FIKA RECORDINGS                         London
***************                         UK


Founder : Tom Ashton & Lisa
Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly/Action/Norman/Rough Trade/
          NE - Shiny Beast/
Style   : indie / lo-fi / indie pop / pop rock / electro / synth pop
          / chip tune /

Fika Recordings was set up in 2011 by Tom Ashton to put out music he wanted to hear.
Fika Recordings attempts to be a transparent, ethical and nurturing place for our
artists. We aim to provide all our artists with a complete financial breakdown at
least every 6 months so they can see how their releases are progressing, whether
they've joined us on a 50:50 profit share agreement or a more traditional royalty
based agreement. Unassigned digital revenues get fairly distributed across our artists.
We file our accounts with HMRC every year and pay our taxes. We strongly encourage all
our artists to ensure they've registered with PRS/PPL so they can collect mechanical
and performance royalties that are due to them. And we'll try and encourage our artists
to develop, to support them in what they'd like to do, and offer advice and guidance
where we can. And go to the pub - we really do like going to the pub... august 11, 2018

FIKA    001     LISA BOUVIER & ALLT AR MUSIK : INDIEN AR DOD            CS        .2011

        A.      Hans Indievarld / Andreas
        B.      Ge Mig Indierock / Nat Kul Pa Svenska
FIKA    002     LOST SUMMER KITTEN      NOT ANOTHER SAD SONG            cs        .2011

        A.      February Night / New Country Song
        B.      Shine Down On You / Superhero Boyfriend
FIKA    003     MOUSTACHE OF INSANITY   MOUSTACHE DAMMIT!!!             CS        .2011
FIKA    004     HOROWITZ                THE KNITWEAR GENERATION EP      CS      02.2011

        A.      The Knitwear Generation
        B.      Summer Promised Me Too Much / Play Me Your Song
FIKA    005     AMIDA                   THE SPITE HOUSE PLOT            CS      05.2011

Midweek Debauchery / A Moth Of Sundays / Black Balloons / Oleander / Box Office Poison
/ Victor Spoils
FIKA    006     SLOTTET                 SERVANTS                        CS      05.2011

        A.      Agnostic Nightmare / I Know / Oh No
        B.      Please / Vanity
                (Note : cassette , 100 copies)
FIKA    007     PETER SEANDER           DESTROYER                       CS      06.2011

        A.      Fortune Cookies / EasyHearts Crack
        B.      Clock You Cannot Beat / Destroyer
                (Note : cassette , 100 copies)
FIKA    008     ED GREENE               A PLACE TO CALL HOME            CS        .2011

        A.      A Place To Call Home
                Love (She Tells Me There's A God Above)
        B.      What We Never Were We Will Never Be
                All We Have
FIKA    009     RED SHOE DIARIES        WHEN I FIND MY HEART...         10"+5DL 05.2012

        A.      The Love That You Read About / Fossil Fuels / Snowbird
                (Talk To Me)
        B.      Ice And Snow / Encyclopedic Pain
                (Note : 10"/33.3 RPM , 300 numbered copies)
FIKA    010     MOUSTACHE OF INSANITY   ALBUM OF DEATH                  LP      05.2012

Intro / Talk-alone / We Need More Awesome / Dinner Party / Lynn Lowry / Aaaargh !
Nooooo ! /     //// Superiority Complex / Dancing With Emma /
Alright! / Laughing Scales / Battery / 16.000 Km (Bleep Monster vers.)

(Note : LP , 300 copies on red vinyl , numbered)
CD      Pull Yourself Together PYT 005  2012    UK
FIKA    011     DARREN HAYMAN           CHRISTMAS IN HAWORTH            10"+DLc 11.2011

        A.      The Christmas Wars / Lost In The Snow / Ruby's House
        B.      Christmas In The Boiler Room / Photos Like Postcards
                / Branwell

(Note : 10" , 300 numbered copies , with screen printed sleeve)
FIKA    012     V / A : A FIKA RECORDINGS & DARREN HAYMAN ADVENT       54DL       .2011

