Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly/Norman/
Style   :

IUS     001 LP  PEACHES                 RUB                             LP+DLc  09.2015
IUS     001 CD  PEACHES                 RUB                             CD      09.2015

        1 (A1)   Close Up
        2 (A2)  Rub
        3 (A3)  Dick In The Air
        4 (A4)  Pickles
        5 (A5)  Sick In The Head
        6 (A6)  Free Drink Ticket
        7 (B1)  How You Like My Cut
        8 (B2)  Vaginoplasty
        9 (B3)  Light In Places
        10 (B4) Dumb Fuck
        11 (B5) I Mean Something
ECLP    001     V / A                   OUT OF ADDIS                    LP      11.2015
ECCD    001     V / A                   OUT OF ADDIS                    CD      11.2015
BABE    1 LP    BABE                    KISS & TELL                     LP      04.2017
BABE    1 CD    BABE                    KISS & TELL                     CD      04.2017

BABE, Glasgow's premier secret party band, are back after a two year absence with new
album Kiss & Tell, the follow-up to the excellent and unclassifiable 2014 debut Volery
Flighty (Moshi Moshi).
The band, made up of singer-leader Gerard Black (Findo Gask), guitarist Thomas Ogden,
bassist Amaury Ranger (Francois and the Atlas Mountains) and new drummer/producer
John Baillie Jnr (Bossy Love) have regrouped and refocused to deliver a record as much
for the quiet hours as it is for the house party.