Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly
Style   : synth pop /

JUP     001
JUP     002     MAMA BUBO               PLANETA HAJ                     2LP     07.2017

LP 1    A1.     New Age In Prague
        A2.     Planeta Haj
        A3.     Sen
        B1.     Neman Tvar
        B2.     Leben Und Verzeihung
        B3.     Skoncis Jako Ja

LP 2    C1.     Co To Ma Byt
        C2.     Hymnus Of Planeta Haj
        C3.     Cechach Najdes Pritele
        D1.     Banatost
        D2.     Smis Mnohem Dal
        D3.     Za Zdi

After releasing a string of tapes and 12"s over the last four years, Prague's anything
goes imprint Endless Illusion deliver their second LP in as many years with a double
pack reissue of Mama Bubo's 1985 cassette "Planeta Haj". After a little instrumental,
esoteric, tape looping oddness on opener "New Age In Prague", the group get straight
into the synth-wave dancers with the bleepy title track and lo-fi funk of the trumpet
led "Sen". Elsewhere minimal wave meets dubby post punk on "Skoncis Jako Ja", "Co To
Ma Byt" invites us to board the weirdo wagon and "Cechach Najdes Pritele" rocks out
in the most angular way. Changing rhythm, style, tempo and tack throughout, this
diverse LP should keep you guessing on multiple listens, not least because its finest
moments come towards the end. The odd industrial funk of "Banatost" should rock any
cosmic dancefloor, "Smis Mnohem Dal" somehow transforms from a gloomy dub dirge into
a medicated anthem for a dystopic future and closing cut "Za Zdi" is as finer bit of
minimal wave synthwork as you're gonna find. Obscure, obtuse and oh so excellent!