Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly
Style   : synth pop / electronica / conteptual art pop /

FOXLP   001     [soundtrack] TOMISLAV SIMOVIC : VISITORS FORM GALAXY    LP      03.2017

        01      Touch Me (Love Theme)
        02      Robert, Coffee Is On The Table
        03      Visitors From The Galaxy (Main Theme I Ii)
        04      Its Time To Meet
        05      Anatomy Class (Mumu)
        06      Earth’s Gravity Wears You Out
        07      Are We Ready For This Encounter
        08      Andra, Targo And Ulu
        09      Biba Changed Shape
        10      In Impossible Situations We Turn Back Time
        11      Mumu Says Hi (End Credits)

The work of famed Croatian composer Tomislav Simovic these out-there electronics were
the soundtrack to 1981 sci-fi extravaganza "Visitors from the Galaxy", a film which
included men with breasts, a beautiful alien heroine and a Jan Svankmajer monster on
killing spree.This limited LP release includes a soundtrack cut from the original
master tapes restored by Paul Alexander from Cedar Audio Ltd., extensive liner notes
in English by Zeljko Luketic and Irena Paulus, new artwork featuring film set
photographs and a colour poster starring alien heroine Andra.
FOX     002 EP  NEP                     DECADENCE                       12'     09.2017

        1       Decadance (Original 1989 Version)
        2       Decadance (Snuffo's 2017 Reinvention)