FAUX DISCX RECORDS                      Brighton
******************                      UK


Run by  : Dan Reeves (of Cold Pumas/The Soft Balls member)
Distr.  : UK - Rough Trade / Norman /
Style   : indie / post rock / noise / lo-fi / alternative / math rock
          punk / new wave / garage rock / psychedelic / no wave / art rock /
          post punk / experimental / shoegaze /

FAUX    001     SKIPTRACER : PROTECT OUR SECRET HANDSHAKE               CD      01.2006

5 Points! 10 Points! / I Aspire To Mime / Hanglider Collider / Beaumont / GOing For
Goldblum / Disco Ghost / Sink The Bismarc / Arrows

(Note : CD , 200 copies)

        1.      A Heart In A Hood                               05:45
        2.      The Enchanted Hunters                           05:02
        3.      Christie's Saving Grace                         03:31
        4.      This Slumber                                    07:01
                (Note : CDEP , 100 copies)

Farewell, Appalachia! was a short-lived group consisting of Oliver Fisher (The Light
Sleepers, Cold Pumas, Tense Men, The Worms), Patrick Fisher (The Light Sleepers, Cold
Pumas), Daniel Reeves (An Emergency, Cold Pumas, Soft Walls) & Lesley Reeves.
They practiced in Lesley and Dan's kitchen in Exeter, around 2006 and performed
a handful of shows on a short tour with their friend Stuart Lee, AKA Jacob's Stories.

The band aimed to create 'anti-rock' music, with an implied narrative and cinematic
atmosphere, but perhaps instead produced something endearingly ramshackle and beautiful
in it's own amateurish way.

Farewell, Appalachia! wrote quite a lot of songs, recorded one 4-track EP, went on
that single tour and never played again.
FAUX    003     DAN REEVES              PYRAMID POWER                   DL        .2007

A Great Night / Crystal Teeth / Animals / Chased By Wolves / Song For Predictaphone /
Dance It Off
FAUX    004     DUUDES                  WITH TWO YOUS                   DL        .2007
FAUX    005     YOU ME THE SWITCH       FOREST SLEEPER                  7"+CD   10.2007

        7"/A    Forest Sleeper / Heisei Boom
        7"/B    Alpha C.Chaing / Mexico CIty Is Sinking
        CD +    [same as above]
                (Note : 7"+CDEP , 200 copies)
FAUX    006     SUPER TENNIS            SUPER TENNIS EP                 DL      11.2007

Super Tennis Theme Song / Deuce Love / The Pacific Has No Memory / European Honey
Babies / Shyamtronix / Gin & Tronix
FAUX    007     AN EMERGENCY            WRECKED ANGELS                  LP.CD   10.2008

        1.      Stridor                                         03:31
        2.      Dead Cats                                       03:04
        3.      Light Circles Down                              00:45
        4.      Including Nightmares                            00:34
        5.      Dude Got A Raw Deal                             01:27
        6.      Let's Get Forgotten                             03:30
        7.      Nous Sommes                                     00:56
        8.      The Swarm                                       02:44
        9.      We Were Born                                    03:26
        10.     Non Stop Movement, Non Stop Force               03:01
        11.     Your Heart In A Million Pieces                  01:46
        12.     Concrete Mathematics                            02:27
        13.     Badical                                         02:43
        14.     Noise Country Super Collider                    00:44
        15.     Living In Binary                                03:50

(Note : LP , 100 clear/125 pink copies ; ed.of 1000 CD's)
FAUX    008
FAUX    009     THE LIGHT SLEEPERS      WE ARE GATHERING DUST           CD      10.2008

        1.      Panama                                          03:30
        2.      The Family Lisp                                 03:35
        3.      Heart Of The Crux                               03:33
        4.      Dinner In Celesteville                          04:01
        5.      Occasional Dancer                               03:45
        6.      Sandrine's Paris                                04:03
        7.      Chaperones                                      04:54
        8.      Champion Of The Rights Of Sleepers              03:53
        9.      The Three-and-a-Half Sets Of Claire De Lune     05:01

(Note : CD , ed.of 1000 digipak)
FAUX    010     THIS TOWN NEEDS GUNS    ANIMALS                         LP      11.2008

Chjinchilla / Baboon / Lemur / Badger / Quetzal / Panda / Elk //// Pig / Gibbon / Dog /
Crocodile / Rabbit / Zebra

(Note : LP , 300 black/200 blue copies)
FAUX    011     A1. MALE BONDING         Stare At My Problems   2:26    7"      08.2009
                AA2.COLD PUMAS           Altered Yeast          3:22
                (Note : 7" , double sided , numbered ed. of 325)

Recorded by Rory Attwell.
FAUX    012     V / A                   SPLIT EP                        7"      01.2011

        A.      WOMEN                   Bullfight               3:59
                FAIR OHS                Jeanneret               2:33
        B.      COLD PUMAS              The French Note         2:49
                FRIENDO                 Pass Times              2:28
                (Note : 7" , 500 copies)
FAUX    013     ALE MANIA/SAUNA YOUTH   MAGENTA                         7"      07.2011

        1.      Ale Mania               Peoline                 01:56
        2.      Ale Mania               Escare Cage             04:45
        3.      Sauna Youth             Backgrounds             02:23
        4.      Sauna Youth             Harsh Realm             02:12
                (Note : 7" , 300 copies)
FAUX    014     FRIENDO/LAB COAST       YELLOW                          7"      08.2011

        1.      Friendo                 Germanic Panic          01:48
        2.      Friendo                 Attic Crimes            03:42
        3.      Lab Coast               Astronaut Like Me       02:13
        4.      Lab Coast               Better Than Me          01:52
                (Note : 7" , 300 copies)
FAUX    015     HOOKWORMS               HOOKWORMS                       12"+DLc 04.2018

        A.      Medicine Cabinet / Teen Dreams
        B.      I Have Some Business Out West / Resolution
                (Note : 12"/180 G. , 500 copies on black-white splatter vinyl)

        1.      Medicine Cabinet                                06:23
        2.      Teen Dreams                                     06:21
        3.      I Have Some Business Out West                   05:30
        4.      Resolution                                      08:41
        5.      Form & Function (Digital bonus track)           05:52
        6.      Deu (Digital bonus track)                       02:10
        7.      The Correspondent (Digital bonus track)         05:59

12"     Gringo          WAAT 046        2011    UK

Recorded by MJ at Suburban Home
Mastered by Carl Saff

FAUX    016     SAUNA YOUTH             DREAMLANDS                      LP      09.2012

        1.      Town Called Distraction                         10:03
        2.      Planned Designs                                 02:08
        3.      Snapback                                        02:08
        4.      PSI Girls                                       02:39
        5.      Viscount Discount                               02:05
        6.      Hairstyles                                      03:40

(Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Gringo          WAAT 049        2012    UK

An evolving band of young future humans making truly irregular punk not quite
comparable to anything else; Sauna Youth’s debut album is served as a joint release
between Gringo Records and Faux Discx. The band, attracted to the possibilities
apparent within a DIY philosophy have been self-recording and self-releasing their
own music since 2010, creating a number of seven inches, splits and cassettes.
Dreamlands will be the band’s first long-player, marking the mutation of their sound
and a new line-up.

Artistic affinities are pledged to Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Pissed Jeans and
The Intelligence, but as Kurt Cobain once asked “Why can’t we be both Black Sabbath
and The Beatles?”, Sauna Youth consistently and urgently pose the question, ‘Why can’t
we be both The Ramones and Steve Reich?’

