Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly/Norman/
Style   : reissue - 60's psych pop /

FCR     01      DELPHINE                La Fermeture Eclair             7"      04.2009
                CLOTHILDE : Fallait Pas Ecraser La Queue Du Chat
                (Note : 7" , 300 numbered copies , murky marbled vin.)
FERAL   002     JOY DIVISION : No Love Lost (demo) Excerpt 1            7"      09.2009
                JOY DIVISION : No Love Lost (demo) Excerpt 2
                BUZZCOCKS               Whatever Happend To ?
                (Note : 7" , 150 hand-numbered copies , coloured sl. ;
                30th anniversary of joint tour in 1979)
FC      02      PETE ASTOR              DO NOTHING                      7"      09.2016
                (Note : 7" , 300 hand-numb. copies)

he label here: ‘Feral Child’ is something of an enigmatic little set up. It’s first
release was an unofficial reissue of 2 French Girl Pop / Psych gems from 1967. Released
in 2009, and with it’s Discogs listing stating that “we may see 3 x 45s in one month
then go 3 years without hearing from them again”, they weren’t kidding. Still this is
a lovely single to bounce back with 7 years later, and with an LP in the pipe from
Brooklyn’s mighty “The New Lines” around the corner, perhaps Feral Child might just
be a name to watch?

A wonderful record and another beauty to add to Pete’s already esteemed back catalogue,
expected to follow the path of previous recent work by attaining 6Music plays as well
as reviews in ‘Shindig!’ And ‘Record Collector’. A quick fire sell out is expected so
get on it!
FC      3       THE NEW LINES           LOVE AND CANNIBALISM            LP      11.2016

The New Lines are a group from contemporary New York who dream of existing in early
1970’s suburban England. Fortunately for us, they have recorded those, dreams, in which
they frolic around within the sounds of psych-pop, eerie folk and library music. Love
and Cannibalism is an atmospheric trip and no mistake. Pressed to vinyl in an edition
of 300.
FC      4       SNAILS                  SAFE IN SILENCE                 LP      02.2017
FCC     4       SNAILS                  SAFE IN SILENCE                 LP      04.2018
                (Note : LP , repress , 500 copies on blue vinyl)

Bristol's Snails come out of their shell (sorry) with this their debut LP on the
mysterious though collectible Feral Child imprint. They play a typically English form
of song craft taking it's queues from the whimsical '60s work of the Kinks and Syd
Barrett but their song structures and particularly the vocals of Dan Weltman are very
reminiscent of under-rated English pop group Teleman. Ed of 300 copies.
FC      5       ORANGE ALABASTER MUSHROOM : SPACE & TIME                LP      12.2016

Reissue on psych splatter wax. A mighty collision of influences from the Syd-era Floyd,
The Seeds and Electric Prunes that's simply magical! This compilation (originally
released on Earworm in 2000) contains the tracks from the 'The Psychedelic Bedroom'
7-inch from 1996 and the 'The Slug' 7-inch from 1998, and adds compilation tracks and
previously unreleased material. Ed. of 500 on coloured vinyl
FC      6       LAKE RUTH               BIRDS OF AMERICA                LP      02.2018

The hugely anticipated second full length from Lake Ruth. Inspired by 1960's sonic
experimentation, baroque psychedelia, library obscurities, vintage pop noir, Giallo
soundtracks, kraut and jazz, Lake Ruth creates intriguing and unique music rich with
multilayered instrumentation, propulsive rhythms and atmospheric vocals. "Explores
all manner of '60s baroque psychedelia, full of chiming guitars, harpsichord, a wide
array of organs and synthesizers, and dips into krautrock and other studies...gorgeous
and bewitching." ~Brooklyn Vegan.
FC      07      LUNA                    CALIFORNIA BLUE                 7"      11.2017

        A       California Blue
        B       Rock Yr Baby
                (Note : 7" , 500 copies)

California Blue/Rock Yr Baby by Luna is a 7” featuring two cover versions and will
be released alongside the band’s new album A Sentimental Journey. Side A, California
Blue is a cover of a song written by ELO’s Jeff Lynne, Tom Petty and Roy Orbison
which was originally released on Roy Orbison’s 1989 ‘comeback’ LP Mystery Girl. The
band claimed to have eschewed Jeff Lynne’s production style instead opting for a sound
akin to Pavement’s off-kilter country classic, Range Life. The B-Side contains a cover
of George McCrae’s disco classic and recent Luna live favourite Rock Yr Baby.
FC      08      LUNA                    LONESOME COWBOY BILL            7"      11.2017
                (Note : 7" , 500 copies)

Luna’s Dean Wareham hooked up with his friend Cheval Sombre to record an album of
western themed songs. Lonesome Cowboy Bill is one of two 7” singles to be released
by Feral Child. Throughout Dean Wareham’s career with Galaxie 500 and Luna, the
influence of the Velvet Underground has been apparent. Here, with Luna, he doffs
his cap by covering the Doug Yule-penned song from the Velvet Underground’s Loaded
album. On side B, Cheval Sombre gives us his interpretation. The album is due in
2018, until then you can enjoy Luna's more recent LP A Sentimental Education.