Distr.  : UK - Boomkat
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   : disco / soft rock / yacht rock / funk / blue eyed soul / AOR disco

HDYARE  01 LP   V / A                   TOO SLOW TO DISCO               2LP     04.2014

           title                        artist
        1. Get It Up For Love           Ned Doheny
        2. Let's Put Our Love Back Together : Micky Denne And Ken Gold
        3. Deco Lady                    Rupert Holmes
        4. Over And Done With It        White Horse
        5. Liverpool Fool               Browning Bryant
        6. Lotta Love                   Nicolette Larson
        7. Do You Feel It?              Alessi Brothers
        8. Steal Away                   Photoglo
        9. Room To Grow                 Brian Elliot
        10. Saturday In The Park        Chicago
        11. Shut The Door               Don Brown
        12. Rendezvous                  Matthew Larkin Cassel
        13. I Saw You Again             Pages
        14. Losiní End                  Doobie Brothers
        15. Sugar Daddy                 Fleetwood Mac
        16. Steal Away                  Robbie Dupree
        17. Spaceship Earth             David Batteau
        18. Iíve Got A Thing About You Baby : Tony Joe White
        19. Donít You Know              Jan Hammer Group

(Note : 180g vinyl. Includes poster & digital download voucher redeemable from the
        label** Classy (by definition) 19-track compilation of late '70s West Coast
HDYARE  2 LP    V / A                   TOO SLOW TO DISCO 2             2LP     06.2015
HDYARE  2       V / A                   TOO SLOW TO DISCO 2             CD      06.2015

        1.      Darryl Hall & John Oates : Alone Too Long
        2.      Ben Sidran              Hey Hey Baby
        3.      Jimmy Gray Hall         Be That Way
        4.      Eric Kaz                Come With Me
        5.      Leblanc & Carr          Stronger Love
        6.      Dave Raynor             Leave Me Alone Tonight
        7.      R&J Stone               Keep On Holding Me
        8.      Byrne And Barnes        Never Gonna Stop Lovin' You
        9.      Larsen / Feiten Band    Who'll Be The Fool Tonight
        10.     Paul Davis              Medicine Woman
        11.     Joe Vitale              Step On You
        12.     Niteflyte               If You Want It
        13.     Bruce Hibbard           Never Turnin' Back
        14.     Streetplayer            Shades Of Winter
        15.     Michael Omartian        Fat City
        16.     Michael Nesmith : Capsule (Hello People A Hundred Years From Now)
HDYARE  003     V / A : THE LADIES OF TOO SLOW TO DISCO                 2LP+DLc 04.2016
HDYARE  003     V / A : THE LADIES OF TOO SLOW TO DISCO                 CD      04.2016

        1.      Evie Sands              You Can Do It
        2.      Rickie Lee Jones        Chuck Eís In Love
        3.      Laura Allan             Opening Up To You
        4.      Melissa Manchester      Shine Like You Should
        5..     Franne Golde            Isnít It Something
        6.      Valerie Carter          Crazy
        7.      Teri De Sario           Baby I Donít Want Your Love
        8.      Carole Bayer Sager      Itís The Falling In Love
        9.      Carly Simon             Tranquillo (Melt My Heart)
        10.     Jaye P. Morgan          LetíS Get Together
        11.     Lauren Wood             Gotta Lotta
        12.     Renťe Geyer : Be There In The Morning (Australian Single Version)
        13.     Maria Muldaur           Midnight At The Oasis
        14.     Brenda Russell          New York Bars
        15.     Leah Kunkel             Temptation
        16.     Amy Holland             Strengthen My Love
        17.     Carole King             Disco Tech
        18.     Doris Abrahams          Dance The Night Away
        19.     Lyn Christopher         Take Me With You
                (Note : CD + 16p. booklet)