FAILSAFE                                GERMANY

Owner   : Juxta Position
Distr.  : GE -
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   : techno / dancefloor / IDM /

FAS     001     JUXTA POSITION          FAILSAFE 001                    12"     02.2017

        01      Sutartines
        02      Machines

Failsafe is a new label created by, and primarily for the release of, material by
Juxta Position, whose output was previously featured on Rhythm Nation, and on DVS1's
Mistress Recordings imprint.
FAS     002     JUXTA POSITION          FAILSALE 002                    12"     05.2017

        01      Eureka
        02      Made In Belgrade
        03      Reimagined
FAS     003     DEVELOPER               FAILSAFE 003                    12"     07.2017

        01      Snap Over
        02      Natives Calling
        03      Get It On
        04      Chain Of Life

Juxta Position flexes his techno muscles over these four cuts of IDM-influenced
dancefloor weapons. Previously featured on DVS1's Mistress Recordings, Rhythm Nation,
and his own Failsafe imprint, the gloves come off on his release for Developer's
Modularz imprint. Razor sharp percussion grapples with melancholic synth lines, whilst
serious sub-bass shifts much air and shimmering moods filter across the mid-range.