Recorded by Sauna Youth
Mastered by Kris Lapke
Lacquers cut by Josh Bonati
Artwork by Sauna Youth
Photography by Owen Richards
FAUX    017     THE SOFT WALLS          THE SOFT WALLS                  CS      08.2012
FAUX    017     THE SOFT WALLS          THE SOFT WALLS                  DL      08.2012

        1.      Soft Walls                                      00:30
        2.      Black Cat                                       03:33
        3.      Can't Decide                                    03:01
        4.      Self Helper                                     02:50
        5.      King Of Calm                                    00:35
        6.      Joan                                            04:10
        7.      Best If I Go                                    05:19
        8.      Purple Haze / Purple Rain                       01:07
        9.      House Concern                                   06:30
        10.     Casual Throne                                   02:59

he Soft Walls' debut album is the product of time spent in solitude by Cold Pumas
member and Faux Discx overseer – Dan Reeves. Recorded over the space of nine months,
The Soft Walls takes in psychedelic folk, ambient & found sounds, lo-fidelity garage,
broken house and wobbly krautrock in it's 30 or so minutes.

"The Soft Walls dissolves and swelters like the end of the century dance parties past,
present and future. Repetition is aligned with invention and experimentation, and
The Soft Walls is the amorphous release of a wandering mind, settling into it's own
cranium. Dense grooves coat the magnetic tape that delivers them, whilst motorik
drum machines sit in primal death-rhythms."
Suplex Cassettes

Recording, artwork and photography by Dan Reeves
Mastered by MJ at Suburban Home
FAUX    018     ROHAME                  WINTER [01]                     CS.DL     .2012

        1.      Weakening                                       08:24
        2.      Deliverance                                     06:34

Much in the way that storms form, 'Winter' is the culmination of the right
circumstances and elements, brought together to capture the creations of that moment.
A reaction to environment, subconscious will and each other's performance. No re-takes,
no overdubs. From the birth place of the dream weapon, a collective consciousness of
space, mass, pulse, love, patience and horror.

Personnel: Anji Cheung • Jodie Cox • Byron Jackson • Nick Keech
Recorded live at Sound Bunker Studios, Isleworth by Wayne Pennell in December 2011.
Mixed and mastered by Anji Cheung.
All music by Rohame.
Cover image by Tilman / geometrydaily.tumblr.com
Layout by Dan Reeves / danreeves.co.uk
FAUX    019     COLD PUMAS              PERSISTENT MALAISE              LP.CD     .2012

        1.      A Versatile Gift                                05:39
        2.      Fog Cutter                                      03:54
        3.      Sherry Island                                   05:44
        4.      Variety Lights                                  05:29
        5.      The Modernist Crown                             05:08
        6.      Puce Moment                                     03:58
        7.      Rayon Gris                                      04:20
        8.      Vanishing Point                                 06:42

(Note : LP/180 g. , 500 black copies/CD ed.of 1000)

LP.CD   Gringo                  WAAT 050        2012    UK
LP.CD   Italians Beach Babes    IBB 025         2012    UK

Cold Pumas hail from Brighton, land of windswept piers, and have been abiding by the
three Rs since their inception: Repetition, Repetition, Repetition. Yet their début
long-player, Persistent Malaise is the result of an internal aeon of transient
rebirths. Released on the 5th November as a triumvirate split between Faux Discx,
Gringo Records and Italian Beach Babes, the album is both a metronomic cathedral of
married noise and a funnel of kraut-tinged catharsis. It arrives preceded by a wave
of 7”s that have captured the taught and at times nascent evolution of this trio of
fraternal pedants.

As opined by the album's name, the sonic unease is at times betrayed deliberately by
its rhythmic crux. Indeed, several juxtapositions lie between the persistence of those
invigorating textural showers, the locked cadences of the songs and the underpinning
of lyrics retelling the ubiquitous dread of a relationship’s decline. It feels at
times like being the lone watcher of a party slowly decaying around oblivious guests.

All music written and performed by Cold Pumas
All lyrics by Patrick Fisher
Recorded, mixed and mastered by John Hannon
at No Recording Studio
Original artwork by Flo Brooks
Drawn typography by Oliver Fisher
Layout by Dan Reeves
FAUX    020     STUART WARWICK          THE BUTCHER'S VOIUCE            LP      01.2013

        1.      Sailors                                         03:24
        2.      Birds That Don't Fly                            05:55
        3.      Cherished Muscle                                04:29
        4.      The Butcher's Voice                             04:06
        5.      Man With a Pussy                                02:54
        6.      Dreams of a Tomato Can                          04:07
        7.      Dame Binned Cow                                 02:49
        8.      Crush                                           05:13
        9.      Melancolonica                                   02:52
        10.     The Nail That Sticks Out Gets Pounded           03:21
        11.     The Fairer Sex                                  04:59
                (Note : LP/180 g , 300 copies on black vinyl)

The second album to be released under his married name, 'The Butcher's Voice' is
a collection of eleven lyrically provocative and spellbinding songs, perfectly
showcasing the haunting purity of Warwick’s voice, hushed musical delivery, and his
dark tongue-in-cheek humour.

Frequently compared to Rufus Wainwright and Thom Yorke (much to his chagrin), a more
accurate comparison would be to Perfume Genius; indeed it could be stated that much of
the tone and feeling heard on Mike Hadreas’ recent review busting album was lifted
straight from Warwick’s solo debut 'The Ordeal'- an album of fractured minimal piano
and delicate ethereal singing, which Warwick self-released in 2010.

'The Butcher’s Voice' is perhaps the flip side to that coin; where 'The Ordeal' shied
away from grandeur, 'The Butcher’s Voice' embraces it with both arms wide open.
Here is an album both brash and ambitious; full of dry and sinister humour, an album
that sonically relishes the full potential of every composition.

Lyrically, there is a reoccurring theme of gender identity punctuating almost every
track on 'The Butcher's Voice' - in this respect it could almost be described as
a concept album. Fitting then that female-to-male transsexual porn star Buck Angel
should feature on the albums cover; to the casual eye, the antithesis of a hyper
masculine male - muscle-bound, shaved head, moustached, tattooed - but, as those aware
of his work will know, Buck subverts such simplistic notions of gender identity.

Densely layered and rich, playful and dark, 'The Butcher's Voice' is a collection of
11 elegant compositions; a heady mix of bittersweet lost-love songs and Warwick’s
darkly comic, twisted and lewd lyrical wit.

Songs written by Stuart Warwick
Produced by Aidan O'Brien and Stuart Warwick
Mixed and Mastered by Joe Rubel

Guest vocals on track 6 - Lawry Joseph Tilbury III
Additional vocals on 5/10/11 - Josie Lloyd
Cello on 1/2/3/4/9/10 - Martin Radford
Double Bass on 1/3/5/8/10/11 - Sam Ryan
Drums on 1/2/6/7 - Steve Barnegren

Artwork - Stuart Warwick and Daniel Reeves

        1.      XXII                                            02:51
        2.      XX                                              01:37
        3.      XIX                                             03:34
        4.      XVII                                            07:27
        5.      XVI                                             08:23
        6.      XIV                                             04:44
        7.      XV                                              03:28
        8.      XIII                                            07:05

LP      Gringo          WATT 053        2013    UK

Mas Fiestas con el Grupo Vision Fortune is an album borne out of desperate economic
uncertainty, loosely based on John Kay’s infamous ‘Parable of the Ox’ - itself a thinly
veiled allegory for unbridled capitalism. The album represents the tragic life and
death of the aforementioned ox, whose weight is solely determined by the aggregated
‘wisdom of the crowd’. The music contained within embodies both the self-interested
nature of hysterical spectators, and the agonising sense of culpability following the
animal’s eventual demise.