        1       The Wave Pictures, Darren Hayman : Christmas Blues      2:27
        2       Darren Hayman, The Wave Pictures : Blue Christmas       2:56
        3       Paul Hawkins and The Bleak Midwinters : Tonight I Will
                Be Santa                                                4:15
        4       DJ Downfall : Ooh Ahh… Just A Little Bit                3:49
        5       Lost Summer Kitten      Jullaten                        3:03
        6       Stars In Coma           Three Days Off                  4:37
        7       Lisa Bouvier            Christmas Rain
        8       Owl & Mouse             Sandwich Day                    2:45
        9       Gavin Osborn            Feels Like Christmas            4:09
        10      Ralegh Long             Christmas Eve                   3:11
        11      Josie Long : I Wish That I Was Someone Else This
                Christmas                                               4:44
        12      Slottet                 A Cold Christmas                4:37
        13      M.J. Hibbett & The Validators : Thank Goodness For
                Christmas                                               2:21
        14      David Tattersall        Yes! Jesus Loves Me             1:30
        15      Jeff Mellin : Ain't That A Rockin' All Night            2:56
        16      The Werewandas          I Love You Santa Claus          2:28
        17      World Of Fox ft. Clair Horton : Xmas Wrappin'           3:20
        18      Meow Meow               This Christmas                  2:51
        19      Coming Soon             Last Christmas                  3:57
        20      Clémence Freschard      Bad Year                        2:25
        21      The Mountain Parade     Salvation Army Band             3:05
        22      Two Fingers Of Firewater : Douglas Fir                  4:41
        23      Enderby's Room          At Christmas [Part One]         2:46
        24      30 Pounds Of Bone : You Can't Break Up At Christmas
                (So Let's Get It Over With)                             2:39
        25      Papernut Cambridge : 93 Million and One                 3:50
        26      Wooden Walls            Winter's Not So Long            3:23
        27      Les Étoiles             Silent Night                    4:05
        28      Petter Seander          How I Feel For It               3:39
        29      Rotifer                 December 12, 2021               3:53
        30      Yucca                   At Christmas [Part Two]         2:55
        31      Moustache Of Insanity   Jingle Moustache                4:34
        32      Ardie Collins           Happy Christmas, I Suppose      4:10
        33      Emma Kupa               Channuka                        2:52
        34      The Dream Of Horses     Dress It Up In Tinsel           3:41
        35      The Hardy Tree : The Fields Lie Sleeping Underneath     4:39
        36      Dave Watkins            Snowman [Parts One and Two]     6:05
        37      The Understudies        Midnight Mass                   4:00
        38      Bill Botting            Mulled Wine                     3:38
        39      Bill Botting            Acting Without Acting           3:43
        40      Tigercats               Santa Claus                     3:27
        41      Pete Astor              Christmas Time                  3:33
        42      Winter Cabin : Winter All Over The World                3:22
        43      Ballboy : Merry Christmas To The Drunks, Merry
                Christmas To The Lovers                                 3:09
        44      Cosines                 Winter A-Go-Go                  3:31
        45      Red Shoe Diaries        San Francisco Snowglobe         4:52
        46      We Show Up On Radar     We're Working Too Hard          3:13
        47      Jack Hayter             The Anti Santa                  2:28
        48      Travis Elborough vs Alexander's Festival Hall 
                : Carol Of The Bowls                                    2:43
        49      Alexander's Festival Hall ft. The Birthday Girl
                : Hey Santa Black Snow                                  4:11
        50      Benjamin Shaw & Fighting Kites : This Christmas
                (I Just Want To Be Left Alone)                          4:32
        51      Broken Shoulder                 Stiller Nite            8:32
        52      Nosferatu D2 : It's Christmas Time (For God's Sake)     3:57
        53      Helen Arney             Never Built A Snowman           3:02
        54      Darren Hayman           January Sales                   4:20
FIKA    013     RED SHOES DIARIES       ICE & SNOW                      3FLAC     .2012

        1       Ice & Snow                                      4:54
        2       Driving Blind                                   4:06
        3       Saturday Love Rocket                            5:25
FIKA    014     TIGERCATS               FULL MOON REGGAE PARTY          DL        .2012

        1.      Full Moon Reggae Party
        2.      Nude With Dogs
        3.      Everywhere
FIKA    015     TIGERCATS               ISLE OF DOGS                    LP+DLc  05.2012
                                                                        LP+DLc  03.2015
                                                                        CD      03.2015

Coffin For The Osle Of Dogs / Konny Huck / Full Moon Reggae Party / Vapours / Stevie
Nicks / Harper Lee //// Limousine Nights / Kim & Thurston / Easter Island / Banner At
The Troxy / Jonny

