FEEDING TUBE RECORDS                    150 Pleasant St.Suite 235
********************                    Easthampton , MA 01027
                                        U S A

                                2018    221 Pine Street
                                        Room 141
                                        Florence, MA 01062

Contact : Ted Lee
Distr.  : US - Forced Exposure
          UK - Volcanic Tongue/Piccadilly/Boomkat/
          NE - Clear Spot/
Sub lab.: Negative Glam
Style   : indie / folk rock / alternative / lounge wave / noise / psychedelic
          / lo-fi pop / lo-fi country / surf / stoner / art rock / synth pop /
          psych pop / avant folk / punk / experimental / concrete music / free
          improv / thrash / field rec. / rhythmic noise / r&r /

series: FTR     000 -           vinyl/CD series
        FTRCS   000 -           cassette series

Started in 2003 by Ted Lee when he was a student, Feeding Tube Records is now both
a record store and label nestled in the middle of the Pioneer Valley in Florence,
Western Mass. Thurston Moore and Byron Coley came into the picture when the two
noticed Ted equipped with a video camera taping all the performances at The Yod
Space, Moore and Coley’s venue/half-formed record store. Soon enough, they joined
Ted around 2010 when the three all realized they wanted a retail space to sell
records and later, Thurston and Byron became more involved with the label side of
things. Thurston soon went off to the UK while Ted and Byron carried on, operating
the label in this capacity ever since.

Feeding Tube claims to release “limited edition vinyl documents of artists operating
on the fringe of obscurity”, and it’s hard to argue that they’ve done anything but
that. With a penchant for bolstering the sound of the Pioneer Valley and the New
England underground, no one sound defines the label. They continually unearth cult
recordings, like those from Mars, Gary Wilson, Jack Ruby, or Chilean compose Alvaro,
and they’ve worked with just about anyone who maps out on the "free" spectrum
: Chris Corsano, Bruce Russell, Michael Zerang, etc. They also continue to be a
springboard for budding artists, like Guerilla Toss, Palberta, or Daniel Bachman.

Byron recently mentioned that the label tries to maintain a schedule of “releasing
an LP a week,” and they’ve somehow exceeded that. They’ve released over 650 records
(according to Discogs) and have worked with over 300 artists since their inception.
That puts them at an average of 40+ releases a year, representing close to 20 artists
a year, although their release rate really revved up around 2013. And 2018 has been
a particularly fruitful year for the label. The yearly count ends up clocking in at
64 full-length releases, excluding the “just over 100” edition releases, cassettes,
lathes, represses, and CDRs. Feeding Tube struck while the iron was hot, as they’ve
always done. If you were listening, 2018 was a standout year for the label.

Ian Forsythe, Arlington MA 2018

FTR     000     ZEBU !                  MINDSTICKER                     CDR       .2005

        1       Achtung Zebu!
        2       Optigo
        3       Know Your Nothing #2
        4       Bag Full Of Doorknobs
        5       Strychnine
        6       Is A Junkyard
        7       Kunhaus
        8       Kunhardt
        9       My Front Yard
        10      Making It Better
FTR     001     ZEBU !                  THE $2                          CD        .2008

        1       Give
        2       Frontyard
        3       Bagfull Of Doorknobs
        4       Sorry I Robbed You
        5       Room Keys
        6       Charge Me
        7       Faster Pussycat
        8       Achtung Zebu!
        9       Kunhardt
        10      Faster Pussycat [Polished Version]

FTR     002     ZEBU !                  HOOKERS IN SWEATPANTS           CD        .2006
FTR     002     ZEBU !                  HOOKERS IN SWEATPANTS           CD+DVD    .2006

        1       Charge Me
        2       Giants Robots
        3       Tip Toe
        4       You Can't Polish Shit
        5       Your Band Is Nothing
        6       Dream Soldier
        7       Steve's Breakdown
        8       Skelo Ballo
        9       Hey Hey A Go Go
        10      Hell
        11      Coffin Joe
FTR     003     STEVIE WONDER'S PIANO                                   DVD
FTR     004     [HURRAH bag]                                            bag
FTR     005     NO SOUND                HEARTFACE                       CD        .2007

        1       Pan Pan Some
        2       Fact & Info
        3       The Bit #1
        4       Sticky Cakie Cassetties
        5       Dic
        6       Terminal Echoes
        7       Or Was It
        8       The Hypno Dee Drome Moves To Miami
        9       Sound 1
        10      Modern Home Decoration
        11      Girl What?
        12      Materials For The Machine Age, Yes Yes?!
        13      Favvo
        14      This Song Is Called
        15      Themasterplan
        16      I Lost My Face
        17      Make
        18      The Super Little Fucker Who Broke Shit
        19      Don't
        20      Every Time You Sing A Love Song
FTR     006     GREG & TED'S SATISFACTION FACTORY                       CD
FTR     007     ZEBU !                  CHAINSAWS AND CHEERLEADERS      LP.CD     .2007

        A1      Arp
        A2      Faster Pussycat
        A3      Getting Ready For Prom
        A4      Constipation
        A5      Goodmorning And Goodnight
        A6      Bagfull Of Doorknobs
        A7      Sorry I Robbed You
        A8      Ghost Party
        B1      Body Crime Time
        B2      Being There
        B3      Pomegranate
        B4      Chainsaws & Cheerleaders
        B5      Armageddon
        B6      Stiff Dead Rabbit In A Pool
        B7      No Classes
                NO SOUND : 

        1       The Cat Scratch
        2       Rolls For Satan
        3       Garbage Rebel Repeats
        4       The Song That Is Called Up Of Whispers
        5       Thee Head
        6       Inter
        7       Let The Bunnies Do It...
        8       Guitar Ex.
        9       Then Things Turned Trashy
        10      Test The Thing
        11      Coffee Explo
        12      Some Sleeping Babies
        13      It Made Sense Then
        14      232 Big Straw Hat
        15      No We Don't Want The Glass To Break
        16      Woof, Woof Please
        17      Resist
        18      Tooth Goodnight Picks
        19      Under Belle Noche
        20      Singing For A Mermaid
        21      9.12.07 - 11:30om Piano Flop
        22      Then The Monster
        23      In The Uk
        24      Cont. On Brave Past
        25      It's Not What You Want To Do
                (Note : CDR , 50 copies)
FTR     009     NO SOUND                BLOOD AND HUMMUS                CDR       .2008

        A       Students In The Lobby Of Robert E Lee Hall....
        B       3:21 Am Blues Place Patrol...
FTR     010     PETTICOATS & BULLETS                                    CDR       .2008
FTR     011     ZEBU!                   BAG OF SAND                     CD        .2008
FTR     012     NO SOUND                WET BREAK                       3"CDR     .2008

        1       Ride Ride On Thee Tick Tock                     1:56
        2       Thuuem Loops                                    0:44
        3       Big Ears Small Ears Orchestra Sep.2008          1:35
        4       Small Feelings Beneath The Feet                 2:04
        5       What's Up Teddy                                 0:23
        6       Clowns? Fuck Flowers                            5:08
        7       Down Sunday Sep.2008                            2:41
        8       Dang York                                       0:20
        9       Tits & Ass 9.14.08                              2:02
                (Note : 3" CDr , 30 copies)
FTR     013     [NO SOUND - 100 TWO MINUTE TAPES DISC 1]                CD        .2007

        1       Minute One
        2       Minute Two
        3       Minute Three
        4       Minute Four
        5       Minute Five
        5       Minute Six
        6       Minute Seven
        7       Minute Eight
        8       Minute Nine
        9       ...And So On...
FTR     014     ZEBU!                   BAG OF SAND                     LP        .2008

        A1      Jackets Don't Mean a Thang
        A2      Thights
        A3      Rover the Radio, Over
        A4      Wow Oh Oh
        A5      Don't Burn the House Down
        A6      Pete Shakes the Floors
        B1      Olleh Olleh
        B2      Crawling Through the Ropes
        B3      Back Tooth Heavy Numb
        B4      Enter
        B5      My Girls a Thug
        B6      My Head Feels Like It Has Ten Pounds of Sand In It
        B7      Eat Banana: Lay The Drums & Wave at Thy Guitar
        B8      Bloody Lips
FTR     015     [NO SOUND               DELIGHTS]                       CDR       .2010

        1       Organs Make Nice Pets
        2       Yelps From Silent Dead Annoynmous Frogs
        3       Happy Stegro Birthday 1.25.08
        4       Croomed & Groomed From Endless Loop Series
        5       Two [Bu] Channel [s] Sune Raelayh Chiicacakks
        6       Mayy 22nd 2008
        7       Nada Came After
        8       Squirmees Don't Got No Vocals Ssober Monk's Rehab...
        9       Itmadesensethen
        10      1.23.08••••Subarude••••2 Show!
        11      5 Pedals Won't Kill Me Yet, Yet! 5.31.08
        12      Mumbles The Exteriours - Lost My Face
        13      Bloo Leell Bld Ft C Ues 6.7.08
        14      14 Minute Seventy Five
        15      German Staircase #1 (Bonus Track)
FTR     016     nO sOund nO dVd 1                                       DVD       .2008

        A       Live Show
                (Note : DVDr , 10 copies)
FTR     017     SAM GAS CAN             Aswang                          7"        .2008

        A       Penanggal
        B       Manananggal
                (Note : 7" , 300 copies)
FTR     018     NO SOUND                OLD MAN LEE                     LP+DVD    .2008

        A1      Tits & Ass [Guttar Version]
        A2      Clowns? Fucking Clowns
        A3      Epoh Rof E A & I
        B1      Down Sunday
        B2      Big Ears Small Ears Orchestra
        B3      The-Don-Dar [Excerpt From Dre Do Ca Wha Yu Do]
        B4      We Go Here
        B5      Minute Fourty Eight
        B6      Amskah Hairpiece [Excerpt From Dre Do Ca Wha Yu Do]
        B7      Yu Don Wip Thee Floewz
        B8      Ride Ride On The Tick Tock
        B9      Tits & Ass
FTR     019     NO SOUND VS.GREG AND TED : LIVE IN O TOWN IN P TOWN     mCD       .2009

        1       1
                (Note : 3"CDR , 11 numbered copies)
FTR     020     NO SOUND                BED                             CD        .2009

        1       Old Me Vs New Me, Now.                          3:17
        2       The Up Is You                                   10:02
        3       Cassettespoocontaksmakersintospuzazs [Feeling
                The Blow]                                       3:13
        4       Missing Stares                                  10:38
        5       2008 To 2009 Champs Over Missed Yous Yous
                Yous Yous                                       14:17
        6       Until Teddy Was Born                            3:48
        7       The Unkown Red                                  5:11
FTR     021     ZEBU !                  wowz towl                       CD        .2009

        1       Steef Loois Sueberu
        2       Mista Murder Man
        3       Guiliani Hitler
        4       Cianci Mr.
        5       Stegrocide
        6       An Eternal Now
        7       Girl And A Gun
        8       May Drones In The Stampede Wrestlings
        9       Egyptian Shumpa Pip
        10      Stegro's Dead
        11      Let Me Sqeegee Bleegee
        12      I Don't Trust The Neighbers
                (Note : CDR , 50 copies)
FTR     022     ID M THEFT ABLE/CAVE BEARS                              LP        .2009

        A       Id M Theft Able         Zone Y Ponds Sugars I've
        B       Cave Bears              Germicide
                (Note : LP , 450 copies)
FTR     023     ZEBU !                  Bloody Lips                     7"        .2010

        A1      Bloody Lips
        A2      Five Seconds
        B1      Girl And A Gun
        B2      Berlin Surf
FTR     024     NO SOUND                LIVE AT THE PURPLE HOUSE        CD        .2009

        1       Untitled
                (Note : CD , 1 copy)
FTR     025     CRYSTALINE ROSES        ONE MAN CULT                    LP      02.2010

        A1      	Song Of The Morning Star I
        A2      The Sparrow
        A3      Shall We Commune?
        A4      On A Whim & A Prayer
        A5      Picturing The Cosmic Egg
        A6      Knowledge (Hollow Bodies)
        B1      Song Of The Morning Star II
        B2      Treatise Of The Moon (Preparing The Cosmic Egg)
        B3      Int The Mountainside
        B4      Cradling The Wind
        B5      (Lament)
                (Note : LP , 250 copies + 11"x17" insert)
FTR     026     NALS GORING/NO SOUND                                    LP        .2009

        A       Nals Goring             Watership Down
        B       No Sound                Gay KK
FTR     027     ZEBU !                  THE THINGS WE FOUND             CD        .2009

        1       Note Taking
        2       Hair Down To Her Feet
        3       Ladder Of Love
        4       The Death Knell
        5       Pain & Sorrow
        6       Rock & Rol Back Again
        7       Busty Bobbie
        7       You Know It's Love When Your Making Love To A Corpse
        8       The Death Knell 2
        9       Aspa Delpap Pah
        10      Heads
        11      Bad Timing
FTR     028     GREG & TED'S            LOVE , WIND 7 FAILURE           LP        .2009

        A1      Deal With It
        A2      Things Happening
        A3      El Norte
        A4      Master Works Of Comedy
        A5      Touch My Body
        A6      Two Beards
        A7      Me, My Dick & Your Vagina
        A8      R.W. Harper
        B1      Deal With It
        B2      Power Of Creation
        B3      Hell Heck
        B4      Slice That Tension
        B5      Gould V.S. Kristofferson
                (Note : LP/180 g. , 250 copies on picture disc)
FTR     029     NO SOUND                OLD MAN LEE                     DVD       .2009
                UND ALKOHOLISMUS

        A1      Kommissar Hjuler Und Frau : Once Again Concrete Poetry
                (Or Was It The Song?)
        B1      Mama Baer               Alcoholisme - Brut 1
        B2      Mama Baer               Alcoholisme - Brut 2
                (Note : LP/180 g , 500 copies)
FTR     031     PICAYUNE                SUMMER BUMMER                   LP        .2011

        A1      So Gone
        A2      Kinsella High
        A3      Fucked Diamonds/Ripped Gems
        A4      Breed Blood
        A5      Not So Righteous
        B1      Yuengling Freak Nite, Pt. II
        B2      Narc City
        B3      Hot Metal Bridge
        B4      Okay
        B5      Sleeperhold
FTR     032     EDITH BUNKER'S DEMINIZED VOMIT INSURANCE                6CDR      .2009

        A       Disc One
        B       Disc Two
        C       Disc Three
        D       Disc Four
        E       Disc Five
        F       Disc Six
                (Note : 20 copies)
FTR     033     LAURIE MCNAMARA         CARMEN OF OHIO                  7"        .2014

        A       Intro, Carmen Of Ohio
        B       Older, Sicker
                (Note : 7" , 20 copies)
FTR     034     SNAPS'N'CLAPS           GREATEST HITS                   CDR       .2011

        1       Hey Boy
        2       You Don't Have To Try To Be My Guy
        3       Today I Met The Boy I'm Gonna Marry
        4       Sha La La
        5       Soldier Boyfriend
        6       Much Rather Be With The Girls
        7       Foolish Lil' Girl
        8       Summer Romance
                MAGNIFICENT VAGINA

        1       Untitled
FTR     036     DASHPI                  DON'T GIVE UP THE SHIP EP       7"        .2010

        A1      Don't Give Up the Ship
        A2      Island Paradise
        B1      Woob Woob
        B2      Skot Doesn't Wanna
                (Note ; 7" , 33.3 RPM , 500 copies)
FTR     037     V / A                   THE WEENY MAN                   LP        .2010

        A1      Trisha
                From A Fisher Price Tape Labelled "Record Your World Sounds"
        A2      Weeny Man
        A3      Good Old King Of York
        A4      Something In My Pocket
        A5      Make New Friends
        A6      Over The River
                From A Tape Found In A "Talkgirl" Tape Recorder
        A7      The Bad Touch
        A8      Bored
        A9      Homework
                From The Tape Labelled "Dorothea" Side A
        A10     Blood Of The Lamb / Oh How I Love Jesus
        A11     Running Over
        A12     The Devil Is A Sly Old Fox
        A13     Won't Lag On Behind
        A14     Be Careful Little Eyes What You See
                From The Tape Labelled "Maps1" Side A
        A15     Cut It Out
        A16     !
        A17     Special News Report
        A18     Farts Are Delicious
        A19     Chinese People Do Not Swear
        A20     Best Sneeze
        A21     Seven Kinds Of Fruit
        A22     Found A Peanut
        A23     Let's Skin The Bear
        A24     What You Say Is What You Are
        A25     Can You Leave Everything On?
        A26     Dink Nose
        A27     !
        A28     I Fell
        A29     Take A Piece Of Your Hair
        A30     Can You Leave Everything On?
                More From "Dorothea"
        B1      Jesus Won't Let Me Go
        B2      Fanfare
        B3      Fire In Jesus' Heart
        B4      Just Because I Love You
        B5      (Scat)
        B6      (Scatting In Tongues)
        B7      Cow Racing
        B8      The Pregnancy
        B9      The Pillow
        B10     Melissa Maker Outer
        B11     A New Dick
        B12     The Hippy
                From The Tape Labelled "Maps1" Side B
        B13     Commercial
        B14     The Giant Foot
        B15     WFOOT
        B16     ,,,Phbbtt!
        B17     Rhinestone Cowboy
        B18     Except For His Feet
        B19     We Want Odor-Eaters
        B20     EEEKKK!
        B21     (It's All Over)
        B22     Here Is My Noise
        B23     You're The One
        B24     !
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
FTR     038     NO SOUND'S              IT'S NEVER ROOM SERVICE         LP        .2009

        A1      Fields
        A2      Sanda Sing Softly
        A3      Pink Tape Graveyard
        B1      Scratch Studio Stufio Bluop
FTR     039     CAVE BEARS              CRAWL SPACE EP                  7"      12.2009

        A1      Crawlspace Part One
        A2      Electric Dog
        B1      Crawlspace Part Two
        B2      Beetles Rock
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)
FTR     040     MEL CROUCHER & AUTOMATA UK LTD. : PIMANIA               LP        .2010

        A1      The Piland International Anthem
        A2      Pi-Balled
        A3      Crummy Song
        A4      Pimania
        B1      Some People
        B2      Pompey Rock
        B3      Leader of the Pac
        B4      Video Nasty
        B5      Bit of a Cult!
        B6      Ally Pally Wally
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
                - FROSTED ANALOG DREAMS

        A1      Spreading The Grout                             18:38
        B1      The Diverse Duck                                5:15
        B2      More Picnic                                     4:05
        B3      More Panic                                      5:19
        B4      I See Spots                                     4:15

        A1      I'm Staying Here
        A2      Little Susie's Dream
        A3      Go Home
        A4      Depths Of Confusion
        A5      Deperate Plea
        A6      Vision/Rage/Irish Girl
        A7      Fake Country Music
        A8      Fried Sandwich Play
        B1      Hair/Wind/Football
        B2      March #16
        B3      Plantation Of Pain
        B4      Bog Man
        B5      Battle Of The Mascots
        B6      After The Parade
        B7      Sinking Ship
        B8      Song X
        B9      Go To Hell
        B10     Pale Light
        B11     The Big Parade

LP      A1      Rumpelstilzchen
        A2      Rotkaeppchen
        B1      Rapunzel
        B2      Hans im Glueck
DVD             Untitled
FTR     044     GREY SKULL              2010 TOUR                       CDR       .2010

        1       II.I.08 - Dubious Liftings Turners Falls, MA            19:50
        2       I.I5.10 - Diamond Junction Bowling Lanes Palmer, MA     16:36
        3       I.5.I0 - Media Mansion Northampton, MA                  21:54
                (Note : CDr , 50 copies)

        A1      Speed Kill
        A2      Vermont Yankee
        A3      Anarchists Of Punk Rock
        A4      Hunger In The World Is A Problem
        A5      I Am The Creator Sun Ra
        A6      Bush No On CNN
        A7      Shadow Of The Night
        A8      Not Really Causing A Fire
        A9      Evil Knows Your Name
        B1      Hate Myself Today
        B2      Hate Myself II
        B3      Torture In Paradise
        B4      Philadelphia Riot
        B5      Power To The People
        B6      The Seed Of Contempt
        B7      The Fire Below
        B8      You Were Drinking Whisky
        B9      Know My Name
FTR     046     WIZARD PRISON           NEXT CYCLE                      LP        .2010

        A1      Pa Gogon Rises Early
        A2      Journey To La Chorrera
        A3      Deploy The Firebird
        A4      Flight And Transmutation
        A5      A Successful Mission
        B1      Gogon's Family Conference
        B2      The New Conference
        B3      The Destruction Of The Face
        B4      The Improvement
        B5      Chrome Endus
FTR     047     JACK CALLAHAN           MUSIC FROM AIRPORTS             LP      05.2010

        A       Untitled
        B       Untitled
FTR     048     ZEBU !                  HAGENWERDER-C                   LP        .2010

        A1      One
        B1      Two

        A1      At the Hotel Double Tragedy (Take 1)
        A2      Don’t Tread on the Museums of Your Youth
        A3      Tiny Children in Our Hearts
        A4      The Snow Will Make Fat Men of Us All
        A5      How I Laughed My Way to an Early Grave
        B1      Junk Pop
        B2      No More Smoking Pot in the Bathroom
        B3      Fireflies Made of Dust (Take 1)
        B4      At the Hotel Double Tragedy (Take 3)
        B5      We Used to Be Such Good Friends
FTR     050     BELLTONE SUICIDE        CARTILAGE EVAPORATOR            LP        .2010

        A1      Human Larvae
        A2      Cosmic Ferrarri
        A3      Bone Furnace
        B1      Eighteen Wheel
        B2      Apocalypse
        B3      Cartilage Evaporator
                (Note : LP , 100 copies each w. different hand-made cover)
FTR     051     BLANCHE BLANCHE BLANCHE : 2WICE 2WINS                   LP        .2011

        A1      Alots B4
        A2      That's OK
        A3      The Power of Music
        A4      Love Weapon
        A5      Heat Wilson's Goal
        A6      Imagine Your Own Solo
        A7      Red Book
        A8      2wice 2wins
                (Note : LP , 1-sided)
FTR     052     RALPH WHITE             BOUNDLESS                       LP        .2010

        A1      Monkey Is King
        A2      The Israelites
        A3      I've Been All Around This World
        B1      Let Me Fall
        B2      Natural Mystic
        B3      Moving Heart

        A1      You Hit The Funk
        A2      Six Fingers For California
        A3      Lay It Down (On The People)
        A4      The Mixing Vessel
        B1      Swimming To Florida
        B2      Screamin Janin B
        B3      I'm Just Here To Get My Baby Outta Jail
        B4      Bad Habit

        A1      How 2 Locate And Remove An Eraserhead
        A2      Wonderful World
        A3      Something Strange
        A4      I Got Lost On A Acid Trip (I Flew Away In A Rocket Ship)
        A5      Pretty Girls Is A Mother Fucker
        A6      God's Vag
        A7      My Penis Is A Fortune Teller
        A8      Fresh Baguettes
        A9      I Still See Your Face
        A10     I Wanna Rock + Roll With You
        B1      Corporate Sluts
        B2      Take Off My Lazy Pants
        B3      The Right Stuff
        B4      American Pigs
        B5      Frozen Town
        B6      Cigarettes Make Me Feel Good
        B7      Rock + Roll Is My Friend
        B8      My Poor Sandwich
        B9      Life Is 2 Heavy
        B10     Space Whales
        B11     Deep Thoughts
FTR     055     SLEEP BOTTOMS           Jamaica                         7"        .2011

        A       Jamaica
        B       Jamaica Part Two
                (Note : 7" , 100 copies)
FTR     056     SPORTS                  THE SMELL OF ROT                LP        .2011

        A1      Murder Paid For
        A2      Genetics
        A3      Night Creature
        A4      Goodnight, World
        B1      Slow Death
        B2      All Of Us Suffering Now
        B3      Ready To Ruin The World
FTR     057     BLANCHE BLANCHE BLANCHE : TALK OUT LOUD                 7"        .2011

        A       Talk Out Loud
        B       Water To Wine
FTR     058     AMBERGRIS               ANTI-MATTER ALMA MATER          LP        .2011

        A       Anti Matter Alma Mater
        B       Wormholes
                (Note : LP , 300 copies, black or violet vinyl)
FTR     059     SAM GAS CAN/JUSTIN RHODY                                7"        .2011

        A1      Sam Gas Can             Born Punk Pt. 1
        A2      Sam Gas Can             Fake Uke Out
        A3      Sam Gas Can             Scan The Baby
        A4      Sam Gas Can             Dirty Old Cooler
        A5      Sam Gas Can             What Does It Mean To You?
        A6      Sam Gas Can             Born Punk Pt. 2
        A7      Sam Gas Can             Crazy Family
        A8      Sam Gas Can             College
        A9      Sam Gas Can             The Rising Tide
        A10     Sam Gas Can             Born Punk Pt. 3
        B1      Justin Clifford Rhody   I Don't Even Remember What It Iss
        B2      Justin Clifford Rhody   I Don't Want To (To-To-To)
        B3      Justin Clifford Rhody   No, Probably Not
        B4      Justin Clifford Rhody   Younger Uncle Breath
        B5      Justin Clifford Rhody   With Little Plastic Birds And Two
                Month Old Little Baby Shoes - It Whispers, "We're No Florida
                Beaches, But We Hope That You'll Still Visit Soon... And
                Want To."
        B6      Justin Clifford Rhody   (Instrumental)
        B7      Justin Clifford Rhody   If You Close The Door
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
FTR     060     NO SOUND                ORGANS                          3lp       .2012

LP 1    A1      Hearts Hope
        A2      Move Long
        A3      Toxic C
        A4      A Number
        A5      Julia
        B1      Sink Sink Hearts Hope
        B2      Bassed - Move Long
        B3      T - C - T - C
        B4      #1 Blow Out
        B5      J

LP 2    C1      Crimes
        D1      Pearl's Hum
        D2      Rita Rita

LP 3    E1      Bleed
        E2      Flywheel Piano
        E3      Don't Fear
        E4      Mid Dro
        E5      Waiting On The Moon
        E6      Beats For The Lovers
        E7      Street Geetar
        E8      Hum And Keys
        E9      Daily Work Activities
        E10     Something Near
        F1      Woods In Easthampton
        F2      Strange Troubled
        F3      Bye Bye Hope
                (Note : 3LP boxset , 100 copies)
FTR     061     CAVE BEARS              JUMP TO YOUR BED                LP        .2011

        A1      Jump To Your Bed
        A2      Jump To Your Bed
        A3      Jump To Your Bed
        A4      Jump To Your Bed
        A5      Jump To Your Bed
        A6      Jump To Your Bed
        A7      Jump To Your Bed
        B1      Jump To Your Bed
        B2      Jump To Your Bed
        B3      Jump To Your Bed
FTR     062     BUNWINKIES :  MAP OF OUR NEW CONSTELLATIONS             LP      11.2011

        A1      Maps Of Our New Constellations
        A2      Arriving In My Eyes
        A3      Fools Clock
        A4      Brilliant Winter
        A5      Time Flies
        A6      William Culler Bryant
        B1      Fretful And Lost
        B2      The Sign
        B3      Ooo Wee
        B4      Thankyou Note
        B5      Goshen

        A1      I Hope It Works Out Bay
        A2      Book of Fire
        A3      My Affectionate Eye Disease
        A4      Not the Day that I Was Hoping For
        A5      Fireflies Made Out of Dust
        A6      I'm Not Gonna Bleed Here for Your Mercy Anylonger
        B1      Piller of Salt
        B2      Don't Play Ding Dong Ditch with My Heart
        B3      Oop, I Did It Again / Mmm..But It's Soo Close
        B4      Hold Me
        B5      Fresh Gash
        B6      I'm Not Gonna Bleed Here for Your Mercy Anylonger
                (Note : LP , 1000 copies)
FTR     064     EGG , EGGS              Albino Bigot                    10"       .2011

        A       Albino Bigot                                    6:16
        B       Rochchunk                                       5:04
FTR     065     GARY WILSON             FORGOTTEN LOVERS                LP      10.2011

        A1      Dream(s)
        A2      In The Midnight Hour
        A3      Forgotten Lovers
        A4      Rhythm In Your Eyes
        A5      New York Surf
        A6      It's So Sad To Be Alone
        A7      Soul Travel
        A8      Chrome Lover
        B1      Sick Trip
        B2      Softly The Water Flows
        B3      I Wanna Take You On A Sea Cruise
        B4      When I Spoke Of Love
        B5      Another Galaxy
        B6      You Took Me On A Walk Into My Mirror
                (Note : LP , 1000 copies)
FTR     066     GREY SKULL              DAMAGED III                     LP      08.2012