‘XXII’ perfectly encapsulates the emotional strain found in Kay's observation - the
constant push and pull of electronic interference and rhythmic tension in direct
juxtaposition with the misplaced market opportunism of ‘XX’. Similar frictions are
found in the creaking repetition of ‘XVII’ - two mismatched guitars compete for
attention over its seven and a half minutes, like a couple of bitter attendees
quarreling at a country fair. Meanwhile, the glacial, consumerist meditation of
‘XVI’ is the first of several pieces seeking to replicate the sullen ambience of
small-town apathy and greed. ‘XIV’, perhaps one of the most immediate of tracks on
the album, brings to mind the inevitable pitfalls of animal husbandry - the creature
...  more

Recording and artwork by Vision Fortune

Mixed by MJ at Suburban Home and Vision Fortune

Mastered by Joe Caithness at Subsequent Mastering
FAUX    022     TEARDROP FACTORY        TOPSHOP EP                      7"      05.2013

        A.      Better Company / Vanity Unfair
        B.      Stolen Skull / Topshop
                (Note : 7" , 300 hand-numbered copies)

Teardrop Factory are a messy indie rock band from Brighton, UK that play fractured
pop music with a fondness for grit and distortion.

Both sickly and sweet, the echoes of Guided By Voices, Sonic Youth and Jesus & Mary
Chain can be heard in their perfectly formed 3-minute pop songs. Like their peers
before them they strike the balance between satisfying hooks and head-spinning
dissonance. There is fuzz and reverb but most importantly there are songs that will
lodge themselves, stubbornly, in your head.

Faux Discx is proud to release Teardrop Factory’s debut 7” – the Topshop EP. The four
songs contained within concisely showcase Teardrop Factory’s deft knack for penning
an earworm, whether it’s in a Pixies-esque ripper like ‘Stolen Skull’ and ‘Topshop’
or through the kaleidoscopic pop of ‘Better Company’ and ‘Vanity Unfair’.

Recorded by Julian Tardo / Andy Ward at Church Road Studios / Home
Artwork by Tina Muat
Layout by Dan Reeves
FAUX    023     SHUDDER PULPS           HOUSEBOUND EP                   7"      08.2013

        1.      The Tenth                                       05:49
        2.      Kicker                                          02:46
        3.      Kings                                           03:18

Shudder Pulps are 3 punk lifers who use a guitar, a bass and drums to make music.
Although physically rooted in London and Brighton, they’re perhaps more musicallyrooted
to American underground and garage rock. They are inspired by overlooked cult bands
Country Teasers and Thinking Fellers Union Local 282.

Shudder Pulps joyously clatter around their songs, pulling in elements of 90s slacker
indie and post punk to make an exhilarating noise. Their sound focuses on repetition
and build ups, with echo-ey vocals and jagged guitars, they have recently been
described as “an energetic little bunch churning out C86 like blasts of good-feeling
rock-pop by the bucket load."

Recorded by Henry Withers at Sound Savers

Mastered by Joe Caithness at Subsequent Mastering

Layout by Dan Reeves
FAUX    024     VIRGINIA WING           EXTENDED PLAY                   12"     09.2013
                Feierabend / Donna's Gift / Rit Rit Rit / Common Ground
                / Convincing Now
                (Note : 12" , 300 copies)

Faux Discx is proud to announce the release of Extended Play, an EP by Virginia Wing.
This EP sees the band settle in to and expand upon their sound, giving their ideas
space to grow, straddling the line between pop and experimentalism. Following on from
excellent tape and 7" releases on Sex Beat and Critical Heights, their Faux Discx debut
sees the band at a new creative high.

Virginia Wing chime in on the established dialogue between the popular and the avant
-garde. To some extent the London based four-piece are happy to walk the well furrowed
ground of influence: the ring modulated detachment of White Noise, the rhythmic
propulsion of Can and the oblique endearment of Robert Wyatt are all appreciated points
of reference.

However, the bands' desires are more abstract than merely dealing in the business of
nostalgia. The reiteration of every profound feeling; a gentle push into an internal
world; the evocation of a lifetime of memories, rather than a knowing nod towards
a distinct era.

Alice Merida Richards
Sam Pillay
Emma Wigham
Sebastian Truskolaski
Misha Hering

Tracks 1, 2 and 4 were engineered and mixed by Misha Hering at Holy Mountain Studios

Tracks 3 and 5 were engineered and mixed by Sam Pillay and Misha Hering

Mastered by Joe Caithness at Subsequent Mastering

Artwork by Flo Brooks
Layout by Dan Reeves
FAUX    025     V / A                   COLLECTIVE HISS                 LP      05.2014

        1.      Teardrop Factory        Honey Run
        2.      Sauna Youth             Decisions (The Bears)
        3.      Vision Fortune          Back Crawl
        4.      Sealings                Donkey Jacket
        5.      Lab Coast               I Apologize (Husker Du)
                6.      Occult Hand             Grass Labyrinth
        7.      The Soft Walls          Disappearer
        8.      Shudder Pulps           Man Stands Up (demo)
        9.      Royal Limp              Salt Lick (demo)
        10.     Primitive Parts         Chinese Bookie (The Yummy Fur)
        11.     Housewives              Larceny (demo)
        12.     Weird Menace            Infinity Dot (demo)
        13.     Idea Shower             The Fool
        14.     Virginia Wing           Polish Paul (demo)
        15.     Cold Pumas              Venlo Impro (live)

Released 7 September 2013 as part of Cassette Store Day. cassettestoreday.com
A compilation of Faux Discx family and friends for Cassette Store Day 2013. Collective
Hiss compiles 15 tracks from some of the UK's (and Canada's) best bands and presents
them as a whole for your listening pleasure. All of the tracks are exclusive to this
release and you won't find them in their forms presented here on any other release
at present.

Mastered by Joe Caithness at Subsequent Mastering

Artwork by Dan Reeves
FAUX    026     ANDROGYNOUS MIND        NIGHTSTALKER EP                 7"      12.2013

A.      1.      Bobbi                                           00:54
        2.      Good Friday                                     00:52
        3.      Knock On My Door                                02:52
B.      4.      Juanita                                         01:57
        5.      Desert Corpse                                   02:02
                (Note : 7" , 300 copies)

Faux Discx is proud to announce the debut 7" from Androgynous Mind; a new project from
former Women guitarist-vocalist Patrick Flegel, and whilst only five songs are on the
Nightstalker EP, just hearing him with a guitar should be enough to get fans of his
former work excited.

Flegel is joined by Morgan Cook, who plays things straight and primal against his
dissonance and squall, that is when she isn't wailing along with him, like on the
opening pair of tantrums that sound like some lost Harry Pussy recording session.
It's over in a blink before segueing into “Knock On My Door,” a spectrally understated
pop gem worth playing bleary-eyed at four in the morning. “Knock” revels in Flegel’s
distinctive guitar presence, working shapely lattices of notes into descending sheets
of melody in a manner both lulling and forceful, but you remember that from Public
Strain, right?

Post-punk guitar intricacies rarely mesh with pop hooks so masterfully, yet Flegel
has proven himself many times to be staggeringly adept at both. With Androgynous Mind
he and Cook have striped their ideas to the bone, revealing a thing both harsh and
beautiful, direct and engaging.

Recorded by Androgynous Mind

Mastered by Joe Caithness at Subsequent Mastering

Layout by Dan Reeves
FAUX    027     HOUSEWIVWE              HOUSEWIVES                      DL      12.2013

        1.      Poppy                                           03:07
        2.      In Camera                                       02:59
        3.      Medicine Bottle                                 03:04
        4.      Almost Anything                                 04:33
        5.      62426                                           05:01

It’s with great pleasure that Faux Discx can announce the debut release from
Housewives: an experimental guitar-band based in South London, interested in the
relationship between noise and sound.