(Note : LP , 500 numbered copies)
FIKA    016     FULHÄST                 DOWN THE DEUCE                  CS+DLc    .2012

Intro / Prison Pizza / Bin Collection / Same New Story //// 1994 / Robot Blood (instr.)
/ Riot On 42nd Street
FIKA    017     ALLO DARLIN'            EUROPE                          LP.DL   05.2012

Neil Armstrong / Capriconia / Europe / Some People Say / Northern Lights /// Wonderland
/ Tallulah / The Letter / Still Young / My Sweet Friend

LP.CD   Fortuna Pop!    FPOP 128        2012    UK
LP.CD   Slumberland     SLR 168         2012    US
FIKA    018     THE SMITTENS            BURNING STREETS OF ROME         DL        .2012
FIKA    019     TIGERCATS : Harper Lee // Cats Run Free                 7"+DLc  08.2012
                (Note : 7" , 500 hand-numbered copies)
FIKA    020     THE SMITTENS            BELIEVE ME                      LP+DLc  07.2012

Typing, Texting / Burning Streets Of Rome / Turn The Music Up! / First Bus / Birthday
Reminder / Heart Goes Pop //// Dream World / 360 degrees / True To You / Sometimes
People Get Sad / Forever / Year Of The Lake

(Note : LP , 500 hand-numb. copies on translucent vinyl)
FIKA    021     MAKING MARKS : Ticket Machine // Like Spinning          7"+DLc  10.2012
                (Note : 7" , 500 copies)
FIKA    022     TYLLYCRAFT              LOST IN LIGHT ROTATION          CS+DLc  04.2013

Agincourt / Queenie Co. / Lost In Light Rotation / Westchester Turnabouts / From
Wichita With Love / Elks Lodge Riot / No Tic All Tac / Dig Up The Graves / Wake Up
Wake Up / We Knew Your Name Until Your Heart Stopped

(Note : cassette , 100 copies)

LP      Fortuna Pop!    FPOP 144LP      2012    UK
LP      Magic Marker    MMR 067         2012    US
FIKA    023     VICTORIA AND JACOB      FESTIVAL                        7".DL     .2013

        A1      Festival (Radio Edit)
        B1      Under The Milky Way 

        A1      Martin Said                                     2:07
        A2      Bugbears                                        2:55
        A3      Sir Thomas Fairfax March                        2:11
        A4      Seven Months Married                            2:50
        A5      Hey Then Up We Go                               2:17
        A6      The Owl                                         2:14
        A7      The Contented                                   3:39
        B1      Impossibilities                                 4:55
        B2      Babylon Has Fallen                              2:41
        B3      I Live Not Where I Love                         3:53
        B4      Bold Astrolger                                  3:19
        B5      Old England Grown New                           2:34
        B6      When The King Enjoys His Own Again              1:24
FIKA    025     VICTORIA AND JACOB      CRY BABY                        DL      07.2013

        1       Cry Baby                                        4:34
FIKA 025 RMX    VICTORIA AND JACOB      CRY BABY (REMIXES)              CDR     07.2013

        1       Cry Baby (Antwerp Remix)                        4:57
        2       Cry Baby (H U S H ! Remix)                      3:50
        3       Cry Baby (Darren Hayman Remix)                  3:42
        4       Cry Baby (Cosines Remix)                        6:55
        5       Cry Baby (DJ Downfall Remix)                    3:42
        6       Cry Baby (Sazrah Remix)                         4:24
        7       Cry Baby (Papernut Cambridge Remix)             6:41
        8       Cry Baby (Yukka Remix)                          3:55
                (Note : CDr , promo only)
FIKA    026     FULHÄST                 WHAT DO YOU SEE?                ?         .2013
FIKA    027     COSINES                 Hey Sailor Boy! // The Answer   7"+DLc  07.2013
                (Note : 7" , 300 copies)
FIKA    028     FULHÄST                 BROKEN                          10"     08.2013

Colour Blind In Italy / Twiddle / But They Don't Even Sell Lo-Fi Parasols In Topshop /
Riot On 1655 North Cherokee Avenue / What Do You See? / Your Skin / N6 For Nostalgia /
2392 Days / Bonus : Your Skin (Darren Hayman rmx.)
FIKA    029     VICTORIA AND JACOB      VICTORIA AND JACOB              LP.CD   08.2013