        A       Side A
        B       Side B
                (Note : LP , 200 copies)
FTR     067     [NO SOUND LATHE TECHNOFEAR 20 ED.]                      12"       .2011

        A1      Still Thinkin' Of You
        B1      Love Moans
        B2      Storms
        B3      A Number [New Mix 5.1.10 @ Dad City In Amherst, Ma]
FTR     068     MARS                    LIVE AT ARTISTS SPACE           LP      12.2011

        A1      3E (fragment)
        A2      Cats
        A3      11000 Volts
        A4      Helen Fordsdale
        A5      Cairo Tunnel
        A6      Hairwaves
        A7      Puerto Rican Ghost
        B1      3E
        B2      Cats
        B3      11000 Volts
        B4      Helen Fordsdale
        B5      Cairo Tunnel
        B6      Hairwaves
        B7      Puerto Rican Ghost
FTR     069     YEH/COURTIS/LEE/WESSELTOFT                              LP        .2012

        A       Celestial Ancestry
        B       On Mercator's Projection
FTR     070     BLANCHE BLANCHE BLANCHE : OUR PLACE                     LP+DLc  08.2012

        A1      Right Through Me
        A2      Cubs Conscious
        A3      The Fifth Wind
        A4      The Dickie Boys
        A5      Final Notice
        A6      Finger 59
        A7      Blue Denude
        A8      Blanche Blanche Blanche
        A9      The Crazy Band Cd
        A10     Hard To Know
        A11     Music Overall
        B1      New To The Room
        B2      Overdry Sensation
        B3      The Great Event
        B4      Headroom Stages
        B5      Block The Roses
        B6      Secret Class
        B7      Me
        B8      Our Place
        B9      White Sox
                (Note : LP , 400 copies)
FTR     071     EDITH BUNKER DEMONIZED VOMIT INSURANCE                  7"        .2012

        A       Xexexe
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , 1-sided)
FTR     072     KENNETH HIGNEY          ATTIC DEMONSTRATION             LP        .2012

FTR     072     OMNIVORE (GLENNA VAN NOSTRAND) : OMNIVORE               LP+DLc    .2012

        A1      Clementine
        A2      Pink Electric
        A4      Happening
        A5      Hold
        A6      Used To
        B1      Toast
        B2      Elbows
        B3      Fire
        B4      Ways
        B5      Gnarwarblers
FTR     073     EGG, EGGS               THE CLEANSING POWER OF FRUIT    LP        .2012

        A       Side A
        B       Side B
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
FTR     074     CHRIS WEISMAN           FRESH SIP                       2LP       .2010

LP 1            Yen You
        A1      Saved In Chats
        A2      999
        A3      I'm The Author
        A4      Apple Season
        A5      Capricorn
        B1      Open Tuning
        B2      Blowing All Over The Boy
        B3      Nu Carta
        B4      Yen You
        B5      Focus On The Flute

LP 2            I Don't Care Again
        C1      Fresh Sip
        C2      Midi Van
        C3      I Don't Care Again
        C4      Mr. Man
        C5      Hardcore Experiemntation
        D1      Lies About Me
        D2      Teacher In Rags
        D3      If I Say So Myself (I Used To Be An Elf)
        D4      All Night Night
                (Note : double LP , 500 copies)

CS      Autumn          AR 015          2010    US      + 19DL
FTR     075     EGG , EGGS              BEETROOT JUICE 1/1              CDR       .2011

        1       Egg, Eggs Fucked Up Cassette 6.7.10
        2       Sales Sale Sales
        3       Duck Egg
        4       (MONO) Albino Bigot
                (Note : CDr , 1000 copies)
                (Note : 10" , 1-sided , 19 copies)

        A1      Christmas Spirits
        B1      It's Christmas Again
        B2      Martian Santa
                (Note : 7" , 150 copies)

7"      Spooky Two      SPKY 017        2011    US

        A1      North By Northeast
        B1      Cosmic Hallways
        B2      Shadow Of The Cross
                (Note : LP , 200 hand-numb. copies)
FTR     079     NO SOUND'S              A JUBILEE FUTURE                2xC30     .2011

CS 1    A1      The Next Time You Want Information, Don't Scratch
                For It Like A Dog, Ask For It Like A Man!       15:00
        A2      Crow Like A Hen. You Have Just Laid An Egg.     15:00

CS 2    B1      Match Me                                        15:00
        B2      Goodbye, Mr. Lee                                15:00
FTR     080     NO SOUND                KISS IT                         CS        .2011

        A       Hum Hum Mix 1
        B       Hum Hum Hum Mix 2
FTR     081     GARY WILSON             LISA WANTS TO TALK TO YOU       LP      10.2012

        A1      All Alone In Endicott
        A2      Lisa Wants To Talk To You
        A3      Dance With Linda Tonight
        A4      Come On Mary
        A5      Feel The Breeze
        A6      I Woke Up Into A Thousand Dreams (Instrumental)
        A7      Mary Won't You Dance For Me
        B1      Karen Had A Secret
        B2      Run Through The Woods
        B3      Your Dream Is Not My Scene
        B4      As I Walk Into The Night (Instrumental)
        B5      Sandy
        B6      You Are Still My Girlfriend
        B7      All Alone In Endicott II
FTR     082     ZEBU!                   CHILL WAVE                      LP      05.2012

        A1      Aloha!
        A2      Don Bello
        A3      Anchovies
        A4      Lip Service
        A5      Surfin' Twin
        A6      Sugar Shells
        A7      Piece Of Your Brain
        A8      Surfin' Crown Heights
        A9      Surfin' Myrtle
        B1      Trapped In Eternity
        B2      Snorkeling!
        B3      Surfin' Jordan
        B4      Pomegranite
        B5      Schmoolik And The Bandits
        B6      Surfin' Aquarius
        B7      If You Love Me
        B8      For Goodness Sake
        B9      Blood On The Beach
        B10     Kunhardt Drowned...
FTR     083     MARS                    LIVE AT IRVING PLAZA            LP+DLc  08.2012
NG      #2

        A1      Outside Africa
        A2      Puerto Rican Ghost
        A3      Hairwaves
        A4      Fractions
        A5      Immediate Stages of the Erotic
        B       NN End (feat. Rudolph Grey)
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Negative Glam   NG #2           2012    US
                DOUBLE TRAGEDY

        A1      At The Hotel Double Tragedy (Take Four)
        A2      Not The Day That I Was Hoping For (Take Two)
        A3      The Ballad Of Gabe Stoll
        A4      I Don't Wanna Go To Work Toady (Take One)
        A5      Molly Milk Of Magnesia (Take Two)
        A6      The Wrong Telephone
        7       I Dont Wanna Go To Work Today (Take Three)
        8       I Dont Wanna Go To Work Today (Take Two)
        9       I'd Dance With You Maria But My Hands Are On Fire
        10      You Can't Live Off The Light, Kid
                (Note : LP , 100 copies)

                DOUBLE TRAGEDY

LP 1    A1      At The Hotel Double Tragedy (Take 1)
        A2      Don’t Tread On The Museums Of Your Youth
        A3      Tiny Children In Our Hearts
        A4      The Snow Will Make Fat Men Of Us All
        A5      How I Laughed My Way To An Early Grave
        B1      Junk Pop
        B2      No More Smoking Pot In The Bathroom
        B3      Fireflies Made Out Of Dust
        B4      At The Hotel Double Tragedy (Take 3)
        B5      We Used To Be Such Good Friends

LP 2    C1      At The Hotel Double Tragedy (Take 2)
        C2      Talk To Me (Take 1)
        C3      Fireflies Made Of Dust (Take 3)
        C4      Rabbit Rabbit
        C5      Rage Rage Against Those Hideous Fireflies
        C6      Fistful Of Butter
        C7      Trust In Rock And Roll
        D1      Tell Me, Tell Me
        D2      Let My Ears Be Unplugged
        D3      Agatha Christie's Poirot
        D4      Talk To Me (Take 3)
        D5      Talk To Me (Take 2)
        D6      I Said I Wanna Listen To Music By Dead People
        D7      Sometimes It Takes A City To Really Feel Alone
                : FUCK BRETT

        A1      Moose                   Untitled
        A2      Big People Band         Untitled
        B       Belltone Suicide & Diagram: A : Untitled
                (Note : LP , 100 copies + 8 p colour insert)
FTR     086     VAPOR GOURDS            DAGGER MAGIC                    LP      10.2012

        A1      Intro
        A2      Magic Daggers
        A3      Greenslaves
        A4      Boilerhouse
        A5      Boilerhouse 2
        A6      Sesshu
        A7      Spark Phmotos
        A8      Swarm
        B1      Eggs Reflected In A Distorted Mirror
        B2      Snails Tongues
        B3      Dropping Keys
        B4      Fluid Mapper's
        B5      Vomact
        B6      Blythii
        B7      Pneuma
        B8      Dagger Magic Riddim
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
FTR     087     NO SOUND                SHE's SHADY                     7"        .2013

        A       Lines
        B       Locks
                (Note : 7" , 10 copies)
FTR     088     M2                      AT LAND'S EDGE                  LP      08.2012

        A1      Invitation from Land's Edge                     2:44
        A2      Looming                                         4:43
        A3      Pitch Lake                                      7:46
        A4      Submerged                                       3:53
        B1      The Tenuous Properties of Navigation            6:45
        B2      Trigger for a Metamorphosis                     3:11
        B3      Interior Locale                                 10:04
        B4      Epicenter and Aftermath                         3:31
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
FTR     089     EGG, EGGS               MAKE YOURSELF EGG, EGGS         LP        .2012

        A       Make Yourself
        B       Move Through The Night
                (Note : LP , 100 copies on shit-brown vinyl)

        A1       Paul Flaherty          The Jellyfish Dilemma
        B1      Sam Gas Can             [untitled]
        B2      White Limo              Strite 15 Noslirana
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

        A1      Infestations Of The Voyager Spacecraft
        A2      ?
        A3      The Famouse Eggs
        A4      DisRemembered Drea(m
        A5      Aids Ebola Crack And Guns (I Slit The CIA's Throats In
        A6      God Damn The Sun (Orig. The Swans)
        A7      I Likek To Polk Chickesn
        A8      Conformity Is Sexy
        A9      Prank Call To Dulce
        A10     A Sword Red With The Blood Of God
        A11     God Is A Fucktard's Ass
        A12     The Hand That Feeds Me Is Made Of Dogshit
        B1      Nick Blinko: Age Seven
        B2      Shooby Taylow's Grandma Smoking Crack (As Heard On 1920's
                Burmese Shortwave)
        B3      Closet Heterosexual
        B4      There Is A Land
        B5      No Timmy, There's No Santa, Easter, Jesus, Or South Pork
                - I Made The Whole Thing Up While Being Raped By Dick Cheney
        B6      Midnight In Baku
        B7      A Member Of Caroliner Might Be On This Track (That'll Be
                Nine Billion Dollars Please)
        B8      Antonin Artaud Does "Faust" (A Shellac He Gave To Tom G.
                Warrior's Grandfather)
        B9      Click Here You Swezlex Bastard
                (Note : LP , 100 copies)
FTR     092     THURSTO MOORE & JOHN MOLONEY : CAUGHT ON TAPE           LP      11.2012

        A       [untitled]
        B       [untitled]
FTR     093     HI SHERIFFS OF BLUE     NYC 1980                        LP      05.2014

        A1      Gossip Crowd, Loser Line, Sweet Talk, My Big Vacation, Hate
        A2      Dust My Blues
        B1      Big Duke
        B2      Blue Door, Black Door
        B3      White Street Shuffle
        B4      Where Were You When The Lights Went Out?
        B5      Cold Chills
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
FTR     094     TRACEY TRANCE           PYPER KUB                       LP+DLc    .2012

        A1      10th & Stone Lane
        A2      Buddy, Ritchie, Bopps (Guiding * Pt. 1)
        A3      Feelin' The Sun
        A4      Thinkin' Where (Guiding * Pt. 2)
        A5      Cedar Key
        B1      Looyah
        B2      Dreddy Kyle Jam #1
        B3      Life Is Like A Goose (Truckin' On The Gerbs)
        B4      Dreddy Kyle Jam #2
        B5      Richard Three Dog Bite / Mouth Of The South
        B6      Visiting Tampa
                (Note : LP , 700 copies on cream vinyl)
FTR     095     GUERILLA TOSS           JEFFREY JOHNSON                 LP      11.2012

        A       Chronophobia, Just Puss, Shitty Gary            16:22
        B       CGB Spender, Breeding Snakes, For Variety       14:16
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
FTR     096     ORCHID SPANGIAFORA      FLEE PAST'S APE ELF             2LP     12.2013

LP 1    A1      Dime Operation
        A2      A Short Piece
        A3      Sput
        A4      Flee Pasts Ape Elf
        A5      Mondo Stupid
        A6      Hold Everything
        B1      Sheer Madness
        B2      Some Crust
        B3      Coarse Fish
        B4      Trapped Heir Suite Part 2
        B5      Persistence Of Fred Macmurray

LP 2    C1      Intro
        C2      Asafoetida
        D1      Gulf
        D2      Distiller
        D3      Summertime
        D4      Second Hand Smoke
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
FTR     097     NO SOUND                DROP                            12"       .2012

        A       Guitar Loop Piece #1
        B       Cymbal Bowing #3
                (Note : 12" , 20 copies)
FTR     098     MARK CUNNINGHAM         BLOOD RIVER DUSK                LP+DLc    .2013

        1A      Magnesia
        2A      Breathbeat
        3A      Duelo Al Sol
        4A      Blood Meridian
        5B      Duelo A La Sombra
        6B      Night Tripper
        7B      Smoke Signals
        B8      Pagan Sunday
        9B      Sonora Hi-life
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
FTR     099     BODY/GATE/HEAD          GLARE LURING YO                 LP      12.2012

        A       One for Alice Bonnard
        B       One for Earthworm Jim
                (Note : LP , 300 copies w.silkscreened sleeve)
                : OPERATION HO! HO! HO!

        A1      It's X-Mas Time Again (Michelle Korn)
        A2      X-Mas Cartoons
        A3      Martian Santa
        A4      Snowflake Period Piece
        A5      African Noel (X-Mas At The Children's Psychiatric Hospital)
        A6      Deck The Halls With Gasoline (Trad.)
        A7      Christmas Kiss (The Mary Hamhocks)
        A8      Vodka Seinfeld The Jewish Reindeer
        A9      Snowglobe (Great Valley)
        B1      The Great Valley On Ice
        B2      She Died From A Snowflake At 3AM
        B3      Mouse Shenannigans
        B4      Hands Off My Snowflakes
        B5      X-Mas Tiger On The Table
        B6      A New Year's Wish From The Happy Jawbone Family Band
        B7      In A Close Call X-Mas Is Saved By Poor Planning
                (Note : LP , 100 copies)
FTR     101     ZEBU!                   DANCING ON THE OUTSIDE          7"        .2012

        A       Untitled
        B       Untitled
                (Note : 7" , 20 copies)
FTR     102     HOME BOY                IN REAL LIFE                    LP.CD   06.2013

        1       Calm
        2       Hustlebustle
        3       The Wheel
        4       Kamikaze
        5       Hunt It
        6       Jungle
        7       Ram
        8       Fire
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
FTR     103     BIG BLOOD               RADIO VALKYRIE 1905-1917        2LP       .2013

LP 1    A1      40 Days and 40 Nights
        A2      A Castoff (D-503) Pt. I
        A3      Everything Is Improving
        A4      In the Wild Pt. I
        A5      A Castoff (D-503) Pt. II
        B1      Cast Iron Hand
        B2      Sanati (Layla Murad)
        B3      In the Wild Pt. II

LP 2    C1      Sirens Knell Pt. II
        C2      Secret Garden
        C3      Ice Swells Pt. I
        D1      The Mirror Like Sea
        D2      Ice Swells Pt. II
        D3      A Sunny Night
FTR     104     NO SOUND                ENTER II                        12"       .2012

        A       Untitled
        B       Untitled
                (Note : 12" , 20 copies+bootleg)
FTR     105     JACK RUBY               JACK RUBY                       LP+DLc  06.2014
FTR     105     JACK RUBY               JACK RUBY                       LP+DLc  05.2016

A.      1.      Hit And Run
        2.      Mayonnaise
        3.      Bored Stiff
        4.      Bad Teeth
        5.      Sleep Cure
B.      6.      Beggars Parade ('77 Rehearsal)
        7.      Neon Rimbaud ('77 Rehearsal)
        8.      Out Of Touch ('77 Rehearsal)
        9.      Hit And Run ('77 Rehearsal)
        10.     Bad Teeth (Don Fleming Mix)
                (Note : LP , 600 copies)

LP      Negative Glam   NG #4           2014    US
FTR     106     COUCHIE POOCHIE         LIVE IN EASTHAMPTON, MA         10"       .2012

        A       Side A
        B       Side B
                (Note : 10" , 20 copies)
FTR     107     EGG, EGGS               TIME WITHOUT YOURSELF           12"       .2012

        A       Untitled
        B       Untitled

        1       Popped in the Head
        2       All the Time Now
                (Note : 12"/45 RPM , 300 copies)
FTR     109     EGG, EGGS               4D WITCH & GHOST EXPERIENCE     12"       .2012

        A       4D Witch & Ghost Experience
        B       Soft Twist
                (Note : 12" , 20 copies , lathe cut)
FTR     110     NO SOUND : I NEED A LITTLE MORE LOVE EVERY DAY          3x7"      .2013

7"/1    A       I Need A Little More Love Every Day
        B       I Need A Little More Love Every Day

7"/2    C       I Need A Little More Love Every Day
        D       I Need A Little More Love Every Day

7"/3    E       I Need A Little More Love Every Day
        F       I Need A Little More Love Every Day
FTR     111     TELLAVISION             MUSIC ON CANVAS                 12"       .2013

        A1      DinA5
        A2      Limitation
        A3      The One Another
        A4      AllHands
        A5      Swallow
        B1      On The Floor
        B2      Fee Sight Blues (Honestly Not Asleep)
        B3      Deleted Song
        B4      Million
        B5      Cut My Voice
                (Note : 12"/45 RPM , 300 copies)
FTR     112     GREAT VALLEY            CONTINENTAL LUNCH               LP      06.2013

        A1      Dream Phone
        A2      It's For You
        A3      Phantom Flight
        A4      Sandra's Rage
        A5      Cranberry Lake
        A6      Aliens In My House
        A7      Sportsman's Lounge
        B1      Bleacher Honey
        B2      Yellow-Purple Moon
        B3      Angry Eyes
        B4      Doesn't Space Look Nice
        B5      A Dog, A Star, A Dinner
        B6      Bigger Palace
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
FTR     113     CYCLES INSIDE           OUTDOOR EXPLORATIONS #1         10"       .2013

        A1      Outdoor Exploration #1
                (Note : 10"/33.3 RPM , 1-sided)
FTR     114     NO SOUND                SKIN TO BINDER                  10"       .2014

        A       Side A
        B       Side B
                (Note : 10" , 10 copies)
FTR     115     EGG, EGGS               FANNY ALPACA                    10"       .2013

        A       Fanny A
        B       Fanny B
                (Note : 10"/33.3 RPM)

        A1      Interesting Doesn't Matter, Just Be Smart
        A2      __________________________
        A3      Free Inside: Van Halen Tablature!
        A4      The Last 93 Seconds Of Your Childhood (Thank You Sir) (Oh Dear God 
                Please No)
        A5      Death By Exasperation
        A6      I + Clone + Otra Numero Uno
        A7      Walrus
        A8      Helios Vega
        B1      Function
        B2      I + Clone + Otra Numero Dos
        B3      The Stupid Man's Theremin
        B4      The Lucky But Then Stupid Man's Theremin
        B5      Get To Work (Eddwad Mix)
        B6      Sex Is For Idiots
        B7      JesU$Aves
        B8      Experimental Film
        B9      Experimental Film, Movement II, With Bonus Satanic Wreckage
        B10     Murder -Er Er
        B11     A Natural Request
        B12     A Natural Response
        B13     Ingredient "D"
        B14     Ingredient "Q"
        B15     Disgorged Brain Polyp
        B16     Walk Around Until I Find Him
        B17     Ingredient Oh Forgot It
        B18     Elves
        B19     A Natural Request (Redux)
        B20     Another Satisfied Fuxtomer
                (Note : LP , 100 copies)
FTR     117     TARP                    TARP                            5x12"     .2013

5"/1    A       1. Yod, January 2008 / 2. Flying Object, December 2011
                / 3. Flywheel, December 2010
        B       4. Yod, January 2008 / 5. Grey Matter Books, December 2009
                / 6. Grey Matter Books, April 2010 (W/ Northampton Wools)

5"/2    C       7. Karuna Center, May 2008 / 8. BAR, September 2007 (W/ Joe
                Malinowski On Drums)
        D       9. Milky Way, January 2009 / 10. Grey Matter, December 2009
                / 11. Milky Way, January 2009

5"/3    E       12. Karuna Center, May 2008 / 13. Grey Matter Books, April
                2010 (W/ Northampton Wools)
        F      14.-17. Mystery Train, March 2010

5"/4    G       18. lywheel, December 2010 / 19. Yod, September 2009
                (Sound Of Pot)
        H       20. Knight Ave, December 2011 / 21. Yod, November 2007
                (Joshua Burkett)

5"/5    I       22. Knight Ave, December 2011 / 23. Milky Way, January
                2009 / 24. BAR, September 2007 (W/ Joe Malinowski On
        J       25. Flying Object, December 2011 26. Conrad's Lament
                (Note : 5x 12"/33.3 RPM)
FTR     118     BeNe GeSSeRiT           MuLTiLiNGuaL SaD SoNGS...       LP+DLc    .2013

        A1      PaRLeZ-VouS FRaNCaiS? 2:30
        A2      La DaNSe oBSCuRe Du NaiN De JaRDiN 3:33
        A3      L’aRaiGNée 3:10
        A4      La PeTiTe LiBeLLuLe 1:10
        A5      HaaaJiB! 3:04
        A6      ToyS 2:25
        A7      uN DouX ViSaGe eT De GRaNDS yeuX D’uN BLeu LuMiNeuX 3:36
        A8      iTaLiaN HaiRDReSSeR 0:16
        B1      To BeaT oR NoT To Beat (THaT iS THe QueSTioN) 3:50
        B2      LeS PouLeS 0:18
        B3      La CaTHéDRaLe RoBoTiQue 3:50
        B4      LeS CaDDieS Ne PaSSeRoNT PaS 1:40
        B5      La FoLie DouCe 1:50
        B6      LeS aNiMauX De CoMPaGNie 4:40
        B7      NoMaD’S LaND 4:18
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
FTR     119     KURT VILE               I Had A Lot To Loose            8"        .2013
                SORE EROS               Untitled
                (Note : 8" , lathe cut , 40 copies)
FTR     120
FTR     121     FAT CREEPS/ZEBU!        FAT CREEPS/ZEBU!                12"       .2013

        A1      Dad Weed
        A2      Daydreaming
        B1      Boney Hands
        B2      Hexe
        B3      Tender Touch
        B4      Emeralds
                (Note : 12"/45 RPM , 600 black/600 red copies)
FTR     122     MATT KREFTING           TROPICAL DEPRESSION             10"       .2013

        A1      A Strange Solitude
        A2      Daisy Chain
        A3      The Labor Plays
        B1      Ice Storm
        B2      Tropical Depression
                (Note : 10" , 20 copies)
FTR     123     WORLD DOMINATION : SOLAR SYSTEM DOMINATION 2012         LP+DLc  04.2014

        A1      Intro
        A2      We Own You Right
        A3      Fingerprints
        A4      I Am The Government
        A5      Tunnel Trip
        B1      How Much Art
        B2      Space Is Time Time Is Space
                (Note : LP , 210 copies)
FTR     124     GARY WILSON : YOU THINK YOU REALLY KNOW ME              LP+DLc  01.2014

        A1      Another Time I Could Have Loved You
        A2      You Keep On Looking
        A3      6.4 = Make Out
        A4      When You Walk Into My Dreams
        A5      Loneliness
        A6      Cindy
        B1      You Were Too Good To Be True
        B2      Groovy Girls Make Love At The Beach
        B3      I Wanna Lose Control
        B4      You Think You Really Know Me
        B5      Chromium Bitch
        B6      And Then I Kissed Your Lips
                (Note : LP , 900 copies + booklet)
FTR     125     CRUISE WHISP            9.9.12                          8"      06.2013

        1       Untitled
                (Note : 8"/33.3 RPM , 1-sided)
FTR     126     LOS CONDENADOS          YEPPERS                         LP        .2013

        A1      April 1st, 2011 @ 119 Gallery, Lowell, MA       19:56
        B1      July 31st , 2012 @ The Whitehaus, Boston, MA    11:00
        B2      June 2nd, 2012 @ The Whitehaus, Boston, MA      7:45
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
FTR     127     CHRIS WEISMAN           MAYA PROPERTIES VOL.1           LP        .2013

        A1      Given Gate                                      2:04
        A2      Double Bill                                     2:23
        A3      Lies                                            2:50
        A4      Elephant In The Room                            2:03
        A5      High E                                          2:00
        A6      Don't Blame Music Theory                        2:34
        A7      Not In A Dream Today                            2:47
        A8      Between                                         2:57
        A9      Maya Properties                                 1:25
        B1      10 More Days                                    1:00
        B2      Detuned Moon                                    1:17
        B3      Stargazer                                       1:48
        B4      Early Spring                                    0:56
        B5      The Gleaners                                    1:00
        B6      Expanding Man                                   1:30
        B7      Folding Fan                                     1:30
        B8      Repeat Blast                                    1:22
        B9      Ride In The Sky                                 3:27
        B10     Presence                                        2:28
        B11     Double Life                                     1:47
        B12     Break Chain                                     1:26
        B13     Greensleeves (Traditional)                      1:28
                (Note : LP , 220 copies)
FTR     127 V2  CHRIS WEISMAN           MAYA PROPERTIES VOL.2           LP        .2013

        A1      Changes In The Fourth Dimension
        A2      I Am The Unitard
        A3      Everybody Needs Friends
        A4      Indeed
        A5      People Today
        A6      Mother Of III
        A7      Can't Get Real
        A8      Forest Of Eve
        B1      You Were A Clue
        B2      I Draw You Near
        B3      MIT
        B4      I've Eaten My Food
        B5      Dawn Time Comes
        B6      Mr. Crow
        B7      Autograph The Station
        B7      Spacin Out
        B8      Playing With F
        B9      You Who
                (Note : LP , 220 copies)
FTR     127 V3  CHRIS WEISMAN           MAYA PROPERTIES VOL.3           LP        .2013

        A1      Holy Fool 	
        A2      Legalize The Immigrants
        A3      Color Inside The Lines
        A4      With My Umbrella
        A5      Weave Dreams
        A6      Olden Day Guys
        A7      Magically Loose
        A8      A Nature Child
        B1      What For
        B2      Roger Flower
        B3      The Phone Law
        B4      Eightball
        B5      Painting A Plum
                (Note : LP , 220 copies)
FTR     128     EGG, EGGS               COCONUT PULP                    8" (m)    .2015

        A       Singing To The Floor
        B       Flooring To The Sung
                (Note : 8"/33.3 RPM , 20 copies , lathe cut , mono issue)
FTR     129     ASIAN WOMEN ON THE TELEPHONE : IVAN                     LP      11.2013

        A1      Pesnia Sherstianikh Immigrantov 
        A2      Mog Lee Stalin Prosto Usnut'
        A3      Vagner Of Love
        B1      Meat Obssesiah
        B2      Krest V Bearlodge
        B3      Sckoksckock Vkroog St. Artemy
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
FTR     130     TOOTH ACHE.             FLASH & YEARN                   12"       .2013

        A1      Horizon
        A2      Wild Horses
        A3      Work
        A4      Not Even The Moon
        A5      Tilt
        B1      Body Heat
        B2      Guilt
        B3      Eurydice
        B4      Matador
        B5      Sediment
                (Note : 12" , 300 copies)

        A1      God Fearing
        A2      Sex Symbol
        A3      Drip Decay
        A4      Bird In A Basket
        B1      Desirable Intrigue
        B2      9 Fingers
        B3      Ink Drunk
        B4      Collision Tempo Brain
        B5      Band The Electric Kill
        B6      Vehicular Suspicion
                (Note : LP , 600 copies)

