Distr.  : UK - Norman/Piccadilly/
          US - Forced Exposure/
Style   : synth pop /

DB      1701    MARK-HENNING SARGENT    NO ORIGIN                       2LP     10.2017

        1.      Zosma
        2.      Passage
        3.      Draco
        4.      Ursa Major
        5.      Block 9000
        6.      The First Hour
        7.      Love & Bias
        8.      The Dark Wave
        9.      Gears
        10.     Static Shift
        12.     Intrometida
        13.     Halcyon Charm
        14.     Decay.

Dead Bison is a soundtrack label, setup by a group of movie nerds. Spawned from a
shared passion of B-rated Sci-Fi and Horror movies, and a mutual appreciation for
score writers such as John Carpenter and Alan Howarth, Vangelis, Clint Mansell, Hanz
Zimmer and many more. Words from Mark Henning - "This album is the soundtrack to
the Sci-Fi movie swimming round my head. It fittingly marks my departure from touring
as a DJ and producing club music to focus on the pure enjoyment of writing music from
the heart with no agenda, influence or boundaries."