Theia Mania / Festival / Believe The Boy / Emily's Song / Desire / I See You / Cry
Baby / Rain Might Clear / Take Another Lover / There's A War
FIKA    030     MAKING MARKS            BARCODES                        7"+DLc  08.2013

        A.      Barcodes (Soup mix)
        B.      A Thousand Half-Truths (Alternate vers.)
        DL +    Barcodes (Skantzen Tansen rmx.)
                (Note : 7" , 300 copies)
FIKA    031

        A1      Time Is On Our Side
        A2      The Road I Know
        A3      Willows And Pines
        A4      Sunrise
        A5      When The Love Is Pure And True
        B1      Sunset
        B2      Do Not Go Gentle
        B3      The Bitter End
        B4      By Your Side
        B5      Beyond The Dreams
                (Note : LP , 500 copies on  maroon coloured vinyl)

CD      Matinee                 MATCD 063       2013    US

        A1      Orange Juice
        B1      Maybe I Will See You Again 
                (Note : 7" , orenge vinyl)
FIKA    034
FIKA    035 1   MAKING MARKS            A THOUSAND HALF-TRUTHS          LP      02.2014
FIKA    035 2   MAKING MARKS            A THOUSAND HALF-TRUTHS          CD      02.2014
FIKA    035 3   MAKING MARKS            A THOUSAND HALF-TRUTHS          DL      02.2014

        A1      Bruises
        A2      Barcodes
        A3      Uten En Trad
        A4      Forgive And Forget
        A5      Like Spinning
        B1      Lemon Sheets
        B2      Falling In Love Again
        B3      A Thousand Half-Truths
        B4      Ticket Machine
        B5      Flying High Forever
FIKA    036 1   STANLEY BRINKS & THE WAVE PICTURES : GIN                LP+DLc  03.2014
FIKA    036 2   STANLEY BRINKS & THE WAVE PICTURES : GIN                CD      03.2014
FIKA    036 3   STANLEY BRINKS & THE WAVE PICTURES : GIN                DL      03.2014

        A1      One Minute Of Darkness
        A2      I Wanted You
        A3      Time For Me
        A4      Spinola Bay
        A5      Blues About Krishna’s Latest Avatar
        B1      Max In The Elevator
        B2      Light And Slow
        B3      Parking Lots
        B4      No Goodbyes
        B5      Not To Kiss You

(Note : Digipack CD includes 12 page lyrics booklet. LP on gin-coloured vinyl comes
        with a code for a free download)
FIKA    037     COSINES                 COMMUTER LOVE                   7"      03.2014

        A.      Commuter Love
        B.      Disclosed Stories
FIKA    038     OWL & MOUSE             SOMEWHERE TO GO                 7"+DLc  06.2014

        A1      Don & Anna
        A2      Western Skies
        B1      Don't Read The Classics
        B2      Terrible Things
                (Note : 7" , 300 copies on blue vinyl)
FIKA    039     THE SMITTENS            LOVE RECORD BREAKER             10"     08.2014

        A1      Upper West Side
        A2      Pants On Fire
        A3      Closer To Fine
        A4      These Days
        B1      Love Record Breaker
        B2      These Lips
        B3      Almost
        B4      These Days (Johen Rafael Tilli remix)

(Note : 10” black vinyl in one of 6 different hand screenprinted sleeves, each hand
        numbered and limited to 50.)
FIKA    040 1   COSINES                 OSCILLATIONS                    LP+MP3  06.2014
FIKA    040 2   COSINES                 OSCILLATIONS                    CD      06.2014

        A1      Out Of The Fire
        A2      Nothing More Than A Feeling
        A3      Walking Away
        A4      Lookout Mountain Drive
        A5      pop-in-court
        B1      Binary Primary
        B2      Staltemate
        B3      Runaway
        B4      Misguide Me
        B5      Our Ghosts
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
FIKA    041     STANLEY BRINKS & FRESCHARD : PIZZA EXPRESSO             LP      08.2014

        A1      If You Have Time
        A2      Stay A Little Longer
        A3      I Missed You On The Train
        A4      Take It Easy
        A5      I'm Down
        B1      Put That In Your Pipe
        B2      Before You Go
        B3      It's A Hard Life
        B4      When I Lost You
        B5      I Still Love You
                (Note : LP , 300 copies on grey vinyl)