LP      Sophomore Lounge SL 054         2013    US
FTR     132     NOISE NOMADS            ERNEST TRASHER                  LP      11.2013

        A       [untitled]
        B       [untitled]
FTR     133     EGG, EGGS               ARM                             7"        .2013
                Inside // Outside
                (Note : 7" , 20 copies)
FTR     134     DEVIN (FLYNN), GARY (PANTER) & ROSS (GOLDSTEIN)         2LP+DLc 01.2014
                : HONEYCOMB OF CHAKRAS

LP 1    A1      Smell Of Incense
        A2      The Story So Far
        A3      As Told By A Guitar
        A4      Your Head Is Reeling
        A5      Dandelion Seeds
        A6      Keep Your Mind Open
        B1      Vibrato On
        B2      The Exploding Eye
        B3      Farewell Aldebaran
        B4      Fire Brothers
        B5      Monique

LP 2    C1      Ebow My Mind
        C2      Quetzal
        C3      Ghost Riders
        D1      The Other Side
        D2      See Through Windows
        D3      Pot Hole Road
        D4      What Did The Hippy Pen Say To The Hippy Pencil?
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
                JUST WANNA HAVE FUN

        A1      Fightin' Side Of Me
        A2      Old Man From The Mountain
        A3      Mama Tried
        A4      I Take A Lot Of Pride In What I Am
        A5      Listening To The Wind
        B1      Stay Here And Drink
        B2      If We Make It Through December
        B3      Working Man Medley
        B4      Okie From Muskogee
        B5      That's The News
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
FTR     136     EGG, EGGS               COUNT, BARON, LORD              7"        .2013

        A       Count, Baron, Lord 1
        B       Count, Baron, Lord 2
                (Note : 7" , 20 copies)
FTR     137     EGG, EGGS               TASTE OF SUNDRESS               LP      03.2014

        A       Dairy Farm Days
        B       Inside The Mountains
                (Note : LP , 200 copies)

        A1      Fly
        A2      The Fear
        A3      Bedlam's Blend
        A4      If Things Don't Get Better
        A5      Four Roses for Jack
        B1      Your Heart
        B2      Won't Make It
        B3      Pressed for Illumination
        B4      Losing My Mind
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
FTR     139     HURRICANES OF LOVE      QUINTORIAN BLUES                2LP+DLc 03.2014

LP 1    A1      Quintorian Blues
        A2      Winter Home
        B1      Rich Mountain Blues
        B2      Quartz Blues
        B3      Eternal Friend
        B4      Minneapolis Blues

LP 2    C1      Holy Story
        D1      Moses Lake Blues
        D2      Late Nite Brew
        D3      Lonesome Mountain Blues
                (Note : double LP , 300 copies)
FTR     140     EGG, EGGS               MOUNTAIN SNACK BASEMENT         12"       .2013

        A       Mountain Snack Basement
        B       The Dog Astronaut
                (Note : 12" , 20 copies)
FTR     141     LAMINATED APES : SEPT. 6TH,2013 (HOGN DOE JR.RECORDS)   10"       .2013

        A       Side A
        B       Side B
                (Note : 10" , lathe cut , 20 copies on orange-red vinyl)
FTR     142     EGG, EGGS               ME & MY MIDDLE EYES             8"        .2014

        A       Me & My Middle Eye 1
        B       Me & My Middle Eye 2
                (Note : 8" , 20 copies)
FTR     143     EGG, EGGS               MEAT KISS                       10"       .2014

        A       Cold Nights
        B       Colder Nights
FTR     144     GREAT VALLEY            LIZARDS OF CAMELOT              LP+DLc  10.2014

        A1      Knights Of The Spiral Table
        A2      Lakey Lady
        A3      My Land
        A4      Star-Flash Equality
        A5      Purple Face In Midnight's Free
        A6      Ride Across The Moat Love
        A7      Green Angels Arrive
        B1      Here Comes My Queen
        B2      Chamelean's Lament
        B3      Semi-Precious Rock
        B4      Sand Angell
        B5      Wan Over Water
        B6      Lion Is Sleeping
        B7      Court Me
        B8      Outerspace Garden
                (Note : LP , 200 copies)
FTR     145     NO SOUND                SUCKA                           12"       .2013

        A       Light Blue Label - School Yard
        B       Black Label - Cymbal & Bow
FTR     146     MYRIAM GENDRON          NOT SO DEEP AS A WELL           LP+DLc  03.2014
FTR     146     MYRIAM GENDRON          NOT SO DEEP AS A WELL           LP+DLc  10.2016
FTR     146     MYRIAM GENDRON          NOT SO DEEP AS A WELL           LP+DLc  04.2017

        1       Threnody
        2       Solace
        3       The False Friends
        4       Ballade of a Great Weariness
        5       Recurrence
        6       The Red Dress
        7       The Last Question
        8       Not So Deep As a Well
        9       Song of Perfect Propriety
                (Note : LP , 300 copies
                             500 pink-swirl copies
                      2016   500 black copies
                      2017   ??? black copies

A beautifully light and airy folk album from Myriam Gendron from Montreal.
FTR     147     EGG, EGGS               VOLE CRUSHER                    LP        .2013

        A       I Crushed A Vole For The First Time
        B       Vole Suckers
                (Note : LP , 66 copies)
FTR     148     CLOUD BECOMES YOUR HAND : ROCKS OR CAKES                LP      03.2014

        A1      Belt Beetle
        A2      Sand Of Sea
        A3      Theme From Baby Age
        A4      Rat Jumps
        A5      Waster Park
        B1      Bees Going Postal
        B2      Bay Shamps
        B3      Glimpse Of Hot Glove
        B4      Nuclei Spinoffs
        B5      Peanuts In A Celluloid Bag
                (Note : LP , 300 copies ; CD on Northern Spy Rec.)

        A       Side A
        B       Side B
                (Note : 12" , 20 copies)
FTR     150     THE LENTILS : MY PILLOW LAVA PT.ONE-MY DEAF SON         LP      08.2014

        1       The Wrong Song
        2       The Wrong Wings
        3       Roaring Milk
        4       A Pocket Full Of Blood
        5       The Sourest Wings
                (Note : LP , 1-sided , 200 copies)
FTR     151     NO SOUND                DINK                            10"       .2013

        A       Side A
        B       Side B
                (Note : 10" , 20 copies)

        1       The Dog Paintings of George W. Bush
        2       Oranga Tang
        3       The Beaming,
        4       Drunk-Faced Sun
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
FTR     153     OWEN MAERCKS            TEENAGE SEX THERAPIST           LP+DLc  08.2014

        A1      Sleeping With Great Works of Art                4:14
        A2      Little Black Egg                                3:15
        A3      Heart Transplant                                4:22
        A4      Information                                     1:50
        A5      60 Cycle Hum                                    3:48
        A6      Asleep and Awake                                4:50
        B1      Nancy Calls Collect                             2:57
        B2      !Hoh!                                           4:00
        B3      Intense Young Man                               6:14
        B4      Hands and Eyes                                  7:21
FTR     154     BUGS & RATS             ADIDAS                          LP      11.2014

        A1      Hallway                                         2:37
        A2      Big Man                                         1:41
        A3      Hot Skins                                       2:36
        A4      Irish Cloud                                     5:15
        A5      The Juices                                      4:49
        B1      Can't Sleep                                     2:00
        B2      Guinea Pig                                      1:54
        B3      I Don't Think You Know The Distance             3:33
        B4      I Hope You Get Greased                          2:40
        B5      Summertime                                      3:25
        B6      The Sea And The Sun                             1:48
                (Note : ed.of 250, hand-painted silk screen gatefold
                jackets by Kellzo of Bugs & Rats)
FTR     155     SALAMI JUNIOR           DELI DAYS/SONTAVA NIGHTS        LP      05.2014

        A1      The Bread Of Man
        A2      Fat City
        A3      I Want To Drink Your Girlfriend's Blood
        A4      Resource Room
        A5      Piano Boy
        A6      Black Woman
        A7      I'm Bigger
        A8      We Don't Need Drumfills
        A9      I Never Wanna Take Acid Again
        A10     The World Out There
        A11     Getcha Rocks Off
        A12     Deli Boys
        B1      I Am Beautiful
        B2      Baby Mayo
        B3      The Day They Cut Me Out
        B4      Poutine Skies
        B5      I Want World Peace
        B6      The Busting Of My Chops
        B7      This World Is Shit
        B8      Teardrops From Me
        B9      Sunday Gravy
        B10     Kill Mother Nature
        B11     Sontava Girls
                (Note : LP , 400 copies)
FTR     156     DANIEL BACHMAN          GREY-BLACK-GREEN                LP+DLc  08.2014

        A1      Grey (Take One)                                 4:05
        A2      Grey (Take Two)                                 5:02
        A4      Grey (Take Three)                               5:08
        A4      Black (Take Four)                               5:33
        B1      Black (Take Five)                               5:13
        B2      Black (Take Six)                                2:51
        B3      Green (Take Seven)                              0:49
        B4      Green (Take Eight)                              5:51
        B5      Green (Take Nine)                               5:47
                (Note : includes a download code redeemable from the label,
                400 copies)
FTR     157     RALPH WHITE             WALTZ DON'T RUN                 LP+DLc  11.2014

        1       The Cumbia Waltz                                4:41
        2       The Wendy Davis Waltz                           4:08
        3       The No Stranger Waltz                           4:20
        4       The Spin Cycle Waltz                            4:57
        5       The Waltz of the Lead Man                       4:41
        6       The Whirlpool Waltz                             4:31
        7       The Waltz of the Singularities                  6:13
        8       The Rock Steady Waltz                           3:44
        9       The River Daughter Waltz                        4:01
        10      The Feral Child Watlz                           3:56
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
FTR     158     JACK RUBY               JACK RUBY (VOLUME 2)            LP+DLc  09.2014

        A1      Destroy/Lost
        A2      Beryllium Blues
        A3      Parietal Cha Cha
        A4      Lithium Serenade
        A5      Hydrogen Lullaby
        A6      Palaatine March
        B1      Sphenoid Waltz
        B2      Sodium Nocturne
        B3      Temporal Tango
        B4      Mandible Mango
        B5      Ghost Note
                (Note : LP , 600 copies)
FTR     159     EGG, EGGS               SERFS UP/PANHANDLE SLIM         12"       .2014

        A       Phone Horror - February 19th, 2014
        B       Starting Too Feel Alienated - March 1st, 2014
                (Note : 12" , 20 copies)
FTR     160     BLANCHE BLANCHE BLANCHE : HEART AND SOUL                7"        .2014

        A       Heart And Soul (T'Pau)
        B       Map Of The City (Royal Trux)
                (Note ; 7" , 100 copies)

LP 1    A       Banjaxed Blues > Staring Statues > Chance The Arm
        B       Chalk & Cheese > Scratcher

LP 2    C       Turfed Out
        D       Stop The Lights > Rag Order > Nixer
                (Note : double LP , 270 copies)
FTR     163     GLAND PAGEANT           11.24.12 FLYWHEEL               10"       .2014

        A       Untitled
        B       Untitled
                (Note : 10" , 10 copies , lathe cut)
FTR     164     EGG, EGGS               GLO GLO GLO                     10"       .2014

        A       A
        B       B
                (Note : 10" , 20 copies)
FTR     165     FREE PIZZA              BOSTON, MA                      LP+DLc  01.2015

        A1      Freedom Pizza
        A2      Porty
        A3      "Net-Babes"
        A4      Forward
        A5      Come Close To Me
        B1      Free 40
        B2      Baby Gurl
        B3      Why
        B4      Ducks
        B5      Boston, MA
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)

LP      Bufu            BUFU 029        2014    US
FTR     166     (NEW ENGLAND) PATRIOTS/PALBERTA : SPECIAL WORSHIP       12"       .2014

        A1      (New England) Patriots : Queer
        A2      (New England) Patriots : What About The Wild
        A3      (New England) Patriots : Ribbit Ribbit
        B1      Palberta                Deja Vu
        B2      Palberta                Store
        B3      Palberta                Hot Cross Buns (Traditional)
        B4      Palberta                Susan
        B5      Palberta                Doodad
                (Note : 12"/45 RPM , 250 copies)
FTR     167     MV & EE                 ALPINE FREQUENCY                2LP     07.2015

        A1      Please Comfort Me
        A2      Tent Pitch > Gwine Where You Wanna Go
        B1      Poor High Sky
                Come Around
        B2 i.   Nothin'
        B2 ii.  Magnified
        B2 iii. Get Lost

LP 2    C1 	Stay High >
        C2 	Milkin' The High
        C3 	Lord Of Unity
        D1 	High Motivation
        D2 	Eloquent Lady > Dunes
        D3 	Keep On Milkin'
                (Note : double LP , 500 copies)
FTR     168     PALBERTA                MY PAL BERTA                    LP+DLc  11.2014

        A1      When I Come
        A2      Hair's Gonna Grow
        A3      Sweat Pap
        A4      Pop Song
        A5      Smile Song
        A6      UCU
        B1      She Don't Got It
        B2      When I Go
        B3      Anyway
        B4      Ode To Gabe
        11      Foot Tapping
                (Note : LP , 400 copies)

        A1      Last Summer
        A2      Wonders
        A3      Stayin' Home
        A4      Hey NASA
        A5      Woman
        A6      Reptillian
        B1      Girls Don't Like Guys In Bands Anymore
        B2      Trip
        B3      Somebody Upstairs
        B4      Grapes Of Now
        B5      I Know U Shouldn't Care About Me But U Do
                (Note : LP , 250 copies)
FTR     170     BANG!BROS               12/12/12                        LP      08.2014

        1.      Whitehaus, Boston
        2.      Town Hall Lawn, Cambridge
        3.      Starlab, Somerville
        4.      Steve Norton's, Medford
        5.      Revere Beach, Revere
        6.      Lynnway Mart Lot, Lynn
        7.      Listening Room, Salem
        8.      Chailey Mansion, Newburyport
        9.      Uncharted, Lowell
        10.     Firehouse, Worcester
        11.     Slater Mill, Pawtucket
        12.     Pr Matrix Hex, Providence
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)

        A       Shannon & Beverly's Garage's Playing Through A Peek 5.2.15
        B       2.28.13 Feeding Tube Northampton, MA
                (Note : LP , 200 numb. copies)
FTR     172     ROBERT ROBINSON         CONNECTUCUT RIVER               LP+dlC  01.2015

        A1      Hocus Pocus
        A2      Ziti
        A3      Song For Popop
        A4      Chill Buds
        A5      Dead Possum
        A6      Bird Majesty
        A7      Wind Without A Breeze
        B1      Slice Raga
        B2      Drug Song
        B3      Balloons
        B4      Oh My God
        B5      Katie's Place
        B6      Grey Fox
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
FTR     173     GLENN PHILLIPS : LOST AT SEA (40TH ANN. ED.)            2LP     04.2015

LP 1    A1      I've Got A Bullet With Your Name On It
        A2      I Feel Better Already
        A3      Guruvir
        A4      A Storm
        A5      Dogs
        B1      Lenore
        B2      You Know I Do (Lenore Part II)
        B3      The Flu
        B4      Jimmy Klein
        B5      Hubbler
        B6      My Favorite Song

LP 2    C1      Lenore
        C2      Second Time Around
        C3      Dogs
        C4      Veronica Lake
        D1      Creeper
        D2      The Howards
        D3      Sex Is So Strange
        D4      Brookhaven
                (Note : double LP , 500 copies)
FTR     174     ALVARO                  DRINKIN MY OWN SPERM            LP      05.2015

        A1      Latino America                                  5:00
        A2      Palido Sol                                      5:56
        A3      Drinkin My Own Sperm                            5:19
        A4      Three Trees                                     2:44
        B1      The Whip Of Indifference                        7:54
        B2      Valparaiso                                      4:16
        B3      Lost For Words                                  6:22

(Note : LP , re-ssue from 1977 original, 800 copies)
FTR     175     GUERILLA TOSS           367 EQUALIZER                   LP      10.2014

        A1      TV Spell
        A2      Cookie
        A3      A Pig Who Feeds
        A4      367 Equalizer
                (Note : LP , 1-sided , 300 coloured copies)
FTR     176     BUCK GOOTER             THE SPIDER'S EYES               LP+DLc  11.2014

        A1      We Are Spiders
        A2      No One Owens The Sky
        A3      A To Z
        A4      Sex With A Hornet's Nest
        A5      Eat My Isolation
        B1      Fun In The Sun
        B2      Disintegration
        B3      Ants Are Cool
        B4      Poodle Wagon / Pink Dye
        B5      The Spider's Eyes
                (Note : LP , 400 copies)
FTR     177     SOPHIE DICKINSON        CUCUCANADY                      LP+DLc  02.2015

        A1      Tobacco
        A2      Sweet July
        A3      Over Sea
        B1      Ca The Yowes
        B2      Monday Morning Reel
        B3      Blueberry Pancake
        B4      My Dark Haired Boy
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
FTR     178
FTR     179     JOANNE ROBERTSON        BLACK MOON DAYS                 LP+DLc  02.2015

        A1      Wave
        A2      Out
        A3      Hi Watt
        A4      Curse
        A5      Grams
        A6      Halls
        B1      Drops
        B2      Black Moon Days
        B3      Secret
        B4      Shudder Buck
        B5      Bricklin
                (Note : LP , 1st ed. 300 black/2nd ed. 500 clear copies)

                The Spectacle
        A1      Size Queen              Isolate                 2:30
        A2      Size Queen              Saturate                2:35
        A3      Size Queen              Illusion Is Sacred      3:26
        A4      Size Queen              Ice Cream Cigarette     3:42
        A5      Size Queen              Honey Drink It          2:41
        A6      Size Queen              God Said                2:30
                Buy Buy Buy
        A7      Jane La Onda            Boy Trouble             3:14
        B1      Jane La Onda            TV Do Tell              2:37
        B2      Jane La Onda            Glow Girls              3:38
        B3      Jane La Onda            I See You               3:34
        B4      Jane La Onda            Memorize                3:28
        B5      Jane La Onda            Livin' In America       2:14
        B6      Jane La Onda            Miss Information        3:54
                (Note : LP , 250 copies)
FTR     181     CRYSTALLINE ROSES       COSMIC DRIFTWOOD                LP+DLc  02.2015

        A1      It Surrounds Us All Pt.5 I.Birth Of A Cosmic Egg
        A2      It Surrounds Us All Pt.3 I.Distant Howling From The
                Cosmos II. Dissolution Of Ego
        A3      It Surrounds Us All P.2 I.Loss Of Shame
        B1      It Surrounds Us All P.1 I. Awaken II. Alignment III. Ascension
        B2      It Surrounds Us All Pt.4 I. Rebirth
                (Note : LP , 400 copies)
FTR     182     TREDICI BACCI           THE THIRTEEN KISSES EP          12"+DLc 03.2015

        A1      Carina Botto
        A2      Motto
        A3      Lucertola
        B1      Lungo Ditchanza
        B2      Regazzi
        B3      Si No Questi Omo
                (Note : 12"/180 g. , 300 copies)
FTR     183     BUGS & RATS             BUGS AND RATS                   12"+DLc 02.2015

        1       Boys Are Dumb
        2       You're In Charge Of My Guitar
        3       Movie Stars
        4       Hole In The Ocean
        5       Not Like My Gun
        6       Infidelity
        7       I'd Really Like To See You In The Cold
        8       Dead In The Sun
        9       Competition
                (Note : 12"/45 RPM , 400 copies)
FTR     184     JEREMY WAUN             CITY VIBES                      LP+DLc    .2015

        A1      Pretty Easy
        A2      You've Got A Hole
        A3      Tulip
        A4      City Vibes
        A5      My World
        A6      Just To Unbelievable
        A7      Nature's Tongues
        B1      Pages
        B2      Mouths
        B3      Let Me Lay
        B4      Ancient's Song
        B5      Spells
        B6      Possibilities
                (Note : LP , 150 numbered copies)
FTR     185     CURSE PURSE             CURSE PURSE                     12"       .2014

        A1      Message Cp                                      3:26
        A2      Crepe Paper                                     4:31
        A3      Stare                                           5:43
                (Note : 12"/33.3 RPM , 1-sided , 100 copies)
FTR     186     ANDY CRESPO             TWO CIGARETTES KISSING          12"+DLc 04.2015

        A       Cig. One
        B       Cig. Two
                (Note : 12"/45 RPM , 200 copies)
FTR     187     MYRIAM GENDRON          BRIC-A-BRAC                     7"      08.2015

        A       Bric-a-Brac
        B       The Small Hours
                (Note : 7"/45 RPM , 500 copies)
                A SHADOW

V 1     A       Interzone (Two In A Million) / Sometimes The Day Needs
                a Thunderstorm To Break The Heat / Slaughter The Lambs
        B       Remains Of The Day / Daguerreotype Dream / Eden

V 2     C       Beulah Land / The Seahorse Trust / Heart Of Coal
        D       Son Of Voltaire's Blues / Call The Witness / Go To Hell

V 3     E       Sound Of The Room / Saint Thru Smoke
        F       Enough About The Moon / Infinite Decline
                (Note : triple LP , 200 copies)
FTR     189     SORE EROS               SAY PEOPLE                      LP+VHS    .2015

        A       Side A
        B       Side B
                (Note : LP + VHS , NTSC , 100 numbered copies)
FTR     190     GUERILLA TOSS           SMACK THE BRICK                 12"+DLc 02.2015

        A1      Smack The Brick
        A2      Be The Breeder
        B1      Etqueeny
        B2      Billy Blood Idol
                (Note : 12"/45 RPM , 400 copies)
FTR     191     RUTH GARBUS             RENDEZVOUS WITH RAMA            LP+DLc  10.2015

        A1      Falling Down To Earth
        A2      Fly Away
        A3      Video Piano
        A4      The Finish Field
        B1      Halloween
        B2      Tarp Face
        B3      Spy Zone
        B4      My Apple
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
FTR     192     GARY WILSON             MUSIC FOR PIANO                 LP+DLc  03.2015

        A       Music For Piano
        B1      I'd Like To Talk To You
        B2      Sometimes I Cry Late At Night
        B3      Music For String Bass
        B4      I Hope I See You Again
        B5      I Love Gary
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
FTR     193     MIAUX                   ABOVE THE HIGH RAYS             12"+DLc 09.2015

        A       Above The High Rays
                *Note : 12" , 1-sided , 350 copies

        A1      Beach In Father's Name
        A2      Uncle Ann
        A3      Da Da Beast
        B1      Arr By Sugarbaby
        B2      Dio Need
                (Note : LP , 350 copies)

Feeding Tube's second LP by Moscow's AWOTT is another wonderfully perplexing roll in
mounds of candy straw. As with their first FT LP, Ivan (FTR 129LP, 2013), there are
many sounds here to put one in mind of early '80s experimental 'rock' bands from the
German scene. No one would be shocked to learn this was a lost Zickzack or Pure Freude
release. But it ain't. AWOTT are near the vanguard of some very happening sounds
emanating from the Russian sub-underground.
FTR     195     TED LEE                 I'M JUST A BEARD                LP      06.2017

        A       5.30.17
                (Note : LP/33.3 RPM , 1-sided acetate, 2 copies only)
FTR     196     JOSHUA BURKETT          GOLD COSMOS                     LP      06.2015

        A1      Peeper Serenade
        A2      Lavender Eagle
        A3      Look Floating
        A4      Spider Walks Web
        A5      Goose, Saves Baby/Lost Motherhood
        A6      Pencil Lavene
        A7      Previous Dream Life's Wood
        A8      Lilac Moon White
        B1      Lavender Eagle's Return
        B2      Butterfly's Life/Wing/Span
        B3      Woodcock's Call
        B3      Wisp's Pacing
        B4      Tub Taking
        B5      Thought Hands
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Feather One's Nest  J3LP        2001    US
CD      Feather One's Nest  FON 003     2001    US

        A       A
        B       B
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
FTR     198     SUNHBURNED HAND OF THE MAN : MIND OF A BROTHER          LP      10.2015

        A1      Birth Of Dearth                                 07:24
        A2      The If With The Golden Qualms                   12:08
        B       Loveletter To Complicated Dreams                19:48
                (Note : LP , 500 copies + 8.5" x 11" insert)

CDR     The Pontoon Palace  PP 01       1998    US
CDR     Manhand             001         1998    US
FTR     199     FARMERS                 AUGUST 11, 1984                 LP      11.2015

        A1      It's In My Diary
        A2      Vegetables Do
        A3      Houdini
        A4      Now's Just Not The Time
        A5      Forever
        B1      Happy Baby
        B2      Fudge Swirl
        B3      House Of Pancakes
        B4      Distress In The Dixie Girls
        B5      The Fear
                (Note : LP , 350 copies)
FTR     200     MARS : MARS ARCHIVES VOL.1-CHINA TO MARS                LP      08.2015

                February and June 1977 As China
        A1      Cry
        A2      No Idea
        A3      Can You Feel It?
        A4      Big Bird
        A5      Red
        A6      Look At You
        A7      3E (Early Version)
                September 1977 As Mars
        B1      Cats
        B2      Cry
        B3      3E
        B4      Plane Separation
        B5      Compulsion
                (Note : LP , 800 copies)

This is the first in a trilogy of LP's tracing this American no wave band's development
from its first audition gig at CBGB through the shows following 1980 'Lust/Unlust' EP.
FTR     201     R.A.CANTIUS             PLAYING IN THE DIRT             12"     04.2015

        A1      Three Cheers!!
        B1      Krapp's Last Blues

(Note : includes booklet by Scott Seward and Byron Coley; limited edition of 200.)

