CONTORT YOURSELF                        Glasgow
****************                        UK

Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly
Style   : EBM /

CY      001     V / A                   DECAPITATED ONE LINERS EP       12"     12.2014

        A1.     Parrish Smith : Revolution Will Always Be Televised
        A2.     Pankow : Das Vodkalied (Helena Hauff Remix)
        B1.     Pankow                  Das Vodkalied
        B2.     Pankow                  Iím Food For You
        B3.     Perseus Traxx           Get Away
CY      002     V / A                   EVENTS AT THE FATAL PARTY EP    12"     06.2015

        A1.     Fallbeil                Brutal Ignorant
        A2.     Die Form                Fear Of The Bloody Night (1985)
        A3.     Die Form                Hurt (1985)
        B1.     Slugbug                 Goback
        B2.     Die Form : Fear Of The Bloody Night (IBM Industrial
                Strength Dub)
CY      003     V / A : SHARK STORY OF THE CENTURY EP                   12"     12.2015

        A1.     Enrique                 Dissociate
        A2.     Beau Wanzer             Weasels
        B1.     Esplendor Geometrico    Rotor (1988)
        B2.     Esplendor Geometrico    Rotor (Broken English Club Remix)
        B3.     Prostitutes             Cuyahoga Frankenstein
CY      004     V / A : FEW TRICKS FOR NERVOUS DEALMAKERS EP            12"     03.2016

        A1.     Volition Immanent       Swarm Behaviour
        A2.     Zombies Under Stress    Maan Zal Zijn (1986)
        A3.     Zombies Under Stress    In Onze Tijd (1986)
        B1.     Zombies Under Stress    Maan Zal Zijn (Svengalisghost Remix)
        B2.     Mark Forshaw            Submission
CY      005     V / A : A DISSEMINATED DARKNESS ON INNER PERSONALITY    12"     11.2016
                STATUS EP

        A1.     Novacom                 Outsiders
        A2.     JK Flesh                No Self Control
        B1.     Le Syndicat             Maximalist (1993)
        B2.     Le Syndicat             Prothesis Pack Xtract 08 (1983)
        B3.     Le Syndicat             Maximalist (Ekman Remix)