LP       Where It's At Is Where You Are wialp033        2014    UK
FIKA    042 1   AZURE BLUE : BENEATH THE HILL I SMELL THE SEA           LP      06.2015
FIKA    042 2   AZURE BLUE : BENEATH THE HILL I SMELL THE SEA           CD      06.2015

        A1      A Town Like Alice                               3:41
        A2      Every Ending Story                              3:59
        A3      Reflections Of Light                            2:49
        A4      There Was A Time                                3:36
        A5      Beneath The Hill                                4:07
        B1      Tragedy And Changes                             4:42
        B2      Baby You Are A Star                             3:59
        B3      Atlasmuren                                      1:24
        B4      Justice                                         3:54
        B5      Sommerlied                                      1:17
FIKA    043
FIKA    044 LP  OWL & MOUSE             DEPARTURES                      LP      07.2015
FIKA    044 CD  OWL & MOUSE             DEPARTURES                      CD      07.2015

        1       Keep Your Eyes Open Wide                        3:29
        2       Misfits                                         2:52
        3       Worst Kiss                                      4:33
        4       Canvas Bags                                     4:04
        5       Octopi                                          4:15
        6       Basic Economics                                 3:21
        7       Sick Of Love                                    2:38
        8       Louie                                           2:43
        9       Sinking Song                                    3:37
        10      Departures                                      2:13
        11      Rapunzel                                        3:05
FIKA    045     STANLEY BRINKS & THE WAVE PICTURES : WAKEFIELD          7"      08.2015

        A1      Wakefield                                       2:22
        B1      Dolores                                         2:54
                (Note : 7" , 500 copies on teal vinyl)
FIKA    046     STANLEY BRINKS & THE WAVE PICTURES : BERLIN             7"      08.2015

        A1      Berlin                                          2:46
        B1      It’s Complicated                                3:43
                (Note : 7" , 500 copies on purple vinyl)
FILA    047 1   STANLEY BRINKS & THE WAVE PICTURES : MY ASS             LP      01.2015
FILA    047 2   STANLEY BRINKS & THE WAVE PICTURES : MY ASS             CD      10.2015

        A1      My Camel
        A2      Brighton
        A3      Fire To My Mind
        A4      Berlin
        A5      Love Me Too
        A6      Run Along
        B1      Think About You
        B2      Goodbye My Love
        B3      Wakefield
        B4      With My Chin
        B5      Back To My Island In The Sun
        B6      Balluta Bay
FIKA    048     DARREN HAYMAN           FLORENCE                        LP+DLc  11.2015

        A1      Nuns Run The Apothecary                         4:02
        A2      Break Up With Him                               4:18
        A3      From The Square To The Hill                     3:48
        A4      When You’re Lonely, Don’t Be                    3:05
        A5      On The Outside                                  2:33
        B1      Didn’t I Say Don’t Fall In Love With Him        4:26
        B2      Lose Me And Find Me                             2:46
        B3      Post Office Girl                                3:07
        B4      Safe Fall                                       3:18
        B5      The English Church                              3:20
FIKA    049     SUNTURNS                CHRISTMAS I & II                2LP+DLc   .2015

LP 1    A1      The Sun Turns                                   3:31
        A2      Hallelujah (Christmas Is Here!)                 3:02
        A3      Looks Like Styrofoam                            2:50
        A4      Just Like Christmas                             3:29
        A5      Summer For Christmas                            3:39
        B1      In A Warm Place                                 3:42
        B2      Electric Christmas                              3:47
        B3      The Closest I Can Get                           4:16
        B4      Losing Mine                                     2:53
        B5      Season Cyclics                                  4:18
                (Note : LP 1 on red vinyl)

LP 2    C1      Sunni
        C2      Christmas Bells / Wedding Bells
        C3      Would You
        C4      The Storm
        C5      Byen Er Tom
        D1      The Axial Tilt
        D2      Aleksander
        D3      Takk For Alt
        D4      To Say The Least
        D5      Mount Kenya
        D6      Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight)
                (Note : LP 2 on white vinyl)
FIKA    050     BILL BOTTING & THE TWO DRINK MINIMUMS : IT'S NOT        CS      12.2015
                CHRISTMAS ANYMORE

        A1      It's Not Christmas Anymore                      3:35
        A2      Middle Child                                    2:47
        B1      Difficult Stuff                                 3:46
        B2      Christmas In North Brisbane                     3:03
FIKA    051 LP  STANLEY BRINKS & THE KANIKS : TURTLE DOVE               LP+DLc  05.2016
FIKA    051 CD  STANLEY BRINKS & THE KANIKS : TURTLE DOVE               CD      05.2016

