Distr.  : UK - Norman/
          NE - Shiny Beast/
Style   : lo-fi / minimal synth /

CC      001     CAROLA BAER             THE STORY OF VALERY             LP      08.2018

Fans of the more ethereal 80s 4AD releases, listen up-a cassette of home recordings
by Carola Baer was discovered in a US thrift store. The songs, which were recorded in
the ‘90s, are fragile with computerised beats that recall The Cocteau Twins and Dead
Can Dance. The lo-fi home recording process, minimal synth arrangements and Baer’s
towering voice only add to the overall effect of these recordings. There was only one
copy of this cassette, so if it had fallen into the wrong hands, these gems would have
been lost forever and that would have been a real shame.