Housewives’ sound (or noise) is indebted to the scratch and scrawl of No Wave and
Post Punk. Melody is often tossed aside in favour of clanging dissonance and sharp
rhythmic turns. This Heat’s Charles Hayward noted 'a sort of monochromatic surliness
slowly warms up to a barely controlled anger, hypnotic and building from the simplest
elements' in Housewives’ sound. The influence of the likes of Luigi Russolo, Steve
Reich and Phillip Glass can also be found within the space and noise of the group’s
DNA. Upset The Rhythm put it best: 'their songs creep out of chaos into urgent bursts
of energy and loud focus.'

Recorded by Alex Peru
Mastered by Joe Caithness at Subsequent Mastering
FAUX    028     TENSE MEN               WHERE DULL CARE IS FORGOTTEN    LP      03.2014

        1       Stages Of Boredom                               2:08
        2       RNRFON                                          3:40
        3       Lie Heavy (Desperate Times)                     4:37
        4       Where Dull Care Is Forgotten                    3:15
        5       Nonentities                                     5:25
        6       Opiate Glow                                     3:03

The claustrophobic, miasmic world of Tense Men is a world of scuttling shapes, deformed
shadows and rigid, repetitive rhythms. The world of Tense Men has a low ceiling, the
walls are wooden, rotting in places and badly varnished. The world of Tense Men is
clammy to the touch. Eyes twitch, ears ring. Ears burn, eyes sting. The world of Tense
Men is dripping all over your mouldy living room carpet. Reptilian tongues darting in
and out tasting the dank air. Human forms jerking awkwardly to a record skipping in
a locked, sweaty room. Shrieking voices. Murmuring whispers. Telling you things you
don’t want to know over and over again, you listen because you aren’t sure if you’re
really hearing it or not. You are! Aren't you?

Tense Men was two and is now three men, varying in tension, height and origination.
These men also exist within other entities, namely Sauna Youth, Cold Pumas and Omi
Palone, amongst others. It began in the bleak Autumn of 2010 and has henceforth been
peddling its suspect wares back and forth, here and there. Prior to Where Dull Care
is Forgotten, there was an unnamed cassette on Casenove Tapes.

Recorded by Mark Jasper at Sound Savers, June 2013
Mastered by Kris Lapke 
FAUX    029     OMI PALONE              OMI PALONE                      LP      04.2014

        1.      World Outside                                   2:50
        2.      Architecture                                    3:07
        3.      On And On                                       2:56
        4.      Void                                            3:02
        5.      Shallow Divide                                  3:30
        6 .     Follow Your Visions                             3:07
        7 .     ~                                               3:37
        8.      Sleepwalk                                       2:20

Following their long sold-out self-released cassette of 2011 and two split 7”’s in
2012, Omi Palone will release their debut self-titled long-player as a joint release
between Faux Discx and new label Negative Space.

The 8-track record is a frenetic fuzz-tinged pop headrush of barely-restrained punk
outbursts. Singer-guitarist Philip Serfaty's deep and sleepy baritone reverberates
over urgent, rushing chord progressions and incisive rhythmic precision. Frantic
jangling guitar hooks fall away to one-chord motorik chug, hypnotic drone and looming
fuzz, giving the tracks a hounded, runaway feel.

Finding strength in brevity, the band explores and experiments with what can be
expressed in a 3 minute post-punk song; controlled, complex melodies interweaving in
amongst simple (but not simplistic) repetitive structures, interrupted only by stomping
Artistic allegiances nod towards an Antipodean influence: the output of 80s New Zealand
labels such as Flying Nun & Xpressway, as well as the current Australian punk scene.

Having aborted two previous recording sessions at two different studios in 2012, the
band found a home at Homerton’s Sound Savers, where they honed their sound and, under
the supervision of Mark Jasper, laid the record down onto quarter-inch tape in late
Spring and early Summer of 2013.

Recorded and mixed by Mark Jasper at Sound Savers
Mastered by Joe Caithness at Subsequent Mastering.
Cover artwork by Lucy Anstey; featuring a risograph insert printed by Sophie Alda.
FAUX    030     FAUX FUR                FAUX FUR                        CS      04.2014

        A1      Rosemary                                        2:11
        A2      Rough Palms                                     2:28
        A3      Laundromat                                      2:17
        A4      Stoop                                           2:54
        A5      Burnt                                           2:47
        A6      Fold Paper                                      2:48
        B1      Discolouration                                  4:19
        B2      Reeling Phrase                                  2:07
        B3      I Saw You Standing                              3:14
        B4      Worn                                            6:17
                (Note : cassette , 100 grey copies)

Disparate expressions between the hands and face. The hands mingling excitedly,
traipsing about the neck. The face practically falling off itself. A combusting bough
of fingertips and the lips, listless, drooping like a string of rosary beads.

This full-length debut from Calgary’s next-gen guitar pop wizards is built on a highly
-effective, single-minded tension. Achieved by piling thousands of tiny, intricate
working parts upon each other, the listener is left staring at the teetering heap.
It stands tall and glints in the sun. It casts a shadow.

The mood is set impeccably time and again by engaging musicianship and antithetical
vocal apathy. Similar to Montreal’s Each Other and Victoria’s Freak Heat Waves, the
beauty of Faux Fur is found in the degree to which their songs are stirring and
evocative despite being incredibly reserved.

Faux Fur: Audet, Halls, Flegel, McMahan
Recorded and mixed by Scott Munro
Mastered by Jamey Harrow at Thunderous Mastering
FAUX    031     DIGNAN PORCH            OBSERVATORY                     LP      06.2014

A.      1.      Forever Unobscured                              3:09
        2.      Deep Deep Problem                               2:20
        3.      Veil Of Have                                    2:48
        4.      No Lies                                         3:32
        5.      Between The Tress                               1:35
        6.      Wait & Wait & Wait                              4:29
B.      7.      Harshed                                         2:41
        8.      I Plan To Come Back                             3:06
        9.      Dinner Tray                                     3:06
        10.     Warm Welcome To Hell                            3:15
        11.     Got To Fly                                      2:40
        12.     Swing By                                        4:39

Dignan Porch, started life as a one-man bedroom project for band leader Joseph Walsh,
has now blossomed in to a ramshackle group of perpetually laid-back sounding humans
creating music that straddles the lines between psychedelia, folk, indie pop and

When the Porch kick out the jams they give the impression that they're careering along
with only a couple of wheels still on the road, just about in control, but always on
the verge of tipping over.

There is a sadness that lurks beneath many of these rough-around-the-edges pop songs,
a blurry-eyed realisation of the boredom of everyday life that seems to creep in to
the very fabric of Dignan Porch's sound. The ash tray is full, the can is empty.

The majority of Observatory was written and recorded at home during 2013 when Joe was
living in a flat above a used-carpet shop in South London. It was cold and noisy but
the rent was low, there were no neighbours to disturb and his room was huge.
The perfect setting. The best of times / the worst of times. The band spent evenings
and weekends getting their parts down and piecing the songs together. This DIY approach
to recording works perfectly for Dignan Porch though, mid-fi fits them well.