LP      A1)     Turtle Dove
        A2)     Say  Goodbye
        A3)     I Spread My Wings
        A4)     One More Day
        A5)     This World
        A6)     Day In Day Out
        B1)     Slow Peace
        B2)     Come Come Springtime
        B3)     Between Me And The Future
        B4)     Stronger Than Wine
        B5)     Zombie Taboo
        B6)     And The Violin
DL +    1
                (Note : LP , blue vinyl, gatefold)

CD      1       Turtle Dove
        2       Say Goodbye
        3       One More Day
        4       Between Me And The Future
        5       Come Come Springtime
        6       This World
        7       Zombie Taboo
        8       Slow Peace
        9       And The Violin
        10      Stronger Than Wine
        11      Day In Day Out
        12      Too Much Women
        13      I Spread My Wings
        14      For The Road

        1.      If You Ever Wanna Change Your Mind
        2.      Dangerous
                (Note : 7" , 500 copies on white vinyl)
FIKA    053     MATH & THE PHYSICS CLUB : In This Together              LP      07.2016
                (EPs, B-Sides, Rarities, and Unreleased)

        A1)     Coastal California, 1985
        A2)     It Must Be Summer Somewhere
        A3)     Across The Paper
        A4)     Our Own Ending
        A5)     The Sound of Snow
        A6)     Do You Keep A Diary
        A7)     In This Together
        A8)     Baby I’m Yours
        B1)     Movie Ending Romance
        B2)     White and Grey
        B3)     Graduation Day
        B4)     Love, Again
        B5)     When We Get Famous
        B6)     Nothing Really Happened
        B7)     Sixteen and Pretty
        B8)     Weekends Away
                (Note : LP/1870 g , white vinyl)

CD      Matinee                 MATCD   076     2016    US
FIKA    054 LP  PALOMICA                PETITO                          LP+DLc  07.2016

        A1)     Ribbons
        A2)     Petito
        A3)     Water Walks
        A4)     Actual Sighs
        B1)     Honeydew
        B2)     Bellyful
        B3)     You Have The Softest Voice
        B4)     Big Black Clouds

(Note : LP , pigeon coloured splatter vinyl, 300 copies)
FIKA    055     COSINES                 TRANSITIONS                     10"+DLc 08.2016

        A1)     Let’s Start It Over
        A2)     Ra
        B1)     Dunbar
        B2)     Chaos Theory
                /NOUVELLES CANIQUES
                (Note : double LP , green-white vinyl)
                /NOUVELLES CANIQUES

LP 1    A1)     Ten In The Morning
        A2)     For You
        A3)     L’Hay-Les-Roses
        A4)     Whole Other World
        A5)     Casse Dechire
        A6)     All I Need
        A7)     Man Is A Wonder
        B1)     Jeanne-Marie
        B2)     Monique
        B3)     Julie
        B4)     Hard-Hearted Woman
        B5)     Up and Down
        B6)     River Boat
        B7)     Vieille Canique

LP 2    C1)     Your Brown Eyes
        C2)     Right Down My Alley
        C3)     Au Luxembourg
        C4)     This Place Is Great
        C5)     Please Don’t Take My Love Away
        C6)     You Broke My Heart
        D1)     If You Don’t Love Me
        D2)     Spider In Sight
        D3)     En Rhenanie Palatine
        D4)     Jools
        D5)     You and Your Violin
        D6)     When Will I See You Again
FIKA    057     ENDERBY'S ROOM          MY OLD FRIEND                   7"      02.2017

        A1)     My Old Friend
        B1)     Pale Blue Dot
        B2)     Postcards
                (Note : 7" , 300 copies)

Enderby’s Room is fiddle player Dan Mayfield, once from rural Lincolnshire, but he has
now found home living in London. His folk tinged songs reflect on his traditional folk
upbringing, which included playing fiddle for Morris dancing sides around the country.
Mayfield has played fiddle for many artists including Daniel Johnston, Darren Hayman,
The Wave Pictures and Allo Darlin.
FIKA    058 LP  ENDERBY'S ROOM          ENDERBY'S ROOM                  LP+DLc  04.2017
FIKA    058 CD  ENDERBY'S ROOM          ENDERBY'S ROOM                  CD      04.2017

