DANGERHOUSE SKYLAB                      Lyon
******************                      FRANCE


Distr.  : NE - Sonic Rendezvous
Style   : garage rock / R&R / 60's punk / glam rock / indie rock /


        A1      1-2-5
        A2      Israeli Blues
        A3      Do The Ostrich
        A4      Scream
        A5      Everybody Up
        A6      Tell Me Where's That Girl
        A7      Zig Zag Wanderer
        B1      Rumble
        B2      We Sell Soul
        B3      She's Mine
        B4      Love At Psychedelic Velocity
        B5      The Fly
        B6      Have You Been To Mars

LP      Cashbah         CR 005          2013    FR
DSL     002     BITS OF SHIT            CUT SLEEVES                     LP        .2013

        A1      F
        A2      Rock Sing
        A3      Ownership
        A4      The Wedding Song
        A5      Out Of Toon
        A6      Patrol
        A7      Red Blade
        B1      Traps
        B2      Reign
        B3      Tally's World
        B4      Flunkies
        B5      Intro
        B6      Orphan Age

LP      Casbah          CR 006          2013    FR
DSL     003     THE SIRENS              MORE IS MORE                    LP+DLc    .2014

        A1      Hellraiser
        A2      1-2-3-4 Rock And Roll
        A3      Go Back
        A4      High School
        A5      Saturday Night
        A6      Right Now Not Later
        A7      Rock & Roll Preacher (Hallelujah I'm On Fire)
        B1      Wig Wam Bam
        B2      Tear Me Down
        B3      Tonight
        B4      Tumble With Me
        B5      Fox On The Run
        B6      Talk Dirty To Me
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)

CD      MuSick          MuSick 27       2007    US
DSL     004     BRAND NEW HATE          HANGOVER AND OVER               LP+CD     .2014

        A1      Feelin' Bad Feels Good
        A2      Sinners And Preachers
        A3      Luv Machine
        A4      Lose Your Teeth
        A5      Slow Down (And Do The Duck)
        B1      Anaconda S.S.
        B2      Hoochie Coochie Baby
        B3      Scream Girl Scream
        B4      I Need A Hand
        B5      A Band On The Go

LP      Pop The Balloon BIGBAND 37      2014    FR
DSL     005     THE MONO MEN            WRECKER!                        LP        .2014

        1       Watch Outside
        2       Your Eyes
        3       Last Straw
        4       One Shot
        5       Took That Thing
        6       He's Waiting
        7       Swampland
        8       See My Soul
        9       Tomahawk
        10      Testify
        11      Just A Girl
        12      Don't Know Yet
        13      Remind Me
        14      I'm Hangin'

LP      Estrus          ES 123          1992    US
CD      Estrus          ESD 123         1992    US
DSL     006     THE MISSING SOULS : YOU JUST GOTTA KNOW MY MIND         7"      09.2015

        A1      You Just Gotta Know My Mind                     2:25
        B1      Bad Way To Go                                   3:09

        A1      Have You Heard About The World?
        A2      I Don’t Ask Why
        A3      Downward Road
        A4      I Wonder What Ever Happened
        A5      There Used To Be A River
        A6      Wasted On The Wind
        B1      Planted By The Water
        B2      Too Late
        B3      Whose Name Will I Call?
        B4      Where Did I Go?
        B5      Have You Heard About The World?
        B6      It Don’t Worry Me
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
DSL     008     V / A : EPICERIE MODERNE DIX ANS DE LIVE 2005-15        2LP     11.2015

LP 1    A1      Elysian Fields          Planet Queen
        A2      Alela Diane             The Pirate's Gospel
        A3      Barton Carroll          The Poor Boy Can't Dance
        A4      The Black Heart Procession : Heaven & Hell
        B1      H-Burns                 We Go Way Back
        B2      Françoiz Breut          L'Éclat Du Jour
        B3      Pascal Parisot          Requiem Pour Un Pou
        B4      Fendika                 Fendika

