FOLKWIT RECORDS                         UK

Distr.  : UK - Proper Distr./
          GE - Songs&Whispers/
          SWE- Brus & Knaster/Playground Music/Friendly Noise/
          BE - Matamore/Humpty Dumpty/
          FR - Friendly Noise/
          US - /Radio Khartoum/Darla
          CA - Barnyard/
Style   : melodic pop / nu-folk / rock / folk /

Folkwit Records was established in 2003 by the members of folk-roots ensemble Palava
initially as a means of self-releasing new recordings.  However, it soon developed
into the small independent label that it is today with a diverse roster representing
music ranging from alternative folk roots and alt country through to lo-fi and
experimental music.

Some of our releases our conventional in the sense that the CDs are commercially
manufactured and distributed through Proper Distribution.  Others are limited edition
individually home-packaged CDs/CDRs (e.g Pulco).

Over the last few years, Folkwit has worked with many artists from the UK and beyond.
We are essentially passionate about music and take great pleasure in working with
equally passionate artists.

Recent years have seen the development of working partnerships with like-minded labels
facilitating the UK release and distribution: Radio Khartoum (USA), ,,Songs&Whispers”
(Germany), Brus & Knaster / Playground Music (Sweden), Matamore (Belgium), Friendly
Noise (Sweden), Humpty Dumpty (Belgium), Barnyard Records (Canada) and Microbe

Thanks to our friends at Radio Khartoum we are now able to distribute selected titles
through Darma to retail outlets in the USA, Japan and beyond. We also have a reciprocal
arrangement for releases in Germany and Benelux through ,,Songs&Whispers”.
[From:] june 23, 2016

F       0007    PULCO                   UNDERSEA ADVENTURE              CD      01.2007
F       0010    PULCO                   WENGEN                          CD      01.2006
F       0014    REBECCA CLAMP           NOCTURNAL LEAP                  CD        .2005
F       0015    IF WEN                  TAKE A LOOK AT THE SEA          CD        .2010
F       0016    DAVID RODRIGUEZ         A WINTER MOON                   CD        .2007
F       0017    PULCO                   SOREPAW                         CD        .2007
F       0033    NO THEE NO ESS          COLLAPSING REALITIES            CDS       .2013
F       0038    PULCO                   TRICERATOPS                     CD        .2010
F       0039    LOUISE LE MAY           TELL ME ONE THING THAT IS NEW   CD
F       0041    MORNING STAR            A SIGN FOR THE STRANGER         CD        .2009
F       0045    TESTBILD!               AQUATINT                        CD        .2010
F       0047    DANIEL CARLSON          AVIARY JACKSON                  CD      08.2010
F       0054    THE BIG I AM            COLLECTING SKIES                CD      09.2011
F       0055    REBECCA CLAMP           KEY TO THE CITY                 CD      09.2011
F       0060    SNIPPET                 SLOWLY SLOWLY CATCHEE MONKEY    CD      09.2011
F       0063    NIMMING NED             SUMMON THE CROWS                CD        .2012
F       0064    NO THEE NO ESS          LIGHTS OVER THE LAKE            CDR       .2011
F       0082    JOHNNO CASSON           WINDOW SHOPPING                 CD        .2012
F       0083    JOYCE THE LIBRARIAN     THEY MAY PUT LAND BETWEEN US    CD        .2012
F       0085    THREATRMANTICS          KID MCCOY                       CD        .2012
F       0088    PAUL MOSLEY             A CHATTERING OF BIRDS           CD        .2013
F       0089    LAISH                   OBITURIES                       CD        .2013
F       0098    ALEXANDER VON MEHREN    AEROPOP                         CD        .2014
F       0116    POUNDSTORE RIOT         WRITING THE WRONGS              CD        .2014
F       0117    ALEXANDER VON MEHREN    AEROPOP REVISITED               LP        .2014
F       0120    MARTIN CALLINGHAN       TONIGHT, WE ALL SWIM FREE       CD        .2015
F       0121    CYMBIENT                ARCED                           CD        .2015
F       0133    THE DRIFTWOOD MANOR     FOR THE MOON                    CD      07.2016