Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly/Bleep/
Style   : experimental house & techno /


SIDE A          Montauk Boys            Shakedown
                Ste Spandex             Timequake
                The Zest                Hollow Earth Disco
                Ste Spandex Ft. Sarah Bates : Don't Be Shy
                Montauk Boys            A Decision For The Committee
                Licking Mirrors         Feed The Dog, Boy!
                Ste Spandex             Inner Light Network
                Ste Spandex             Never Ending
                Montauk Boys            Pull The Plug Preston!
SIDE B          Ste Spandex             Action At A Distance
                Licking Mirrors         Pussy Gon Cum
                Montauk Boys            900 Skulls
                Ste Spandex             Drone Squad
                The Zest                Beaver Machine
                Licking Mirrors         Say Please To One Another
                Ste Spandex             Danger Hot Liquid
                Montauk Boys            Morning, Camp Hero
                Montauk Boys            Swerdlow's Lasting Memories

SIDE A          Kindred Dicks           Chew-Z
                Ste Spandex             Breathe (Dub)
                Skanky Magic            ThatOne
                Ste Spandex             Burnin Up
                Licking Mirrors         Rambo III
                Ste Spandex             We're All Friends Here
                Ste Spandex & Metrodome : Droppin Analogues
                Skanky Magic            CV (Mix)
SIDE B          Montauk Boys            Photon Mirror
                Skanky Magic            Talking To The Moon
                Ste Spandex             Now Move Your Feet
                Licking Mirrors         Daddy Never Took Me To School
                Montauk Boys            Psi-ops
                Ste Spandex             Breathe (Full Breath Mix)
                Ste Spandex             I Fry Mine In Butter!
                Montauk Boys            SBD
                Kindred Dicks : The Materialization Of Winston Niles Rumfoord
CFTC    003     MONTAUK BOYS            THE GOLDEN HORSE OF 6037        C82     05.2015

        1.      PXPMP                                           00:22
        2.      Unified Phase Transition                        05:20
        3.      900 Skulls                                      06:07
        4.      The Delta T                                     02:45
        5.      Witness Well                                    05:23
        6.      Shakedown                                       05:48
        7.      Pull The Plug Preson!                           04:40
        8.      Psi-Ops                                         02:35
        9.      Crystal Meltdown                                08:29
        10.     A Decision For The Comittee                     05:26
        11.     Demons From The Id                              06:03
        12.     Chameleon Fields                                07:09
        13.     Boys' Bunker                                    01:06
        14.     Morning, Camp Hero                              08:17
        15.     Draco Drank All The Drano                       03:56
        16.     SBD                                             09:17
                (Note : C82 tape housed in resealable anti-static bag)
CTFC    004     THE ZEST                SHADOWCASTER                    C90     06.2015
                ADJUSTMENTS VOL.3

SIDE A          Nova & The Prophet 600 : OSC Mix
                Montauk Boys            Chameleon Fields
                Ste Spandex             Danger, Dub Liquid
                Montauk Boys            Pharaohs Of Montauk I
                Skanky Magic            Drumtrax
                Ste Spandex             XTC 4 U N ME
                Montauk Boys            Two Dollar Pistol
                Ste Spandex Ft. Sarah Bates : Sex (Untucked)
                Licking Mirrors                 Are We On For One?
SIDE B          Kindred Dicks           One Tree Which Ruled The Planet
                Kindred Dicks           Conapt. 128
                Ste Spandex             Acceptable Levels Of Distortion (Dub)
                Skanky Magic            Boys V.2
                Montauk Boys            Waiting Room
                Ste Spandex             Red Lights
                Skanky Magic            You Do Know I'm His Boss?
                Montauk Boys            Devil Wind
                Montauk Boys            Pharaohs Of Montauk IV
                Ste Spandex             Love Is The Way Home
                Ste Spandex             Teidi (Up Through The Clouds)
CFTC    006     LICKING MIRRORS         PSYCHIC G SHIT                  C99     12.2015

        1.      Hit It From The Back                            04:16
        2.      Rambo III                                       05:46
        3.      No Mirrors Left Un-licked                       02:21
        4.      Should Have Been There                          04:49
        5.      Feed The Dog, Boy                               03:17
        6.      Are We On For One?                              09:40
        7.      Grand Suit                                      03:26
        8.      I Was Alright On My Own                         05:00
        9.      Daddy Never Took Me To School                   05:21
        10.     Say Please To One Another                       05:30
        11.     Electronic Like Smokey Robinson                 04:14
        12.     Aint It Fun                                     14:33

Black cassette version with detailed printed inlay. Includes high-quality download in
MP3, FLAC and more.
CFTC    007     V / A : Cerberus Future Technologies - Frequency        C90+MP3 08.2016
                Adjustments Vol. 4

SIDE A  1.      Montauk Boys            Mandela Echo
        2.      The Zest                Limited Resources
        3.      Ste Spandex             Guns
        4.      Montauk Boys            Chameleon Fields (Escape Mix)
        5.      Licking Mirrors         Don't Mind Me
        6.      Montauk Boys            Eyes Roll Back
        7.      Skanky Magic            Octopus
        8.      Montauk Boys            Black Goo (Sentient Mix)
        9.      Licking Mirrors         Sick Duck
        10.     Montauk Boys            Skullcrusher
        11.     The Zest                All Spiked Up On Jimi Killers
        12.     Snake Police            Hangman's Goose
SIDE B  1.      Snake Police            Fly Porn
        2.      Montauk Boys            Landslide
        3.      Ste Spandex             A Place That's Blue/Green
        4.      The Zest                Squallum Overflow System
        5.      Montauk Boys            Rubber Cuffs
        6.      Ste Spandex             Slug Pellets (Hot Mix)
        7.      Ste Spandex             (Untitled)
        8.      Montauk Boys            The Mandela Effect
        9.      Snake Police            Research Chemicals
        10.     Snake Police            Oppenheimer
        11.     Ste Spandex             Saturn?

C90 Cassette with detailed insert, includes Immediate high quality download (in any
format) of the individual tracks featured on the album AND an immediate high quality
MP3 download of the mix cassette.