER REDUCTIONS      DISPARATE ELEMENTS              12"     12.2017

        1.      Central System
        2.      It's Later Than You Think
        3.      Disparate Elements
        4.      Aural Equivalent

New York City based Further Reductions is the live project from husband and wife
Shawn (aka Vapauteen, 400ppm, Let Er Est) and Katie O'Sullivan (aka Rose E Kross,
ppG). Back in 2014 they released their gorgeous debut album on Cititrax records.
The album was an adventurous trip, where they pushed forward a unique sound. After
all those years there will be a follow up to this EP on Knekelhuis. Expect a fusion
of different sounds, grimy and pretty at the same time.
KHEP    12      EYE                     COCKTAIL MEXICO                 10"     10.2017

        01.     YELLOW DESTINY
        02.     MUCHO MUCHO
        03.     COCKTAIL MEXICO
        04.     GO FORWARD

Laurne Exposito is back with a follow up to her well received debut album from last
year on Knekelhuis. This new record turned out to be very personal. Life changes and
loves stranges are central themes in all its shapes, sizes and colors. Still, hope
takes centerstage. All tracks have been recorded at Laurnes home in the French Alps,
using analog gear. Take a Cocktail Mexico and immerse yourself into her liberating
new trip. This 10" comes with intimate inlay.
KHCC    001     V / A                   KHCC 001                        C60       .2015

        A1      Beau Wanzer             Cellphone Calamity      2:49
        A2      Maekkot                 Kyoko                   8:05
        A3      Beau Wanzer             Birthtribe              3:05
        A4      parrish smith           Linga Sarira            6:19
        B1      Sige Bythos             Untitled 2              20:16
        B2      Volition Immanent       Track 3                 5:41

        A       Romance                                         8:08
        B1      Transiberian                                    6:32
        B2      What Is To Be Done                              4:54
                (Note : 12" , 33.3 RPM)