        A1      Boy Trouble
        A2      TV Do Tell
        A3      Glow Girls
        A4      I See You
        B1      Memorize
        B2      Livin' in America
        B3      Miss Information
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Lancashire & Somerset LS 028    2014    UK
FTR     203     ANDREA PENSADO : WITHOUT KNOWING WHY                    LP+DLc  10.2015

        A1      Rondo Con Andreita
        A2      Zabawa
        B1      ?gnunülulúk!
        B2      Study For Noise Piano And Voice
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)

        A1      Behind The Sunglass
        A2      Go Outside
        A3      Low In The Grave
        A4      Johnny Carson
        B1      Four Day Creep
        B2      Tornader To The Tater
        B3      Runaway
                (Note : LP , 400 copies + insert)

CD      Ecstatic Yod    E #1            2008    US
FTR     205     GRAPE ROOM              CARTOON LAND                    LP      05.2015

        A1      Yogurt Maid
        A2      My Feeling Came Back
        A3      Toon Time #1
        A4      3rd Quarter Bouquet
        A5      Toon Time #2
        A6      Everything's Funny
        A7      Toon Time #3
        A8      Blue Angel
        B1      Different Way
        B2      Toon Time #4
        B3      Online Dwarf
        B4      A Little Tree
        B5      The Perfect Strum
        B6      Just Not The 1
        B7      Night Never Came Today
                (Note : LP , 350 copies + insert)
FTR     206 LP  THE COOLIES             KAKA                            LP+DLc  09.2015

        A1      Scorpio 10
        A2      Phony
        A3      We Already Know
        A4      Punks Not Bread
        A5      Tofa Soifua
        B1      Shut Us Out
        B2      Mothers In Mantis
        B3      God Take Me
        B4      Curse
        B5      This Cat Is A Safe Place
                (Note : LP , 400 copies)
FTR     207 LP  PALBERTA                SHITHEADS IN THE DITCH          LP      07.2015

        A1      Beach
        A2      All The Way
        A3      Superstore
        A4      My Plan
        A5      Ring The Round Up
        B1      Electric Avenue
        B2      She Don't Got It
        B3      I'm A Guarantee
        B4      Bring Your Friends To Dine
        B5      Butt Thrust
        B6      *Secret* (Mystery Track)
                (Note : LP , 350 copies)

CS      OSR Tapes       OSR 022         2014    US
FTR     208     MANAS                   MANAS                           LP      08.2015

        A1      No Oracles
        A2      Encounters
        A3      Black Spots
        B1      We Torched The BankCards
        B2      Ash
                (Note : LP , 400 copies)
FTR     209 CS  KTB                     KTB                             CS      04.2015
                (Note : cassette , 250 copies)
FTR     209     MV & EE                 ALPINE TENEMENT                 LP (m)  11.2015

        A1      High Motivation (Scuzz Version)
        A2      Dunes (E-Version)
        A3      Simple Twist Of Fate
        B1      Caned Environments
                (Note : LP , 100 numb. copies , mono fotmat)
FTR     210
                : DET KRITISKE PUNKT

        A1      Det Kritiske Punkt I
        A2      Det Kritiske Punkt II
        A3      Det Kritiske Punkt III
        B1      Det Kritiske Punkt IIII
        B2      Det Kritiske Punkt IIIII
                (Note : LP , 150 copies)
FTR     212     GRANULAR MEETS NO SOUND : AT ANGELL ST.                 12"       .2016

        A       Side A
        B       Side B
                (Note : 12" , lathe cut , 10 copies)
FTR     213 LP  DREDD FOOLE             IN QUEST OF TENSE               LP      09.2015

        A1      Behind You
        A2      Glory
        A3      Turn Turn (Turn)
        B1      Frustration
        B2      Ascension: Ra And Buk (Bridge Of Cries)
                (Note : LP , 400 copies)

CD      Forced Exposure  FE 038         1994    US
FTR     214     MISS OLIVIA KENNETT/TED LEE : 6.6.14                    LP      02.2016

        A       A
                (Note : LP , 1-sided , lathe cut , 5 numb. copies)
FTR     215     THE LENTILS             BRATTLEBORO IS FLOODING         LP+DLc  03.2016

        A1      I Lost My Favorite Enemy
        A2      A Theory Of Drowning
        A3      The Bed Is The Killer
        A4      The Unit Is The Unborn
        A5      A Way To Measure Cruelty
        A6      Brattleboro Is Flooding
        A7      God Save The Jolly Green Giant
        B1      Madeline
        B2      She Never Was There To Begin With
        B3      Vacuumed By The Moon
        B4      That Sweet Disease
        B5      The Parting Glass

(Note : LP ,  edition of 300. Co-released with BUFU Records BUFUrec 056)
FTR     216     BUCK GOOTER             FIRST DECADE                    LP+DLc  10.2015

        A1      Cigarats (2005)
        A2      I've Got Damn Age (2006)
        A3      Spiderwings (2007)
        A4      Infant Eyes (2008)
        A5      Rat On!!! (2009)
        B1      Ouija Guitar (2010)
        B2      Welcome To The Last Day Of Your Life (2011)
        B3      Consider The Grackles (2012)
        B4      Judith Scott (2013)
        B5      No One Owns The Sky (2014)
                (Note : LP , 200 copies + insert)
FTR     217     ROGER MILLER            OH.                             LP      12.2015

        A1      We Grind Open (In)                              5:10
        A2      Meltdown Man                                    3:28
        A3      Chinatown Samba                                 2:50
        A4      Firetruck                                       4:43
        A5      The Cosmic Battle/You Son Of A Bitch/War Bolts  3:09
        A6      The Fun World Reductions                        2:21
        B1      Space Is The Place                              6:25
        B2      The Forest                                      8:51
        B3      Kalgastak                                       4:50
                (Note : LP , 350 copies)

LP      Forced Exposure FE 014          1988    US
CD      New Alliance    NARCD 097       1994    US
FTR     218     NO SOUND                GRAVY UNDER THE BRIDGE          LP        .2015

        A1      Gravy Licks
        A2      Licks Of Lip
        B1      Howl II
        B2      Thirty Seconds
                (Note : LP/33.3 RPM , numbered acetate , 3 copies)

        A       Howling
        B       Instability
                (Note : LP , 400 copies)
FTR     220     THE GIRLS               PUNK-DADA PULCHRITUDE           LP+MP3  11.2015

        A1      Never Did Believe In
        A2      Little Suburban Observatory
        A3      Vietcong Women Carry Guns
        B1      Any Other Way It Would Be Different
        B2      These Things
        B3      Little Suburban Observatiry
        B4      Kathryn Kuhlman
                (Note : LP , 800 copies)
FTR     221     MARIANNE NOWOTTNY       DARK SOULS NEED LIGHT           LP+MP3  11.2015

        A1      The Deep End / Jungle Room / Manmade Girl       17:03
        B2      Dark Souls Need Light                           17:33
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)

        A1      The Genius Of Loss
        A2      The Foam's Game
        A3      Conversations With The Ouiji Board
        A4      The Wrong Wings (Take Two)
        A5      Put Down The Gun (Take Two)
        B1      Another Placebo Please
        B2      A Theory Of Drowning
        B3      The Bed Is The Killer
        B4      The Wrestler
        B5      The Placebo Effect
        B6      The Loaves of Oblivion
        B7      That Sweet Disease
                (Note : LP , 400 copies + booklet)
FTR     223     NO SOD                  1:11/1:11                       LP        .2015

        A       We Think About Love
        B       Cats Have Better Memories Then Monkies
                (Note : LP , 100 copies-1st 47 with 44 p. nookler , numbered)
FTR     224
FTR     225     TED LEE                 SIP SAND SIP                    2CS       .2015

CS 1    A       Tra Ina Clo Bo
        B       Extreme Pressure System

CS 2    C       Rhodes 2016 Org
        D       Continuation Of Leap
                (Note : 61 p. art book, 25 signed and numb. copies)
FTR     226     TED LEE                 STAR DUST                       LP        .2015

        A       A
        B       B
                (Note : LP , 100 copies, 1st 11 with signed book)
FTR     227     ALVARO                  MUMS MILK NOT POWDER            LP      09.2016

        01      Choose Your Cheese                              05 :39
        02      Mums Milk Not Powder                            04 :55
        03      Marzipan Elefant                                06 :01
        04      Honey                                           03 :52
        05      Pajarito Innocent                               04 :53
        06      Sweet Tooth                                     01 :59
        07      Brown Loaf                                      07 :34
        08      Washindishes                                    05 :13

First vinyl reissue of the second LP released by Alavaro Pena originally released in
1979 following the runaway success of his debut album, Drinkin My Own Sperm (FTR 174LP,
1977). Although recorded in Germany. Ed. of 400.
FTR     228     KID MILLIONS & JIM SAUTER : MILLION DOLLAR BAND         7"      06.2016

        A       Million Dollar Band
        B       Bull Run
                (Note : 7" , 300 copies)
FTR     229     LOS LICHIS              DOG                             2LP     10.2016

LP 1    A1      Le Rythme Se Précipite                          4:29
        A2      La Vida Natural De Chito                        1:52
        A3      La Carnicería De Chavilocotzin                  4:46
        A4      !Vamos Por Más!                                 0:52
        A5      White Magic Studio Lines                        1:37
        A6      Perla De Noche                                  1:07
        A7      Thurandu Paradtzube                             1:13
        A8      Bruxas Púrpuras                                 1:02
        A9      Krondstat Variation                             2:56
        A10     Osaka '77                                       2:23
                The Rise And Fall Of Chito's Kingdom            (22:55)
        B1.I    Chito Meets Budrah Putrah
        B1.II   Chito Defeats The Evil Industries
        B1.III  Go And See The Burning Corpses!

LP 2    C1      Epsilonia Radio Waves                           9:14
        C2      L'Origine De La Guitare Fantôme                 2:15
        C3      L'Inévitable Catastrophe                        8:11
        C4      Chito Duerme En El Monte                        2:40
        D1      Eva Und Adolf                                   2:04
        D2      Chavilocos In Da Hood                           4:04
        D3      Opium Boogie                                    3:00
        D4      La Caspa Del Diablo (Poema Y Voz De Francisco
                Serrano)                                        1:05
        D5      Drinking In The Den Of Little Ears (Ft. Bolita) 12:03
                (Note : LP , 500 numb. copies)
FTR     230     MOONSICLES              BAY OF SEETHING                 LP+MP3  02.2016

        A1      Pacifica
        A2      Glitter Matrix
        A3      Hell Box
        B1      The Frozen Pond
        B2      Milk Thistle
        B3      Klamath
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
FTR     231     THEE ARCADIANS : WE'VE COME FOR YOUR PARENTS            LP      10.2015

        A1      The Eye
        A2      Comets
        A3      Ghost
        A4      Shadows
        A5      Surfin' With John Shaw
        A6      Nothing To Me
        B1      MCIII
        B2      A Grrrl Like You
        B3      Frustration
        B4      Death Valley Girls
        B5      Weed Demon
        B6      Floral Goth
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
FTR     232     THE GARY WILSON TRIO    ANOTHER GALAXY                  LP      04.2016

        1.      Another Galaxy
        2.      Study For Three
        3.      Softly The Water Flows
        4.      Hate & Depression
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
FTR     233     DALTHOM                 FRAME SLIP                      LP+DLc  07.2016

        A1      Newt t                                          19:48
        B1      Derm/Fulj                                       20:21
                (Note : 12" , 300 copies)

"Thrilling second album by the duo made up of Greg (Gary War) Dalton and Rob
(Sunburned Hand of the Man) Thomas. The first album was recorded and pressed
a while ago but has yet to be actually released. Perhaps because these guys
are operating under Nigel Senada's Theory of Obscurity.
FTR     234     CHRIS WEISMAN           PLAY SHARP TO ME                LP+DLc  07.2016

        A1      Socrates                                        2:29
        A2      All Is Vanity                                   2:39
        A3      Turnstyle                                       3:44
        A4      Here Was Your Mission                           2:04
        A5      Walls Of A House Cat                            2:43
        A6      Terminal Dice                                   4:30
        B1      Ding Dong Davy                                  1:52
        B2      Sugar Shack                                     2:46
        B3      A Similar Angel                                 2:15
        B4      Another Cryptic Lyric                           2:43
        B5      By The Window                                   2:01
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
FTR     235     RUSALNAIA               RUSALNAIA                       LP      04.2016

        A1      The Sailor And The Siren                        4:13
        A2      Shifting Sands                                  4:23
        A3      Kindling                                        5:37
        A4      Rusalnaia                                       4:01
        B5      The Ravager                                     4:24
        B6      Winter                                          4:30
        B7      Dandelion Wine                                  3:23
        B8      Wild Summer                                     7:44
                (Note : LP , 400 copies)
FTR     236     GARY WILSON : YOU THINK YOU REALLY KNOW ME              LP+DLc  03.2016
FTR     236     GARY WILSON : YOU THINK YOU REALLY KNOW ME              LP+DLc  05.2017
FTR     236     GARY WILSON : YOU THINK YOU REALLY KNOW ME              LP+DLc  12.2018

        A1      Another Time I Could Have Loved You
        A2      You Keep On Looking
        A3      6.4 = Make Out
        A4      When You Walk Into My Dreams
        A5      Loneliness
        A6      Cindy
        B1      You Were Too Good To Be True
        B2      Groovy Girls Make Love At The Beach
        B3      I Wanna Lose Control
        B4      You Think You Really Know Me
        B5      Chromium Bitch
        B6      And Then I Kissed Your Lips
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

        A1      I Want The World
        A3      Friends Of Mine
        A3      I'm On Tour
        A4      It Must Be My Brain
        A5      2014
        A6      Touch Me
        A7      Burnt Envelope
        A8      Alienation
        B1      Pure Hate
        B2      Satelllites
        B3      Looking Through Cracks
        B4      I'm Wasteddd
        B5      Salty People
        B6      Poison Heart
                (Note : LP , 300 numb. copies)
FTR     238     EXHAUSTION/WANDERS      II                              LP      04.2016

        A       Treasury Gardens
        B       A Vicious Indulgence
                (Note : LP , 400 copies)
FTR     239     HOLLOW DECK             HOBSON'S CHOICE                 LP      04.2016

        A1      Hurrah
        A2      Eat It
        A3      Montana Lite
        A4      Necessary Monsters
        B1      Here Is My Home
        B2      My Joy
        B3      Hallowell
        B4      Human D'Scent

LP      Weird Ear       WER 011         2016    US
FTR     240     MICHAEL HURLEY          REDBIRDS AT FOLK CITY           LP      03.2017

        1       The Twilight Zone
        2       Eyes Eyes
        3       Uncle Bob's Corner
        4       So You Say
        5       Keep 'Em Down
        6       Sweet Lucy
        7       It Don't Take But A Few Minutes
        8       Duck's Yass Yass
        9       Redbird
        10      Hog Of The Forsaken
        11      Monkey On The Interstate
                (Note : LP , 2000 copies)

Michael Hurley is an American folk artist who came of age during the 60’s Greenwich
scene, though he’s always gone resolutely his own way. This release is a document of
a live show that Hurley played with his band Redbirds in 1976, bringing a rural swing
to the good people at Folk City. Reissued in newly expanded form by Feeding Tube
FTR     241     ELLIOTT SCHWARTZ & BIG BLOOD : ANT FARM                 LP      05.2016

        A1      Scrolls
        A2      Fungus Garden
        A3      Nuptial Flight
        A4      Winged Pile
        A5      Minims And Minors
        B1      The Queen's Egg
        B2      Mediae And Majors
        B3      Swarm
        B4      Gaster Gossip
        B5      Chambers

(Note : LP ,  300 numb. copies exist on our planet. Individually numbered with
        silver foil stamps)
FTR     242     BODY/HEAD               LIVE HASSLE                     LP        .2016

        A       A
        B       B
                (Note : LP , white label , 100 numb. copies + insert)
FTR     243     BROMP TREB              CONCESSION THEMES               LP      04.2016

        A1      Pulled Punch, Dribbled
        A2      Concession Theme
        A3      Quit Quiet Quit Quote
        A4      Misquote
        B1      Pennies From The Bank Of Displeasure
        B2      Bouncing Off The Forehead of a Fallen Statue
        B3      Pest Promenade
        B4      Bomp Set
        B5      Deflation Hymn
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
FTR     244     BUCK GOOTER             STAINLESS STEEL MIRRORS         LP+DLc  04.2016

                Face A
        A1      Stainless Steel Mirrors
        A2      Trampled By Your Nightmares
        A3      Rat Layer
        A4      Stone The Drones
        A5      Dustless Grinding
                Face B
        B1      Music Is Everything
        B2      Who Put You In Charge?
        B3      Waste Treatment
        B4      Too Low For The Fog
        B5      The Silent Ground
                (Note : LP , 200 copies)

        A1      Howlin' Ham
        A2      Harry Comatose
        A3      Electrical Smile
        A4      Jello Girl
        A5      Vegetable Idol
        A6      Frank The Lima Bean Boy
        B1      Diabolical Insight
        B2      Apricot Walkway
        B3      Portrait Of An All-American Housewife
        B4      Transcontinental Meditation
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Peace & Rhythm  P&RLP 004       2016    US
FTR     246     BIG NECK POLICE         DON'T EAT MY FRIENDS            LP      07.2016

        A1      Street
        A2      Guy Named Justice
        A3      Mercury
        A4      A Gringo Like Me
        A5      Old Table Merchandise
        B1      Funicula
        B2      Morgan And Stagg
        B3      Harrington
        B4      Standing There With My Parts Out
        B5      Crayon Gets Dull
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)

Second vinyl LP by this Brooklyn/Philadelphia trio, with guitarist Paco Cathcart
(The Cradle, Sweet Baby Jesus, Shimmer) who has long worked in the studio with
Palberta. The other players are Mac Kelly (Suspekt) and Hugo Stanley (Palm).
FTR     247     THE BELIEVERS           MEMO FROM OTTER                 LP+DL   02.2017

                Live at Flywheel, Florence, MA 06/24/04
        A1      Theme
        A2      120 Days Of Organization
        A3      Yesterday
        A4      Shady Afternoon
                Live at Flywheel, Florence, MA 05/07/06
        B1      Deliver The Future
        B2      Lake Song
                (Note : LP , 400 copies + credit insert)
FTR     248     ZEBU!                   BAG OF SAND                     CDR       .2016

        1       Jackets Don't Mean A Thang
        2       Thights
        3       Rover The Radio, Over
        4       Wow Oh Oh
        5       Don't Burn The House Down
        6       Pete Shakes The Floors
        7       Olleh Olleh
        8       Crawling Through The Ropes
        9       Back Tooth Heavy Numb
        10      Enter
        11      My Girls A Thug
        12      My Head Feels Like It Has Ten Pounds Of Sand In It
        13      Eat Banana: Lay The Drums & Wave At Thy Guitar
        14      Bloody Lips
                (Note : CDr , 19 numb. copies)
FTR     249     PALBERTA                HOT ON THE BEACH                12"     11.2016

A.      01      The Weekend                                     01:03
        02      Thumb War                                       00:49
        03      Desire                                          01:59
        04      Fuck You                                        00:47
B.      05      Prolly For The Best                             13:11
                (Note : 12"/45 RPM , 360 copies)

CS      JMC Aggregate   JMC 009         2015    US
FTR     250     MX-80 SOUND             SO FUNNY                        LP      09.2016

A.      01      Blue Skies                                      02:29
        02      Pic N Pac                                       03:30
        03      Goldfinger                                      04:29
        04      Uh-Oh                                           02:54
        05      When You Were Born                              02:32
        06      Lifeboat                                        03:53
B.      07      Nuke Free                                       03:28
        08      So Funny                                        02:54
        09      A Man And A Woman                               02:54
        10      Memories Of My Nonexistence                     03:11
        11      The X-Files                                     03:51
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
FTR     251     DONKEY NO NO : DREAM AWAY LACQUER NO.1                  LP        .2016

        A       A
        B       B
                (Note : LP , acetate , 5 numb. copies)
FTR     252     MEL CROUCHER            PIMANIA VOL.1-REMASTERS         LP      06.2016

        A1      Pimania Pibolar Disorder
        A2      Put Cat Out Mother
        A3      Donkey Hotay
        A4      I Got Bugs
        A5      Weeping Angel
        A6      Pi Eyed
        A7      Ass About Face
        B1      Song Of The Sperm
        B2      Country Music
        B3      Darts
        B4      Don't You Know Who I Am
        B5      New Wheels John
        B6      Groucho
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
FTR     253     IGNATZ                  THE DRAIN                       LP      06.2016

A.      1.      Stealing The Steel
        2.      The Watertower
        3.      Carry The Weight
        4.      My Children
        5.      Gain
        6.      People In This Town
        7.      Moaning & Slobbering
B.      8.      Meadows
        9.      Eulogy Example
        10.     Strange How All Is Changed
        11.     Birdhouse
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

Belgian guitarist Bram Devens has been releasing solo recordings under the name
Ignatz. A couple of cassettes have come out in the States, but most of his releases
have been elusive imports. Thus, we have taken it upon ourselves to do a public service
and release a domestic version of an LP that will appear on the (K-RAAK-K) label in

LP      (K-RAA-K)2      K 090           2016    Belgium
FTR     254     CURSE PURSE             W/GARY PANTER                   LP        .2017

        A       Crepe Paper
        B       Stare
                (Note : LP , 50 numb. copies)

        A1      Mono Pause              Why Am I In Life?
        A2      Mono Pause              Brief Lallation
        A3      Mono Pause              Lowland Cyst
        A4      Mono Pause              La Buenaes
        A5      Mono Pause              Bj & J
        A6      Mono Pause              Ali
        A7      Mono Pause              Unshackled
        A8      Mono Pause              Russian Spy And I (Trad.)
        A9      Mono Pause              Police State
        B1      Metabolismus            Angra Mainyu
        B2      Metabolismus            Sanft Und Leise
        B3      Metabolismus            Modern Slave
        B4      Metabolismus            Air Kongo
        B5      Metabolismus            Arsch Beim Duschen
        B6      Metabolismus            Bird In Tree
        B7      Metabolismus            Je Te Connais Chevalier
        B8      Metabolismus            Le Chat Et Les Sirenes

"Split LP by a couple of bands who have more tricks up their collective sleeves than
most outfits you could name. Metabolismus are a musical collective from near Stuttgart
Germany, who have been actively corrupting the minds of everyone around them since the
1980s. The number of players on any given session, as well as the style of music that
will be generated, is almost infinitely mutable. About all you can count on is that it
will be intriguingly fried. Mono Pause began as a duo in River Falls, Wisconsin in the
early '90s, before relocating to the Bay Area. They also create ethnic forgeries under
the name Neung Phak, but that's of no matter here. Like their German brethren, Mono
Pause has no fixed line-up or output style. Their records are generally fluxed as hell,
and we're all the better for it. Not sure exactly how this split LP came into being,
but when we heard such a thing existed we agreed to release it faster than your mom
will drop a red-hot potato. Typically, the record sounded nothing like what we
expected. Which is the best kind of surprise. Metabolismus's side begins with deeply
freaked, rotating guitar figures that connect it historically to the German progressive
sub-underground. From there it skates off into Neue Deutsche Welle turf, eventually
loafing around with people-on-the-street-who-talk-with-balloons, and go all over the
park in search of snacks. By the time they start doing a flipped-out Gainsbourg/Bardot
-style cover of 'I Know You Rider' you'll be talking with balloons as well. Mono
Pause's side ranges from German-tongued Egypto-spaghetti-pop readymades to subterranean
secret agent theme songs played on mock-Theremin to blips of pure Residential form
-hunch and beyond. The width of their skitterage is surpassed only by its elegant
weirdness. Parts make me recall a never-released Der Plan record I once heard in
a dream. Hooray!" --Byron Coley, 2018 RTI Vinyl; Edition of 500.
FTR     256     FRANK HURRICANE         MOUNTAIN BREW LIGHT             LP      12.2016

A.      01      Ying Yang Feather                               02:52
        02      Obeesa, Queen Of The Green Hole                 02:44
        03      Sand Mountain Blues                             04:24
        04      Dark Brown Haired Girl                          01:45
        05      Dry Creek Road Blues                            04:38
B.      06      Lexington Market Blues                          02:53
        07      Shrympanati Blue                                01:22
        08      Salamanders                                     01:35
        09      Southern Mountain Home                          03:01
        10      Night Tyme Drives                               03:10
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
FTR     257
FTR     258
FTR     259
FTR     260
FTR     261
FTR     262
FTR     263
FTR     264
FTR     265
FTR     266
FTR     267     PEACE, LOVING           PEACE, LOVING                   LP      02.2017

        A1.     Sophie Snacks
        A2.     Back  To School
        A3.     Fruit Salad
        A4.     Get On The Bus
        B1.     Live

First vinyl by a band that has long been in the vanguard of the neu Boston commune
-hunch. Ed. of 400.
FTR     268     MAZOZMA                 HEAVY DEATH HEAD                LP      03.2017

        01      Circle (Laa)                                    04:02
        02      The Dawn Of Time                                03:58
        03      Backwards Salutation Into Waking                04:19
        04      Scarab Saucer                                   04:15
        05      Hor-Flora                                       04:25
        06      Show Yourself                                   03:51
        07      Pour The Basin                                  03:17
        08      All In Three (Laa)                              03:17
                (Note : LP , 400 copies)
FTR     269     DONKEY NO NO            DREAM AWAY LODGE                LP        .2016

        A       Side A
        B       Side B
                (Note : LP , 100 numb. copies + 10 Jaunt Art ed.)
FTR     270     GREGG TURNER            CHARTBUSTERS                    LP+DLC  01.2017
FTR     270     GREGG TURNER            CHARTBUSTERS                    CD      01.2017

A.      01      Kremlin Dogs                                    03 :58
        02      Franz Kafka                                     02 :44
        03      A Request For Closeness                         04 :15
        04      Tucson Girls                                    02 :29
        05      Nogales                                         03 :10
        06      Christmas Song                                  01 :41
        07      Look In The Mirror                              04 :31
B.      08      They Took You Away                              03 :28
        09      When You Smile Now                              02 :28
        10      The Box                                         12 :54
        11      Hide 'N Seek                                    02 :39
                (Note : LP , 400 black/60 red copies)
FTR     271     NO SOUND:Guitar & Vocals Exercises (March 24th, 2016)   LP        .2016

        A       Untitled Recording Of Public Access T.V.
        A2      Untitled Recording Of Public Access T.V. 2
        B       Untitled Recording Of Public Access T.V. 3

(Note : LP , ed. 0f 100 + 5 Test Pressings. Hand Numbered and painted by Ted Lee)
FTR     272     BLUE SHIFT & NOISE NOMADS : LIVE AT FEEDING TUBE        7"        .2016
                OCT. 6TH, 2012

        A       Untitled
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , 1-sided , 20 numb. copies)
FTR     273     DONKEY NO NO : DREAM AWAY LACQUER NO.2/BASEMENT         LP        .2016

        A1      Dream Away
        A2      Dream Away
        B1      4.1.16 On Drum - Basement
                (Note : LP , acetate , 5 numb. copies)
FTR     274     MARS : MARS ARCHIVES VOL.2-11000 VOLTS TO TUNNEL        LP      09.2016

                Side A / 1-3 CBCB's February 5th, 4-7 Max's K.C. April 25th
A.      01      3E                                              03 :44
        02      Helen Forsdale                                  02 :13
        03      Cairo                                           03 :16
        04      11000 Volts                                     02 :08
        05      Hairwaves                                       03 :00
        06      RTMT                                            01 :49
        07      Puerto Rican Ghost                              01 :41
                Side B / CBGB's March 29th
B.      08      11000 Volts                                     03 :02
        09      3E                                              03 :41
        10      Cairo                                           03 :51
        11      Tunnel                                          03 :43
        12      Hairwaves                                       06 :22

The second amazing volume (of three), compiled by Mark Cunningham after culling every
known live tape of Mars, documents the band in its first fully-matured form. Recorded
at CBGB and Max's in the early months of 1978, this captures the sound of Mars around
the time their first single, '3E/11000 Volts,' was released by the French Rebel label
(a precursor of ZE). Ed of 500.