LP 2    C1      Chokebore               Police
        C2      The Ex                  Double Order
        C3      Unsane                  Alleged
        C4      Mudhoney                Suck You Dry
        C5      A Place To Bury Strangers : Alone
        D1      Bombino                 Adounia
        D2      Fink                    Warm Shadows
        D3      Ghostpoet               X Marks The Spots
        D4      Meshell Ndegeocello     Living In Vain
DSL     009     THE MISSING SOULS       THE MISSING SOULS               LP (s)    .2016
DSL     009     THE MISSING SOULS       THE MISSING SOULS               CD (m)    .2016

        A1      You Just Gotta Know My Mind                     2:25
        A2      Up There                                        2:22
        A3      Go Away                                         1:58
        A4      I'm Gonna Destroy That Boy                      2:12
        A5      Little White Lies                               2:44
        A6      Shake, Shout & Go                               3:06
        B1      Got To Have Your Lovin'                         2:44
        B2      My Baby's Been Cheatin'                         3:06
        B3      Seven Day Fool                                  3:16
        B4      I'm Talking About You                           2:02
        B5      Whiplash                                        4:16
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
DSL     010     THE BAD BREED           THE BAD BREED                   10"     03.2016

        1       Daddy Rolling Stone                             3:13
        2       The Dirty Dog                                   3:04
        3       Sea Of Love                                     2:58
        4       Beelzebubba                                     3:23
        5       Flood Of Love                                   2:37
        6       Nightcrawl                                      3:40
                (Note : 10" , 33.3 RPM)
DSL     011     RED GLOVES              NIGHT GAP                       LP      08.2016

        1       Flight Turbulence
        2       Story .5
        3       Sideways
        4       Love Reaction
        5       Dramarama
        6       Useful Illusions
        7       Push Comes To Shove
        8       Drown Me A Second
        9       Secret Dream
        10      Frame Up
        11      Get To You
DSL     012     THE ZEMBLAS             BETTER CALL SOUL!               LP      09.2016

        A1      Coffee Grind                                    1:54
        A2      Lady                                            3:23
        A3      The Cause Of It All                             2:33
        A4      Smart                                           3:32
        A5      Black Nights                                    2:48
        A6      That Ain't Right                                2:48
        B1      She's Really Good                               2:36
        B2      Gander                                          3:13
        B3      The Right To Do It                              2:53
        B4      Can't Satisfy Your Soul                         2:57
        B5      Miss The Party                                  2:57
        B6      Going Nowhere                                   2:38

LP      Ave The Sound   AV024           2016    FR
LP      F.F.Fascination FFF 024         2016    FR
DSL     013     THE STROLLERS           FALLING RIGHT DOWN              LP      02.2017

A.      01.     LET ME COME ON IN
        02.     BAD SITUATION
        03.     I FELL RIGHT DOWN
        04.     LITTLE CHEATER
        05.     WON'T STAND IT
        06.     GET LOST CHILD
B.      07.     I SAW IT COMING
        08.     LIES
        09.     TELL ME, TELL ME
        10.     SHE'LL BE MINE
        11.     MEMORIES

One of the best Swedish live acts of the moment influenced by Music Machine, The Seeds,
The Sonics, and Monks, but also by BernieBoys, Dukes Of Dixieland and Kenny & The
Kasuals. Re-issue of this album from 1999 for fans of The Creeps, The Nomads, Crimson
Shadow & Psychotic Youth. Comes with 17 bonus live tracks as download!

LP      Low Impact      LIR 006 1       1999    Sweden
CD      Low Impact      LIR 006 2       1999    Sweden
DSL     014     VICKY & THE VENGENTS : YOU USED TO BE MY BABY           7"        .2016

        A       You Used To Be My Baby                          3:34
        B       Why                                             2:55
DSL     015     THE MISSING SOULS       THE END                         7"      04.2017

        01.     THE END
DSL     016     BRAND NEW HATE          CREEP PARTY                     7"      10.2016

        A       Creep Party                                     3:03
        B       Scream Girl Scream (Black Hearse Version)       2:52

7"      Pop The Balloon         Bang 40         2016    FR
7"      Vitamin Bomb            VBR 008         2016    FR

DSL     018     LA CHICA YE-YE          DRACULA YE-YE                   7"      02.2017

        01.     DRACULA YE-YE
        02.     C'EST PAST SERIEUX
        03.     CHIC YEYE