This is Dignan Porch's third album (having released a couple on New York's revered
Captured Tracks label), and their first for Brighton's Faux Discx.
FAUX    032     SEX HANDS               PLEH                            LP      08.2014

A.      1.      Space Song                                      1:35
        2.      Flat Mate                                       2:18
        3.      Pivot                                           2:03
        4.      Gay Marriage                                    2:39
        5.      Hairdo                                          3:15
        6.      Chandler in a Box                               2:06
        7.      Hot Cheddar                                     3:19
B.      8.      On A Break                                      2:34
        9.      Tommy                                           3:26
        10.     The One Where The Stripper Cries                2:16
        11.     Hug ‘N’ Roll                                    3:35
        12.     The Curse                                       2:55
        13.     An Eight                                        3:26

LP      Negative Space  NS 002          2014    UK

Sex Hands were formed by three childhood friends from the North Wales coast. After
relocating to Manchester, Alex, Dylan and Edwin played their first show in 2011 on
the Comfortable on a Tightrope stage at SFTOC, Salford. A month later Joe Logan of
Waiters was recruited for his sweet bassy licks and amazing posture. From then on
the band has been on a rock 'n' roll whirlwind, playing shows with the likes of
Trumans Water one night and The Babies the next.

After their previous releases which include a split 7" with Daily Life (on the
Icecapades label, which features artwork by Sex Hands own Alex Humphreys and Manchester
artist Lucy Jones) as well as the self released mini album, Season One (Giant Hell),
this is Sex Hands proper-real-life-hi-fi-fully-rockin'-full-length record on Faux
Discx/Negative Space. With artwork by Manchester based artist Mike Redmond that
compliments the bands rough around the edges, scorched pop rock, 'PLEH!' is 13 tracks
of non-stop melody mashed fun time hug and roll hits.

Influences include The Clean, Pixies and Weezer. Sex Hands are not a garage pop band,
they have never practiced in a garage. They never practice.
FAUX    033     PRIMITIVE PARTS         TV WHEELS                       7"      11.2014

        A       TV Wheels                                       2:08
        B       The Bench                                       3:04
                (Note : 7" , 300 copies)

Primitive Parts are three friends, Lindsay Corstorphine (Sauna Youth / Monotony
/ Cold Pumas), and Male Bonding's Kevin Hendrick and Robin Christian. They have
previously released a single 'Open Heads / Signal' on the SEXBEAT label and contributed
a cover of The Yummy Fur's ‘Chinese Bookie’ to last year’s 'Collective Hiss'
compilation (Faux Discx).

TV Wheels / The Bench, the band's second engagement with the Faux Discx label
(Soft Walls / Omi Palone / Sex Hands / Hookworms) was written in a narrow room
in Homerton, between two churches on a Thursday evening in the summer of 2014.
It was recorded to tape by Mark 'Knuckles' Jasper at Soundsavers.

Primitive Parts have recently played with The Homosexuals, Ultimate Painting and
Juan Wauters and are touring the UK early next year.

Recorded to tape by Mark 'Knuckles' Jasper at Soundsavers.
Artwork by RSC. 
FAUX    034     SOFT WALLS              NO TIME                         LP      08.2014
FAUX    034     SOFT WALLS              NO TIME                         CS      08.2014

        A1      Won't Remember My Name                          4:26
        A2      The Big Nod                                     3:42
        A3      Never Come Back Again                           6:24
        A4      Early In The Day                                2:36
        A5      No Time                                         1:42
        B1      All The Same                                    4:02
        B2      Slumbering                                      1:53
        B3      Foot Of The Stairs                              3:05
        B4      Guided Through                                  5:00
        B5      Transient View                                  2:43

(Note : LP , 180g black vinyl in a printed inner sleeve, housed in a matt die-cut
        outer sleeve. Hand-numbered out of only 200 copies)

LP.CD   Trouble In Mind  TIM 073        2014    US
FAUX    035 LP  TEARDROP FACTORY        THRASH IN THE HEART             LP+CD   09.2014
FAUX    035 CD  TEARDROP FACTORY        THRASH IN THE HEART             CD+CD   09.2014

A.      1.      3AM Coke Dream                                  2:22
        2.      Bleed                                           2:54
        3.      Peel Slowly                                     2:21
        4.      A Way Away                                      2:59
        5.      Taste Like Medicine                             2:23
        6.      Deeper + Deeper                                 3:02
B.      7.      Ex – Friends                                    3:24
        8.      Now We Shatter                                  2:42
        9.      Colour of Bones                                 1:52
        10.     Circles                                         1:43
        11.     Spider Baby                                     1:50
        12.     Superimposed                                    2:01
        13.     Fake Tan                                        2:27

Teardrop Factory's debut album, 'Thrash in the Heart', falls into existence in
a swirling haze of broken sleep, streams of consciousness and teen despondency.

The Brighton based duo pick up from where they left last year's excellent 'Topshop
EP' but expand their alternative 90s worshiping earworms with an added layer of
noise. Grit and scuzz consume 13 pop songs about mermaids, electric ghosts, car
crashes, geometry, surfing, eating insects, video games and lucid dreams.

Tina Muat and Andy Ward assumed a number of roles in the creative process of Thrash
In The Heart, from committing their ideas to tape using a four track recorded before
rummaging through each recording to flesh out the ideas into perfectly formed,
fuzz-laden dreamscapes, to creating a matching aesthetic for the album’s artwork,
videos and press shots.
FAUX    036     MONOTONY                MONOTONY                        12"     08.2015

        1.      Monotony                                        2:21
        2.      Back To The Castle                              2:50
        3.      Canceller                                       3:11
        4.      Monotony II                                     1:13
        5.      No Peace                                        2:07
        6.      Wrong                                           1:22
                (Note : 12" , 300 copies , screen-printed sleeve)
FAUX    037     SEALINGS                I'M A BASTARD                   LP+DLc  09.2015

        1       My Boyfriend’s Dead                             3:49
        2       No Summer                                       1:53
        3       Unnerved                                        2:35
        4       White Devil                                     2:05
        5       Transient Curse                                 2:13
        6       Hey Bernice                                     2:38
        7       Malloy                                          2:26
        8       The Ultras                                      3:25
        9       Psychic Gobshite                                2:55
        10      I’m a Bastard                                   3:12
                (Note : LP/180 g. , 300 copies on grey coloured vinyl)

Sealings are a three-piece based in the dilapidated seaside resort of Brighton.
Their debut LP I’m A Bastard follows numerous releases on UK independent lynchpins
such as Italian Beach Babes, Tie Dye Tapes and Clan Destine Records. I’m A Bastard
marks their first release proper on Brighton-based label Faux Discx, who have once
again joined forces with the aforementioned Italian Beach Babes (as they did on Cold
Pumas’ much celebrated 2012 release Persistent Malaise) to release the long-player.

Sealings are a band whose live show has been described as both “based more on
confrontation than anything else” and “willfully abrasive”. To attempt to capture
this mindset of total sonic annihilation Sealings recorded at home and in windowless
ex-toilets, before handing over to like-minded peers MJ (Hookworms, Suburban Home
Studio) and Mikey Young (Total Control/Eddy Current Suppression Ring) who mixed, and
mastered the record respectively to both temper and bolster the group’s caustic

The LP opens with live staple ‘My Boyfriend’s Dead’, a brooding drum machine-led
seminar in despondency, which echoes The Jesus & Mary Chain, Rema Rema, Blessure Grave
and other...  more

Recorded by Sealings
Mixed by MJ at Suburban Home
Mastered by Mikey Young
Artwork by Dan Reeves
Photography by James Burgess and Adam Hornsby
FAUX    038     TV WONDER               BIRD SOUNDS                     CS+DLc  03.2015

        A1      Into The Deep                                   3:45
        A2      Shuteye                                         3:16
        B1      Bamboo Frame                                    2:38
        B2      Prime Steps                                     4:02
                (Note : cassette , 100 copies)

Line up :       Marijn Westerlaken      vocals/guitars
                Tibor Bijl              vocals/guitars
                Stefan Stasko           bass
                Teun Heijmans           skins

All songs written & performed by TV Wonder
Recorded by Arnold van de Velde
Mixed by Denis Wouters
Mastered by Melvin van Gent
Cover photo by Jessica Clark
FAUX    039     FALL SEATTLE            FALL SEATTLE                    CS        .2016

        A1      Carol                                           1:06
        A2      Wanda Johnson                                   2:31
        A3      Time                                            2:41
        A4      New York                                        2:53
        A5      Boyhood                                         5:41
        A6      Blau                                            3:09
        B1      Suburban Stain                                  5:35
        B2      Nothing You Can Hold On To                      2:41
        B3      All Night                                       2:39
        B4      Demon Son                                       3:05
        B5      Separation Anxiety                              3:54

Fall Seattle is a four-piece rock band formed in 2012 in Reston, Virginia, USA.