LP      Negative Glam   NG #18          2016    US
FTR     275     HERMIONE JOHNSON & STEFAN NEVILLE : SCRUM               LP      08.2016

        A1      Rescuers
        A2      Orthosis
        A3      Improvement
        A4      Lice Restaurant
        A5      Tow
        B1      Dead Spit
        B2      Lies
        B3      Gala
        B4      Celebrate/Obliterate
        B5      Tow Two
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
FTR     276     GUERILLA TOSS           LIVE IN NASHVILLE               LP      09.2016

        A1      Polly's Crystal
        A2      367 Equalizer
        A3      Drip Decay
        A4      Eraser Stargazer
        B1      Operate
        B2      TV Spell
        B3      Operate (Reprise)
        B4      Diamon Girls
                (Note : LP , 800 copies + 106 numbered)
FTR     277     UROCHROMES              ANTHOLOGY                       LP      10.2016

        A1      Get In Line For Mental Decline
        A2      Live 12.28.14 (First Show)
        A3      Contront Ya / My Dickies
        B1      1.16.16 (Nyc Feat. Denny McD)
        B2      Live 5.25.16 (W. Frank Hurricane @ John Doe Jr. Greenfield,

This album includes portions of their debut show, at Florence MA's 13th Floor, in Dec.
2014. Still a duo, they then recorded the eight tracks that comprise the Get In Line
With Mental Decline EP in February 2015 at Dead Air Studios. The demo version of
Confront Ya/Dickies was recorded in March 2016. The live NY show from January 2016 was
recorded at Betaville, and features special guest drummer Denny McDermott. The last bit
is from Greenfield's John Doe Jr., recorded in March 2016. And there's no way a mere
recording can convey the very special brand of chaos these menches conjure up. But if
close your eyes and crank this up, you'll get close enough for jazz. Ed of 413.
www.forcedexposure.com Byron Coley 2016
FTR     278     EEEE EEEEE              EEEE EEEEE                      LP+DLc  06.2017

        A1      I Play Sports                                   3:04
        A2      Everyday Salesman                               0:29
        A3      I'm A Bum                                       1:21
        A4      Drop The Gun                                    1:53
        A5      I'm A Hick                                      2:19
        A6      Satan                                           3:01
        B1      Suicide Machine                                 4:19
        B2      Slash Your Wrist                                2:40
        B3      ???????                                         3:19

Boston's Phil Milstein is a master of this art. His projects recontextualizing 'found'
material are as inventive and original as anything you'll run across. Another maestro
of the form is Maine's Skot Spear (aka id m theft able). We already vinylized one of
the projects he uncovered, The Weeny Man LP (FTR 037LP, 2013). And now it's time for
another. Originally released by Skot in 2002 as a CDR on his own Maang-Disc label,
EEEE EEEEE documents a cassette he found in the basement of a friend's house late in
the last century. Ed of 300 copies.
Byron Coley http://www.forcedexposure.com/Catalog/FTR.278LP.html
FTR     279     DEAD GIRL'S PARTY       THE THINGS I'VE LOST            LP+DLc  08.2018

        A1      The First Pill
        A2      I'm A Tick Tock Bomb
        A3      Spin The Wheel!
        B1      U-Boat Flu / Abandon Ship!
        B2      The Things I've Thrown Away

"Recorded in fits and starts, while the artists worked on their moontans amidst
strong waters, the sole release by Dead Girl's Party was originally issued on
cassette by the Entr'acte label. Since that tape now goes for a ben-and-a-half,
we realized it was time to make a vinyl document of these young jazz immortals.
Scott "Pfennig" Foust (XX Committee, IFCO, Tart and the founding philosopher of the
Anti-Natural movement) and Matt "Ha'Penny" Krefting (Son of Earth, Believers, Duck,
MK Unit, etc.) decided to do this stuff because they were hanging out a bunch, and
2009 seemed like a "down" year to them. What better to inflate its core than a totally
-inscrutable duo, dedicated to creating noise-pop with no clear precedent? The three
tracks on the first side run from the Francis Bebey-like 'The First Pill,' through
I'm a Tick Tock Bomb' (basically a distillation of every good move the Fall made
in the '90s), onto the Apocalypse-as-a-carnival-midway-game of 'Spin the Wheel!
It's what I sort of thought the Sleaford Mods might sound like when I first heard
about them (boy, was that a disappointment). Just a weird, sometimes wordy collection
of electronics and mood and barely suppressed outrage. The two tracks on the flip are
sort of a post-Apocalypse song suite about pirates in a submarine who have to get
rid of a lot of ballast, although they know they're gonna die anyway. And wasn't lif
grand? To which we say, yeah! Impossible to categorize or to get off the stereo,
The Things I've Lost is a monster for the ages.
2018 Edition of 300; Includes download code.
Byron Coley
FTR     280 LP  ALVARO                  LIVE IN BRUSSELS                LP+DLc  05.2017
                (Note : LP , 200 numb. copies , silk-screened covers)
FTR     280 CD  ALVARO                  LIVE IN BRUSSELS                CD      05.2017

                Other Side
        A1      Birds Are Flying Home
        A2      Valparaiso
        A3      Mariposa
        A4      Mums Milks Not Powder
        A5      I'm Not So Young Anymore
                This Side
        B1      My Home Town
        B2      Ssi Vu Play
        B3      She's So Pretty
        B4      The Squeak
        B5      Watching The Fridge Defrost
        B6      Watching The Fridge Defrost (Encore)
FTR     281     ERIC ARN                ORPHIC RESONANCE                LP+DL   01.2017

A.      01      Praecox Feeling                                 04 :17
        02      Pas D'une Hélice                                05 :11
        03      The Lure Of The Labyrinth                       07 :32
        04      Chopped Wood Carrying Water                     04 :43
B.      05      Tepeyollotl                                     05 :26
        06      Unstruck                                        03 :42
        07      Es Wuchtet Gewaltig                             06 :31
        08      Filament                                        05 :19
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
FTR     282     VICTOR HERRERO          ASTROLABIO                      LP      01.2017

A.      01      Tibi Seris, Tibi Metis                          10 :19
        02      Lila                                            09 :45
        03      Fulgar                                          06 :06
B.      04      Trémulo                                         03 :44
        05      Ondulina                                        04 :13
        06      Zarpar                                          07 :48
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
FTR     283     BLOOD QUARTET           DEEP RED                        LP      09.2016

A.      01      Bloodlines                                      04 :15
        02      String Theory                                   04 :06
        03      Only Lovers                                     05 :21
        04      Dark Energy 74                                  02 :50
        05      Dragon Tree                                     05 :32
B.      06      Blood House                                     03 :44
        07      Soma                                            05 :25
        08      Fly Your Eyes                                   03 :20
        09      Rare Room 11                                    02 :47
        10      Gravity Pull                                    04 :09

Debut LP, following a cassette, by Mark Cunningham's latest unit, Blood Quartet.
Based in Barcelona, the mostly-instrumental band plays insanely great avant garde rock
music, with Mark's electro-Miles trumpet spread across the top like brass icing.
Ed of 500 copies.
FTR     284     NEGATIVE ONE            1                               7"      09.2016

A.      01      Thumbs Down                                     00 :35
        02      Walls Keep Us Divided                           00 :45
        03      9 to 5                                          00 :43
        04      Digital Duality                                 01 :02
        05      Please Relocate                                 00 :28
        06      Call Out Culture                                01 :05
        07      Pointing the Finger                             00 :45
B.      08      Hate Is A Faucet                                00 :32
        09      You Lack Direction                              01 :08
        10      We Guilt This City                              00 :28
        11      Policin The Scene                               00 :54
        12      Social Justice                                  00 :59
        13      Negative One                                    01 :50
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , 500 copies)

Thirteen tracks of skink-voiced post-core burl from the sloppiest pits of Boston's
Fuck-Curtis scene. Angela Sawyer handles vocals as though she's imagining herself as
a squirrel in the grips of a cartoon bear. Bugs & Rats's brilliant guitarist, Shawnie
Brando, pulls lightning repeat-o riffs out of his pocket. Bassist Sam Potrykus and
drummer Nick Neuburg set their dials to pummel, and motor away. The lyrics (as printed
on an enclosed sheet) are like an insane parody of hardcore, and the music eventually
achieves a kind of rumble that is very difficult to ignore.
                : ILLINOIS GLOSSLALIA

a.      01      Chile                                           03 :16
        02      Taggla                                          06 :36
        03      Illinois Glossolalia                            09 :11
b.      04      Meminisse                                       08 :13
        05      Triangulura                                     13 :18
                (Note : LP , 400 copies)
FTR     286

        A1      The Girl Mad About Honey [After Levi-Strauss]   15:45
        A2      Terminal Documents                              7:00
        B1      Bed Sores                                       4:05
        B2      All That Is The Case                            2:55
        B3      Surfing Drums                                   3:00
        B4      Talking Bandits                                 5:20
        B5      Watching Barbara Broadcast                      1:45
        B6      "... A Flattened Cylinder, Fifty Metres Round
                And Eighteen High..."                           3:55

Reissue of an exceptional album of improvisations, recorded when percussionist
Charles K. Noyes was lured to the Bay Area in the summer of 1979 by Henry Kaiser.
Noyes and Maercks had played regularly as a duo when Owen was still based in Worcester,
MA. But he'd shifted his ass westward in the wake of the Teenage Sex Therapist session
(FTR 153-2LP), which had been organized by Kaiser following their collaborations in
the band, Monster Island. Half of the album was recorded live at Woody Woodman's Finger
Palace, with Kaiser on guitar and Greg Goodman on piano. The web of cluttered notes and
interwoven melodic lines they created that night was incredible. And the duo studio
session a few days later was massive as well. Free Mammals has long been a notoriously
scarce document in the history of the West Coast's free music scene of the late '70s.
And the album (nominally released on Owen's Visible label, although everything was
handled by Charles) almost always sounded as though it had been pressed onto concrete.
With the help of Jeremy Pisani and Carl Saff, we have attempted to present this
extraordinary music with the best sonics possible. And it sounds mighty dandy. There
is also a liner note insert, as well as full size repros of two fliers from both the
show at which this was partially recorded, and also a subsequent trio set with Noyes
/Kaiser/Goodman. They will look fine on your wall, should to choose to thus deface
them. Regardless. Count your lucky stars and dive in. All of your dreams are about to
come true." --Byron Coley, 2018 Edition of 500.
                LORD, VOL.1

        A       Side A
        B       Side B
                (Note : LP , 400 copies)

Here’s the tapes of a 1996 live performance by Phil X Milstein (on tape loops and
musical saw) and Thurston Moore (on guitar and feedbacks, obviously), supporting none
other than John Fahey.
                LORD, VOL.2

        A       Live @ The Middle East 12/4/96
        B       Live @ The Middle East 12/4/96
                (Note : LP , 400 copies)
FTR     290     FOUR THING              FOUR THING                      LP+DL   10.2016

        A1      1:33
        A2      2:10
        A3      3:14
        A4      1:58
        A5      1:55
        A6      1:27
        A7      4:20
        A8      2:02
        B1      1:43
        B2      0:41
        B3      2:02
        B4      2:32
        B5      1:34
        B6      1:57
        B7      6:50
        B8      2:04
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
FTR     291     ANGELA SAWYER           CROAKS                          LP      11.2016

        A       Croaks                                          20 :05
        B       Honks                                           21 :39
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
FTR     292     ANGELA SAWYER           ON THE PEDESTRIAN SIDE          LP+DL     .2016

        A1      Will There Be Yodeling In Heaven
        A2      Yaadan Ki Baaraat
        A3      Is It Really Me
        A4      Cold Enough To Love
        A5      Run Angel Run
        A6      I Prefer You
        B1      Run Angel Run
        B2      Millicent Bell
        B3      I Wonder As I Wander
        B4      Palestine
        B5      The Knife I Carry
                (Note : LP , 400 copies)

LP      Weird Ear       WER 012         2016    US
FTR     293     SALAMI J.R. : A MAN WHO CAN'T WRITE A SONG              7"      03.2017

        01      Man Who Can't Write A Song                      01:24
        02      Republican Sunshine                             03:07
        03      Interracial Love Is A Beautiful Thing           01:22
        04      Down With The A.S.C.A.P.                        03:14

"Salami J.R. (aka Joey Pizza Slice) has returned with a new record. Mr. J.R.
(aka Mr. Slice) has maintained his position near the top of the ladder of those who
seek to destroy and celebrate pop music in equal measure...
Byron Coley  www.forcedexposure.com
FTR     294     FAT WORM OF ERROR       NZZNZZZZNNZNZNNN                LP+DL     .2017

        A1      Court Of The Pleasing Fungus Scarab             1:57
        A2      La Mort Dans La Ville Du Bois Vert              3:51
        A3      Bump 747                                        2:13
        A4      Pesky Fly                                       2:46
        A5      Tubes                                           2:36
        A6      Aka Trails Out Tonight                          1:45
        B1      Flea God                                        5:39
        B2      Six Foot Squid                                  3:47
        B3      Mildew                                          2:46
        B4      55379009                                        1:47
        B5      Wolves                                          4:25
        B6      Bonechatter In The Moors                        2:35
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

CDR     Yeay! cassettes YCD 9           2004    US
FTR     295     DREDD FOOLE AND THE DIN : GHOST RIDER                   12"       .2017

        A1      Ghost Rider
        A2      Frankie Teardrop
                (Note : 12" , 200 numb. copies on white vinyl)
FTR     296
FTR     297     MARK DAGLEY : COLLECTED WORKS 1978-2016                 LP+DL     .2017

        A1      Uranus Hill Fantasy
        A2      Doomed Stupa Dance
        A3      Untitled (Ms#1)
        A4      Untitled (Ms#2)
        A5      Untitled (Ms#3)
        A6      Bass Filter Passage
        A7      Tarrega Overdrive
        A8      Dark Was The Night (Blind Willie Johnson)
        B1      Paradoxa Emblemata - Untitled #5
        B2      Paradoxa Emblemata - Untitled #6
        B3      Blind Willie Death Must Die
        B4      Shut It Up (I Can Dance It)
        B5      Gossip Crowd
        B6      Medley Of Lutheran Hymns
        B7      Espanoleta
        B8      Minuet In A Minor
                (Note : LP , 400 copies)
FTR     298     SPIELGUSHER             SPIELGUSHER                     2LP     11.2018

"Spielgusher represents the meeting of two of America's great artists, Richard Meltzer
and Mike Watt. There is additional musical accompaniment by guitarist Hirotaka Shimizu
and drummer Yuko Araki, but the basic semiotic brunt of this meeting is shouldered by
Richard and Mike. A collaboration between the two had been postulated back when the
Minutemen still walked the Earth, but that dream was canceled with D Boon met his
tragic fate in December 1985. Still, Meltzer and Watt kept in touch and tried to think
of what they might do together. Around 2011 they arrived at solution. Richard had
recorded a bunch of material for Mike, and Watt finally decided to go into the studio
with a couple of his Japanese musician pals to cut a long set of jams and splats to go
along with the words. Mike put the finished session, also called Spielgusher, out as
a CD on his own clenchedwrench label, but we never really felt a though that release
got into the hands or ears or brains of the many folks who'd dig hearing it.
Consequently, here is a 2LP reprise of the set, with lovely new cover art, provided
by Raymond Pettibon (another long-time Meltzer fan, and one who actually witnessed
the debut performance of VOM at Kahuna's Bearded Clam, back when we were all a lot
younger). Meltzer's words range from hilarious to shocking, and anyone who has
attended one of his readings will agree that his performance is fully on point here.
The musical inventions the trio tosses up to meet his words are fantastic - abstract
or pointed at various times, melodic or noisome as befits the mood, but all with the
compact econo lines that are Watt's stock-in-trade. There are perhaps some out there
for whom Meltzer's poems will prove to be stronger word-meat than they are used to,
but most of us are surely made of stronger stuff. And this album will be welcome manna
to ear-teeth everywhere. Chew slowly and see."  Edition of 500.
Byron Coley, 2018.
FTR     299     BLOODSHOT BILL/CHARLES PLYMELL : SINGS                  7"        .2016

        1       Rapid Ronnie Rap Back Jive
        2       Really Real Neal
FTR     300     VIDEO NASTIES           VIDEO NASTIES                   LP      01.2017

A.      01      Video Nasties                                   05:23
        02      I Can See What You're Doing (To Yourself)       05:12
        03      (((make you watch)))                            03:49
        04      Velveteen                                       04:00
        05      Uptight (Creep N' Peep)                         02:55
        06      Squirm                                          05:24
B.      07      Horror Holocaust                                02:34
        08      Fishy Smell                                     06:06
        09      Jah Wobble                                      04:21
        10      Huff Some                                       04:35
        11      The Hardest Video                               04:35
        12      (((Press Rewind)))                              00:10

"The debut LP by Maine's Video Nasties is actually a compilation of the first four
cassette singles/EPs they've released over the past three years. The band exists as
a part-time project involving several key members of the Strange Maine scene. And when
you listen to it, you'll be less-than-surprised to learn that some of the Nasties are
also involved with Portland's totally whacked Suicide tribute band, AM Frank. The music
on the album, however, is a generation removed from Suicide's protean aggro synth
grunge. Ed. of 300 copies + insert.
Byron Coley  from www.forcedexposure.com

A.      01      Desert Speaks                                   20:14
B.      02      For John, After Ali                             05:19
        03      Across Windswept Villages                       07:06
        04      Astral Traveling                                07:01

New duo LP, the first recorded by guitarist Tony Pasquarosa and drummer John Moloney
(aka The Meatball Twins). Ed. of 500 copies.
FTR     302     MARCIA BASSETT & SAMARA LUBELSKI : LIVE NYC             LP+DLc  05.2017

        A       MMXVI - V - XIV Fifth
        B       MMXVI - III - XVI Day Of The Teutoberg Forest

This is the third LP to feature the exquisite improvising duo, Marcia Bassett and
Samara Lubelski. Silkscreen printed covers by Neil Burke; Edition of 400.
Having teamed up previously, releasing albums on Kye and Golden Lab, Marcia Bassett
(Double Leopards, GHQ, Zaika) and Samara Lubelski (Augenmusik, Chelsea Light Moving)
work incredibly well together.
FTR     303     ZEBU!                   OWSLEY                          LP      11.2016

        A1      Owsley
        A2      Lupus Brains
        A3      Void
        A4      Beethoven
        A5      Last Affair
        A6      Soul Journey
        B1      Saturday Night
        B2      White Lightning
        B3      Glottal Neck
        B4      Dust
        B5      One More Kiss
        B6      Western Mass
        B7      Dimension Pink
        B8      I'm Through With Love
                (Note : LP , 5 numb. test pressings)
FTR     304 LP  JEE JEE BAND            HOLY YOLK                       LP      05.2017

        1a      Jack London Station, Oakland Ca.                1:59
        2a      You've Been Changing (Time Zones)               2:13
        3a      Jalopi                                          2:21
        4a      Archaeologist's Delight                         2:07
        5a      The Weatherman Is A Liar                        2:15
        6a      Mekong Mermaids                                 3:05
        7a      If The Bus Driver Doesn't Go To Work            0:48
        8a      A.I. The Morning Commute                        3:35
        1b      Wasting Time                                    2:16
        2b      I Love Red Bean Patbingsu                       1:46
        3b      Unpaid Internship                               2:48
        4b      Going To Buy A Gravestone Today                 2:21
        5b      Jet Lag Euphoria                                2:38
        6b      JERKS                                           2:10
        8b      Heartbreaks etc. (Khmer song "Fisherman's
                Daughter")                                      2:17
                (Note : LP , 300 numb. copies , silk-screened covers)
FTR     305     (NEW ENGLAND) PATRIOTS : PATRIOTS                       LP      12.2018

        A1      Dry Milk
        A2      Fattened Up
        A3      Lurker
        B1      Good Daddy
        B2      Within the Lines
        B3      It Makes Me
FTR     306 LP  MEN & VOLTS : A Giraffe Is Listening To The Radio       LP      10.2017
                : Men & Volts Play Captain Beefheart

        01      Electricity                                     03:52
        02      Moonlight On Vermont                            04:25
        03      Doctor Dark                                     04:10
        04      The Spotlight Kid                               03:23
        05      Nowaday's A Woman's Gotta Hit A Man             03:30
        06      Owed T'Alex                                     04:21
        07      Clear Spot                                      03:19
        08      Grow Fins                                       03:45
        09      Lick My Decals Off, Baby                        03:01
        10      Steal Softly Thru Snow                          02:11
        11      Abba Zabba                                      03:20
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
                : THE DULL BLADE

        A1      Scales Of Indifference                          11:59
        A2      Payments In Person Will No Longer Be Accepted
                Or Tolerated                                    7:10
        B1      There Could Of Course Be No Question            4:46
        B2      Dry Clean Only                                  13:43
                (Note : LP , 400 copies)

LP 1    A       Hat City Fire Truck
        B       Tom Wilson's Dream

LP 2    C1      Incident At Power Ridge (Corndog In A Condom For Melanie)
        C2      Rut One
        D1      In Walked Lowell
        D2      Closing The Tea Party

"Hard to believe it has been 18 years since this set was first issued, but that's what
the calendar says. Paul and Chris had been playing together for a while before this.
I seem to recall rehearsals outdoors in Hartford beneath stretches of raised highway
under construction. But that may have been Chris and Pete Nolan, back when Pete played
guitar. Who can remember exactly? It's been a long time. But I do remember we put this
set together because it seemed essential to document how amazing the communication was
between these two musicians, from different generations, but tuned into the same insane
frequency. When we told Paul we wanted to do it on the Ecstatic Yod label, with art by
Gary Panter, and actual liner notes, he thought it wasn't the best idea he'd ever
heard, but what the hell. The actual hope of the label was to raise the profile of
this incredibly talented but ruinously humble saxophonist, so that he'd be thought of
in the same way as the day's other great players. And hey -- it sorta worked. The CD
got solid reviews, and more people heard it. But what most listeners took away from it
was how intensely telepathic the music is. It's all lightning and smoke. These guys
were deep inside each other's heads, and that made for a wonderful listening
experience. In a way it's funny to hear how 'jazzy' Chris's playing is. He's gone so
far beyond known-moves over the last years, you almost suspect he must be holding back.
But he's not. He's throwing down as hard as he can to meet the ragged flowing genius
of Flaherty's horn at every turn. He just had different chops back then. And the music
is still amazing. The Hated Music is one of the best extended drum/sax forays you'll
ever hear. If we could have done it on vinyl back then, we would have, but no one was
buying the stuff much right then. Jerks. That has changed a bit now. For the good. And
we got the great Gary Panter to do new cover, since the old one was CD sized and weird.
But everything else is the same. And it totally rips a hole in the universe. Now and
forever. Amen."
2018 Edition of 500; Includes download code.
 --Byron Coley
FTR     309 LP  THE FUTURIANS           DISTORTED LIVING                LP      01.2018

        A1      Stealth Attack
        A2      All Reactors
        A3      P11
        A4      Sailing Up
        A5      Distorted Living Room
        A6      Abandon Base
        B1      Power
        B2      Tiberia
        B3      Brainplant
        B4      Psilicon March
        B5      Slime
        B6      Tears Of ISO
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
FTR     310 LP  DONKEY NO NO : Tandoori Chicken (The Neverending        LP      08.2017
                Story) Vol. 1

        01      Live at 118 Elliot St. Brattleboro, VT - 4.14.16 16 :52
        02      Live in Greenfield MA - 9.3.16                   19 :12

Second boss LP by this bossest of Western Mass trios. Comprised of Jenifer Gelineau 
on violin & electronics, Omeed Goodarzi on guitar, and Edward 'Ted' Lee on bowed
cymbal, Donkey No No create the sort of instrumental hallucinations you'd expect to
hear in the background of a film by Jodorowsky or Arrabal. Edition of 300; Silk screen
fold over covers by Neil Burke. Byron Coley
FTR     311     EMPOOL DOES             DO DID DONE                     LP      07.2018

        01.     Computer World
        02.     The Dawn Of Civilization
        03.     Bottom Of The Morning
        04.     Opaque Mystery
        05.     Repercussion
        06.     At Game With The Logo (Bonus)
        07.     The Opaque Mystery (Bonus)

"Finally, what the world has been eagerly anticipating for the last four decades -- an
LP by EMPOOL! Empool was a whacked-out, Detroit-based prog-noise combo (usually a trio
or quartet), that would eventually merge into the rock-band-era Destroy All Monsters.
Guitarist Laurence Miller was a constant throughout. Organist Andre Cynkin was
generally on hand as well. Laurence's brothers, Ben and Roger, showed up now and then,
as did pianist Rick Scott. Empool only played three live shows, but they recorded
everything, and their use of pre-recorded tapes as a live sound source may have
informed Roger's decision to do the same when he formed Mission of Burma. The tracks
on this album were recorded between December 1976 and September 1977, and they're
pretty amazing. Structurally, the stuff is far away from No Wave, but it has a lot
of the same rough structural textures and jumbled sonics, although there's also crazy
tape noise (some of it resembling gushing synth sequencing) and stun guitar stirred
into the mix. The fact that it's mostly instrumental gives things a certain prog
/experimental thrust that feels a bit parallel to the bands on the Random Radar label,
but it runs wildly against the grain of anything else you'd hear in that era. With an
insert containing Laurence's memories of the project, and album art guaranteed to lull
prog heads into submission, Empool's DOES do did done is a magnificent head scratcher.
Can be filed neatly between Sproton Layer and Destroy All Monsters."
Byron Coley, 2018 Edition of 300.
FTR     312     NINA RYSER : I HOPE ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE           LP      03.2017

        01      SoFarRemoved                                    01:26
        02      Izzy's Movie                                    02:37
        03      Useless Senses                                  02:10
        04      Abdicate (by Anina Ivry-Block)                  00:14
        05      Just Met (feat. Gods Wisdom)                    02:39
        06      Waiting Place                                   01:21
        07      Slip Through                                    01:33
        08      Abdicate Wooz (by Anina Ivry-Block)             00:16
        09      Favor                                           01:22
        10      Stray Dog                                       02:28
        11      Host                                            01:58
        12      Abdicatedlow (by Anina Ivry-Block)              00:16
        13      You Won't                                       00:46
        14      Whoever Listens To This Tape...                 02:19

This is the vinylization of the fourth solo album (originally released on cassette by
Ramp Local) by Nina Ryser, she of the trio, Palberta. Ed of 300 copies.
FTR     313     WEEPING BONG BAND       WEEPING BONG BAND               LP      04.2018

        01.     WEEPING BONG BAND       Replay I
        02.     WEEPING BONG BAND       Replay II

Three members -- Clark Griffin, Wednesday Knudsen and PG Six -- are in the current
line-up of Pigeons. One, Anthony Pasquarosa, has his own host of solo projects
(Crystaline Roses, Gluebag, Burnt Envelope, etc.). And a final 'ghost member',
Beverly Ketch, is half of the duo Viewer. Ed. of 500.
FTR     314     CLARINETTE              THE NOW OF THEN                 LP      03.2017

A.      01      Time Before And Time After                      04:30
        02      1960                                            05:57
        03      This Strange Murder                             08:34
B.      04      There's Not A World Where I Can Talk To You     21:06
FTR     315 LP  DIRE WOLVES              OCEANS OF GREEN                LP      05.2017

        A       A Quiverful Of Light                            16:00
        B       Oceans Of Green                                 15:39
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
FTR     316 LP  RUSALNAIA               TIME TAKES AWAY                 LP      05.2017

        01      Cast A Spell                                    04:45
        02      Take Me Back                                    02:48
        03      Driving                                         03:44
        04      The Love I Want                                 04:04
        05      The Beast                                       04:12
        06      The Honeymoon Is  Over                          05:39
        07      Bright Things                                   03:11
        08      Lullaby (For A Future Generation)               06:32
        09      Time Takes Away                                 04:03

Rusalnaia is an incredible duo, formed early in the century by England's Sharron Kraus
and Philadelphia's Gillian Chadwick. Their exquisite eponymous debut album was issued
as a CD by Tony Dale's Camera Obscura label back in 2007, and we did it on vinyl last
year (FTR 235LP, 2016). Full lyric insert and printed inner sleeve.
FTR     317     LASER PACE              GRANFALLOON                     LP        .2018

        A1      Closet Casualty
        A2      Avatar
        A3      (Whoever) You Are (You)
        A4      Sky Fell
        B1      Endless
        B2      Oh Yeah?
        B3      Redemption
        B4      Scatter

LP      Takoma              R 9021          1974        US
CD      Decker Prod.        DP 110          2008        US
FTR     318 LP  GARY WILSON & THE BLIND DATES : LIVE AT CBGB            LP      07.2017

        01      Gary's Intro                                    00:45
        02      New York Surf                                   02:31
        03      I Wanna Lose Control                            01:48
        04      Cindy                                           02:25
        05      You Were The First                              02:23
        06      As I Walk Into The Night                        01:44
        07      6.4 = Make Out                                  03:41
        08      You Keep On Looking                             01:41
        09      Interlude                                       00:38
        10      Chromium Bitch                                  02:44
        11      Summer In Endicott                              02:59
        12      When I Spoke Of Love                            02:16
        13      You Think You Really Know Me                    03:18

"Recorded on a trip to the East Coast in August 1979, this album documents Gary
Wilson's semi-triumphant return to his home base. Raised in Endicott NY, Gary moved
out to San Diego after recording a series of records that would eventually create his
legend. In August 1979, You Think... was the primary record for which Gary was known,
and about half the material here is drawn from that masterpiece. The rest of the songs
are in a similar mode -- prog-damaged lounge music powered by deep obsessions and
ass-wide hooks, presented amidst truly bizarre stage elements. What's extra weird
about this set is how rockin' the Blind Dates make the stuff sound. The band, although
San Diego-based, was actually a bunch of NY State-expats Gary had played with before,
whose westward drift has proceeded his own. And CBGB was one of the few clubs at which
Wilson's music had been welcome from '77 on, so it really was a homecoming. Recorded
through the board, the sonics are great, the music is mesmerizing . . . At the end of
side two, someone intones, 'Blind Dates rule.' And if you don't agree by that point,
you are a goddamn square. Be gone." --Byron Coley, 2017

        01      Intro                                           04:14
        02      New York Surf                                   02:49
        03      You Keep On Looking                             03:10
        04      6.4 = Make Out                                  04:15
        05      When You Walk Into My Dreams                    02:35
        06      A Very Small Town                               03:40
        07      Linda Wants To Be Alone                         02:36
        08      Gary Saw Linda Last Night                       04:06
        09      I Wanna Lose Control                            03:13
        10      Newark Valley                                   02:11
        11      You Think You Really Know Me                    02:12
        12      Chromium Bitch                                  04:30
        13      When I Spoke Of Love                            02:22
        14      Forgotten Lover's Ending (Fanfare)              02:58
FTR     320     GARY WILSON             A BEAUTIFUL BLISS               LP      10.2017

        A1      Treat Me Right
        A2      You're The Reason Why
        A3      Kiss Me Once And I'll Kiss You Twice
        A4      You Were My Girlfriend
        A5      Want To Dream With You Tonight
        A6      I Just Want To Hold You In My Arms
        B1      A Beautiful Bliss
        B2      I'm Living In A Magic Dream
        B3      When I'm Walking With My Girl
        B4      You're The Best Thing That Happened In My Life
        B5      I Want to Be With You Tonight #2
        B6      He'll Only Kiss You When He Turns Off The Lights
                (Note : LP , 100 numb. copies)

