FACE TO FACE RECORDS                    78 Craven Park Rd.
********************                    London NW10  4AE

Distr.  : UK -
Style   : christian rock /

FTF     1000    FACE TO FACE            FACE TO FACE                    LP        .1971

        A1      Is There Blood Upon Your Hands?
        A2      Across the Hills
        A3      He Is Mine
        A4      In the Morning
        A5      Not Now but Tomorrow
        A6      Once There Was a Man
        B1      Are You Going My Way?
        B2      Love Was Born
        B3      Just a Closer Walk
        B4      Lord on Our Side
        B5      How Long
        B6      Amazing Grace
FTF     1001    EXORDIUM                THE TROUBLE WITH ADAM           LP        .1972

        A1      Revolution Man
        A2      People All Around
        A3      Put Your Hand in the Hand
        A4      Jesus Met the Woman
        A5      Subway
        A6      Without a Sound
        B1      Echoes of Love
        B2      Shake Hands
        B3      Mary Dry Those Crying Eyes
        B4      Summertime
        B5      Blind Man
        B6      Glory Glory
FTF     1002    THE HARMONIZERS         TIME TO LIVE                    LP        .1973

        A1      Sing Out If You're Feeling Happy
        A2      Why?
        A3      As I Was Walking
        A4      Up and Away
        A5      Seeing Is Believing
        A6      Teach (Code of Living)
        B1      We Beseech Thee
        B2      Without a Sound
        B3      My Lord What a Morning
        B4      I Wish We'd All Been Ready
        B5      Come the Day
        B6      Man Can Find Time