        A1)     Lakeside
        A2)     The Music
        A3)     Stars
        A4)     David The Gnome
        A5)     Birds A6) Grey Stones
        B1)     Mr Enderby
        B2)     Heartaches
        B3)     My Old Friend
        B4)     Mannequins
        B5)     Tiptoe
        B6)     I’ll Find You

Enderby’s Room is the project of Dan Mayfield, a violin player whose cropped up
alongside Daniel Johnston and Allo Darlin’ among many others over the years. This
band, named for an Anthony Burgess character, is an intimate ensemble sketching out
the delicate folk outlines of Mayfield’s songs, written over the course of the last

LP      A1      Better Friends
        A2      Burning Bridges
        A3      Knew You When
        A4      Treating You Right
        A5      Graceland
        B1      Feeling Sad Again
        B2      The Rug
        B3      Paulies Girl
        B4      Difficult Stuff
                (Note : LP , 300 copies on blue vinyl)

LP      Where It's At Is Where You Are WIALP045         2017    UK
CD      Where It's At Is Where You Are WIACD045         2017    UK
FIKA    060 CD  THE HAYMAN KUPA BAND    THE HAYMAN KUPA BAND            CD      06.2017

        A1)     Let’s Do Nothing
        A2)     No More Bombs
        A3)     Red Petal
        A4)     Over’s Now Overdue
        A5)     We Can Get By
        A6)     Do You Know
        B1)     A Tent of Blankets
        B2)     Draw the Line
        B3)     My Right Arm
        B4)     Pretty Waste of Time
        B5)     Reach Out
        B6)     Then We Kissed

When Darren Hayman (Hefner) and Emma Kupa (Standard Fare/Mammoth Penguins) decided
to make a duets record, we knew the results would be great, but we didn’t expect
them to be THIS great. Gathering together a rhythm section consisting of Michael
Wood (Whoa Melodic/Singing Adams) on bass and Cat Loye (Fever Dream) on drums,
The Hayman Kupa band create brash, bold and effortlessly melodic power pop. The album,
recorded in three days at Big Jelly Studios in Ramsgate.
FIKA    061     THE JUST JOANS          NO LONGER YOUNG ENOUGH          7"        .2017

        A       No Longer Young Enough                          4:31
        B       Breakfast For Our Tea                           3:14
FIKA    062 LP  THE JUST JOANS          YOU MIGHT BE SMILING NOW        LP      12.2017
FIKA    062 CD  THE JUST JOANS          YOU MIGHT BE SMILING NOW        CD      12.2017

        A1)     O’ Caledonia
        A2)     Steal The Keys (1996 Tears)
        A3)     Johnny, Have You Come Lately?
        A4)     A Matter Of Time 
        A5)     You Make Me Physically Sick (Let's Start Having Children)
        A6)     I Only Smoke When I Drink
        B1)     No Longer Young Enough
        B2)     Someone Else That You Like More Than Me
        B3)     Read In Public Places
        B4)     Big Blue Moon
        B5)     Biblically Speaking
        B6)     Sleeperbloke
FIKA    063 LP  MATH AND PHYSICS CLUB   LIVED HERE BEFORE               LP+DLc  01.2018

        A1)     Threadbare
        A2)     Marblemouth
        A3)     Broadcasting Waves
        A4)     The Pull of the Tides
        A5)     Like Cinnamon
        A6)     Falling for It
        B1)     Dear Madeline
        B2)     Take a Number
        B3)     Past and in Between
        B4)     All the Mains are Down
        B5)     Drive to You
FIKA    064 LP  STANLEY BRINKS          PEANUTS                         LP+DLc  07.2018
                (Note : LP , 300 copies on ruby-red vinyl)
FIKA    064 CD  STANLEY BRINKS          PEANUTS                         CD      07.2018
                (Note : CD , digipak + lyric booklet)

        A1)     Sweet Fanny Adams
        A2)     Tall Man
        A3)     Lake David
        A4)     Lonely Little Life
        A5)     Good Day
        A6)     Old World Theater
        B1)     You’re No Good
        B2)     Spend The Night
        B3)     Let Me Go
        B4)     Next Year
        B5)     My Guru Says
        B6)     This Is Your House
FIKA    065 LP  JESSICA'S BROTHER       JESSICA'S BROTHER               LP+DLc  07.2018
                (Note : LP , 300 copies on black vinyl)
FIKA    065 CD  JESSICA'S BROTHER       JESSICA'S BROTHER               CD      07.2018