        A1      Events In Time (2002)
        A2      Cockroach (1987)
        A3      Sound A (1975)
        A4      Sassafras (1985)
        A5      Got To Get Ready For You (1984)
        B1      Narcissistic Movements In B Flat (1994)
        B2      Bible Says (2006)
        B3      Squid Rap (2003)
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
FTR     322     DIMPLES                 WHIMPERS                        LP        .2017

        A1      Frogeyed
        A2      Chains Of Shame
        A3      Doin Wrong
        A4      Pit of Bones
        A5      Whimpering In The Night
        A6      It's Been A Long Week
        A7      Lost Manual
        A8      Postcards From Comatose
        A9      Walk Away
        B1      Slow Draw
        B2      Following Shadow
        B3      Good Teacher
        B4      Main Street
        B5      Feeling Really Alive
        B6      Weathered Feather
        B7      When My Time Has Come
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)

LP      Laughable              Haha40          2017
LP      Nicey Music ?–          NICEY13         2017
LP      Don't Trust The Ruin ?– DTTR052         2017
FTR     323 LP  TARP                    TARP                            LP      09.2017

        01      Pinna                                           26:55
        02      Tympanic                                        25:06

The duo, Conrad Capistran and Joshua Burkett. Ed of 300 copies.
FTR     324     TARP                    PART                            LP      09.2018

        01.     Precession
        02.     Headlessness
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
FTR     325     SEX TIDE                POSSESSION SESSIONS             LP      07.2017

        A1      Great Black Swamp
        A2      I Was So Wrong
        A3      Orange Peels
        A4      C.T.B.B.
        B1      Come-Hither
        B2      Flintcomb-Ash
        B3      I'm Alright
        B4      Right Time
        B5      Possession Sessions

Third record, following a pair of amazing 12" near-LPs, by this Columbus howitzer.
On their debut, Flash Fuck (A Wicked Company, 2013), they were a trio, but they
subsequently dropped a guitarist. By the time they cut Vernacular Splatter
(Superdreamer, 2015), they has found their true shape as a duo. With Aurelie on
drums and vox, and Chris Corbin on guitar, they had pared their shit down to a
tight-packed near-perfect two-person howl. For Possession Sessions they have
retained that format, although legendary producer Mike Rep can't keep from making
his guitar a deep deep part of the mix.  Edition of 300.
Byron Coley, 2017 
FTR     326     MAKO SICA               INVOCATION                      LP      05.2017

        A1      Mouth Of The Lion
        A2      Sacrifice
        B       Potomac Blues
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
FTR     327     DONKEY NO NO            DAVINCI HEAD SESSIONS           8" (m)  03.2017

        A       A (Head With Moon)                              8:00
        B       B (Band Photo)                                  8:00
                (Note : 8"/33.3 RPM , 25 lathe cuts, mono format)
FTR     328     GROSS                   GROSS                           LP      12.2017

        A       A
        B       B
                (Note : LP , 100 numb. copies)
FTR     329     TED LEE                 CLOSE.LINGER                    VHS     12.2016

        1       12.17.16                                        30:00
                (Note : VHS/NTSC , 12 numb. copies)
FTR     330 LP  MANAS                   III                             LP      09.2017

A1      On A Withered Branch A Crow Is Perched Autumn Evening
A2      Ah! The Waving Lespedaza Which Spills Not A Drop Of The Clear Dew
B1      A Cloud Of Flowers! Is The Bell Uyeno Or Asakusa?
B2      Clouds Will Separate Us - The Time To Part Has Come Now. Wild Goose Flies...
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
FTR     331 LP  NIKO KARLSSON           VALOSTA VALOON                  LP      10.2017

        01      Tulia Yön Takana                                07:42
        02      Unen Oma                                        07:04
        03      Kaste Laske                                     03:23
        04      Ei Teitä                                        03:03
        05      Varjon Kantamana                                04:48
        06      Linnoitus                                       04:57
        07      Surujen Joki                                    08:15
        08      Harhailijani                                    05:04
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
FTR     332 LP  LORDS OF THYME : THE FUTURE OF THINGS PAST              LP      12.2017

        A1      Hares On The Mountain                           2:55
        A2      Girls On Bach                                   2:48
        A3      Jerry The Mule                                  2:40
        A4      Fare Thee Well                                  5:17
        B1      Park Song                                       3:38
        B2      Cutty Wren                                      3:07
        B3      Moment To Moment                                3:00
        B4      Keep On Travelling                              3:53
                (Note : LP , 400 copies)

LP      Shagrat             ENT 022         2017        UK
FTR     333 LP  JEAN BATISTE FAVORY : Things Under: Organic Compositions LP     11.2017
                for Guitars and Electronics

        A1      Waving Light
        A2      Intricacies
        A3      Anisotropic Garden
        A4      Time Hammer
        A5      Unknown Nostalgia
        B1      Gravity Loss
        B2      Solipsism
        B3      Love Hammer
        B4      Fear Hammer
        B5      The Distant Love
        B6      Things Under
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
FTR     334 LP  VIEWER                  TRUE FRIEND RECORD              LP      12.2017

        A1      Jinxing Ninnies
        A2      Feast Of The Historian
        A3      Unhinged Flute
        A4      You Are My Gem
        B1      Cathedral Of Cards
        B2      Unchanged
        B3      What Poets Do When They Don't Have A Cable
        B4      Tomorrow's Gone Again
                (Note : LP , 200 copies)
FTR     335 LP  SILCER DICK             SILVER DICK                     LP      03.2018

        A1      Reps                                            13:29
        A2      Roman Winters                                   05:08
        A3      Honeypump                                       05:45
        B1      A Horse With No-Opinion                         07:03
        B2      Ident                                           03:36
        B3      Caul                                            03:03

"Fantastic debut LP by a Manchester trio who stand at the vanguard of Britain's new
new thing. Playing this record, we recall the raw excitement we felt a quarter century
ago when bands like Skullflower, A Band, R!!!S!!!, and the Shadow Ring were reinventing
the shape of the UK sub-underground. Silver Dick is made up of guitarists Kate Armitage
and Martin Greenwood, and drummer Joincey. They've all been involved in other projects
(from Inca Eyeball to Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura), but there's a very special
jumble to the sound they've found with Silver Dick. Like Mosquitoes, they have a way
of shaping basic rock instrumentation to create something extraordinary and strange,
really only comparable (in our limited experience) to the early work of the legendary
New York band, Mars. The guitars wind outwards in sprawls that suggest melodies rather
than outlining them. Kate's vocals have a hypnotized feel, as though they were being
done by one of the actresses in Herzog's Heart of Glass (1976). And the percussion
manages to sound clatterous while still maintaining the ability to keep things moving
forward in a jagged line. The results are a delirious mix, full of secret information,
and highlighted by the use of anonymous 'small instruments' of all sorts. If this is
the beginning of a revolution, then bring it the fuck on." Edition of 300.
Byron Coley, 2018
FTR     336 LP  DAVID FAIR              BALLETS (DANCE LIKE THIS)       3LP     02.2018

LP 1    A       One
        B       Two

LP 2    C       Three
        D       Four

LP 3    E       Five
        F       Six

Subtitled Dance Like This, Ballets retrieves the long-lost solo debut by David Fair
(half of the original Half Japanese). Ed. of 200 numb. copies.
FTR     337 LP  JOSHUA ABRAMS           EXCAVATIONS                     LP      06.2018

        01.     Unexplain
        02.     Wager
        03.     Branches
        04.     Buzzards
        05.     Lingo
        06.     Dag
        07.     Scratching On It
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

"The Chicago-based string genius Joshua Abrams first talked to us about the idea
of this album a while back. It took a couple of years to get together, but in a way,
it's cool that it's being released in 2018 -- the 50th anniversary of the recording
of the first free bass solo LP, Barre Phillips' Journal Violone. Issued by Opus One
in the U.S., Music Man in the UK (as Unaccompanied Barre), and Futura in France
(as Basse Barre), Phillips' groundbreaking album was a gorgeous and gritty
exploration of textures that are usually bound deep inside the creative flow of unit
improvisation. Hearing these sonorities explored, at length, without extraneous
gabble was revelatory, but not easy to replicate. I could only think of a dozen other
LPs of the stuff that have been done in the intervening years (CDs don't count)*.
But Abrams is undaunted by such shit. Anyone who has seen him play or listened to
him on record knows he has an aggressively wide palette and a fearless drive to
explore new regions of sound. The tones on Excavations 1 have a much gnarlier feel
than many of the tones Joshua explores inside group dynamics. Almost more like some
of the bassists associated with avant garde composition (Bertram Turetzky, Fernando
Grillo, etc.), Abrams' work here is about pushing against accepted precepts of melody
and rhythm, freeing the bass from its accepted role, and allowing it to scream for
Byron Coley, 2018
FTR     338 LP  JULIA REIDY             ALL IS ABLAZE                   LP      01.2018

        A       All Is Ablaze
        B       Thatched Steel & Rain
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
FTR     339     KNIGHT HOWLS            KNIGHT HOWLS                    12"     03.2018

        A       A
        B       B
                (Note : 12"/45 RPM , tour ed.)
FTR     340 LP  BANG! BROS              HARD ROCKS VOL.21               LP      07.2018

        01.     Bang! Bros.             First Date Roll
        02.     Bang! Bros.             Rusty Rimshots
        03.     Bang! Bros.             Flam Funk
        04.     Bang! Bros.             Splash Mounting
        05.     Bang! Bros.             Grow A Pear
        06.     Bang! Bros.             Cracked Ride
                (Note : LP , 200 copies)
FTR     341 LP  CHRIS WEISMAN           CHAOS ISN'T SINGLE              LP      02.2018

        A1      The Opera Is Always On The Table
        A2      What Do You Believe There
        A3      Shadow
        A4      Open Up The Ground Below
        A5      On Your Sleeve
        A6      It Feels Good To Sing
        B7      Minor Bells
        B8      Fun Way To Walk At Night
        B9      Han-Shan
        B10     The Illusion Of A Group
        B11     Nothing More But You
        B12     Stairs To Somewhere Gone
        B13     Chaos Isn't Single
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)

The eighth Feeding Tube LP by Chris Weisman vinylizes a 2015 CDR originally released
by Hidden Temple Tapes.

        01.     Invisible Gesture I
        02.     Invisible Gesture II
        03.     Invisible Gesture III
        04.     Invisible Gesture IV
        05.     Hallucinations (Dans Une Brume De Mystére)

First vinyl evidence of the dizzying, ongoing collaboration between France's Delphine
Dora and West Yorkshire's Sophie Cooper. Ed. of 300.
                NO BRA

        1       Fetlife (2017)
        2       Personality Zero (2016)
        3       Secret Crush (2016)
        4       Reno (2014)
        5       Neighbors (2016)
        6       Older, Sicker (2014)
        7       Make It Dark (2013)
        8       Brag (2014)
                (Note : CDr , 50 numb. copies)
FTR     344
FTR     345 LP  MEADOW HOUSE            THIS SHOULD BE HAPPENING        LP      11.2017

        A1      Cutting                                         2:41
        A2      Never Gonna Be Your Man                         2:56
        A3      Eat It Up                                       1:12
        A4      Carbon Monoxide                                 2:45
        A5      Risky Old Business                              1:13
        A6      Every Walk Down Time The Streetstreet           2:07
        A7      Fleas                                           2:08
        B1      Bitterment of Self                              2:15
        B2      The Hermit                                      4:20
        B3      Submarining                                     2:29
        B4      Time On The Hands                               2:07
        B5      Friday Night Slither                            1:29
        B6      So Many Colourful Ways to Try                   3:31
FTR     346     CURSE PURSE             TYFUS                           7"        .2017

        A1      333
        A2      Hhh
        B1      Room
        B2      Sord
                (Note : 7" , 150 numb. copies)
FTR     347

        A1      Paid for Grace
        A2      I Went Outside Today
        A3      Run Away from the Sun
        A4      8PM on a Friday
        A5      One Too Many Comforts
        B1      Sleepwalking I
        B2      Your Name was not Mentioned
        B3      Silly Woman
        B4      Wisdom of the Weeks
        B5      Sleepwalking II
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)

CD      Track & Field       HEAT 31         2005        UK

        01.     Zoltar Hid All The Locks
        02.     Minnows

Debut vinyl by the guitarist of Donkey No No presents two different sides of this
mysterious maestro. 'Zoltar Hid All the Locks' is a full on studio quintet session
where Jeremy Latch (formerly of the Grudges) played clarinet, Adam Langellotti
(ex-Grudges, Sore Eros, etc.) played percussion and ran the board, Matt Robidoux
(ex-Speedy Ortiz, Curse Purse, etc.) played guitar and drum box, and Jen Gelineau
(Donkey No No, Egg Eggs, etc.) handled the fiddle. Ed. of 300.
FTR     350     BRYAN GILLIG            LIMITED GRACE                   LP+DLc  09.2018

        1       Nashville Flash
        2       A Tandem Dream
        3       Won'T You Let Your Hair Hang Down
        4       Flawless Exit
        5       Without A TRace
        6       Long Roof Racer
        7       Babe, You Surely Did Some Kind Of # On My Heart
        8       The Inchoate Lawn
        9       Whistle Dixie
                (Note : LP , 200 copies)
FTR     351     GRASS PATH              118 ELLIOT                      LP (m)  10.2017

        A       A
        B       B
                (Note : LP , 100 numb. copies)
FTR     352     HOLLOW DECK             ALL THE ROOTS                   LP      04.2018

        A1      All The Roots
        A2      Infared
        A3      Lover's Lane
        A4      Violets
        A5      Redstone Fail
        B1      What Will We Do
        B2      Well-Lit Entry
        B3      Sugarcane
        B4      27 North
        B5      Cumquat
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
FTR     353
                [EL ULTIMO GRITO]

        A       A Side
        B       B Side

"Unbridled live match-up, recorded in November 2016 in an Oaxacan gallery, pitting
Mexico's most brutal art collective (Los Lichis) against the fractured French brain
behind le Dernier Cri (Pakito Bolino). Many don't realize it, since Pakito's insane
artwork and silkscreened books are so overwhelming, but he's also a guitarist and
singer. We're hoping to reissue some of the musical work he did with his band Mug in
the near future. But that's not what we're talking about here. Savage Lichis Religion
is a wonderful extension of the brilliance they showed on Dog (FTR 229LP, 2016),
blending noise, psych, prog, experimental whatsis and all else into a totally batshit
free-rock stew. This is a classic of vents-burst aesthetic demolition. It would be
easy to sell test pressings as some lost, unreleased piece of the Futura RED series.
It's hard for a mere mortal (who wasn't there) to pick out exactly what it is that
Pakito adds to the chaos. We're assuming it's the gut-pricking guitar feedback that
squeedles up from the depths, but no matter what it is he's doing, all we can say is
KEEP DOING IT. Pakito also did the eye-pleasing cover art and insert for the LP.
Thanks. And hate to end on a bummer, but we'll dedicate this release to the memory of
José Luis Rojas, a long-time member of Los Lichis who died at the end of 2017. Long
may his memory burn." Edition of 300.
Byron Coley, 2018
FTR     355 LP  NEW PARANTS             TRANSIENT RESPONSE              LP      06.2018

        1       Sea Breathing
        2       Well
        3       Blood Drowning
        4       Soft Boiled Dreams
        5       Sommersaults
        6       Strung To The Gills
        7       Give Us A Home
        8       New Moon

Debut album by this Turners Falls-based quartet led by Adam Langellotti of Sore Eros
and widely hailed for his engineering work. The sound on Transient Response is languid
ruralist prog-pop, with help from Gary War, Ma Turner, Shannon & Beverly Ketch, and
other Valley travelers. New Parents can be pretty raw live, but the overall vibe here
is smoother and distinctly out-of-time. Different segments remind me of everything
from Fraser & DeBolt to Brinsley Schwarz to Great Plains and back again.
FTR     356     DONKEZ NO NO            6.12.17                         CDR     06.2017

        1       6.12.17
                (Note : CDr , 20 numb. copies)
FTR     357     DONKEZ NO NO            6.12.17                         LP      08.2017

        A       A
        B       B
                (Note : LP , lathe cut , 20 numb. copies)
FTR     358
FTR     359 LP  STEFAN NEVILLE & GREG MALCOLM : A NUANCE                LP+DLc  08.2018

        A1      Prospectus                                      5:44
        A2      Banish Misfortune                               7:33
        A3      Crazy Over You                                  4:09
        A4      Telstar                                         2:43
        B1      Hora                                            2:54
        B2      Sirba                                           3:30
        B3      Rocky Mountain Side                             4:07
        B4      The Beat Goes On                                7:17
        B5      When I Get Home                                 2:57

"Stefan Neville is one of the busier beavers on the North island of New Zealand.
Recording under his own name, as Pumice (or a variety of other soubriquets), running
the Stabbies & the Rockets label, drumming for the Coolies and so on, he keeps his tail
moving quickly so that it does not grow moss. Greg Malcolm is one of New Zealand's
premier avant garde string-benders. He did a bit of band aktion with Jay Clarkson in
Breathing Cage but has mostly hewed to stranger improv-based roads. He plays oddly
crafted guitar-like instruments of all manners and has lots of great solo recordings
as well as various ad hoc unit-spew and a duo record with Eugene Chadbourne. And NOW,
at last, he has Nuance as well. For Nuance, Greg plays strings, tambourine, voice and
'things.' Stefan counters with drums, reed organ, tapes, throat, and synth. The
material ranges from 'Prospectus' (one of Steve Lacy's great '80s compositions) to
Joe Meek's 'Telstar' to 'Hora' and 'Serba' (Jewish wedding music by the Epstein
Brothers) with various unexpected stops in between. Apart from Jenny Ward's second
vocals on Daw Henson's 'I'm Crazy Over You' (an old Kentucky tune, originally recorded
by Alan Lomax in '37), it's just Stefan and Greg here. And they shine in lots of weird
ways. Greg's strings often have lots of overloaded vibrational qualities to the way
they sustain notes ('though they know how to cluck like chickens, as well) and Stefan's
work ranges from stark drumming in the Mississippi style to key drones that extend the
fake bounds of infinity. The breadth of the material they tackle is almost insane, but
they manage to infuse it with their own distinct personality traits, and unusually
friendly experimental tactics. Hard to grasp? Sure. But it's just as hard to stop
playing it. That's what we call real Nuance."
2018 Edition of 250.
Byron Coley
FTR     360 LP  THE DOOZER              FIGURINES                       LP      03.2018

        A1      Constant Life
        A2      Red Eye Coming
        A3      Cricketing Men
        A4      Figurines
        A5      Hi-life
        A6      Masks
        B1      Ticket Price
        B2      Oh Mary
        B3      The Way You Move
        B4      Sunlight
        B5      Exit
        B6      Winning
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
FTR     361 LP  FOOM & FOAM             FOOM & FOAM                     LP      05.2018

        1       Untitled
        2       Untitled
        3       Untitled
        4       Untitled
        5       Untitled
        6       Untitled
        7       Untitled
        8       Untitled
        9       Untitled
                (Note : LP , 450 copies)
FTR     362     NED COLLETTE            OLD CHESNUT                     2LP+DLc 08.2018

LP 1    A1      Oh Man                                          5:31
        A2      Thanks Richard                                  5:47
        A3      Grant's Farm                                    7:14
        A4      No Wonder You Look So Forlorn                   1:50
        B1      Carriage Six                                    3:36
        B2      Sacred Cats                                     8:03
        B3      The Optimist                                    4:54

LP 2    C1      Sunday                                          4:13
        C2      June                                            11:09
        C3      Shinobazu                                       3:13
        D1      Snaky Song                                      5:31
        D2      Wakanui                                         4:43
        D3      Stateless Brave                                 3:23
        D4      Animal Swoon                                    2:29
                (Note : double LP , 300 copies)

"We were introduced to the music of Ned Collette by guitarist Julia Reidy, another
Melbourne ex-pat currently based in Europe. Julia's word is good as gravy around here,
so we checked out Ned's new work and were blown clean out of our socks. Old Chestnut
is a haunting prog-folk song cycle for the ages. Ned's approach to voice and guitar
resemble various models at various times. You'll hear smatterings of Leonard Cohen,
Lou Reed, Pip Proud in lyrics and phrasing, but these are always just spices, added
to the beautifully melancholic vistas Ned arrays before our ears. On the epic track,
'June,' there is a piano part by Chris Abrahams (of The Necks) so perfect in its
conception it stops time. Working with longtime drum partner, Joe Talia, and a few
other guests, Collette has made a goddamn whale of an album. The songs are brilliant,
the arrangements have an addictively sparse genius, and the production is so full and
delicate it reminds us of folks like Jim O'Rourke, Van Dyke Parks and Roger Waters.
We are strangely unfamiliar with the bulk of Ned's previous recordings, but it doesn't
really feel like it matters that much. With an album as strong as Old Chestnut, his
history restarts here." --Byron Coley 
FTR     363 LP  CHIK WHITE              STRANGER CALLS TO LAND          LP      11.2017
                [CASSETTE SELECTIONS 2010-2017]

        A1      Gull Shit Mountain Part 2
        A2      Turn The Corner
        A3      Same Bird Each Morning
        A4      Dream Waist Deep
        A5      On My Knees In The Sun
        A6      Alone In Open Water
        A7      Man On The Water
        A8      Self
        A9      Sea Cave Walking Exercise
        B1      Seep
        B2      Contrition
        B3      Askasker
        B4      Germ Sucked
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
FTR     364 LP  WET TUNA                LIVIN' THE DIE                  LP      03.2018

        01.     New York Street
        02.     I'd Rather Be Hayin'
        03.     Space Drums
        04.     Route 5

LP on Feeding Tube Records aka Matt 'MV' Valentine and Pat 'P.G. Six' Gubler. Edition
of 500 copies.

        01.     Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen : Kringloop
        02.     Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen : New Adventures

Feeding Tube Records present the first US LP by Dutch experimental artist Jan van den
Dobbelsteen. Jan has been releasing music, non-music and kinda-music on his Cosmic
Volume label since 1978. Ed. of 200.
FTR     366     CLIMAX LANDERS          CLIMAX LANDERS                  LP      06.2018

        A1      Climax Landers
        A2      Obstacles
        A3      Big Cross For Mary Ellen
        A4      Up On a Hillside
        A5      Prophecies
        A6      Pray For All Muslims
        A7      Came to Splatter
        B1      Flip Out First
        B2      Free Thought
        B3      What Can I Say?
        B4      Silhouette Mirage
        B5      Azure Dreams
        B6      Charles' House
        B7      Titmouse
        B8      Climax Landers (Reprise)
                (Note : LP + fanzine)
FTR     367     MAZOZMA                 STARK JOY                       LP      06.2018

        A1      Le Chat De Michael / It's A Real Mother
        A2      What's So Funny (In Love)
        A3      Cherry Dolphins	
        A4      Jesus
        A5      Stark Joy
        A6      Inside My Wall
        B1      Oh Heaven
        B2      Fools
        B3      Fields Of Romance
        B4      Beginning Is The End Is The When
        B5      Hallelujah
        B6      Baby I Believe / I Love You (Wedding Song)
                (Note : LP , co-released with Mystra Records 33. Edition of 200)
FTR     368
FTR     369     KTB                     II                              LP      02.2018

        A1      Shut Me Out
        A2      Penance
        A3      Matadors
        A4      Dancing Machine
        A5      Perfect Teeth
        B1      Master Race Style
        B2      Punishment
        B3      Tourettes Pt.2
        B4      Drawls
                (Note : LP , 150 numb. copies)
FTR     370     SAM GAS CAN AND HIS SECRET LOVERS : ERNIE               7"      02.2018

        A       Ernie
        B       Kurt Cobain Hamburger
                (Note : 7" , 300 copies)

7"      Plastic Response       PR68            2018        US
7"      Bufu Records ?–         BUFUrec-080     2018        US

        A       Gary Saw Linda Last Night Kissing John Cage
        B       Duet For Piano And Drums
                (Note : LP , 100 numb. copies)
FTR     372 LP  GARY WAR                GAZ FORTH                       LP      03.2018

        01.     Windows And Walls
        02.     Every Third Thought
        03.     Inna Witness
        04.     NSFL
        05.     Up The Wall
        06.     Home Address
        07.     Retrograde Reality
        08.     Alive On Earth
        09.     Ex Real
        10.     Just Has To
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
FTR     373 LP  DIAL                    NOISE OPERA                     LP      08.2018

        A       Noise Opera Prelude                             19:58
        B       Noise Opera                                     20:19

"We were first attuned to Dial by Bill Nace back in the early days of this century.
He'd been sent over the moon by the incredible squall of the unit, a trio led by former
UT-guitarist Jacqui Ham. We were so blown away by the re-emergence of Jacqui, we didn't
even try to figure out who the other players were. But it turns out the other two dudes
were Rob Smith, a most immaculate manipulator of drum dials and guitar feedback, and
synth-pillager/bassist Dominic Weeks, who'd been in the most insane Rough Trade band
of all times -- Furious Pig. This was news worth learning! Over the course of four CDs
in 16 years, Dial managed to make a crazy amount of fully-braced guitar skronk, worthy
of anyone you can name, without managing to get any of it onto that most durable of
formats -- vinyl LP. Now. Finally. After more than a dozen years in the digital desert,
Dial are being heard the way they were always meant to be heard. Noise Opera is an
homage to Ornette Coleman's 1961 masterpiece, Free Jazz. The album consists of two
side-long explorations of loud post-form guitar order and suggest different ways in
which they can be organized, while remaining ecstatic throughout. The contours of the
textures the quartet wrestle with in the dark halls of feedback and sheer sk.onk are
incredible. Whole generations of New York post-form giants are referenced or destroyed
in the course of Noise Opera. A statement as stunning as any you will hear this year."
2018 Edition of 250.
Byron Coley
FTR     374     LOUISE BOCK             REPETITIVES IN ILLOCALITY       LP      05.2018

        01.     Clue Woman
        02.     Incandescent Misspelled Word
        03.     Free But Theheartistwisted
        04.     The Leaf Cutter and The Stick Bug
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)

Now using the Louise Bock moniker, Taralie Peterson (a.o. of Spires That In The Sunset
Rise-fame) releases a work that sounds like a lovely hover between out-chamber-jazz,
new music, Gong-like psychedelia and the unknown tongue. Using cello, sax, treated lap
harp and her mesmerising voice, Louise Bock creates surfaces that are sometimes as
chopped as ice sculptures made with a chainsaw, and at other moments as smooth as the
soft expanse of Brian Eno's forehead.
FTR     375     JERMAN/BARNES           THE FINGER'D REMOVE             LP+DLc  09.2018

        A1      Yardage                                         11:23
        A2      Compound I                                      7:39
        B       Compound II                                     20:39
                (Note : LP , 200 copies)
FTR     376     JORDAN PERRY            JORDAN PERRY                    LP      03.2018

        01.     FT
        02.     Romilea
        03.     Crime Times
        04.     Andrei
        05.     Casting
        06.     Boriska
        07.     Sunday
        08.     Whydah Flats
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
FTR     377
FTR     378     BRIDGE OF FLOWERS       LIVE DEMOS                      LP        .2018

        A1      One Note
        A2      Louie
        A3      Minds A-Fire
        A4      Wine
        B1      Grace Of God
        B2      Dream (Vessel)
        B3      Bobbi
        B4      Two Slits
        B5      E + A (Halos + Trails)
FTR     379     TOMMY JAY & THE GENERAL : FLORIDA SONGS                 LP      05.2018

        01.     Hard, Loud & Fast
        02.     So You Think
        03.     Neighbors Next Door
        04.     Gonorrhea Blues
        05.     I Could Not Leave You
        06.     Simple Procedure
        07.     Death By Freezing
        08.     Cold Steel Blue Eyes
        09.     Tropical Sunshine
        10.     Franny & Lisa
        11.     Trapped Within My Life
        12.     Cobra Breath
                (Note : LP , 250 copies)
FTR     380     GRASS PATH              10.14.17                        CDR     11.2017

        1       10.14.17
                (Note : CDr , 50 numb. copies)
FTR     381 LP  SHUTARO NOGUCHI         LOVE SUPER TERRANEAN            LP      06.2018

