Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly
Style   : disco /

DDD     001     V / A                   DIGGIN DISCO DEEP #1            12"     03.2015

        A1.     Sleazy McQueen & Romano Arcaini : Moments With U
        A2.     VinylAddicted           The Music And Harmony
        B1.     SMQ                     Diggin’ Disco Deep Theme
                (Note : 12" , 300 copies)
DDD     002     V / A                   DIGGIN DISCO DEEP #2            2x12"   09.2015

12"/1   A1.     Closed Paradise         The Deep End
        A2.     Luvless                 Algier Ego
        B1.     Saine                   Bronx Medium
        B2.     Buzz Compass            Waiting For You

12"/2   C1.     Junktion                Sidewalk Salsa
        C2.     Funkyjaws               World Spin
        D1.     Martin Hayes            Eternia
        D2.     VinylAddicted           Felt So Good
DDD     002     V / A                   DIGGIN DISCO DEEP #2 PT.2       12"     12.2015

        A1.     Junktion                Sidewalk Salsa
        A2.     Funkyjaws               World Spin
        B1.     Martin Hayes            Eternia
        B2.     VinylAddicted           Felt So Good
DDD     003     V / A                   DIGGIN DISCO DEEP #3            3LP     04.2016

LP 1    A1.     Cassara                 Ultra
        A2.     VinylAddicted           This Song
        B1.     Loz Goddard             In Principle
        B2.     Mystep                  Get Over

LP 2    C1.     Debonair                Come Home
        C2.     Stereo 12               I Like It
        D1.     M.ono                   Little Fat Sparrow
        D2.     Four Walls              Petit

LP 3    E1.     Obas Nenor              Let It All Out
        E2.     Monsoon Season          Umbala
        F1.     Manuel Sahagun          Old Funky Way
        F2.     Space Coast Feat Terry Grant : Bad Seed

(Note : 3LP , 500 copies, deluxe sleeve, 3 x 180 gram vinyl, bonus sticker and Record
        Store Day)
DDD     004     V / A                   DIGGIN' DISCO DEEP #4           12"     09.2016

        A1.     Sebb Junior             Feel It
        A2.     Slync                   Sledge Ride
        B1.     Vhyce                   Love You More Each Day
        B2.     Marsupials              Again & Again