Distr.  : UK - Norman/Piccadilly/
Style   : indie / psychedelic /

FS      001     KREOL LOVECALL          JANGLE AND CHIME                LP      03.2016

        1       Time
        2       No Sense No Feeling
        3       Not Composites
        4       Social Spaces
        5       True Golden Dawn
        6       One In Five
        7       In Camps And In Cages
        8       Glimpses
        9       Points Of View
        10      Emojis And Memes

Kreol Lovecall is Jonathan Richards, who has played in a whole bunch of groups in his
time, notably including Hey Colossus. But Jangle And Chime is his first record as
a solo artist, and itís remarkably sleek and groovy. Melody and rhythm are totally
crucial here, as are the lyrics that engage with the tricky place we are in here in
2017. Vinyl release on the Fighting Spirit label.