Distr.  : NE - Sonic Rendezvous
Style   : soundtrack / indie / alternative /

ETR     057 LP  [soundtrack] ACE VENTURS : PET DETECTIVE                LP      03.2017

(Note : Limited blue vinyl gatefold LP on Enjoy The Ride/Enjoy The Toons. Edition of
        500 copies with an exclusive pet detective license and Ray Finkletrading card)
ETR     60      [soundtrack] MIKE PATTON-CRANK : HIGH VOLTAGE           2LP     09.2017

LP 1    A1.     Kickin’
        A2.     Chelios
        A3.     Sweet Cream (Redux)
        A4.     Organ Donor
        A5.     Chickenscratch
        A6.     Tourettes Romance
        A7.     Doc Miles
        A8.     El Huron
        B1.     Tourettes Breakdance
        B2.     Juice Me
        B3.     Hallucination
        B4.     Porn Strike
        B5.     Surgery
        B6.     Social Club
        B7.     Chocolate Theme
        B8.     Ball Torture
        B9.     Chevzilla

LP 2    C1.     The Hammer Drops
        C2.     Triad Limo
        C3.     Shock & Shootout
        C4.     Pixelvision
        C5.     Spring Loaded
        C6.     Verona
        C7.     Car Park Throwdown
        D1.     Noticias
        D2.     Catalina Island
        D3.     Supercharged
        D4.     Massage Parlor
        D5.     Full Body Tourettes
        D6.     Epilogue – In My Dreams
        D7.     Friction
        D8.     Epiphany

- First official vinyl reissue
- New Vinyl Exclusive Artwork By John Bergin
- Full Color 4 Page Insert with Liner Notes by Mike Patton
- Limited Edition of 500 2xLPs - Solid Yellow Vinyl

'Crank: High Voltage' is the first soundtrack that Patton composed and performed.
The soundtrack is a is a non-stop thrill ride. Even if one hasn't seen the film the
energy expressed throughout can be felt, thanks to Patton's phenomenal work. This run
is limited to 500 copies on solid yellow vinyl.
ETR     62      [soundtrack] HANS ZIMMER : TRUE ROMANCE                 LP+7"   08.2017

LP 1    A1.     You're So Cool (Main Title)
        A2.     I Think I Love You
        A3.     To The Club
        A4.     Not My Clothes
        A5.     I'm Your Son
        A6.     Father Goodbyes
        A7.     Stars At Dawn
        A8.     Alabama Hit
        A9.     Start Over
        A10.     Needed Gun
        A11.    Elevator Tension
        B1.     Police Comes In
        B2.     Shootout
        B3.     End Scene
        B4.     Main Title (Alternate I)
        B5.     Main Title (Alternate II)
        B6.     Main Title (Remix)

LP 2    C1.     You're So Cool (Extended Single Version)
        C2.     Stars At Dawn (Extended Single Version)
        D1.     Amid The Chaos Of The Day

- First official release in any format
- Gunmetal Grey 12" LP and bonus Purple Cadillac 7"
- LP gatefold jacket with spot gloss and embossing
- Original art by Steven Wild
- Remastered for the format

Recorded on a budget of nine musicians (after being told the plans for a full
orchestra had to be scrapped due to director Tony Scott going over budget),
Hans Zimmer's True Romance score features percussion instruments xylophones and
marimbas to create innocent noise, a reflection of the lead characters - Alabama
+ Clarence Worley - in the violently dark comedy written by Quentin Tarantino.
ETR     70      [soundtrack] ROBERT FOLK/ACE VENTURA:WHEN NATURE CALLS  LP      10.2017

The first ever vinyl release of the 1995 cult classic film 'Ace Ventura: When Nature
Calls'. Limited to 400 copies and pressed on jungle green colored vinyl.
ETT     11      [soundtrack] TREVOR JONES : THE DARK CRYSTAL            LP      04.2017

        01.     OVERTURE
        02.     THE POWER CEREMONY
        03.     THE STORM
        04.     THE MYSTIC MASTER DIES
        05.     THE FUNERALS / JEN'S JOURNEY
        06.     THE SKEKSIS DUEL
        07.     THE POD DANCE
        08.     LOVE THEME
        09.     GELFLING SONG
        10.     THE GELFLING RUINS
        13.     FINALE

The Dark Crystal: The Original Soundtrack features Trevor Jones' musical score written
for the film, arranged specifically for an album listening experience. The album was
recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra at the legendary Abby road studios in 1982.
The album has been reissued on CD in various countries throughout the last 35 years,
but this is the first vinyl reissue since the film's original release.
ETT     15      [soundtrack] TREVOR JONES : THE DARK CRYSTAL            LP      01.2018

The material was recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra at the legendary Abby Road
studios in 1982. This reissue is limited to 500 hand-numbered copies on purple with
purple smoke coloured vinyl.