        A1      African Flower                                  15:01
        A2      Midnight Sun                                    5:48
        B1      Snowman "H"                                     6:16
        B2      Fowl Parade                                     9:25
                (Note : LP , 250 copies)
FTR     382 LP  PAPA LORD GOD           THE SHEIK OF DOWNFALL CREEK     LP      06.2018

        1       Sunday Night & Saturday Morning
        2       Bull By The Horns
        3       I Wish I Was A Mole In The Ground
        4       Eddie Van Halen
        5       Not In Pubs (Anyway)
        6       Please Sell $10,000 Worth Of Stock. We Have Decided
                To Live A Mad & Extravagant Life
        7       Sweat Sister
        8       This Skin
        9       Port Wine Blues (For John Henry Calvinist)

"Debut LP by Brisbane's brilliant Greg Hilleard, who we first heard when he was part
of the incredible Lost Domain. The Sheik is a solo album that makes us think of a 
summit between the Gibson Bros and Parachute-era Eugene Chadbourne (or something
equally far-fetched). Pretty amazing by any yardstick. Anyway, Greg had a few words
he wanted to share." --Byron Coley, 2018
FTR     383     ZACH PHILLIPS           HOW TO SLIP AWAY                LP      05.2018

        A1      Slip Away
        A2      Cat's Paw
        A3      Playing Dumb
        A4      Puppet of the Government
        A5      Four Minutes to Play
        A6      a Week of Sundays
        A7      Swarovsky
        A8      the Windowsill
        A9      Fucking Up
        A10     Deep Rose
        A11     My Kaleidoscope
        A12     Rotting Wheel
        A13     Edith Rose
        A14     the One Singing
        A15     Pepper People
        A16     Love You Know
        A17     Roll Like an Apple
        A18     Repeating It All
        A19     Mistress of the Junior Professed
        A20     Peter Absent
                (Note : LP , 250 copies)
FTR     384 LP  ERIC ARN & MARGARET UNKNOWN : PARANZA CORTA             LP      07.2018

        1       Poignards                                       03:17
        2       Balisongs                                       03:24
        3       Bowies                                          06:44
        4       Razors                                          02:40
        5       Ice Picks                                       03:50
        6       Dirks                                           03:16
        7       Butterflies                                     06:07
        8       Stillettos                                      03:22
        9       Shinobi-zues                                    02:36
        10      Daggers                                         05:15

"For his second Feeding Tube LP, following the superb solo outing Orphic Resonance
(FTR 281LP, 2017), Eric Arn has chosen to team up with the Austrian shapeshifter
Margaret Unknown (aka Max Bogner), for a set of acoustic guitar duets. Eric's history
is well known via solo work, duets with Tom Carter, and hard psych playing from his
pre-Vienna days with both Primordial Undermind and Crystalized Movements. We knew
Margaret mostly for his work with (In) The Abyssity of the Grounds, who backed Linda
Sharrock on her massive Gods 3LP set (which should be a fixture in every home).
Recorded live at the mo.ë space in Vienna, Paranza Corta (Italian for a Sicilian
style knife fight) is far less of a combat situation than a deeply explored
intersection of stringed logic. Without being able to tell who plays what (and
although the tracks are named after various bladed weapons), the music here is
a fight, in the sense that the opening scene of West Side Story is a fight. While
choreographed only on a subliminal level, these two guys allow each other a lot of
space to change directions, and almost seem to be working in tandem, so immediate are
their reflexive actions. The heft of the interplay here recalls some of the nylon
string collaborations Eugene Chadbourne did back in the Parachute days, although he
wasn't big on guitar duets (at least on record). The playing here offers the same
brilliant mix of organically achieved weirdness that can begin as a gentle outside
motion, and then grow to devilish proportions without ever going too far. If there
even is such a thing. If there is (and I acknowledge the possibility), the music on
Paranza Corta does not go there. It's a brilliant tapestry of gesture, reaction and
recontextualization. Of course, as I write those words, I begin to realize that maybe
it is more like a knife fight than I'd thought. We should really ask Russ Tamblyn what
he thinks." --Byron Coley, 2018

        01.     When I Was Young
        02.     Jagged Orbit
        03.     Wishy Wishy I
        04.     Takver
        05.     No Human Colors
        06.     Pink Eye
        07.     Olamina (for Octavia Butler)
        08.     Queen Day
        09.     Wishy Wishy II

Psych/folk crackpots Big Blood return with Operate Spaceship Earth Properly.
Thematically it explores science fact and fiction, and the blurring in between.
Imagine the ‘70s acid folk of Comus combined with some heavy riffage, then send that
to planet weirdo and you’re part way there.
FTR     386 LP  MICHAEL HURLEY          LIVING LJUBLJANA                LP      11.2018

        A1      The Portland Water
        A2      Turay Turay
        A3      Geisha Girl
        A4      Ma's Dream Blues
        A5      The Beggar's Terms
        B1      Horse's Ass
        B2      O My Stars
        B3      Driving Nails In My Coffin
        B4      I Paint A Design
        B5      Letter In Neon

In March 1995, soon after the German Veracity label issued Wolfways, and just before
they did Parsnips Snips (1995) (Hurley's first vinyl after a nine-year drought), the
Great Snock undertook his first European tour. Joined by bassist Robert Michener
(from the Richmond scene Hurley'd been involved in) and percussionist Mickey Bones
(legendary Boston drummer & bones player), Hurley hit a bunch of places and Germany
and also KLUB K4 in Llubjana, Slovenia, where this set was recorded. The sound is
beautiful, the band plays with lazy perfection, and Hurley's vocals are energetically
melodic. He does some songs that were only released on the series of cassettes that
immediately preceded Wolfways ('Horse's Ass,' 'The Beggar's Terms'), stuff from
Wolfways ('Letter in Neon,' 'Portland Water,' 'I Paint a Design'), classics like
'O My Stars,' and a few cover tunes. And More! Packed up in a new Hurley art cover
design (based on the Euro tour t-shirt), with great liner notes detailing the rigors
of a German press junket from right before the tour-proper, this package is sure to
please discerning Snockophiles of all stripes. It's a fantastic spin. Dig in today."
Byron Coley, 2018.
FTR     387     THE LEFT OUTSIDES : THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME         LP      02.2018

        A1      The Third Light
        A2      To Where Your Footsteps Led
        A3      Ring Out The Bells
        A4      Fallen By The Wayside
        A5      Stargazer
        A6      Unopened Letters And Unanswered Calls
        B1      Through A Keyhole
        B2      Always The Last To Know
        B3      Deep Rivers Move In Silence;Shallow Brooks Are Noisy
        B4      Out Of Time;Out Of Place
        B5      You Told You Secrets To The Sea
        B6      Stargazer (Reprise)
        B7      The Shape Of Things To Come
                (Note : LP , 100 copies on cloured vinyl)

LP      Dawn Bird           DAWN 001LP      2015        UK
LP      XEMU                XM 1024         2015        US
LP      Cardinal Fuzz       CF 095          2018        UK
FTR     388 LP  MB JONES (MATT JONES)   MB JONES BY MB JONES            LP      07.2018

        A1      $200,000 Ticket To Space
        A2      Lawnmower Races
        A3      Everybody Makes Mistakes
        A4      Singing Room Champion Of The World
        A5      Lucy Stone
        B1      National Anthem / Cruel & Unusual
        B2      Danish From Tajikistan
        B3      Broken Records
        B4      Shinjuku 3 AM
        B5      Sacred Cows In Hadley Massachusetts
        B6      Going Swimming In The Morning

"Matt 'MB' Jones has long been kicking back and forth between the Valley and Asia.
His recordings with Jee Jee Band have reflected this duality. And this new 'solo'
album, recorded mostly in his original backyard with a cast of local hottentots
(Conrad Capistran, Tim Sheldon, John Moloney, etc.) continues this vibe, while changing
it in many subtle ways. The K-Pop readymades of the Jee Jee Band's Glass Fish LP
(EM 1138CD/LP) have continued to drift out of Matt's repertoire. This remodeling began
on Jee Jee's Holy Yolk LP (FTR 304, 2017), and by this point the hints are still there
if you know where to look for them, but they no longer jump out at you. Matt's basic
constructions are still often electronic pop at their base, but the details that get
piled on top of that now require a wide closet of costumery. From the multi-tracked
vocal glistens of '$200,000 Ticket to Space' (with neo-gamelanic tone highlighting)
through to the jaw-harp-riven dolor of 'Going Swimming in the Morning,' the only real
common thread the mood of dislocation Jones bakes into many of his lyrics. It's never
easy keeping one foot in reality (so-called) while extending your other foot into the
vacuum of space, but it's forward trajectory Matt seems to have managed. Perhaps this
is why he and Mike Watt have struck up a friendship (the two recently cut a lathe 7").
Just as Watt attempts to codify his personal history, while the statis of the world
constantly slides past him on his endless tours, Jones seems bent on writing twin
histories of his peregrinations -- one with each hand, while everything spins around
his head. It's an epic quest. And one to which you should pay sweet attention."
Byron Coley, 2018 Edition of 250.

01.         Bill Bissett & Th Mandan Massacre - Th Deacon Bros In Barcados
02.         Bill Bissett & Th Mandan Massacre - O A B A
03.         Bill Bissett & Th Mandan Massacre - An Ode To D A Levy
04.         Bill Bissett & Th Mandan Massacre - My Mouths On Fire
05.         Bill Bissett & Th Mandan Massacre - 2 Awake In Th Red Desert
06.         Bill Bissett & Th Mandan Massacre - Arbutus Garden Apartments 6 P M
07.         Bill Bissett & Th Mandan Massacre - Heard Ya Telling
08.         Bill Bissett & Th Mandan Massacre - Fires in th Tempul
09.         Bill Bissett & Th Mandan Massacre - She, Still and Curling
10.         Bill Bissett & Th Mandan Massacre - Is Yr Car 2 Soft 4 Th Road
11.         Bill Bissett & Th Mandan Massacre - And The Green Wing
12.         Bill Bissett & Th Mandan Massacre - Yu Sing
13.         Bill Bissett & Th Mandan Massacre - Now According to Paragraph C
14.         Bill Bissett & Th Mandan Massacre - She's A very Good Cook

"For the first release in Feeding Tube's Unknown Province series -- a run of records
dedicated to exploring little known nooks of the Canadian underground, curated by
Alex Moskos -- we are delighted to bring you the first vinyl reissue of the 1968
zoner masterpiece by poet bill bissett and his fellow Vancouver freaks. We have
always been shocked this LP was not included on the NWW list, but Canadian releases
often seem to exist in their own universe, so we suppose that's the 'explanation.'
Because, in a list of any free-form freakouts, Awake in th' Red Desert would surely
have a high place. bissett was a sound/concrete poet of high repute when this was
recorded, and he was also something akin to the king of the Vancouver underground
scene. The original album was issued by Jim Brown's See/Hear label, which Brown
founded as an adjunct to his Talon Books imprint. Backed by a band of interesting
musicians (a few of whom went on to straighter afterlives), bissett created an insane
mass of sound, comparable to what Mayo Thompson's Red Crayola was doing in Texas
around the same time, laced with heavy Fugs overtones. Pure freaked sonics, created
while stoned, for an audience that was similarly blasted, and was willing to decode
what was going on using the very best acid logic available. Hard for me to describe
how much I love this album. And I will attest that this version sounds better than
any other available version ever has or could. It is jacked. Nice detailed liner
notes by Alex Moskos set the scene as well as anyone ever will, and if you don't
feel your teeth wiggling while this plays, I suggest you may never feel that
particular feeling. In your life. bill bissett is still going today, and we heartily
suggest that anyone who digs this album runs out and tries to nail down one or another
of his wonderful books before the sun sets."  Edition of 500.
Byron Coley, 2019
                2006 CURATED BY THURSTON MOORE

        01.     Side A
        02.     Side B

"The 2006 Nightmare Before Christmas festival was one of the most bodacious
assemblages of raw human talent assembled on our planet since the First Continental
Congress. But it wasn't all just guys and it wasn't all just proto-Americans, so that
means it was far better than any other such gathering before and/or after. One of the
crazier highlights of the weekend-long event was the set by Italy's insane fraternal
duo, My Cat Is An Alien. Using guitars and various other kaboobs, the Opalio boys
set Red's (aka Stage 2) on fire that Sunday night, blasting out zoned croaks, wobbly
drones and the kind of blabbermouth logic you usually can't access without written
permission from a doctor. There were many ecstatic musical yawps during that long-ago
weekend, but MCIAA's set left a deep groove in my memory. And it's a stone pleasure
to revisit it after lo, these many years. Two blurts of side-ling mystery, packed
in Roberto Opalio's wonderful art, with a little liner note booklet that can only
hint at what you may have missed. Thankfully, if you slap on the disc, close your
eyes and sniff a can of beer while lying down, you can approximate the whirling
thrill ride of the set itself. And sometimes an approximation is both closer to home
and more comfortable than an actual experience. So, yeah -- you're welcome!"
Byron Coley, 2019
FTR     391
FTR     392
FTR     393     EUGENE CHADBOURNE : SOLO GUITAR VOLUME 1-1/3            LP      10.2018

        01.     Eugene Chadbourne       Parkers Mood
        02.     Eugene Chadbourne       Memories Of Hanover Lodge
        03.     Eugene Chadbourne       Golden Dragon
        04.     Eugene Chadbourne       High School
        05.     Eugene Chadbourne       Love
        06.     Eugene Chadbourne       BBs Jazz Blues and Soup
        07.     Eugene Chadbourne       Miss Ann
        08.     Eugene Chadbourne       Elbow
        09.     Eugene Chadbourne       Making It Go Away

Eugene Chadbourne is one of the great guitar players of the modern era. At the time
he began recording in Canada in 1975, his music was a unique syncretic formulation.
While its most obvious component was free improvisation in a style then most widely
associated with English and European players, his music also contained elements of
jazz, country, folk, blues, psychedelic and international sounds, referencing these
threads in ways that were so diverse and intensely personalized it would take scholar
decades to decode them.
Byron Coley
FTR     394 LP  EUGENE CHADBOURNE : SOLO GUITAR VOLUME 2-1/2            LP      02.2019

        01.     Eugene Chadbourne       Piazza del Duomo
        02.     Eugene Chadbourne       Preparation Dimafbay
        03.     Eugene Chadbourne       Father (You Opened)
        04.     Eugene Chadbourne       That's All Water Under the Bridge
        05.     Eugene Chadbourne       Rocket

"Eugene Chadbourne is one of the great guitar players of the modern era. At the time
he began recording in Canada in 1975, his music was a unique syncretic formulation.
While its most obvious component was free improvisation in a style then most widely
associated with English and European players, his music also contained elements of
jazz, country, folk, blues, psychedelic and international sounds, referencing these
threads in ways that were so diverse and intensely personalized it would take scholars
decades to decode them. Volume 2-1/3 is the second of four LPs devoted to documenting
some of the music Dr. Chadbourne was creating during the years he was based in the
provinces of Canada, while avoiding the conscriptive powers of Richard Nixon and his
ilk. Exact details of the recordings are unknown, but that's trivial. There are six
tracks of improvisational guitar madness at its most glorious. Describing them is
almost impossible, but I can at least tell you their names 'Piazza del Duomo',
'Preperation Dimafbay' (sic), 'Father (You Opened)', 'That's All Water Under the
Bridge' (purported to be the first lesson of a proposed guitar instructional record,
which is a fairly brain-searing concept) and 'Rocket!' (which is a different take of
the Oliver Lake classic first recorded on Volume Two). This last one might be my fave
Chadbourne acoustic piece ever. Maybe yours too! If not, just give this a spin and
let us know your favorite. Maybe you'll win a button. Solo Guitar Volume 2-1/3 is
even more amazing than the last one, in our opinion. And there's more to come!"
Edition of 400.
Byron Coley, 2019
FTR     395
FTR     396
FTR     397     FAUN & A PAN FLUTE      2014-2016                       2LP     08.2018

        01.     Faun & A Pan Flute      First Grade
        02.     Faun & A Pan Flute      Turn Signal
        03.     Faun & A Pan Flute      Dave II
        04.     Faun & A Pan Flute      Brevity
        05.     Faun & A Pan Flute      Ball
        06.     Faun & A Pan Flute      The Nose

Although their name suggests they're Nijinsky-obsessed acid folk wanderers, nothing
could be farther from the truth. 2014-2016 is the second album by this Atlanta-based
nontet, and it presents a wide swathe of styles and contrasting textures that are
wildly eclectic but never very acid-folky. The name stems from the fact that when the
band began, some seven years ago, their line-up often changed and they tended to use
a different band name every time they played a show. Faun & A Pan Flute somehow got
used for a couple of shows and it stuck, not least because it's a fairly ridiculous
piece of misdirection. The music on this 2LP set, recorded during the period
encapsulated by the album's title, are a wonderful expansion on the music heard
on their eponymous debut LP. The sounds are complex and fully composed instrumental
pieces that mix elements of jazz, prog and post-rock shimmer with equal assurance.
Hard to imagine keeping such a large ensemble together these days, considering the
financial privations of the underground, but they manage to pull it off, and even
make it seem easy. The music on this album shifts between genres with lazy ease.
Some of it sounds like Italian soundtrack action by one of the '60s masters, other
parts recall everything from Waka/Jawaka-era Zappa to Steve Reich's late '70s
ensembles to the Nels Cline Singers to some of Keith Tippetts' larger bands.
Byron Coley
FTR     398     O. GOODARZI             EVIDENCE OF ARRIVAL             7"+DLc  05.2018

        A1      Evidence Of Arrival
        A2      One Eyed Snake Man
        A3      I Play My Guitar
        A4      Peanut Kid
        A5      Between S. Korea & Chicken Fun Time
        B1      I Never Wanted 2 Be Free
        B2      Ideas Of The Past
        B3      Criteria - Hard 2 Find
        B4      Desafinado
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , 300 copies)
FTR     399     JON COLLIN : WATER AND ROCK MUSIC VOLUME 1              LP      07.2018

        01.     For the Birds I
        02.     The Big Mosses
        03.     Smoke And Wind
        04.     Snuskungen
        05.     Ride A Wake
        06.     For The Birds II
                (Note : LP , 250 copies)

Feeding Tube Records (Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, Thurston Moore) front the fifth LP from
slide guitarist Jon Collin. Water And Rock Music, Volume 1 is a more literal title than
it may at first appear given that the record actually was recorded on the shores of a
Swedish lake. These lovely, woozy takes capture the tranquility of the location
expertly. Keep an eye out for the second volume which is set to drop in a few months.
FTR     400     A: PFEFFER KWITTER      PELLER                          LP      12.2018

        1       Imp
        2       Prop
FTR     401
FTR     402     WENDY EISENBERG         TIME MACHINE                    LP        .2018

        A1      Time Machine                                    00:59
        A2      New Hampshire                                   3:28
        A3      Postal Man                                      3:42
        A4      Brain Today                                     2:09
        A5      Forty Words                                     3:13
        B1      Oval                                            2:12
        B2      Make a List                                     2:18
        B3      Elbow and the Ear                               2:07
        B4      Declawed                                        5:50
        B5      Once Before                                     0:59
FTR     403     METTE RASMUSSEN/TASHI DORJI : s/t                       LP      06.2018

        01.     Mette Rasmussen/Tashi Dorji : Cattail Horse
        02.     Mette Rasmussen/Tashi Dorji : Bull Rush
        03.     Mette Rasmussen/Tashi Dorji : Affinity
        04.     Mette Rasmussen/Tashi Dorji : Tall Grass
        05.     Mette Rasmussen/Tashi Dorji : Liberty
                (Note : LP , 200 copies)

Mette Rasmussen is a Danish saxophonist, based in Norway, who has been recording with
some of our favorite players (Chris Corsano, Alan Silva, Mats Gustafsson, Ace Farren
Ford, etc.) She has also formed this duo with Asheville-based guitarist, Tashi Dorji
(whose combo, Manas, has had two LPs on Feeding Tube this far: FTR 208LP, 2015 and
FTR 330LP, 2017). The duo material for this LP was recorded in Montreal, right around
the same time Mette and Tashi recorded a trio set for Trost (with the addition of
drummer Tyler Damon). And it's all great stuff. Mette's playing has a raw tonal
approach that makes one think of Eric Dolphy at his harshest. Her lines evince much
of the same nimbleness as well. The effect is not unlike being hit in the face by
a bunch of snakes with wings. Naturally, Tashi is playing electric in order to make
himself heard, and the clots of sound he manages to coax out of his amp are worthy of
comparison with such form-erupters as Keith Rowe. On the first side, there's a real
physicality to the blocks Tashi creates, as well as to the manner which Mette's reed
attacks them. It's an incredible sound -- brutal and communicative in equal measures.
But as much as this may imply a musical surface akin to that of Borbetomagus, there's
a lot more open space here. Especially on the second side, the music is paced to give
itself over (now and then) to crenellations that allows in as much light as they emit.
This record is a supremely human effort and hopefully the harbinger of much more to
come." --Byron Coley, 2018
FTR     404     THE LEFT OUTSIDES       ALL THAT REMAINS                LP      05.2018
                (Note : LP , black vinyl)
FTR     404     THE LEFT OUTSIDES       ALL THAT REMAINS                LP      05.2018
                (Note : LP , purple vinyl)
FTR     404     THE LEFT OUTSIDES       ALL THAT REMAINS                CDR     05.2018

        A1      The Unbroken Circle
        A2      Naming Shadows Was Your Existence
        A3      The Ballad Of Elm Tree Hill
        A4      Down To The Waterside
        A5      Clothed In Ivy, Obscured By Dust
        B1      All Those I Danced With Are Gone
        B2      The Yellow Wallpaper
        B3      All That Remains
        B4      Take Me Home Ag

LP      Cardinal Fuzz       CF 096          2018        UK
FTR     405     BRUCE RUSSELL/NOEL MEEK : CLASSICAL MUSIC               LP+DLc  12.2018

        A       Classical Music                                 17:20
        B       Classical Music                                 17:54
                (Note : LP , 250 copies)
FTR     406
FTR     407     ARKM FOAM               BLOODROOT SPITBALL              LP+DLc    .2018

        A1      Tarp Blues                                      2:43
        A2      Doughy Owl                                      5:44
        A3      Ghoul's Glen                                    2:43
        A4      Seasonal Snare                                  5:43
        A5      Clarimello                                      4:06
        B1      Live On The Street (In Greenfield, MA           20:21
                (Note : LP , 200 copies)
FTR     408 LP  CREATIVE HEALING : LOW EFFORT SOCIAL EVENTS             LP      11.2018

        01.     Should Rumours Ever Be Believed?
        02.     Stegoraurus
        03.     Lemon Tree
        04.     Benefits
        05.     Low Effort Social Events
        06.     Andrew W.K.
        07.     Untitled Blues / Silver Buddy
        08.     It All Comes From The Drums
        09.     Brontosaurus

"Creative Healing is a new Massachusetts combo mixing the folks from Hollow Deck
(Andy Allen and Mia Friedman) with three old pals who also passed through the Ran
Blake Paddle Tunnel at NE Conservatory (Katie McShane, Jesse Heasly and Nick Neuberg).
The results are, as the old men say, a real gas. Although it's not a constant, there
are moments throughout this album where the swonky collision of sax, guitar and drums
puts me in mind of several classic versions of Beefheart's Magic Band. Nothing along
those lines in the vocal department (which are often delivered as casually as they
might be by MX-80's Rich Stim), but some of the harmonic threads are definitely of
a Vliet-ian ilk. But there's more horn and overt jazzliness here, and also a dual
tendency towards straighter and skronkier passages that would be outside the Magic
Band's realm. The female vocals, when they appear, lend an edge of sophisto-mystery.
It's not entirely unlike the way Dagmar Krause's parts worked during the later days
of Henry Cow. As you've probably gathered from the references, this is art rock played
at a very high level. There's no real nostalgia in it, however, the essential whatsis
of their music is fully contemporary, and has lots of mechanical detailing that places
it squarely in the post-post-hardcore stream. But it's also rooted in the great eternal
gush of progressive music is all its many guises. And if that makes it seem like
there's a little bit of everything here, well so be it. RIYL anything anywhere
between RWA, Slapp Happy and Men & Volts."  Edition of 250.
Byron Coley, 2018. Edition of 250.
FTR     409 LP  MAKO SICA & HAMID DRAKE : RONDA                         2LP     08.2018

        01.     Mako Sica & Hamid Drake - Dance With Waves
        02.     Mako Sica & Hamid Drake - Emanation
        03.     Mako Sica & Hamid Drake - The Greatest Gift
        04.     Mako Sica & Hamid Drake - The Old Book
        05.     Mako Sica & Hamid Drake - The Wu Wei

"Brilliant, inspired and somewhat surprising collaboration between Chicago's premier
free-rock trio and the truly legendary percussionist, Hamid Drake, who has played with
everyone from Don Cherry to Peter Brötzmann to Lee Perry. This collusion was
precipitated by Matt Jackowiak, a mutual friend, who thought a merging of their sounds
might make for an ecstatic explosion. This feeling became mutual after they played
a show together at Constellation. The set mixes Mako Sica tunes with improvisations
that took everyone to places they hadn't expected, and the trip was deemed an utter
success. Ronda was done at two sessions, scheduled around Hamid's insanely busy work
schedule. The first was at Jamdek with Douglas Malone at the board, the second was at
Electrical Audio with Taylor Hales. The Electrical session allowed the players access
to a host of additional instruments, so the sonic palette on 'Dance With Waves' and
'Emanation' is wider and somehow more cosmic than usual. But the whole album has an
extraordinary depth and width of sound. Even the great songs Mako Sica has had in its
set for a while like 'The Old Book,' gain whole new levels of otherness here, and the
material based in quartet improvisations, like 'The Wu Wei,' explores wild new
territory for the band. Ronda (named after a town in southern Spain with a famous
18th Century bridge crossing a deep gorge) is the first span connecting the disparate
musical worlds of Mako Sica and Hamid Drake. Let us hope it is but the first of many."
2018 Edition of 500.
Byron Coley
FTR     410 LP  MAXINE FUNKE            SILK                            LP      02.2019

        01.     Best Kept
        02.     Ranunculus
        03.     In The Dark
        04.     Boy on the Bow
        05.     Wake Up Dreaming
        06.     Xylphone
        07.     To The Beach
        08.     One Step
        09.     Right Scene Well
        10.     Bulbs and Perennials
        11.     Through The Trees
        12.     Fire
        13.     Dewey Decimal
        14.     So Far Down

2019 repress, gold vinyl! "Silk is the fantastic third LP by Maxine Funke, a New
Zealand musician whose first recordings were with the legendary $100 Band (Funke,
Alastair Galbraith, and Mike Dooley!), whose music was drifting experimental dust of
a very high order. Maxine's first two solo albums, Lace (2008) and Felt (2012)
(originally released as CDR on Galbraith's Next Best Way and a lathe on Epic Sweep,
respectively), were reissued by Time-Lag to great acclaim in 2016, securing her place
in the upper echelons of contemporary folk inventors. With the release of Silk,
Ms. Funke manages to create an album that merges both of these style threads. Many
of the tracks are cast in an intimate mood congruent with artists like Sibylle Baier,
Barbara Manning, Myriam Gendron, Joanne Robertson, and other women who have pulled
sweetly dark sounds from pockets of deep emotion, abetted largely by acoustic guitar.
On a few other tracks, electronic instrumentals hearken back to her work with
transceivers in the $100 Band days. The balance between these posts is delicately
intoxicating. A readymade classic from start to finish, Silk travels a brilliant
series of spaceways with grace and assurance. We should all be so lucky."
Byron Coley, 2018.
FTR     411     LAURI MCNAMARA          KNOBBY KNOLL                    LP      10.2018

        01.     Lauri Mcnamara          Fell In Love
        02.     Lauri Mcnamara          Cartoon Boy
        03.     Lauri Mcnamara          Dayton
        04.     Lauri Mcnamara          Comedian
        05.     Lauri Mcnamara          Chit Chat
        06.     Lauri Mcnamara          Ambrose's Kid
        07.     Lauri Mcnamara          Approve
        08.     Lauri Mcnamara          Monster
        09.     Lauri Mcnamara          Little Homey
        10.     Lauri Mcnamara          Heart Gave Out

