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MU      101     (MU)/CELI LEE           A JOURNAL OF TRANSFORMS         CD      09.2018

A Journal of Transform is a collaborative multimedia project between Céli Lee and her
Google-unfriendly band (MU). Lee is the visual artist and the 20-page softbound book
that comes with the CD contains 18 of her specially curated graphite artworks.
The music that accompanies the drawings arrives in 13 compositions by a band that
likes to treat us in equal measure to styles as diverse as: ambient, jazz, folk, rock
and noise--often simultaneously. Not necessarily just to defy categorisation; but
who needs genres anyway (record stores do -- ed). Hopefully, a magical and unmissable
journey awaits. Limited to 101 copies, each hand-numbered with unique calligraphy by
Céli on the CD sleeve.