After spending over two years recording at friends' houses and family basements, the
band is finally releasing their self-titled debut album. Expressing a love for
krautrock bands such as Can, Faust, and Kraftwerk, as well as pop, post-hardcore,
post-punk and noise acts, ‘Fall Seattle’ is a kaleidoscope of influences and tries
on an array of genres for size.

From the one-two snap of snare-in-to-wash of shoegaze-y melody that kicks off ‘Wanda
Johnson’, to the dark jangle of the Cure-esque ‘Nothing You Can Hold On To’, via the
Deerhunter meets Roy Orbison, aching balladry of ‘Boyhood’, Fall Seattle drink in
some high watermarks of contemporary guitar music.

There’s a youthful longing underpinning much of this debut album, with the
instrumentation sometimes smashing up against, but more often complementing, Orsy
Campos’ delicate, melodic vocal lines. The guitar playing recalls the twists and
turns of modern jangle-heroes Real Estate, albeit processed via some kind of space
-rock filter, not content with the suburban backyards of America, looking upwards
and outwards in to the void for sonic resolution.

Fall Seattle is released via Faux Discx on 5th February and is available on limited
edition tape cassette (just 100 worldwide) and digital download.

released February 5, 2016

Evan MacDonald
Jack Erickson
William Campos
Orsy Campos

Recorded by Fall Seattle from 2013-2015 in VA
Mixed & mastered by Pablo Cabrera

Synths by Brad Hannon on tracks 06, 07
Bass by Nick Claude on track 05
Photograph by Jim Harrison, 1970
Inner cover art by Madeline James
Layout by Dan Reeves 
FAUX    015     HOOKWORMS               HOOKWORMS                       12"     03.2016
FAUX    039     HOOKWORMS               HOOKWORMS                       CDEP    03.2016

12"     A1      Medicine Cabinet
        A2      Teen Dreams
        B1      I Have Some Business Out West
        B2      Resolution

CD      1       Medicine Cabinet                                6:42
        2       Teen Dreams                                     6:21
        3       I Have Some Business Out West                   5:30
        4       Resolution                                      8:43
        5       Form And Function                               5:51
        6       Deu                                             2:11
        7       The Correspondent                               6:00

12"     Gringo          WAAT 046        2011    UK
CD      Gringo          WAAT 059        2016    UK

        A1      Endless Love                                    2:17
        A2      The Deer Song                                   1:35
        A3      Ex-Circus                                       3:41
        A4      Ghost Waves                                     2:32
        A5      Half-Stripped                                   3:54
        B1      Please Let Me Sleep On Your Tonight             2:14
        B2      Come Swimming                                   6:45
        B3      Two Clocks                                      2:36

LP      Gringo          WATT 062        2016    UK

Sweet Williams – Please Let Me Sleep On Your Tonight, 2016.
Recorded and mixed by Tim Cedar at Dropout Studios, Camberwell. Mastered by
 Joe Caithness.
Front cover by T House.
Design by Daniel Reeves.
Thankyou: Dan Bibby, Cary Creed, Philip Goulding, Adam Hansford, Leon Marks,
          Greg Neate, Eliecer Palacios, Agata Urbaniak, Barney Walker, Luke Woodgate.
FAUX    041 LP  COLD PUMAS              THE HANGING VALLEY              LP      07.2016
FAUX    041 C1  COLD PUMAS              THE HANGING VALLEY              LP      07.2016
                (Note : LP , coloured vinyl)
FAUX    041 CD  COLD PUMAS              THE HANGING VALLEY              CD      07.2016

        1.      Slippery Slopes                                 4:35
        2.      Open Mouth Dusk                                 3:05
        3.      A Change of Course                              2:45
        4.      Severed Estates                                 5:26
        5.      A Human Pattern                                 3:20
        6.      The Slump                                       5:15
        7.      The Shaping of the Dream                        3:00
        8.      Fugue States                                    6:36
        9.      Murmur of the Heart                             3:37

The long-awaited follow-up to 2012’s best-in-show 'Persistent Malaise' offers at least
33.3% of its buffet to shimmering, inward, mulch-heavy ballads — ‘A Change of Course’,
‘The Shaping of the Dream’, ‘Murmur of the Heart’ — showing a sensitivity that
inevitably does nothing for the craft beer revolution. If truth be told, the remaining
66.6% threatens to look equally indifferent when served on a wooden board or beside
a miniature stainless steel plant pot of hand-cut triple-cooked fries, but such is

These songs are mostly about discouragement and the black dog, the tepid whines of
self-inflicted unemployment, the repetition of life’s repetitions, the creative
dormancies of romantic contentment. Disappointingly there lies no outward mention of
pop-up launches, sides of ‘slaw, chakra schools, the urban woodsman or an allusion to
an artisan approach.

Across its 38 minutes, the 'The Hanging Valley' instead covers such further peripheral
subjects as the imperceptible bow towards the thirty-something honours list, the
vacuous, rising diphthong of the inner-city commute and the suppressed rush of blood
towards vainglorious internet smear.

‘Now a quartet of fraternal pedants’ whimper the band’s dusty social media accounts
in reference to the twilight addition of Lindsay Corstorphine on the bass guitar,
‘cascading down the woodwork, slapping the pegs’ as he goes, dear reader. In truth
The Hanging Valley owes us much to Corstorphine’s ample stringmanship as his
encouragement toward loosening the conservative shackles of olde. Certainly a weakening
of the old guard has taken place somewhere, the gamut of emotion ridden more obliquely
and less shamefully now. Ballads stare teary-eyed out of windows towards rain-swept
rivieras, vocals and guitars have pulled themselves gamely out of the reverb-soaked
hollow and those ‘for the rockers’ — ‘Slippery Slopes’, ‘Severed Estates’, ‘Fugue
States’ et al — no longer grasp for the safety of the halfway house but aim for the
stars. ‘More sherberta tambourine’ they cried in the studio, and more sherberta there
Cold Pumas present The Hanging Valley, 2016.
CP is Lindsay Alexander Corstorphine, Oliver Fisher, Patrick Q Fisher, Daniel Reeves.
All songs written by L Corstorphine, O Fisher, P Fisher, D Reeves.
All lyrics by P Fisher.
Recorded and mixed by Mark ‘Mug’ Jasper at Sound Savers.
Mastered by Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory.
Artwork by Flo Brooks.
Design by Daniel Reeves.
Thanks to the usual suspects: loved ones, the family unit, the NLBs and kindly
        Buttermen of this world – and so to to our gracious former monikers, McGregor,
        Sir Bobulus, Flannery and Jimmy Egg; farewell and bonne chance to well-worn
        bedfellows. Dedicated to Elliot J Reeves.
FAUX    042     GARDEN CENTRE           GARDEN CENTRE                   CS        .2016