Lauri McNamara is one of the crazies who make the New England sub-underground such
a richly interesting universe to inhabit. She worked off and on with the late,
lamented Egg, Eggs, but her main focus has always been on solo performance,
accompanying herself on ukelele. A few other people make their presence felt on her
debut LP, Knobby Knoll, but let's not get bogged down in their details. 'Cause
really, this is Lauri's show, no matter who else might be sitting in. Unlike the
many idiots who play uke, emphasizing its child-like qualities, Lauri handles the
little axe like an adult. In her hands the instrument is just a guitar with a more
compressed palette. And one gets the impression that what some people would view as
the limitations of the instrument are appreciated by McNamara for their inherent
intimacy. Knobby Knoll is nothing if not an intimate experience. The lyrics are
filled with Lauri sharing aspects of her persona, alternately affectionate and
judgmental, but always melodic. Many artists who inhabit similarly idiosyncratic
creative space eschew compositional beauty as a necessary element, but Ms. McNamara
has a very dab hand creating hooks inside a context where they seem almost anomalous.
In many ways, the songs here resemble classic 'parlor music' of the late 19th century.
For a moment, it can almost make you forget we live in the age of Trump.
What a gift!" 2018 Edition of 200.
Byron Coley.
FTR     412
FTR     413     WILLIE LANE             KNOWN QUANTITY                  LP      12.2018

        01.     Hill Top Lane
        02.     Mind Herb Gardens
        03.     Bilge Tone Raga
        04.     From A Foxhole
        05.     Tired Pioneer Blues
        06.     Folk Vortex
        07.     Deep Space Raid
        08.     Philly Arbiter / Almost Known
        09.     Make Me A Pallet In Your Taproom
        10.     Silversleeve Raga
        11.     Philly Arbiter Reprise

Newly remastered reissue of Willie Lane's 2009 solo guitar LP, Known Quantity,
originally released on his own Cord Art label. Over the last few years, this album
has been requested at the store more often than just about any other, but it sold
out not long after it was issued and has risen in price consistently since that
time. Listening to Known Quantity, it's not hard to understand why it has such a
strong rep. Lane came out the Hampshire College scene that aligned itself with the
Apostasy Records crowd (Krefting, Shaw, Rosenblum, etc.). His first known recordings
were actually with some of the noisier experimental units associated with this cabal.
Willie was based in Philadelphia for a long time after college, where he fell in
with Jack Rose and the whole Fishtown scene of the early Oughts. Moving back to the
Valley, Willie also began working with Matt Valentine's tribe, and his first solo
album,Recliner Ragas, was issued as a C.O.M. CDR in 2006 before getting vinylized
by the Humito label in 2012. And keen listeners out there will detect a certain
"Spectrasound" feel to some of the electric passages here. The music on Known
Quantity is a buttery mix of electric and acoustic string aktion. Samara Lubelski
plays bass on one track, but it's all solo apart from that. And it's a wonderland
of textures and sound shapes. Some of the pieces are almost straight ahead (somewhat
more in tunes with the work Willie does when he plays live), but others are as wobbly
and jagged as a drunk peacock. It's an amazing record, and rewards multiple listens
with constantly unfolding details. Max Milgram (from Watery Love) did the new cover
art (based on the original LP's photographic frontispiece) and the mastering by
Carl Saff is mighty nice. Enjoy..." Edition of 500.
Byron Coley, 2018.
FTR     414     BLOOD QUARTET           UNTIL MY DARKNESS GOES          LP        .2018

        A1      Broken Soldier
        A2      NYC Limits
        A3      Fire Folk
        A4      Velvet Love
        A5      Chemistry of Tears
        B6      Surfing Rueda
        B7      Jandek
        B8      Invoke
        B9      Stress of Her Regard
        B10     Eigenlicht
        B11     Until My Darkness Goes
                (Note : LP , 250 copies)

"The second LP by Mark Cunningham's current Spanish outfit, Blood Quartet, marks
a directional shift from their 2016 debut LP, Deep Red (FTR 283LP). On Until My
Darkness Goes the quartet abandons pure instrumentalism, including a few vocal
takes by drummer Cândid Coll strewn amidst the album's various tangles. There is
also a much more aggressively rockist focus shown at times. Rumor has always been
that this is a firm part of the band's live trip, but recorded evidence of it has
thus far been scarce. Of course, most of Until My Darkness Goes is in the same
great vein as Deep Red. Noirish trumpet drifts across a rotten cityscape, batting
down noise guitar rats that pop up from open manhole covers like goddamn
Whack-a-Moles. But there are other things going on as well. "Surfing Rueda" sounds
like some sort of unholy collaboration between the Raybeats and Sonic Youth.
"Stress of Her Regard" plays like Robert Wyatt doing his version of hard rock
vocals in front of the Tony Williams Lifetime. "Velvet Love" curls through the air
like a smoky reconsideration on Eric Burdon & the Animals' soft-psych phase. It's
crazy how fast this record drifts from style to style, although Blood Quartet always
touches back to their basic Chet Baker meets Pete Cosey conception. The whole album
is a collection of wild moves, as you might guess from the fact they cop a Stones
quote for its title, and even name a track after the Representative from Corwood.
I can't wait to hear what these guys get up to next, but for now we've all got
plenty to digest. So dig in." Edition of 250.
Byron Coley, 2018. 
FTR     415     DIRE WOLVES             PARADISIAACAL MIND              LP      12.2018

        01.     Unfettered And Alive
        02.     Just Live Your Life Behind Your Eyes
        03.     We Are Stardust
        04.     In And Out of Den Garten He Goes
        05.     Paradisiacal Mind

Paradisiacal Mind, Dire Wolves' tenth (or possibly twelfth?) full-length since 2008,
conjures a floating stellular kraut Americano with quite a lot to pull you in to the
mix and then drift you right back out again. Following two simultaneous 2017 releases
-- on Feeding Tube Records and Beyond Beyond Is Beyond -- that explored out-of-body
experience, this latest work turns decidedly inward. Psychic rock that guides your
vision to heaven, and heaven is in your mind. When cover artist Kyla Quigley asked
the band to draw from the tarot to inform her new work, the card was The Star, a
renewal of hope and strength to carry on. And so it all came together -- acute,
right, and obtuse, all at once. A portion of the record was recorded in Oakland by
Zachary Watkins (Black Spirituals), who helped set the atmosphere to capture the
festival consciousness vibes. The remainder was realized on Bernal Hill, celebrating
the 50+ year tradition of San Francisco psychedelic intensity. Additional players
include Laura Naukkarinen (Lau Nau), Taralie Peterson (Spires That In The Sunset
Rise), and Michael Whittaker (Jackie-O Motherfucker). Recommended to the open minds
that celebrate such sounds as the punk-hippie crossover scene of mid '80s SST records,
as well as listeners of Scandinavian/Teutonic communal motorik vibes. And those into
spiritual jazz, meditative and primordial minimalism, and scratched Environments LPs
from the dollar bin.
FTR     416     STATE CHAMPION          SEND FLOWERS                    LP      11.2018

        A1      My Over, My Under                               7:02
        A2      Death Preferences                               6:39
        A3      When I Come Through                             6:38
        B1      If You Don't Show Me                            4:17
        B2      Lifetime Sentence                               5:45
        B3      Legends of Miami Bass                           6:13
        B4      Stonehenge Blues Band Blues                     5:26

LP      Sophomore Lounge    SL 095      2018        US

"Although I have lately taken to associating Louisville's Ryan Davis with the maniacal
blurt of Tropical Trash, I am reminded by the release of the fourth State Champion LP,
Send Flowers, that this is his original mothership. Send Flowers is State Champion's
most fully realized Beard Rock expression to date. The surrealist underpinnings of
Ryan's lyrics are heavier than ever, but that is balanced by the band's most
epiphanically tasty licking. The pieces fit together with such easy organic grace,
it's tempting to suspect they're simple. But the closer you listen to the parts the
more complex they appear. This begins with Ryan's words, which are sung so gracefully
you have to concentrate to pick up on the timeless phrases he invents here, but when
you pay attention they jump up and just about bite you. The same thing goes for the
instrumentation, which initially passes as a mere recreation of lost Topanga threads,
but surpasses those bounds with the something approaching the same assurance as the
David Lindley-led band on Terry Reid's River LP (the transcendent Beard Rock
masterpiece). Send Flowers will almost surely be misapprehended by lazy farmers and
the cows who follow them. It may also be anathema to folks who primarily head-link it
to Tropical Trash, but for anyone who digs the new generation of singer/songwriters
out there, from Wooden Wand to Ned Collette to the legacy of the Silver Jews. Peel
slowly and see."
Byron Coley, 2018.
FTR     417 LP  WORTHLESS               THE CAVE                        LP      02.2019

        01.     Time's Arrow
        02.     Fascination
        03.     Cosmic Lie (The Quantum Man)
        04.     Black Sheep
        05.     Wine Glasses
        06.     Shelle's Green

"We were first made aware of this Brooklyn band by Gary Panter. When we asked Gary
about some specific projectors for light shows, he said we'd be best off conferring
with his colleague, Curtis Godino. And oh yeah, Curtis also helmed a dastardly
psychedelic music unit called Worthless. Checking out some of Worthless's previous
recordings for Beyond Is Beyond, Stupid Head, and Greenway, we were struck by the
weirdness and seamlessness of their psych stretching; if ever there was music made
for light shows, this was pretty much it. The Cave is Worthless' third vinyl LP and
is as stellar a set of glistening sonics as you will hear this year. In a certain
sense, this session marks the band's evolution in a direction that approaches the
sweet spot with psychedelic and progressive music meet for long walks on the beach.
The overall vibe of the album is free-form and floating, with the edges of the aural
tapestry going in and out of focus with buzzing irregularity. There are big shards
of Saucerful-era Floyd guitar zonerism, mixed with luminous Zappa-damaged pomp
flourishes, a certain chunk of drama from the Nice, and a general sort of Vertigo
/Dawn/Harvest gush that will keep your brain wonderfully off balance when you try to
place this music in the context 21st century Brooklyn. The (often instrumental)
passages of music on The Cave move like one of the nicest white whales from the class
of '68, who has managed to remain uncaptured until now. It doesn't fall into any
known style traps so common in music by young people who are reaching back into
history for clues. This is music sweetly fried for the stoned future. Yours, we can
only hope."  Edition of 250.
Byron Coley, 2019
FTR     418 LP  JON COLLIN : WATER AND ROCK MUSIC VOLUME II             LP      03.2019

        01.     Jon Collin              High Water Blues
        02.     Jon Collin              Volcanism
        03.     Jon Collin              If I Could Only Remember My Name
        04.     Jon Collin              Jormungandr
        05.     Jon Collin              Wild Strawberries
        06.     Jon Collin              The Sea

"The second volume of Water and Rock Music by British guitarist Jon Collin is another
solid gambol in the outdoors. For much of this it sounds almost as though Mr. Collin
is wearing a pair of hip waders and is up to his ass in a stream, casting for notes
the way Hemingway casted for trout. His string bending recalls Loren Connors at points,
but he has a manual approach to filigree Loren has never displayed. Notes bend and
hover, but they also flutter, and the combination of sounds is not quite like anything
that's preceded it. Some listeners have noted that the environmental sounds put them
in mind of new age string pluckers, but Collin's compositions do not fall into the
trap of needing to resolve melodic quandaries, or making gestures that chase after
standard forms of beauty. Jon's music works as a series of comments on sound and
questions about the physical space in which it's created, but like any good philosopher
he knows when to leave a sense of mystery hanging in the air. There is plenty of
sweetness to the playing here, whether he's strolling through a playground, standing
in the middle of a busy street, or sitting the flight path of an airport. The music
never seems dictated by the background sounds, so much as it encourages us to consider
every part of the sonic construction to be heard as music (in the Cage-ian sense).
The elements become a part of the greater whole in a seamless way. And the closer you
listen the more that becomes clear. I am still most struck by (at least what sounds
like) the 'stream' sequences. But that's just because I really like the visuals it
conjures up. You may find different personal sweet spots. But find them you will.
Water and Rock Music Volume II is a truly ear-opening spin." Edition of 250.
Byron Coley, 2019
FTR     419 LP  DAN MELCHIOR AND P.G. SIX : EXHIBIT A                   LP      02.2019

        01.     Dan Melchior And P.G. Six - None Of It Means Anything To Me
        02.     Dan Melchior And P.G. Six - Cyan Cyril
        03.     Dan Melchior And P.G. Six - Never Trust A Man Without Sideburns
        04.     Dan Melchior And P.G. Six - Exhibit A
        05.     Dan Melchior And P.G. Six - Painterman
        06.     Dan Melchior And P.G. Six - Casual Water
        07.     Dan Melchior And P.G. Six - Photographs
        08.     Dan Melchior And P.G. Six - 3000 Miles Removed
        09.     Dan Melchior And P.G. Six - Like An Angler Fish
        10.     Dan Melchior And P.G. Six - Crawling Through The Suburbs
        11.     Dan Melchior And P.G. Six - The Price Of Everything
        12.     Dan Melchior And P.G. Six - It Was Good Fun
        13.     Dan Melchior And P.G. Six - Health Center Blues
        14.     Dan Melchior And P.G. Six - Comedians. Intellectuals. Etc
        15.     Dan Melchior And P.G. Six - Mission Impossible

"Dan Melchior is great randomizer of a musician. Born in the UK, based in the US for
the last 20 years, his discography ranges from raw garage rock to avant garde tape
collages, visiting a whole lots of other points in between. Exhibit A is his first
collaboration with P.G. Six (aka Pat Gubler) the wonderful New England based multi
-instrumentalist, who has previously appeared with Wet Tuna (FTR 364LP, 2018), Weeping
Bong Band (FTR 313LP, 2018), MV & EE (FTR 167LP, 2015) and Joshua Burkett
(FTR 196LP, 2015). This time out P.G. plays keyboards, recorder and electric 12-string
guitar, leaving the vocals and acoustic guitar to Brother Melchior. The material on
Exhibit A hearkens back to some of Melchior's early records, which had a bluesy
British simplicity somewhere between Duster Bennett and Sexton Ming. The melodies
are fully formed and horribly hook-laden, but there's roughness to the textural edges
(and riff-qua-riffs) that gives the music an extra layer of surly magnificence.
Some of the lyrics are funny as hell. I dare you to resist from smiling while listening
to 'Never Trust a Man Without Sideburns' or 'It Was Good Fun'. And the cover of
Creation's classic 'Painterman' is as beautiful example of form-evolution as you'll
find this year. Or any other. Exhibit A is a great spin from first note to last. There
are lots of strange instrumental textures and tropes, all more or less inside the
confines of modernist folk invention, and the whole shimmers with a very special kind
of light, while still sounding deceptively plain. It's hard to keep up with Melchior's
many releases and style shifts, but it's always worth doing. And this one is a pip."
Edition of 300.
Byron Coley, 2019
FTR     420     SUNFLARE                ON                              2LP+DLc 12.2018

        01.     Unrest
        02.     Black Magic Man
        03.     Fim da Valada
        04.     Quality Control
        05.     On The Red
        06.     Into The City (Night Vision)

Feeding Tube Records and Cardinal Fuzz announce, at last, the long-awaited Sunflare
album, ON. After three previous releases of brain-frying, high volume, pedal-to-the
-metal freak-outs, Sunflare are at last back to bring some serious brain-buzzing,
primitive punk scorch to a prevailing M.O.R. psych scene in need of some serious face
melting. Hailing from Lisboa, Portugal, Sunflare are a scorchin' power trio
specializing in high-energy Psychedelic Speed Freak wipe-outs. ON is here to fry
minds with a driving rhythm section that brings new meaning to the word relentless
and a guitar player that is perpetually freeform feedback soloing over every second
committed to wax via the gnarliest of fuzz and wah-wah pedal abuse. Over two sides
of vinyl there is never any let up as Sunflare deliver a blazing eruption of ear
piercing sound. With ON also comes a second LP of the long out-of-print "C30
-Red Tape" release (only ever available as a cassette back in 2010). As soon as
you put this on, you will see why both Feeding Tube and Cardinal Fuzz were so
desperate to include this as part of the ON package and commit it to vinyl at long
last. If you like High Rise, Comets On Fire, and drinking petrol, then this is the
band and record for you. ON is presented in a 320gsm wide spine card sleeve; comes
with a download code.

2LP     Cardinal Fuzz




        A1      All Is Quiet At The Ancient Theatre             10:09
        A2      The Last Sense To Leave Us                      6:01
        B1      36 Dramatic Situations                          5:36
        B2      The Bells Of St Agnes                           6:04
        B3      A Tragedy In The Tithe Barn                     6:31

LP      Cardinal Fuzz       CF 119      2018        UK

Vinylization of the second cassette released by UK string player Alison Cotton. We
first ran into Alison's work in its more overtly folky guise, as a member of Left
Outsides. Then we caught the scent of an amazing tape she did with Michael Tanner
(aka Plinth) that displayed her more avant garde leanings. All Is Quiet followed the
same lines, albeit in solo fashion, blending long dark viola and harmonium lines with
vocals drawn straight from the clouds. The effect resembles Tony Conrad in places
and John Cale's work with Nico in others, while remaining trademark Alison Cotton
throughout. And as nice as the tape was, it's even nicer to has this music on an LP,
since it's an archival format and will outlive all of us if properly cared for.
Just as the music of Alison Cotton feels as though it was designed to last through
the ages. Beautiful stuff."
Byron Coley, 2018
FTR     425

        A1      Twenty-Four Hours
        A2      Poor Wayfaring Stranger
        A3      Four
        A4      The Bonnie Banks Of Fordie
        B1      Christian's Silver Hell
        B2      Weeping And Wailing
        B3      Heading For A Fall
        B4      Another Twenty-Four Hours
        B5      Glass And Sand
                (Note : LP , 300 black/200 marbled copies)

LP      Cardinal Fuzz       CF 116          2018        UK

Trimdon Grange Explosion are an psych folk ensemble from North-East London comprising
Alison Cotton (viola/vocals), Ben Phillipson (guitar/vocals), Mark Nicholas (bass)
and Karl Sabino (drums). The quartet formed in the aftermath of the split of acclaimed
folk-rock outfit The Eigteenth Day Of May of whom all four were members. In 2010
a 7" emerged on The Great Pop Supplement, a cover of Judy Henske & Jerry Yester's
'Raider' b/w 'The Trimdon Grange Explosion', and then after a further seven year gap,
their debut album release saw the light of day, initially as a limited-edition
CD-R box package on the Borley Rectory label in Spring of 2017. Cardinal Fuzz are
delighted to finally release this acid psych shindig on vinyl, Remastered by Chris
Hardman and with hallucinatory art-work by Peckham-based illustrator Luke Drozd.
The self-produced recordings of Trimdon Grange Explosion's eponymous set took place
during 2015-2016 in various North London locations. The 9 eclectic tracks (plus one
bonus track on the download too) range from original compositions to acid-tinged group
instrumentals to songs from the folk tradition, arranged for electric instruments.
A 500 Pressing with download code that features a bonus track.
FTR     427
FTR     428     MORE KLEMENTINES        MORE KLEMENTINES                LP      11.2018

        A       I
        B       II
                (Note : LP , 124 numb. copies)

LP      Twin Lakes          TLR 026     2018        US


        01.     Nero's Expedition
        02.     Lament I (Bird's Lament)
        03.     Remember
        04.     Fiesta Piano Solo
        05.     Down Is Up
        06.     All Is Loneliness
        07.     Lullaby

Chicago saxophonist Dustin Laurenzi, a touring member of Justin Vernon's Bon Iver and
one-third of the inventive Chicago improvising collective Twin Talk, first encountered
the music of Moondog a decade ago, while studying at Indiana University. 
The album was recorded live at Chicago's Hungry Brain in January of 2018, but Laurenzi
didn't expect to release the music until he listened back later. The ensemble -- which
also includes guitarist Dave Miller, trumpeter Chad McCullough, and alto saxophonist
Nick Mazzarella -- was carefully assembled: a mixture of players Laurenzi had worked
with or had desired to. There's an inescapably human, idiosyncratic vibe to the album,
coursing with raw emotion and fragile beauty that both honors the distinctive spirit
of Moondog and creates something utterly fresh at the same time. Edition of 500.

FTR     432     LETHA RODMAN MELCHIOR   MARE AUSTRALE                   LP      03.2019

        01.     Letha Rodman Melchior   Marsh Of Decay
        02.     Letha Rodman Melchior   Cleomedes
        03.     Letha Rodman Melchior   Messala
        04.     Letha Rodman Melchior   Pallas D
        05.     Letha Rodman Melchior   Pallas F
        06.     Letha Rodman Melchior   Petavius
        07.     Letha Rodman Melchior   Rheita Valley
        08.     Letha Rodman Melchior   Mutus
        09.     Letha Rodman Melchior   Beila
        10.     Letha Rodman Melchior   On Hold With Glen

"Another brilliant posthumous album by Letha Rodman Melchior. Letha's music, as her
visual art, was a great collaged pile of extreme strangeness, with seemingly
irreconcilable objects butting heads in ways that end up making great sense. I met
Letha a long time ago, when she was in Cell, but I had not much idea of her work
beyond that until she had moved to North Carolina and I started hearing her health
was bad. Siltbreeze put out an amazing album called Handbook for Mortals (2013), and
it was essential listening. Letha managed to create very very warped music without
making it off-putting. Although her sonics were whacked as hell, they were created
with such a warm and gooey center that even people who'd usually shy away from such
things, would ask what was playing when we floated the album through the store's
stereo system. Siltbreeze followed up with the ungodly brilliant, Shimmering Ghost
(2015), after cancer claimed another genius, and we were stunned when Dan Melchior
offered us the chance to do this LP. Letha Rodman Melchior was a truly singular
artist. And it is with great pride that Feeding Tube presents another chapter of her
largely undocumented saga."
Byron Coley, 2019

FTR     434     MAXINE FUNKE            SILK                            LP      12.2018

        01.     Best Kept
        02.     Ranunculus
        03.     In The Dark
        04.     Boy on the Bow
        05.     Wake Up Dreaming
        06.     Xylphone
        07.     To The Beach
        08.     One Step
        09.     Right Scene Well
        10.     Bulbs and Perennials
        11.     Through The Trees
        12.     Fire
        13.     Dewey Decimal
        14.     So Far Down

"Silk is the fantastic third LP by Maxine Funke, a New Zealand musician whose first
recordings were with the legendary $100 Band (Funke, Alastair Galbraith, and Mike
Dooley!), whose music was drifting experimental dust of a very high order. Maxine's
first two solo albums, Lace (2008) and Felt (2012) (originally released as CDR on
Galbraith's Next Best Way and a lathe on Epic Sweep, respectively), were reissued by
Time-Lag to great acclaim in 2016, securing her place in the upper echelons of
contemporary folk inventors. With the release of Silk, Ms. Funke manages to create
an album that merges both of these style threads. Many of the tracks are cast in an
intimate mood congruent with artists like Sibylle Baier, Barbara Manning, Myriam
Gendron, Joanne Robertson, and other women who have pulled sweetly dark sounds from
pockets of deep emotion, abetted largely by acoustic guitar. On a few other tracks,
electronic instrumentals hearken back to her work with transceivers in the $100 Band
days. The balance between these posts is delicately intoxicating. A readymade classic
from start to finish, Silk travels a brilliant series of spaceways with grace and
assurance. We should all be so lucky." Edition of 400.
Byron Coley, 2018.

FTR     436 LP  SEX TIDE : FLASH FUCK/VERNACULAR SPLATTER               LP      03.2019

        01.     Never Get To You
        02.     Laudanum
        03.     Beggar, Beggar
        04.     She's Got The Shakes
        05.     Morning Meeting
        06.     Dead To You
        07.     Ohh Ah Ha
        08.     Gone
        09.     Are You Even Alive
        10.     Siren
        11.     Why Don't You Want Me
        12.     Neighborhood Safe Space
        13.     Cleveland Avenue
        14.     Shame

"In 2017 we released the Possession Sessions LP (FTR 325LP) by this extraordinary
Columbus, Ohio outfit. And while we wait for them to conjure up new fields of beautiful
spew, we thought it might be a public service to make their first two EPs available as
a single LP. Flash Fuck was released in 2013 by Tony Proccacino's visionary grunt-punk
concern, A Wicked Company. Vernacular Splatter came out two years later on the great
Columbus label, Superdreamer. Both of these records set our hair (what little of it
there is) on fire, so when Mike Rep told us he'd recorded Possession Sessions we were
on that bad bot like bees on a dead donkey. We finally got a chance to see 'em live at
the last Cropped Out fest and they did not disappoint. Aurelie Celine stands at her
drum kit, singing and playing with all the discordant orgone gush of Elisa Ambrogio
back in the early Markers days, and Chris Corbin whips crazy avant-roots moves out of
his guitar like they were low hanging fruit. Just bonkers. They had a third guy playing
also, as they sometimes seem to do on records as well, and hey -- the extra flesh was
a-okay. Sex Tide is a brilliant band by any standard. Don't be a moldy fig. Get with
the program."
Byron Coley, 2019
FTR     437 LP  WILLIE LANE             GUITAR ARMY OF ONE              LP      03.2019

"Remastered reissue of the second brilliant Willie Lane LP released by Cord-Art, orig.
available (for a few moments, anyway) in 2012. Guitar Army of One is a bit less folk
oriented than its predecessor, Known Quantity (FTR 413LP), in as much as there's more
electricity and pedals being employed. But Willie's playing at this time was such
a weird hybrid -- from quiet country blues passages to blown psychedelic bong-wash in
the blink of an eye -- that no technique or approach was ruled out. Everything was
permitted. Which led to some mind-bending results. As the album's title infers, Willie
is on his lonesome this time with nary a collaborator in sight. But the sounds he
layers on tape can be so complex (not unlike some of the work by his occasional
running partner, Matt Valentine) that one gets the sense this the sound of Willie Lane
playing duets with himself. Recorded in Philadelphia, shortly before he returned to
Western Massachusetts to become, like the fictional Jesus, a carpenter, Guitar Army
of One is a superbly satisfying spin. From the Heldon-esque vibe of 'Ill Star,' to
the damaged canoodling of 'Rare Psych For Wayne' (which is also in the running for
best Record Scum song title of the 21st century), there's a strange surprise around
every damn corner. A monster of a record. Edition of 500.
Byron Coley, 2019 
DTR     438
FTR     439 LP  MAKO SICA               MANIFEST BEING                  LP      03.2019

"A lot of people flipped out over how amazing Mako Sica's last album, Ronda
(FTR 409LP, 2018), was. Ronda was a 2LP set whereupon the Chicago trio collaborated
with legendary local percussionist Hamid Drake. This pairing seemed like a natural
to us, but for some reason people have been woefully unaware of Mako Sica despite
the fact they've been releasing killer records for a decade, and playing live shows
that submerge your brain in a sonic soup that recalls the Sun City Girls at their
most psychedelically Eastern. The band's approach to music feels almost alchemical.
Trumpet, voice, guitar, drums and keys blend together in mysterious ways. The vocals
are always more abstract than declarative, the guitar lines are sinewy, the rhythms
roll and splash like a mirage oasis made real, and the trumpet arrives (when it does)
sounding almost more like a shofar being played in a temple. The sound of Manifest
Being is celebratory and so fully freaked you'll be soaking in it for years to come.
The songs played are similar to the live set Mako Sika were polishing last year, and
the results are stunning. Edition of 250.
Byron Coley, 2019









FTR     665     TED LEE                 JAZ FIN                         LP      12.2014

        A       Oil Paint On Vinyl Record
        B       More Oil Paint On Vinyl Record
                (Note : LP , numbered and signed)

        A       Untitled
        B       Untitled
                (Note : LP , 120 numbered copies)
WMMS    001     V / A : WESTERNMASSACHUSETTSMUSICSTORE  VOL.1           C30       .2010

        A1      Major Stars             Untitled
        A2      Grey Skull              Untitled
        A3      Bengeorge7              Untitled
        B1      Crystalline Roses       Untitled
        B2      Elaine Kahn             Untitled
        B3      Astral Plane Junkies    Untitled
                (Note : cassette , 30 copies)
WMMS    002     V / A : WESTERNMASSACHUSETTSMUSICSTORE : VOL.2          C31       .2011

        A1      Tarp                    Untitled
        A2      Red Favorite            Untitled
        A3      Noise Nomads            Untitled
        B1      Servitor                Untitled
        B2      Egg, Eggs               Untitled
        B3      Sunburned Hand Of The Man w/ Byron Coley : Untit
                (Note : cassette , 31 copies)
FTR     202     JANE LA ONDE            BUY BUY BUY                     CD      08.2014
                (Note : cassette , 100 copies)