        A1      Getting Obscene                                 3:26
        A2      All the Better                                  4:10
        A3      One of the Guys                                 4:05
        A4      Dylan                                           2:04
        A5      Humdinger                                       4:13
        B1      Overnight Horror                                5:17
        B2      Come Around                                     3:51
        B3      Hare                                            4:02
        B4      Lulu Walls                                      5:47
        B5      Cold, White & Blue Day                          5:01

The debut LP from London trio Jessica’s Brother arrives courtesy of Fika (Tigercats,
Allo Darlin’). The Dirty Three and Neil Young are the comparisons that most readily
spring to mind with Jessica’s Brother. These ten tunes, rooted in folk techniques but
not afraid to plug in, come with a liberal sprinkling of fiddle and the fine piercing
tenor of singer/songwriter Tom Charleston.

                FACE A
        1       Going To The Bar
        2       Success
        3       What A Night
        4       I'm The Boss
        5       Africa
                FACE B
        6       Limestone
        7       Wednesday
        8       Olives And Wine
        9       Oh Boy
        10      Milestone

Midnight Tequila is the second collaboration between French indie chanteuse Freschard
and former Herman Dune frontman Stanley Brinks. Pale blue coloured vinyl.

LP      Where It's At Is Where You Are WIALP059         2018    UK
FIKA    067 LP  THE SMITTENS            CITY ROCK DOVE                  LP+DLc  08.2018
FIKA    068 LP  MIKEY COLLINS           HOICK                           LP+DLc  08.2018

        A1)     Anchor In The Sea
        A2)     Falling
        A3)     Warmer Sun
        A4)     Sister
        A5)     Something To Lose
        B1)     West Coast
        B2)     Home Bird
        B3)     Pinata
        B4)     Sound In Here
        B5)     Moving On

Revealing influences as far flung as Dexy's, Bruce Springsteen, Night Works and Father
John Misty, this solo-album by Allo Darlin'-drummer Mikey Collins is a fun and
sonically varied record.
FIKA    069     THE JUST JOANS : HAS ANYBODY SEEN MY BOY?               7"      08.2018
                (Note : 7" , 300 copies on transp.-blue vinyl)

Two new songs from glum sibling centric Glaswegian indie rockers. The Just Joans,
formed in 2005, are built around the tempestuous relationship only siblings can have,
here provided by Katie and David Pope. Has Anybody Seen My Boy shows them capitalising
off the energy of 2017's You Might Be Smiling Now... for a fresh opportunity to show
off how miserable they are.
                (Note : LP , yellow vinyl)

        1)      Closure
        2)      Dick Move
        3)      There Is So Much More
        4)      I Wanna
        5)      Let Yourself Be
        6)      Put It All On You
        7)      Quit My Job
        8)      Cold And Lonely Place
        9)      Trust Me
        10)     Doesn’t Work
        11)     You Just Carry On

For the uninitiated, Mammoth Penguins are a 3-piece indie pop powerhouse, showcasing
the songwriting and vocal talents of Emma Kupa (Standard Fare, The Hayman Kupa Band)
backed up by the noisiest rhythm section in indie pop
Their first album, Hide and Seek, was released with the much-loved and sorely missed
Fortuna Pop! in 2015. Stand-out tracks ‘Strength In My Legs’ and ‘When I Was Your Age’
were picked up by BBC 6Music and Radio X, and the band played a live session for Marc
Riley the following year.
FIKA    071 LP  WE SHOW UP ON RADAR     ZANZIBAR WHIP CORAL             LP+DLc  03.2019

        A1)     Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes (Part 1)
        A2)     Willow Tree
        A3)     Zanzibar Whip Coral
        A4)     A Theogony
        B1)     Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes (Part 2)
        B2)     La Finta Nonna
        B3)     Giant Dinosaur vs Sea Monster
        B4)     The Lion’s Skull
        B5)     Crumbs For Erin
                (Note : LP , transp.-yellow vinyl)





        01      Better Friend
        02      Burning Bridges
        03      Knew You When
        04      Treating You Right
        05      Graceland
        06      Feeling Sad Again
        07      The Rug
        08      Paulie's Girl
        09      Difficult Stuff

(Note : co-release with Where Its At Is Where You Are Records)