        A1      Riding                                          02:13
        A2      Scrap Yard                                      02:07
        A3      UK's Most Boring                                02:51
        A4      Garden of Eating                                03:12
        A5      Envelope                                        04:06
        B1      Cut by Something in the Rubbish                 02:08
        B2      New Pen                                         01:52
        B3      Junk Beach                                      02:18
        B4      Lizards                                         03:06
        B5      Garden Centre                                   01:28

Garden Centre like to think about garden centres. Formed by members of King of Cats,
Joanna Gruesome, Towel and Keel her, they make relatively erratic pop music. Some of
that music is based on the experiences and memories of a group of people who used to
hang out in an abandoned plant nursery. Garden Centre do not view the lives of these
people in an objective or fair way.
Recorded by Cod at Bottlerocket
Cover by Max Levy and James Roby
FAUX    43 LP   TRUST PUNKS             DOUBLE BIND                     LP      07.2016
FAUX    43 CD   TRUST PUNKS             DOUBLE BIND                     CD      07.2016

        1.      Paradise/angel-wire                             4:07
        2.      Good Luck With That                             2:03
        3.      The Reservoir                                   2:00
        4.      Half The Way Down                               3:08
        5.      Double Bind                                     1:40
        6.      Leaving Room For The Lord                       4:54
        7.      Pig                                             4:55
        8.      Lawrence                                        0:37
        9.      Riding It Out                                   4:57
        10.     Beneath The Commons                             5:07
        11.     Bank Of God                                     8:50

Trust Punks are Paul Brown, Alexander Grant, Lliam Powell, Joseph Thomas and Maté Vella
Additional guitars and synthesiser by Lawrence Goodwin
Horns by Steven Huf
Tracks 1-7 & 9-11 by Brown/Grant/Powell/Thomas/Vella
Track 8 by Goodwin
Recorded by Lawrence Goodwin, Alexander Grant and Matthew Neville in Auckland,
 New Zealand and Sydney, Australia July 2014 - October 2015 Mixed by Lawrence Goodwin
 & Trust Punks, January 2015 - October 2015 Mastered by Matthew Barnhart, Chicago
 Mastering Service, October 2015
Produced by Lawrence Goodwin
Thank you: Lawree, Aaron, Dan, Trip, Doug, Huf, Nev, Richard, Mitch, Residents
 of 13 King St, Lucy, Soph, Erin, Money, Parents, Brothers, Sisters.
FAUX    044     SOFT WALLS              LIVE FROM MT8X                  CS      10.2016

        A1      All The Same                                    9:04
        A2      Theme From No Time                              4:04
        B1      Never Come Back Again                           9:06
        B2      House Concern                                   10:05

4 extended jams of live-looped motorik psychedelia. Heavy drum-machine repetition,
droning keyboards, and extended guitar ragas. All played live (with vocals overdubbed
later) by Soft Walls main man Dan Reeves, direct to his beloved MT8X cassette tape
machine. Features expanded, re-imagined versions of two songs from 2014’s acclaimed
'No Time', one from 2012’s debut 'The Soft Walls' and a guitar meditation exclusive
to this release.
Performed & recorded live to cassette tape. Vocals overdubbed. Everything by D Reeves,
except the following: Mastered by Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory.
Live photo stolen from Scott.
FAUX    45 LP   IRMA VEP                NO BLUES HANDSHAKES             LP+DLc  02.2017
                (Note : LP/180 g. , 500 copies)
FAUX    45 CD   IRMA VEP                NO BLUES HANDSHAKES             CD      02.2017

        1.      A Woman’s Work Is Never Done                    11:39
        2.      It Runs Slow                                    4:00
        3.      Plod                                            0:44
        4.      No Handshake Blues                              3:46
        5.      Hey, You!                                       2:39
        6.      The Moaning Song                                6:30
        7.      Armadillo Man                                   3:16
        8.      I Want To Be Degraded                           3:13
        9.      You Know I’ve Been Ill                          2;39
        10.     Still Sorry                                     5:15

Irma Vep is a loner, a joker, a roamer, a ribald construct riddled with both earnest
anxiety and mercurial songwriting talent birthed by a young Edwin Stevens in
Llanfairfechan, North Wales. Having since fully grown into Irma Vep and now residing
in Manchester, Stevens' discography has expanded to document every aspect of his music,
from ecstatically free group experiments to bare, sparse songwriting that cuts to the
quick, shorn of ornament or pretence. No Handshake Blues is a homage to Llanfairfechan
(Transylfechan to the locals).

Having bedded down into Manchester's bourgeoning DIY scene, Stevens moonlights in
several other groups (Sex Hands, Klaus Kinski, Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura, Yerba
Mansa…), bringing with him an instantly recognisable guitar language. However it's in
Irma Vep that his most life-affirming, troubling and thrilling music is made. Much
Irma Vep feels like what "classic" music should feel like if it weren't so Classic.
Each record, each song and each performance exists as an evolving drama.

Edwin has toured the West Coast of America after...  more
released January 13, 2017

Irma Vep – No Handshake Blues, 2017.
DBH plays violins and keyboards, everything else by Edwin.
Recorded 2015 at Kraak & 44 Daisy Bank Road.
‘Hey, You!’ recorded by Tom Settle. Dominic Tanner engineered the drums. He also
 mastered it, the legend: bojanicaudio.com.
Front and back cover illustrations by Faye Coral Johnson & Mike Redmond
 : awomanandarodent.tumblr.com.
Inner sleeve illustration by Dylan Rhys Hughes.
Inner sleeve photo by Hannah Mort.
Design by Daniel Reeves.
For Lloyd Jones, Cruel Step Father.
FAUX    046 LP  GREAT YTENE             LOCUS                           LP      03.2016
FAUX    046 CD  GREAT YTENE             LOCUS                           CD      03.2016

        1.      Mono Aware                                      3:37
        2.      George Street                                   3:21
        3.      Cruel Desires                                   3:39
        4.      Locus                                           4:58
        5.      Wanness                                         4:39
        6.      Electric Pulses                                 4:42
        7.      Fixed Victim                                    4:48
        8.      Physical Warmth                                 4:54
        9.      Appetite                                        5:29

Great Ytene are a band built upon deconstruction and reassembly. In order to create
something that felt truly complete, they had to tear down everything that had come
before. From their formative years as 'Colours', to their reemergence as Great Ytene
(taking their name from an old term for the New Forest, which is where they all grew
up), they replaced sounds, members and even their name before they felt truly
comfortable in their collective skin.

So, it's quite fitting that In 2015 Great Ytene lost a full album's worth of material
to a technological worm hole. It was just another clean slate. It was the best thing
that could have happened. The band spent six months writing new songs, perfecting
their shape, pulling them apart and piecing them back together until Locus was in
exactly the right place.

Locus, Great Ytene's first full length LP since their self- titled debut (via Bella
Union) in 2014, sees the band moving forward to explore darker themes. The name
‘Locus’ refers to the attempt to pin-point exact moments in time when an event took
place. This idea is explored lyrically throughout the album, even as the music loops
and pushes back.

