EVERLAND                                AUSTRIA

Distr.  : AU -
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   : disco / disco funk /

EVERLAND  001   THE FRAT                SHAKE IT LOOSE                  7"      11.2017

Limited edition of 250 copies! The Frat (aka The Frat Band, Autofrat) was a short
lived electro funk outfit under the leadership of songwriter and producer Jeffrey
Singleton. Jeffrey is best known as producer/writer on the excellent O.T. Sykes -
'First Love' LP from 1981. Little is known about his own group apart from the band
containing members Joe White, Ted White, Brigette Travis, Hugh Gray, Carlett Martin,
Robert Singleton and Joey White. Only a handful of original copies of this excellent]
7" single are known to have survived which makes this reissue a true and most welcome
feast for funk, boogie and electro fans. The music is licensed directly from original
owner Jeffrey Singleton and is deliciously remastered from the best possible sources
EVERLAND  002   VAN JONES               TIME HAS MADE ME NEW            LP      10.2017
EVERLAND  003   O.T. SYKES              FIRST LOVE                      LP      10.2017

A.      1       Loneliness Inside Of Me
        2       Can't Get Enough Of Your Lovin
        3       Come Be My Lady
        4       Licensed To Love
B.      1       My First Love
        2       STone Crush On You
        3       You Bring Out The Best In Me
        4       Somethin'g Burning
EVERLAND  004   OBATALA                 ODATALE                         LP      07.2017

        01      April                                           03:56
        02      In & Out Of Love                                04:12
        03      Shades Of September                             05:21
        04      Disco Party                                     04:40
        05      Funk-A-Fried                                    06:37
        06      Tight-Rope                                      04:17
        07      Work It Out                                     04:12

Everland present a reissue of Obtala's self-titled album, originally released in 1977.
This well produced strong disco funk album is a hidden gem. The original is on many
wants lists and rarely turns up. Heady disco funk from the glory days of the Miami
soul scene in the '70s.
EVERLAND  007   STARCHILD JR.           HAND ME DOWN DIAPERS            LP      07.2017

        01      Sugar Rush                                      04:45
        02      Bop Gun 17'                                     06:42
        03      Hard Pill                                       05:37
        04      Jamnastics                                      04:46
        05      Nightcap                                        08:37
        06      Rawlife Theme (On One)                          04:12
        07      Stuck In The Middle                             04:21
        08      Hand Me Down Diapers                            04:54

Starchild Jr., aka Garrett Shider of Funkadelic, is a seriously talented guitarist,
much lauded and in-demand in the music industry.

ELJ     001     THE HEATH BROTHERS      MARCHIN' ON!                    LP      07.2017
ELJ     002     DANSER'S INFERNO        CREATION ONE                    LP      07.2017
ELJ     003     PHAROAH SANDERS         IZIPHO ZAM (MY GIFTS)           LP      07.2017