If you are looking for like-minded contemporary peers...  more
released February 17, 2017

Great Ytene are:

Leon Diaper | Lewis Baker | Jorge Stride | Tom Baker

All lyrics by Leon Diaper
Recorded in July 2015 by Iggy B at Holy Mountain Studios, London
Mixed by MJ at Suburban Home Studios, Leeds
Mastered by Joe Caithness at Subsequent Mastering, Nottingham
Collages by JAS
Design by Dan Reeves 
The album was recorded and mixed in East London at Holy Mountain with producer and
long-time collaborator Iggy B, mixed by MJ (Hookworms) at Suburban Home Studios in
Leeds & mastered by Joe Caithness of Subsequent Mastering.
FAUX    047     GARDEN CENTRE           MONSTER ENERGY                  CS      03.2017

        A1      Monster Energy                                  1:00
        A2      Urinal                                          4:07
        A3      Silver Corsa                                    2:44
        A4      York Hotel                                      2:48
        A5      We Don't Need (To Be A Big Part Of The Scene)   3:52
        A6      Sorry Feeling Heart                             2:15
        B1      Elderly Men                                     2:02
        B2      Supermoon                                       2:53
        B3      Fishes Swimming                                 1:01
        B4      Big Cash Prize                                  1:16
        B5      Comfort Of My Room                              2:50
        B6      I Am The Babysitter                             2:38
                (Note : cassette , 100 copies)

Garden Centre is a band formed out of necessity. The specific function of the band was
to tell the story of a group of people who found themselves drawn to an abandoned plant
nursery in southern England. The band hoped that their messages were transmitted
efficiently, broadcast via audio in the form of their début album 'Garden Centre'.

With their task well and truly complete, the members of Garden Centre have become
distracted. Some members still obsess over semi-rural boredom and exploration. Others
have the audacity to write love songs. The most cretinous members opt to write about
energy drinks exclusively. Their distracted and unfocused efforts come to the fore in
their new album 'Monster energy'.

Garden Centre The Band features members of King of Cats, Joanna Gruesome, and Keel
Her amongst other rotating visitors. 'Monster Energy' sees chief songwriter Max Levy
return to the solitude of his bedroom studio, where he composed and recorded this album
with only a hint of help from other members of the band.
FAUX    048 LP  RIPS                    RIPS                            LP+DLc  06.2017
                (Note : LP , 500 copies in reverse-board printed sleeve)
FAUX    048 CD  RIPS                    RIPS                            CD      06.2017
                (Note : CD , 500 copies in reverse-board printed gatefold
                digifile packaging)

        1.      Losing II                                       4:00
        2.      Malibu Entropy                                  2:31
        3.      Break                                           3:14
        4.      No More                                         1:49
        5.      Damaged                                         2:17
        6.      Save Room                                       4:22
        7.      Delay                                           3:41
        8.      Vs                                              2:16
        9.      Psychics                                        5:11
        10.     Spell                                           2:57
        11.     Losing                                          5:24

Produced and Mixed by Austin Brown.
Engineered by Mike Kutchman at Kutch-1 Studio.
Mastered by Mikey Young.
Drums on tracks 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, and 11 played by Ryan Naideau.
Special thanks to Austin, Mike, Ben, and Edan.
Album art and layout by Daniel Abary.
Inner sleeve photo taken by Ben Trogdon.
Additional design by Daniel Reeves. 

Brooklyn based Rips have quickly built a reputation amongst NYC showgoers, winning
them over with their virtuous melodies and sheer ferocity amidst an endless flurry
of shows. Their songs may channel late '70s New York City bands like Television and
The Feelies, but Rips propels these references into something new. Their self-titled
debut, produced by Austin Brown of Parquet Courts, is eleven tracks of buzzing guitar
riffs driven by a charged rhythm section, all set under lyrics that are actually worth
a damn.
FAUX    049 LP  LAB COASTS              LAB COASTS                      LP      05.2017
                (Note : LP/180 g. , 500 copies; Reverse-board printed
                sleeve with spine and printed inner-sleeve)
FAUX    049 CD  LAB COASTS              LAB COASTS                      CD      05.2017

        1.      For Now                                         2:40
        2.      Really Realize                                  2:19
        3.      Bored Again                                     2:21
        4.      As Usual                                        2:05
        5.      Away From Here                                  2:17
        6.      Helen Bach                                      2:47
        7.      Better Than Me                                  1:50
        8.      Recognize I’m Wrong                             2:03
        9.      Remember The Moon Jr                            1:48
        10.     The Pointe of It All                            3:11
        11.     Guessing Anyhow                                 1:21
        12.     Dislocated                                      2:37
        13.     Walking On Ayr                                  2:55
        14.     Winter Balls                                    0:58
        15.     Back To Your Future                             2:35
        16.     I Saw You                                       3:07

Since 2008, Lab Coast has been delivering hazy bursts of hook-laden guitar pop from
their basement studio in Calgary, Alberta. Singer David Laing & multi-instrumentalist
Chris Dadge carve out detailed analog productions on a variety of different tape
machines while pillaging the bounty of instruments left behind at the Lab Coast
practice space. The resultant constellations of compact, tightly wound melodies and
bustling rhythms form a highly textured kaleidoscopic backdrop for Laing's understated
crooning and oblique, yet slyly evocative lyrics. Dadge’s ever-evolving, DIY approach
to recording places them in the tradition of fellow home-brew recorders such as
Strapping Fieldhands, early Guided By Voices, and R. Stevie Moore, while the songs
themselves recall the likes of Teenage Fanclub, Tom Petty, and The La's. The Toronto
Star calls it “scuffed-up, small-scale psych-pop”, and their latest release provides
the perfect point of entry for the newcomer.

Set to be released May 12 on Brighton-based label Faux Discx, the Lab Coast album
plunders the depths of the band’s considerable back catalogue – which includes four
albums, an EP, and numerous split tapes and 7”s – and surfaces with 16 of their most
winning pop nuggets, some of which will see their first appearance on...  more

released May 12, 2017
Lab Coast is/was Chris Dadge, David Laing, Scott Munro, Dice Parks, Henry Hsieh,
        Noah York, Sammie Smith, Darrell Hartsook, Matthew Learoyd & Ryan Bourne.
All songs written by Chris Dadge & David Laing, apart from “The Pointe Of It All”,
written by Chris Dadge, David Laing & Noah York.
Recorded and mixed by Chris Dadge between 2009-2015, Calgary, Alberta.
Mastered by Mikey Young.
Photography by Unfolding Creative Photo.
Design by Daniel Reeves.
FAUX    050     THE STICKS              WHY BOTHER                      CS+DLc  06.2017

        A1      Bendy Bus                                       2:50
        A2      Shore                                           2:02
        A3      Midnight After                                  2:12
        A4      Jazz Man                                        1:38
        A5      Cut It                                          1:57
        A6      Come Back                                       2:01
        A7      Why Bother                                      2:58
        B1      Land Game                                       1:59
        B2      More Than A Shower                              1:39
        B3      The Bends                                       1:40
        B4      Say Yeah                                        2:05
        B5      Small Dog                                       2:10
        B6      Drugs                                           2:38
        B7      Time Will Come                                  2:22

Recorded at Westhill Hall, Brighton by The Plague
Rachael Finney – Vocals on 'Shore'
R.W.M.Hunt – Vocals on 'The Bend'
Many thanks to Lianne Hall
Artwork by Iain Paxon & Dan Reeves

Why Bother is an unearthed, long-forgotten, and unreleased album that was due to see
the light-of-day some years ago, by The Sticks; a Brighton institution. A rarely
spotted, but much-loved group which shares members with The Pheromoans and King Alfred
Man of Leisure. They are a stripped down garage party band, they bash drums, sway on
the bass and claw at guitar - often swapping over instruments between songs live - and
yelp with melodic abandon and delight. The Sticks were once dubbed as 'semi-amateur',
this may be true. With cheap, unreliable equipment they manage to tease out a cacophony
of crashing drums and raucous guitar melodies.

The key elements of the trio's sound are undoubtedly drawn from the rudimentary ideas
found in the more inept efforts of mid-sixties teen bands such as The Chimney Sweeps
and The Keggs, as well as their modern day equivalents The Black Lips, The Coachwhips
or The Hospitals, say.